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“Homeland” Actor Mandy Patinkin: “White Men in Military and Government” Are the “Bad Guys,” Not Muslims


Mandy Patinkin never gives us any details, just a lot of emoting.

“Muslim communities” have made “contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”

He certainly is vague about what he apparently feels so strongly about.

Often when we hear these claims, they turn out to be false, or actually the appropriated work of the civilizations that Islam has conquered. It’s too bad Patinkin could not lay his cards out on the table, but that would not serve to help “these people.”

There are also no specifics when he says:

“White men in government, and the military establishment are the bad guys, and not the Muslim community.”

Who is Mandy Patinkin speaking about? Which community are we talking about? Is he speaking for the Sunni community? Is it the Muslim Brotherhood community?  Is he speaking for the “white men” community?

When he does get specific, he is quite wrong. Patinkin says:

“Since 911, over 900,000 [immigrated to America]. Not a single terrorist incident has taken place by a refugee.”

Mandy Patinkin tells us, at some length, that he got this from former CIA Director Michael Hydan. However, this is not a fact, and is absolutely false. This is a partial list of refugees, or migrants recently involved in terror incidents.

In 2016 alone, Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry, who in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant owned by an Israeli Arab Christian; Ahmad Khan Rahami, an Afghan Muslim migrant who in September 2016 set off bombs in New York City and New Jersey; Arcan Cetin, a Turkish Muslim migrant who in September 2016 murdered five people in a mall in Burlington, Washington; Dahir Adan, another Somali Muslim migrant who in October 2016 stabbed mall shoppers in St. Cloud while screaming “Allahu akbar”; and Abdul Razak Artan, yet another Somali Muslim migrant who in November 2016 injured nine people with car and knife attacks at Ohio State University.

In the light of statements like this by Mandy Patinkin, an extreme position as taking the side of the “bad guys” against the US military certainly needs a lot more fleshing out.

With this new direction, “Homeland” might gain some traction in Saudi Arabia, or with former CIA Directors, but it will be losing the informed viewer demographic.

“Actor Mandy Patinkin: Maybe ‘White Men in Military and Government’ Are the ‘Bad Guys,’ Not Muslims,” by Ben Kew, Breitbart, April 17, 2017:

Homeland star Mandy Patinkin says this season of the acclaimed Showtime television drama shows that it is perhaps “the white men in government and the military establishment that are the bad guys,” rather than the Muslim community.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd this week, Patinkin said that society had “chosen the Muslim community” as a threat, despite the community making “contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”

Patinkin also said the show, which has been criticized by the left as “Islamophobic” for linking Islam with terrorism, has taken responsibility for this portrayal and has changed its content so they become “part of the cure rather than part of the problem.”

“[Homeland has introduced] a storyline that shows in this case, in this era, in this season, that maybe it is the white men in government and the military establishment that are the bad guys, not the Muslim community,” he continued.

Patinkin, who plays the role of CIA operative Saul Berenson, has previously discussed the need for America to open up its doors to refugees from the Islamic world, as well as Homeland needing to take responsibility for its negative depictions of Muslims.

“In all kinds of entertainment – movies, television – there are always the bad guys; the cowboys and Indians, then the Russians were the bad guys, the Nazis were the bad guys. Now it seems like Muslim ‘terrorists’ are the bad guys,” he told the Associated Press in an interview this month. “So, inadvertently, because it’s an action show, it’s an on-the-edge-of-your-seat political drama that Homeland is, unintentionally we were not helping the Muslim community and we take responsibility for it. And I know I can speak for the writers when they want to right that error that happened because of storytelling.”

In a 2015 interview with Variety, the actor advised people to take in refugees and “bring them to your home for dinner,” adding that he simply wants “other people to know the kind of joy that I have in my life.”…

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  • gfmucci

    This creep sounds like Obama, proclaiming Islam’s imaginary “contributions to the world of a monumental nature.” Yikes! What alternate universe do these guys occupy?

    • Robert Kahlcke

      They began by fornicating with swine, it’s not right to abuse barnyard animals.

  • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

    Oh dear. Oh dear. I only ever saw you in ‘Alien Nation’ , and you were pretty good, but oh my (!!!), are you espousing nonsense !!!

  • Mrs. Chief

    What a loser he and people like him will be the first to go!

    • Joe Blow

      I saw him a couple of years ago blubbering all over Colbert’s shoulder in tears about the poor Mudslime rapefugees vs the bad old Islamofobes in the west

  • Sgtsnuffy
  • AlgorithmicAnalyst


  • santashandler

    So Mandy P. has scores of Muslims over at his for dinner nightly, right? Of course not. He only wants the appearamce that he does. Like Hollywood, Patinkin is fake. A false front. He just rendered himself unwatchable.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      He has been unwatchable this season
      The show is now ANTI AMERICAN
      His character is a DELUSION FOOL
      And WHAT they did with Quinn was CRIMINAL

      • Inmate of Diversityland

        You’ve been watching it very closely. LoL

        • Craig

          It is good to know your enemy…………

    • Rob Porter

      Well said, boycott any movie he’s in.

      • santashandler

        He should pay me to watch his movies…….

  • Joe Blow

    With Jews like him, who needs Nazis? They will do the rest of the Jews in

    • Eu Wei Choi

      He IS a Self Hating Left Wing “Jew”

      He also tried to HURT Israel during this past season and his character was Iran’s friend

      • Rob Porter

        The man is obviously a little ‘mental’. People should just boycott movies in which he appears – and make it known why they are doing so.

      • Joe Blow

        Homeland use to be good, but more and more, until it came to this season, the perps started becoming white people. Now this season they have gone 100% Trump hating delusional

    • Kdf82

      Look at what the Jews that started the Soviet Union did and Nazis pale by comparison… The sooner digital EFX replace turds like Mandy the better…

      • Joe Blow

        Go back to Stormfront, Nazi

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL. Great.

        • Kdf82

          I’m not a nazi, Ive just played them on film and TV.. Millions of dead Jews, Christians, you name it thanks to the Soviet Union.. Become a student of history Joe.. U just might learn something!

          • Joe Blow

            The USSR was a POS that killed anyone who got in the way or they thought would get in the way. One of the reasons why they killed so many Ukies was because Ukie nationalist anti-Russian breakaway movement . The Great Russians, including the Red and present leadership, have always maintained, with some justification, that the Ukraine was integral to Russia. These feelings continue today.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Mandy Patinkin is an imbecile, another hack of limited talent trying to get attention, His name will become a household word, “idiot”.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      And a SELF HATING Congenital Moron

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very much so, a hedonistic brain dead egotist of limited skill and intelligence.

    • Halal Bacon

      He is an actir, not exactly an intellect. He thinks he is hus character and because he thinks he is Saul Berenson he can make pronouncements. He is your basic asshole.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very true, one of many.

    • Joe Blow

      Trouble is, he is actually a good actor. That is all I will say positive about him

      • Mahou Shoujo

        … if you say so…

        • Joe Blow

          Mandy is a good actor, so is Sean Penn, who is also a good director. That doesn’t mean that they don’t also suck hard in so many other ways . Just being honest.

    • Lamarr01

      I didn’t know about the Muslim Communities Monumental Contributions.” All I am aware of is death, destruction, tyranny, ignorance, abuse of women and children, hate, rape, violence, bigotry, suicide bombers, and poverty.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What you describe is pretty much islam.

      • Pathfinder0100

        Well Lamarr01 that damn well sums it up!!

    • Hardrock

      Good one Mahou. As I read your post I nearly coughed out my coffee.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Sorry about your coffee…

    • Pathfinder0100


  • Bill

    Let the pos try Saudi Arabia, Iran, Zimbabwe, etc, he should be happier there

    • Eu Wei Choi

      Saudi Arabia WON’T let him in because he’s JEWISH

      • Dan Knight

        But, but, but … “Muslim communities” have made “contributions to the world of a monumental nature.”
        LOL …

        • Retiredextremelydangerous

          If the BLOOD of others, is a contribution of monumental nature, then the cult of Islam and it’s Muslim followers get the brass ring!

