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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

Muslims who plotted to behead Pamela Geller “laughed wildly about beheadings”

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Viktor Orban Calls George Soros a ‘Public Enemy’

[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Cover-Up of Florida Refugee Attack on 75-Year-Old Woman


Geller: Another Official Coverup of Refugee Crime?

 I received this harrowing email from the daughter of an elderly Florida woman who was choked with a dog leash by a “refugee.”

My name is XXXXX XXXX. My 75-year-old mother was attacked on Thursday April 13th, 2017 in Palm Harbor, FL.

She was walking her dog and an unleashed dog approached with a young lady and man standing nearby. The dogs greeted each other and my mother began speaking to the young lady. Within a couple of minutes, the man said to the lady, “Let’s go.” Since she did not immediately do so, he repeated that. My mother said goodbye, turned away, took about two steps, and then had a metal dog choke collar around her neck. The man threw her to the ground, knelt over her and was strangling her, yelling she was evil and he was going to kill her. The girl was screaming at him, telling him that he was going to kill my mother and go to jail.

After some time, my mother was starting to feel herself losing consciousness. Her dog ran off. His dog chased my mother’s dog. This distracted the man and he let go of my mother and went after the dogs. After some time, my mother decided to make a run for it to run home. She didn’t know she was running in the same direction as him. He was attacking the dog. When he saw her come in his direction, he ran toward her and started attacking her again. He took her by the neck, slamming her into the ground. He went from strangling her with his hands to punching her repeatedly in the face while sitting on her. She was fighting back. He started biting her in the face and neck while trying to strangle her.

A neighbor pulled up and came running; she was hitting him and trying to get him off. An older male neighbor came running; he tried as well, to no avail. Thankfully, there were deputies across the pond who heard the screams for help. They came running. They had to tase him two or three times before he was able to be subdued. After he was being secured, his two brothers came running and attacked the sheriff’s deputies, injuring the hand of one of them, and, I was told, also trying to strangle him.

He was arrested and charged with attempted murder, simple battery and two counts of battery on health care workers. He was taken to jail, and then was bonded out along with his brothers the following morning. His bond amount was in the neighborhood of $3000-$3500. Come to find out he was renting a room two doors down from my mother, and his mother lives in here as well. He was seen near the scene of the crime last night. There is no No Contact order, as he was not seen by a judge, as he was bonded out on Good Friday.

They have reported it on the news. Each news station came out. All of the news stations were at my mom’s house that next afternoon. WFLA, ABC, NBC, etc.

On one of the first news reports it was mentioned that he was a refugee. Then they edited that out later. But it is true: the attacker is a refugee from Albania. He and his family came over in 2005. I spoke to Michael with ABC Action News and specifically asked why were they not mentioning the fact he was refugee. He said he addressed this question with his bosses and that they said it was a “slippery slope.” He was going to bring it up to them again, as he knew they were continuing the story.

The prosecutor filed a motion to request that Emanuel be taken back into custody, as he is a danger to the community. His first choice was to keep him in jail throughout; if that did not work, he was going to ask that his bail be raised and wear a monitor. Emanuel was served on Tuesday evening (he was seen in my mom’s complex on Tuesday as well). Thursday at court he did not show up; his two brothers were there with a lawyer, Roger Futerman. I was told he was a very good lawyer. His lawyer said his brother took him to the hospital to have him baker-acted. His brother said that he threatened suicide. The prosecutor does not believe it, and said it was convenient timing.

I am in desperate fear for my mother’s life. I cannot believe this man is walking and is free. I have been researching, and his family has been involved in many crimes, including drug trafficking.

Law enforcement officials could be doing to this poor woman what they did to the five-year-old who was raped by Muslim migrants in Idaho: they seem to be more concerned with making sure that no one thinks ill of migrants and refugees, non-Muslim in this case as well as Muslim, than with securing justice for the victim. And who posted this monster’s bond? We need answers. This woman deserves justice, and the American people deserve not to be victimized by any more of these feral “refugees.”

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.

  • Dee Hunter

    3,000 to 3,500 for assault and almost killing her and assault on the police. What kind of judges do they have there. This needs to stop and people need to be held accountable for their actions No Matter who they are!!!!

    • Carla Snook

      If you look at this article- at the bottom of the story bail was $30,500 for the main bio waste (no name for it from me). As usual – things from other places -always- seem to have big wads of ca$h lying about for handy bail money.

