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Philippines: Saudi woman fleeing her abusers is FORCIBLY RETURNED to them


This poor woman was sent back to certain death. This is the corrupting influence of Saudi money. This is one reason why Trump is right to open up other energy sources. We have to stop financing that beast.

“Fears as fleeing Saudi woman is returned to her ‘abusers,’” Middle East Monitor, April 13, 2017:

Activists have expressed concern after a Saudi woman claiming she sought asylum in Australia was stopped on a layover in the Philippines and returned to Riyadh yesterday.

Dina Ali Lasloom said in self-recorded videos the Philippine authorities had held her at Manila airport and confiscated her passport. The videos circulated widely on social media over the last two days.

“My name is Dina Ali and I’m a Saudi woman who fled Saudi Arabia to Australia to seek asylum,” she said in one video, adding she feared violence from any relatives who came to bring her back home.

“Please help me. I’m recording this video to help me and know that I’m real and I’m here.”

The woman did not say why she sought refuge abroad however there have been reports that she had fled abuse at the hands of her family.

The Saudi embassy in Manila issued a statement yesterday calling the case a “family matter” and added without elaborating that she had “returned with her relatives to the homeland”.

However eyewitnesses in Manila airport said Ali warned officials that if they sent her back to Saudi with her uncles, who had come to collect her, she would be “killed”.

Canadian Meagan Khan, who befriended Ali at the airport, posted on Facebook:

Dina told the airport workers that she was in danger the entire time. Several times she cried hysterically to them that she needed help. They ignored her. I saw myself they looked at her like she didn’t exist… She said she’s in danger and her uncles are coming to kill her and she needs to get to Australia.

When Khan asked airport staff why Ali’s passport had been confiscated and why her flight had been delayed, they replied: “They told me that they didn’t know more other than an important person called and told them to hold her documents and don’t allow her to leave.”

Saudi activists said Ali was forced onto a Saudi Arabia Airlines flight from Manila to Riyadh on Tuesday night.

She did not emerge at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh after the flight landed early yesterday morning, but multiple passengers told Reuters they had seen a woman being carried onto the plane screaming.

“I heard a lady screaming from upstairs. Then I saw two or three men carrying her. They weren’t Filipino. They looked Arab,” said one Filipino woman, who declined to give her name.

Several hashtags have been created in support of Ali including #SaveDinaAli, #HelpDinaAli and #IAmDinaAli…..

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  • Fred

    This woman is as good as dead. May she rest in peace.

    • patriotusa2

      No doubt about it! Those who did nothing when she begged for help, signed her death warrant.

    • Suresh

      Left/Liberal/Feminazis who support these vermins are root cause of this menace from getting worse. In fact Spanish women are at the forefront welcoming and demanding more jihadis be allowed in !

      They are getting what they asked for

      And they are so dumb they actually support their own rapists

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      Islam will dominate. Islam is growing and growing and taking over europe and the west. Westerners can’t do anything. Trump can’t ban islam FACT. Western women tend to favour muslims because they are macho men, It’s like the story of tarzan and jane. The hand of mohammad is strong. An islamic era is coming upon the world. Don’t spread lies that islam look for destroying conquered countries. It’s historically documented that if a country submit, pay the jizza, don’t criticize mohammad, and give their women to muslims, they are allowed to live peacefully under islam

      • Shaarinya

        ah-no. I will critisize when, where, and what I want. And you will NEVER stop me. You can keep your islam for islamic countries-not mine.

        I will NEVER submit to your death cult. A religion that reveres a murdering pedophile who felt closest to your god while wearing the clothes of his child bride.

        Women don’t favour muslim men. They are controlling @sswipes who think they have the right to control OUR lives. They don’t. Why would I want anything to do with a sick religion that stones victims of rape to death. That tosses gays off of buildings. That takes the words of a woman as half that of a man. That plays taharrush with women you cal kaafir. That ok’s the rape of little boys when girls aren’t around. You even have a name for it -bacha bazi.

        islam is a disease that needs cleansing. Reform, or keep your poison away.

        I will NEVER kneel to you, your religion of filth, or your pedophile prophet. Try-and you will not only be met with resistance, but outright hostility by what ever means are necessary.

        Modern day Crusades-I’m all for it. I serve one God, and I know him through his Son, Jesus.

        Not a pedophile who claimed to kill over 600 by his own hand.