        • MichaelBr

          This is the self hating Jewish man coming out. He believes if he denounces Israel and supports the Palestinian cause muslims will like him.. in truth, the only good Jew to a Muslim is a dead one..

          • John

            He is not self hating he is white hating.. AKA a Racist jew…

      • Retiredextremelydangerous

        He’s NO JEW! He is a MUSLIM Broke dick DOG!

        • John

          Oh hes jewish, dont even try to hide it.

  • Duck

    Mandy, what an ignoramus you are. Shut up and sing.

  • Mark Goldberg

    I knew the dangers of prize fighters getting brain damage from their trade, but actors?!?
    Who knew that such as Patinkin could have such brain damage and inability to reason except in self deception disorder.
    My word, how can he have learned to forget all the mass homicides across the globe, by muslims and in the name of their god, how can he have forgotten the slave trading of yazidi women and girls, and how can he forget the slaughter of gays, of children, of whole hosts of non muslims, across the globe?
    He should be dropped into any muslim nation of his choice and forced to live thru it…

    • Halal Bacon

      Send him ti Syria. Let him see and experience all the great muslime contributions to the world. Gas with your tea?????

      • Mark Goldberg

        on a serious note… it disturbs that he could have been on a show, criminal minds, where the demonstrable defects of human personality, destroyed so many victims in psychopathic self glorification, and this buzzard, this … actor…. learned nothing, nothing at all. That Islam and it’s Jihad are indeed demonstrably revel in the slaughter of ‘others’ seeding terror and fear, and praising mo’s imagined god who revels in the destruction. And this lead him to conclude the bit about white men??
        Numb as a boot.

        • Hardrock

          Just an inquiry really. I saw him in the Criminal Minds show once or twice, I didn’t like the show so I haven’t watched it for years. He moved to another show I haven’t seen called “Homeland Security” I think and from seeing some write ups about the show, I got the impression it was about Anti Terrorism investigations. So if that is accurate you would think he would have a different view of the Muslims than what he is projecting? So as you say, he learned nothing from his exposure to this information. I find that very disturbing. I don’t know why, I’m probably way off, but I got the impression he was Jewish?

          • Mark Goldberg

            He’s numb as a boot, and dead from the neck up… that’s all we need to know about his evaluation skills

          • Hardrock

            Very true Mark, there seems to be a lot of that condition going around among Hollywood celebrities. As I discover who they are, I find I’m attending the movies less and less, I do not want to support their entitled lifestyle. They don’t really do anything contributory in nature, they’re just actors playing make believe. They live off of us at the box office or TV viewership and then trash our culture, freedoms and Democracy. It’s like you said, “Dead from the Neck Up.”

    • Seree Zohar

      send him to Gaza to see the amazing underground tunnel-city there, and live it, real time; he will also be hosted in people’s homes, because tunnels exit into people’s kitchens and under their children’s cribs; and of course he can gawp at the incredible contribution these people have made to tunnel construction financed by foreign aid.

      • Mark Goldberg

        I was there, in Gush Katif, and other little Jewish towns, and it was beautiful back in 2005. They were about the throw out 10,000 jews, and surrender all the land, for … peace. Since then, although the leftists gave the gazastinians all the land, temples, farmed land, the land no longer produced what it did. And the hate is taught at all the UNRWA and fakestinian schools, and the mosques, and the torn down beautiful buildings of synagogues. And 15000 miserable terror rockets tossed at Jews, in Israel. And Bush, then Obummer, did nothing except to ask the Israeli’s to make ‘concessions’ And that’s what Islam does, ask for ‘concessions’ until it can take much much more.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        If you’re going to send him to Gaza, make sure to glue a kippah w/the Star of David embroidered in it — they love that look in Gaza.

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    What a self righteous dick.

    • Retiredextremelydangerous

      He is a DICK, “righteous” is questionable.