      • felix1999

        All he needs to do is come up wit 10% of the posted bail of $30,500 and he is free to go!

        That’s where this number came from:
        “His bond amount was in the neighborhood of $3000-$3500.”

    • tatka150

      Judge has to be disbarred. Disgusting politician correctness.

    • felix1999

      He only has to come up with 10% of the bail, 30,500. That’s the way bail works. He shoiuld never have been granted bail.

      • Carla Snook

        I totally agree about bail. I am aware 10% also. Sometimes Bail bondsmen won’t write a bond, and you have to post total yourself. Let’s hope there are NO Plea Deal either.

  • Terry

    Thanks for posting this Pamela. Look lock and load.

  • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

    Deport. Koranderthal. ASAP.

    • tatka150

      Hang him

      • Tonya Parnell


        • heyyounumbnuts

          let granny beat him like a pinata while he hangs

      • Deborahjholliday

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      • Jimmy was a Koranderthal


      • JacksonPearson

        Yeppers. Hang the SOB, and send him back to Albania in a body bag.

        • tatka150

          NO need to waste the body bag.

  • RCCA

    Can’t she at least get a restraining order, or whatever it is called, to keep the nut from approaching her? She might even be able to file for free, being a senior. I hope she gets the right help. Maybe one of these lawyers can help her:

    • Carla Snook

      RCCA – THank the Lord – strangers off the street called for the Police AND stepped in to pull that bio waste off of the Survivor so she was not harmed more than she was. This Lady was sucker punched from behind and BITTEN by the bio waste. AWFUL!!!!! Where does one learn that is how you act ???!!!!

      • felix1999

        He would have beaten her to death. This Muslim is an animal.

  • SJB

    Hit the creep in the face with the No Contact order and see what good it does. Good grief!! What a crock of crap! The judge should be removed from the bench for malfeasance and dereliction of duty. IMHO

    We have too many judges who are just like this one, and that is why the rule of law is breaking down all around the nation.

    • SCS

      Hell, hit the creep in the face with a baseball bat. Old school. Works better than a No Contact order, especially if delivered by a…few…members of the local motorcycle club. Just saying : )

    • bill sexton

      I guess we should all thank Obama for these types of judges. They are his animals!

      • felix1999

        Le’t not forget Clinton. He fired ALL the judges and put in his own.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Burn up the phones to the f’ing corrupt scumbags who run the Palm Harbor, FL DA’s office. The people of Palm Harbor, FL should make sure this f’ing DA never works in their city/county EVER again.

  • Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Get armed and prepared… it WILL happen again.

  • Riv Kah

    No where can you find this story except here. Thanks for all you do Pam!

  • FreudianSlip

    There are eleven (11) arrest records in Pinellas county for the Qosaj “refugee” family. Career criminals supported by government refugee entitlements. Deport entire family!

    • SCS

      Thanks for posting the family name. Was able to pull a video of this animal on top of the woman, biting her and strangling her. Scumbag should get life, along with judge who released him on bail. The BITING of an ELDERLY WOMAN should have been all this judge needed. Disgusting filth. Even ferile dogs behave better. And I’m talking about the judge, as well.

      • Obama IS-A-POS

        Most judges are amoral prostitutes in dirty black robes that match their souls. I look forward to the days when Shakespeare’s words are put into action regarding lawyers.

        • zahbudda

          Amen Brother…”Sons of Serpents”…

    • Len Miskulin

      Deport? What the hell you got guns for?

  • gia

    Every Disgusting beastly attack by these deranged Muslim immigrants should be front page news!
    He attacked this defenseless woman like a rabid dog. There was according to the story no reason for this attack no robbery, rape, or argument . Just another crazy Muslim , once again it’s more important to protect the reputation of a f.u.c.k.i.n.g Pig Muslim.
    He doesn’t even deserve a trial, just exterminate him like you would a rabid animal.
    None of us human beings are safe as long as they live and breathe in our midst.

    • bill sexton

      Where was the man, I forgot his name, who as a neighborhood watch man shot and killed Travon Marten? We need more people like him to protect our neighborhoods. Shoot the sucker on sight while on top of the elderly woman. When the brothers come, shoot them too in self defiance.

      • Carla Snook

        Sanford, FL George Zimmerman. This Survivor was bitten on the face by bio waste.

      • gia

        Definitely would make me feel safer .