        • Bronish

          Amen, sister! Women don’t like Muslim monsters…. Especially Christian women, such as myself.
          We will never submit to Islam! We serve a Great God….Maker of heaven and Earth! He sent His only begotten Son into this world, not to condemn it, but to Save it! Committed Christians will NEVER submit to Islam….Even into death. I’m praying for another Crusades to finally destroy the works of Satan, who actually powers Islam. But, the Lord can and will do what He deems best. May God’s will be done!

      • Mark Steiner

        When Islam meets Abaddon – Islam loses.

      • Lorri Anne

        No we do not want Muslim men. That is not macho. It takes a weak man to beat up a woman. I will take a Christian man or NO man.

        You will never kill us Christians- that’s why they are growing in the Middle East despite all your terrorism. You cannot touch our souls. They belong to Jesus who bought and paid for it on the cross. We do not fear you.

        “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You’re aware that Yeshua and all his apostles were born Jewish and never renounced Judaism right? The Last Supper was a Passover Seder dinner.

          • Lorri Anne

            ….. sounds like you’re responding to the wrong comment. Of course Jesus was Jewish and He never renounced Judaism. He even said He did not come to abolish the laws of Moses. However, there is a new covenant through the death and Resurrection of Jesus. The only way to recieve salvation is through Him.

      • Fred

        Go to hell with your pedophile prophet.

        There, I just called your prophet a pedophile. That POS was the Sandusky of his time.

        This westerner will NEVER submit to Islam.

        Bring it on bitch boy. I really enjoyed my ham at Easter dinner and my bacon and eggs for breakfast today. Pork chops sound great for dinner. Or maybe I’ll have pork ribs.

        One of your kind will probably wind up shooting you and then youll blame White conservative Trump voters.

      • JacksonPearson
      • Fred

        F $%K YOU AND F#/K PISSLAM

      • Fred

        Trump 2020!

        • foundingfathersfollower

          I am worried that Trump has joined the SWAMP.
          Steve Bannon for President, 2020.

      • Terry

        Yeah like this woman and many others want you. Not! that is your delusion and you inability to respect women or kids you rape or the sheep. You can’t get your own head out between your legs like a monkey in a cage. What have you done to imporivene this world? You go the other way and try to live in the past of barbarians and have become parasites. Yeah the macho man looking for hand outs. They don’t want you they pity you and will soon learn you don’t deserve their pity.

      • Fred

        Burn in hell savage

      • rascallyrabbit

        Sure this must be tongue in cheek, certainly you do not prefer Islam to freedom, decency, civility, and kindness?

      • Bob Smith

        So rejoice in the knowledge that the number of deluded brainwashed irrational members of the world’s largest and deadliest hate group is increasing? Wow!

      • foundingfathersfollower

        Islam is NOT a religion. Islam is a terroristic, political system.

      • jim

        Your mother should have smothered you with your very first dirty diaper. Same for Mo the child molester. As long as there is one male muzzie or one copy of that joke book they take so seriously the civilized world remains in jeopardy

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      She tried to escape the muslum insane asylum that is Soddy Barbaria and is no doubt going to be killed for doing so. The Soddy Barbarians must have some serious, malevolent influence in the Philippines.
      And the enemedia has been completely silent on this story.

      • Bob Smith

        Yes. There are a large number of Philippine nationals working in Saudi. I suspect the Philippines government wouldn’t want to jeopardise that relationship.

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    Islam will dominate. Islam is growing and growing and the west can’t do anything. Trump can’t ban islam. The hand of mohammad is strong. An islamic era is coming upon the world. Don’t spread the lies that islam look for destroying conquered countries. It’s historically documented that if a country submit, pay the jizza, don’t criticize mohammad, and give their women to muslims, they are allowed to live under islam

    • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

      Sod off.

    • old003

      Mighty big of ya. Think I’ll make you and your sewer cult come and take it.