  • Dan Knight

    “White men in government, and the military establishment are the” … guys who make it possible for people like Mandy Patinkin to be criminally stupid, willfully ignorant, blinded by hate, full of racist thoughts, and be an intolerant bigot who hates his neighbors – and despite all that – hold a good job pretending to be somebody else.

    • Rob Porter

      Well said. You just beat the hell out of an idiot.

    • MichaelBr

      Dan, you knocked this one clean out of the park that Mandy could only get water for us in…

    • Pathfinder0100

      Well said Dan!!

  • Kook of the East

    Just another Dressy-Bessy play time actor.
    Pay him no mind.

    • gocowgirl

      We HHAVE to pay mind to those who spout this crap,they are who the youth and those of limited intellect are watching in order to have an opinion on what is happening in this nation. Schools have taught our children that parents are unintelligent and not to be believed especially conservative parents who voted for change in the white house, the house and the senate.
      Only the liberal hatefilled left can be believed i.e people like Mandy Patikin …
      Better stay in good health as we get older,because the direction that our youth is heading, we will be on the chopping block (literally) when we can no longer care for ourselves.

      • Kook of the East

        One must raise their children to recognize fools from an early age. My children are all adults now, tho still young. They have developed excellent bull-shhett detectors.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It would be interesting to put this guy on a lie detector and see if he believes his comments to be true… If what he says is true then why isn’t he relocating to any one of the fabulous islamic sh!ttystans which infest the globe today? Or Dearbornistan, Michigan?

  • Anna McG

    My copy of Mamaloshen has just hit the donation box at the local Y.

  • bargogx1

    It wasn’t an error, they had it right in the first place.

  • suqsid4

    Homeland totally sucks.

    It only took 15 years after 9-11 for Islam to works its way into the heart of CBS Corporation.

  • Drew the Infidel

    If the white guys are the bad ones as opposed to the ragheads, then why is he fomenting division and resentment against his little “innocent” darlings? As with the Hillary worshiping “Madam Secretary”, I have never watched a single episode of “Homeland”.

  • Craig

    I always liked Mandy. Now. I see he is just another America-hating POS libtard.
    If you love the muzzies so much, Mandy, invite some to your home.

  • Alleged Comment

    How do you explain the recent 50 Thai bombings in Thailand by mad Moslems?

    Are they even mad at the white man over there too?

  • Did you know Muhammad himself was a white man?

    If we were to look for Muhammad in the midst of his fellow Arabs, al-Bukhari writes in his Hadith:

    Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said, “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongst us (his Companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.”

    Sahih Muslim adds in 6081:

    It was narrated that Abu Juhaifah said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah with a white complexion and some white hairs.”

    Sahih Muslim (6071):

    It was narrated from Al-Jurairi from Abu At-Tufail: “I said to him: ‘Did you see the Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘Yes, he was white with an elegant face.”

  • KimWilde

    Well thanks mandy. Now I won’t bother to watch anything your ever in again.
    Gosh, a show that depicted goat lovers as they are ? Can’t have that now could we?

  • Hook

    What looks like a dickhead, sounds like a dickhead, usually IS a dickhead.
    He’s a male with the name Mandy????? Well, if the skirt fits, wear it.
    Case closed.

  • Ed Heavner

    He is an actor. Just like Meryl Streep is an actor. That is what they do ….act. Sometimes they act great on screen and some times they act very poorly off screen.

    • Liatris Spicata


      When he made the statements in question, he was not acting- I assume his utterances reflect his view of the world as it is. Reagan, Laurence Olivier, John Wayne fully recognized the distinction between the characters they portrayed in roles and the real world. Even you seem to blur that distinction.

  • Max

    This was by far the WORST Homeland season ever written.

  • sodacrackers2

    And they wonder why someone would go around playing the knockout game with white guys or killing white guys. Indoctrinated hate?

  • Robert Batchelor

    This is why I quit watching TV years ago. Wow! What an idiot! And, people like Chuck Todd don’t do any push back when he says stupid things because they agree.

  • Liatris Spicata

    It is cretins like Patinkin who shape so much of popular culture, even among those who are “educated”. Was it ever thus? I don’t think so. There was a time when Patinkin & Co.’s counterparts were the likes of Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Robert Frost, and even a forgotten second tier actor named Ronald Reagan (anyone here know that name?). Those all were men grounded in reality, whereas Patinkin seems to inhabit a world of fantasy, not simply to portray one in his work.

    I regard it as very questionable whether or not a society whose attitudes are shaped by the likes of Mandy Potemkin can prevail.

    • MichaelBr

      It’s why societies fail.. we as a nation elected a man president twice who through writings and adjunct professoring called the constitution flawed and a document of negative liberties.. he bemoaned the fact it spelled out so much of what a government couldn’t do when he felt it should spell out more of what it can do to ordinary citizens.. that was Barack Obama.. his goal was to remake America.. i.e. Cut it down to size and get it in line with the European Union. This duplicitous turd loved the trappings of the presidency.. all the power it provided and unlimited income opportunities AFTER it.. yet did everything he could to undermine it and is still engaging in those activities as a “private citizen”.. how duplicitously evil..

  • Logic PrObe

    I can’t think of one good thing to come from Islam.
    They were making carpets and falalfel long before Mohammed raised his ugly head.

  • Sunshine Kid

    An actor is not specifically smart. Specifically, they are taught to stand here, say that, and do what you are told. This Mandy Patinken moron exemplifies that society.

  • Kim Bruce

    Mandy Patinkin descended from Jewish immigrants (from Russia and Poland), and was raised in Conservative Judaism,attending religious school daily “from the age of seven to 13 or 14” and singing in synagogue choirs, as well as attending the Camp Surah in Michigan. (Source: Wikipedia)
    So, why would he make such a totally ridiculous remark? Hollywood Leftism; that’s why. He’s just another of the America-hating left. He ought to be ashamed of his Jewish heritage.

    • Liatris Spicata

      He ought to be ashamed of his Jewish heritage.

      What makes you think he isn’t?

  • Leapingcrane


  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    The “grandstand, podium, and the soap box” for these people should be burned and the ashes hauled away!

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    There is a Holy War going on, and only one side has shown up! ISIS needs to feel the wrath of the only Living God, His name is Jehovah! I am a Christian soldier, I am a Templar!

    • Liatris Spicata

      I don’t think Holy War is the way to present it. For one thing, it does not resonate with secular elements in our own society. In addition, it provokes, to no discernible benefit, the Moslem World. One of their effective rallying cries is that the Islamic world is threatened by “Crusaders”.

      • Retiredextremelydangerous

        Poor babies! What, they don’t have a “safe space?” Their little world of Islam, is about to come tumbling down! They just aren’t aware of it! Those M.O.A.B.’s will make a believer out of the most skeptical!

        • Liatris Spicata

          We should use weapons of that destructive power only with considerable circumspection and only when there is a sufficiently favorable balance between achieving our military goals and harm to non-combatants.

          Even though the enemy does not have such scruples- and Islam throughout its history has displayed few such scruples- we should.

          • Retiredextremelydangerous

            Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed the outcome and set the tone for all wars. But people still fight and die on the battlefields. So with that said. Have we become more civilized in the way we kill our enemies? Or are we more concerned and swayed by world opinion. Well, our Muslim enemies are not in the least concerned about the world and it’s opinion! Like the Nazi’s, their agenda is their only concern. So why should we have scruples. Death and destruction will be met with death and destruction! For those that will not fight, they will become the enslaved of those who will fight! It’s time for Muslims to be the enslaved! It is time for the Muslim world to taste it’s own blood.

          • Liatris Spicata

            Hiroshima and Nagasaki changed the outcome and set the tone for all wars.

            You are repeating the standard line supplied by the US government, and I submit it is highly questionable. It’s not at all clear that the Japanese understood what hit them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They were on the ropes militarily and they knew it; moreover, they were fearful of invasion by the Russians- that may have influenced the timing of their surrender more than the atomic bombs.

            General Curtis Lemay (I believe it was he ) commented in the summer of 1945 that the Japanese were weeks from surrender.