      • Lorri Anne


    • Rob Porter

      The hand of Mohammad is a piece of pig’s excrement – like you – and long dead, so how is his hand “strong”? You are living a delusion. Time and again Islam has been defeated, you dumb head. Your history is just rubbish, written, in fact fabricated, by lying Muslims. In 711 the invading Muslims were smashed in the battle our Tours by Charles Martel, ‘Charles the hammer’ who smashed Muslims skulls with his hammer-like weapon and sent the Muslims running out of France – after abandoning their whole tent camp! How do you think the Crusaders defeated ‘the weak hand of Mohammad’ at Nicaea, Doryleuam, Antioch, Jerusalem and then near Ascalon? How do you think Baldwin the IVth’s small army of less than 6,000 Crusaders smashed Saladin’s army of 27,000 at Montgisard? Only 2,700 Muslims survived and got back to Egypt. Not once did Saladin defeat Richard the Lionheart! How did the Arab Muslims, the Moors, finally get thrown out of Spain in 1492? Where was this ‘weak hand of Mohammad’ then? Then the Ottoman were beaten outside Vienna in 1527, utterly defeated by the Knights of Malta, badly defeated in the naval battle of Lepanto and utterly smashed by a Polish-led Crusader army outside Vienna in 1683. During the First world War the Ottomans finally crawled back into Turkey, the ‘Sick man of Europe’, in fact just more sick than it had been for hundreds of years. If I have my way you won’t be able to live anywhere in the West. Individuals like you only produce barbaric sickness because this satanic sickness is what Islam and Mohammad are all about.

    • Hook

      Wanker! All Islamic countries are stone age cesspits of tyranny and violence. Your prophet sits down to pee. Had everyone else do his heroic dirty work for him.

    • gia

      Muhummaed son of Satan. If you exhumed his body you would find a skull with devil horns!
      That’s partly why it’s forbidden to draw an image of him.
      I believe good defeats evil and so no Islam will never conquer our western countries.

    • JacksonPearson

      All of Islam’s followers, you included will end up in Muhammad’s Satanic Verses of hell…

    • DeploraBill

      What a great deal — for spineless snowflakes. I prefer the death of all Nazis (whether their headgear is the Stahlhelm or a towel), if they can’t find the decency to leave others alone.

  • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

    And where are the Western Third Wave Feminists on this?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Chanting asinine verses from the qur’an.

      • rascallyrabbit

        These women, that do not fight or criticize Islam, are just not very intelligent or informed. Critical thinking does not seem possible for them. Don’t know how you can fix this, other than inviting them to live in a Muslim country for a while, with NONE of the protections afforded an American citizen. Trouble is, they would likely never return alive to explain it to others.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          It is difficult to educate the willfully stupid, which is what today’s feminist is.

        • NoTreading

          Not necessarily a problem, there.

      • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

        Yes indeed….and thinking – oh it’s so exotic…

  • putupjob

    there will be NOTHING said in protest to this by all the fake women’s groups in the US.

  • Mark Steiner

    There are indications that as the price of oil has increased due to OPEC reductions, US shale oil, especially West Texas, is increasing production making up the difference. This is in line with expectations of Mr. Trump.

    Still, Muslim oil money has murdered millions and destroyed other lives and nations – there is a judgment coming the perpetrators will never flee from. You too, George Soros. Revelation 9.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, lovely religion that is truly liberating. If being murdered is considered liberating as parents can murder their children with no repercussions under shari’a.

  • Lorri Anne

    That poor woman. I pray Jesus delivers her from these evil people.

  • guymacher

    This is what the multi-kulturalists love! Who can say our culture is superior just because we don’t kill women who don’t toe the line?

  • rascallyrabbit

    And the feminists are where? I can’t hear them, can you? It makes me SO ANGRY that the leftists are condoning this stuff, it is sickening.

    • NoTreading

      Come on – you ought to know by now feminists are a joke. They don’t stand for women anymore.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    RIP Ms. Lasloom. I’m sorry the corrupt western democracies of the world turned their backs on your desire to live free from islum.

  • Alleged Comment

    She will now be TORTURED to death back home.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re not just kidding either. I think Breitbart has exposed some of the insane, sick comments being made by muslums about how she should be murdered.

  • movingwaters

    Saudi money has purchased endless human rights abuses and untold numbers of violent death. May this blood curse return to them. Ditto for those who receive payment of any type in exchange for allowing these bullies to have their way. God may wait years, and even decades to repay. But he does repay.

  • foundingfathersfollower

    Where are the leftwing and feminists now?

  • RayG1

    Again, what’s the word? Barbarians!

  • Sunshine Kid

    The Philippines is well known for corruption. I would not doubt that someone in immigration was paid to hold her for her family. The Philippines confiscated her passport – and that is NOT LEGAL. The passport is not issued by the Philippines, and other than to record entry/exit stamps in it, they have no other rights to it.

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