            Gar Alperovitz has argued persuasively that the bombings were not uppermost of the minds of the Japanese military. Here (Ref 1) is an example of his findings:

            the vast destruction wreaked by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the loss of 135,000 people made little impact on the Japanese military.

            Adm. Halsey, an estimable man if ever there was one, commented (Ref. 2):

             Adm. William “Bull” Halsey Jr., Commander of the US Third Fleet, stated publicly in 1946 that “the first atomic bomb was an unnecessary experiment…. It was a mistake to ever drop it…. [the scientists] had this toy and they wanted to try it out, so they dropped it…

            Or Curtis LeMay, a man hugely maligned by the left (Ref. 2):

            Maj. Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the Twenty-First Bomber Command, went public the month after the bombing, telling the press that “the atomic bomb had nothing to do with the end of the war at all.

            And please don’t bring up the canard that, had the US attempted a land invasion of Japan, that we would have sustained up to one million casualties. The figure is questionable at best, and nobody I know of suggests that would have been a sensible way to subdue Imperial Japan.

            Alperovitz may be a lefty, but that does not make him wrong in his professional pronouncements. Below are some links to his thinking which have generally been well received by historians, albeit not without controversy:

            Ref. 1:

            Ref. 2:

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You do realize even at the bitter end members of the Imperial Japanese Army attempted a coup right? You do realize even at the bitter end a vice-admiral led a squadron of fighters to attack the US fleet right? All this despite the fact the USSR had declared war on JP. The surrender terms proposed by the allies in the Potsdam Declaration weren’t rejected by the government of Imperial Japan but they weren’t accepted either before any nukes fell on JP and the imperial cabinet was still arguing about the terms of surrender when the second bomb fell on Nagasaki.
            You might not mind wasting the lives of tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of US sailors, GI’s and Marines invading JP, but thankfully you weren’t in command.

          • Liatris Spicata

            Unconditional surrender was a stupid policy that FDR surprised his advisors anc Churchill with at Casablanca. It played into the hands of the most extreme elements in Japan.

            My impression is Japan was weighing terms of surrender in August 1945. One thing they wanted was to keep their emporer, something MacArthur realized was important. Truman pursued a very unimaginative diplomacy without considering alternatives.

            Your comment that I was wiiling to waste the lives of US soldiers is vapid, insulting, and wrong. It shows your very limited mind at work.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You’re the idiot who proposed invading JP, not me. JP had military plans to fight such an invasion and thousands of aircraft and suicide boats ready to go. The reality is idiot, mass numbers of GI’s and Marines would’ve died invading JP. Some ten thousand GI’s, sailors and Marines had just died taking Okinawa.
            JP was STILL weighing the terms of surrender when the SECOND nuke hit Nagasaki fool.
            The allies (Stalin, Churchill and FDR) also insisted on the unconditional surrender of Germany.

          • Liatris Spicata

            Yes, ‘Tyranny, whenever you disagree with someone, don’t address the argument presented, but do make sure you call the person an idiot.

            By the way, my initial comment above came down against a land invasion of the Japanese mainland.

            Gad, you are jerk.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            As far as a land invasion of JP, you didn’t oppose it, you merely stated the estimated number of casualties was high.

  • prolifeconservative

    He is no different than every other moron in Hollyweird. Why do people even care what these idiots have to say other than to out them so that we can refuse to allow their programs to be televised in our homes or watch their movies at the theatre.

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    When these “has been” so called actors reach a down turn in their careers. They resort to controversy to boost their status, and PR. It gives the media something to talk about!

    • Liatris Spicata

      I presume you are some !@#$% $()*&%#^ Reagan-hating idiot! :>)

      • Retiredextremelydangerous

        “Hate,” That is a Liberal exclusive. I have a life size gold framed, portrait of Ronald Reagan in my living room. So you presume WRONG! I have all his movies on DVD. Plus, we named all our male children and grandchildren after him. RR was not and actor. He was a President that portrayed other characters earlier in his career, on the way to the White House!

        • Liatris Spicata

          Clearly, ‘dangerous, irony is not your long strong suit!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • boohoojohnny

    Another jew trying to separate and divide us.

  • Stephen Honig

    If I didn’t like Homeland so much, I wouldn’t watch it anymore. However, I hope Saul in the show is tortured and killed by the Muslims he’s so fond of.

  • Robert

    I think he just took the path of least resistance. He wasn’t too big to take the job but he
    wasn’t going to take any flack over it either. That’s all. I will probably watch season 7
    if the series returns to its roots. On the other hand if it becomes a show where they want
    to espouse liberal politics forget it.

  • Apothis

    “Contributions of a monumental nature”. Suicide vests, IED’s, throwing gays off of buildings, the completely inhuman concept of flying a plane full of people in to a skyscraper…..yeah monumental all right. What a friggin idiot.

  • Kate

    Another Liberal Jew that makes me as a Jew, ashamed to be associated with Jews like him. Crazy fool. He needs to just shut it. They would love to hack his head off, the moron.

  • Rocinante44

    so move to the muslim paradise iran. us white guys don’t need you around

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    tell us later when you’ve either been “reverted’.. or totally humiliated and empoverished in jizyha.. or through your blood spurt out your mouth in the last moments of life before your consciousness picks out the ground passing your eyes in tool and fool.

  • Doug Brown

    Mandy can sing like an angel but political analysis? Naa, not so much. Islam is the cancer of the ages. Mandy, shut up.

  • SteveB✅ Proud Deplorable

    I refuse to read ideas or musing from a Man that is named Mandy. The jihadists are gonna love him.

  • Kenneth Wayne Floyd

    some needs to shoot that dumm ass

  • Canadian Patriot

    So. Mandy Patinkin, admittedly a talented actor, believes that the status he has achieved pretending to be people he is not, should be used to offer uninformed opinions in order to influence others. He influences others emotionally in his acting roles, and he wants to influence others emotionally (not rationally) in real life as well. Doesn’t it occur to him that he might be wrong, both morally and factually in doing so? A beard does not make him a philosopher. Hollywood should hire Hilary Clinton for an acting role as a sex siren.

  • Pray Hard

    Homeland is a stupid show to begin with. I watched two or three episodes and that was the end of that. Hollywood has completely lost its bearing.

    • Dorrie

      I watched 1 episode and couldn’t stand the show. Waste of time.

  • Pray Hard

    If white men are the source of all bad, then we’re also the source of all good. There are no one sided coins in this realm.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Hey patinkin, the best part of you dripped down the Goats leg. Even the Goat is sorry he fornicated with your mother.

  • Dorrie

    Well THAT statement should effectively end his acting career!

  • MichaelBr

    Mandy epitomizes a lot of what drives is his profile: always picked last for the team.. never got into the “in-crowd”, always thought themselves to be intellectually superior, even to their professors or authority figures.. a lot of us felt some of this or all of it at some point.. but it didn’t drive us to hate the “in crowd”.. in his mind trump is the in crowd and now because mandy finally “made it” in his bubble he’s going to give them the big middle finger.. in truth, I’m sure he’s very likely difficult at best to work with and not very well liked by fellow cast mates..

  • Zepplin

    Show is unwatchable.

  • imbustinloose

    How many refugees does Manny have? Adam Arkin from the old Chicago Hope series doesn’t count!!!

  • felix1999

    A useful IDIOT!
    Pam, TALK TO HIM!

  • Morgan Messersmith

    The only things that this guy did that I like was Princess Bride and Alien Nation. These actors are like a broken record. I used to get angry, then annoyed, now I’m completely numb to their stupidity.

  • Marcus D Hadley

    Was a big fan of “Homeland” until the latest season where (probably under this moron’s influence) they turned it into a gigantic pro-Islamist, America bash. Not sure why so many American Jews want to self-holocaust themselves, but it seems to be a pandemic attitude.

  • Terry Ayers

    Did he see what the Muslims did to the monuments in their own homeland

    • Dorrie

      THEIR homeland . . .

  • Obama IS-A-POS

    Who is this son of a goat-rapist? Never heard of him. Sounds like he has been brain-dead for a while. He appears to be a follower of the child-raping, murdering, thieving bandit and camel copulater, better known as Mohammed the Degenerate Filth and Demon Spawn of the Devil. Muslim trash must be eradicated from the face of the earth.

  • Robert

    He looks like a muslim.

  • jon

    Kenyan muslim immigrant barry aka sheikh Obama no longer president.

  • Kim Duran

    I’m sick onto death of people living in gated communities telling the rest of us to be inclusive. It’s easy to demand the common folk accept these invaders knowing they’ll never be in their neighborhood. HYPOCRITE.

  • az

    This guy can’t be taken serious as he’s a history of contradictions.
    Is Jewish.

    Left Criminal minds, because it had too much violence.

    Join Homeland, a show that islamofascists love to hate as their favorite Islamophobic show.
    Has success in the show and stays quiet like a cricket.
    The show begins to whitewash Muslims in the latest seasons, and he changes his speech to this.
    If Obama liked homeland before, now with so much Muslim ass kissing, it’s probably the best show he’s ever watched.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Hardrock

    Time for Mandy to start packing for his transfer to a nice peaceful Muslim hellhole. Mandy “The Muslim Troll” has spoken. They should have a show and call it “Celebrity Traitors,” there is certainly enough of them around and more crawling out of their privileged, fantasy lives everyday, so that they can virtue signal to the world. I already don’t watch the show he is on, so I don’t have far to go to boycott this entitled fool’s performances. He’s another Hollywood disgrace, hopefully he’ll be forced into retirement.

  • Merchantseamen

    Come on Mandy the KAPO. Make sure your knife is straight. Using your head as a clock lying on its back, start at 9 o’clock and pull across your throat till you reach 3 o’clock. Do not hesitate or blink and keep your knife straight. Make sure your knife is sharp. You can use a dull knife but you may miss your mark. Anywhere in this procedure you may wish to shout out ali-ali-ali oxen free OOPS I mean ack-bar. I doubt it will make you fill better. Thinkinbg back never thought much of him as an actor anyway. sort of like Woody Harrelson. Non starters.

  • Phyllis Pillow Ellington

    Well. Another show I liked but will take off my list of viewing. It sounds too anti America is in the works. And I may not agree with some things with some celebrities and still watch them. But this is not one of those times. I’m too tired of Americans being put down as haters and racists and uncaring simply because we want our country to be safe and remain free. We don’t want to be over taken by Anti Americans whoever they are!

  • Pathfinder0100

    Ya can’t fix stupid and he takes the cake!!

  • Al

    Absolutely delusional.

  • itchy

    I knew he was the mole in homeland. A real ‘a saul’

  • knightsstrength

    Mandy Patinkin was born Mandel Bruce Patinkin in Chicago, Illinois, to Doris “Doralee” (Sinton), a homemaker and cookbook writer, and Lester Patinkin, who operated two scrap metal plants. He is of Russian Jewish and Latvian Jewish descent

  • knightsstrength

    What an idiot. In what he says he condems all white people that are not Muslim

    When he says Government, that even means all public workers, even the postie, public cleaners, every one from Federal, State and Councils

    He forgets he is a white Jew who should know better

    He forgets if we did not stop people like Hitler, Ante Pavelić, Franco, and many others he, his parents would be dead if not for the valent people who fought, gave their lives so this creep who has a yellow line down his back can speak.

    He would run with his tail between his legs if he faced one of the soldiers who gave his freedom

  • knightsstrength

    Why does he hide behind the yellow line down his back of cowardice and come out and say he is.a Muslim convert. He puts his hands in a lifeless black stone in Mecca called the Khabba Allah, and that is all it is death.

    He is chicken like all Muslims who hide behind fear that fail to live by the truth of the true God ,(I AM), YHWH (Hebrew: יהוה‎).

  • sam52054

    What is it with these Hollywood putzes that they think they know anything except how to pretend to be someone else in front of a camera or on a stage? They know about as much as an ant does about the functioning of a car because he’s riding on a tire. Mandy stick to rantings about “you killed my father, prepare to die”.

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