    • Mourning Warbler

      I don’t think with a name like “Emanuel” that he is Muslim… thought that could be a ruse.

      • gia

        Good point that is more Christian .
        Maybe a conversion?

      • jj

        Albanians are big criminals and drug traffickers – whether Muslim, Atheist or Christian.

        • Mourning Warbler

          I think I might have seen one of these guys at a local thrift store; he had a lot of facial hair. If they were not out on bond, it was another guy. We do have a lot of Albanians around here. And they are not all criminals.

          • jj

            They may be involved in drug selling and trafficking without you knowing it. The link “FreudianSlip” gave in this post earlier in this thread about the Qosaj family police arrest record shows that the guy’s “brothers” and I put it in quotes because one was born 21 years before him (so I think he could be a cousin or uncle instead) had been arrested in previous years for armed home invasion and assault with a weapon, conspiracy to distribute meth, armed marijuana trafficking and so on.

          • Christy Golden

            Not necessarily – I have a daughter who is 17 years older than her brother. (my 22 month old)…but it is something to consider, because it isnt how things usually go, I know

  • gia
  • Fubar

    This is so disgusting, it makes me sick. What the hell is going on in this world? Who defends and protects these monsters…and why? This country better wake up yesterday!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Shoot every criminal on sight when seen committing a crime. A lot of the muslim problem will solved by that,

  • SCS

    Albanians are muslim, don’t let their skin color fool you. They cause trouble all over europe and they can stay in…albania.

    • felix1999

      Why are they allowed in as “refugees”? Muslims are the ones slaughtered Christians and other people.

      • Dan Knight

        … to demoralize, destabilize, and create a crisis to blame on ordinary citizens and Christians …

      • jj

        Not only allowed in as refugees but given free medical care and surgery. This thug who beat up the elderly woman had his medical bills waived after he’d been treated for a broken leg after falling off a truck at age 12. Plus he also had one leg shorter than the other and he got free surgery for that. The fact that Albanian criminals, and their spawn, get free medical care while U.S. citizens aren’t given any relief is probably due to the U.S. State Department’s cozy relationship with Balkan Muslims and Albanians in doing their dirty work over there.

  • Carla Snook

    I live 6.8 miles from here !!!!!!!!!!! Horrible. I have posted on my FB page – this info about these “alleged” bio wastes needs to be publicized for ALL to see, they are HERE and terrorizing innocents. Thank the Lord the Survivor is alive.

  • Ari

    The barbarous attacker is a refugee from Albania. This country is peaceful and probably these Albanians have lied to get a refugee status. And the MS media censors these facts.
    Canadian TV news presenter Pascale Nadeau in the picture.

  • bill sexton

    maybe she should sue the city for failing to protect her?

    • felix1999

      They came when they heard her. They tried to protect her so it’s really not their fault he is an animal.

      • Julie Kasenow

        Then they wouldnt have let guy out with a mere no contact order.

  • felix1999

    My heart goes out to this daughter or son of the attacked 75 year old woman. Is there any way she can live with her son and daughter till this freak is imprisoned or approach the judge or a lawyer to jack up the bail where he couldn’t afford it and keep him in prison? When she lives that close to the freak, it is inviting more trouble.

    • Julie Kasenow

      So people have to leave their homes because the folks running the city wont do their jobs?

  • Alleged Comment

    I hate to say this but did your mother vote for Demoncraps and approved of illegal and Moslem invasion? Ask her, if she did my blood is lukewarm.

    But if she knew about Demoncraps and their treason and always voted Republican (a little better) my blood is boiling.

  • usn

    What’s the deal with the sheriffs deputies those 3 should be pushing daisies and the rest of the family deported. One screw up and make the whole family suffer. Also I would suggest getting a pistol.

  • Janet

    Since when do they let someone bond out when the charge is attempted murder? What he did to this woman was horrendous. Now this poor woman has too worry about running into this POS in her own building. I’m so angry everytime I read a story like this. He should be deported no questions asked. He won’t be and the defense is going to come up with some sob story about how hard his life was before he came to the US or the other old standard reply that he has mental issues. I sure would like to know his name and how this case ends up after he goes to court. They’ll be a plea deal you can bet on it!

    • Dan Knight

      When the charge is a sham. The Judge is signaling to the DA – don’t bother following up …

      Without media and community outrage this guy will get sensitivity training and 30 days community service – alongside counseling on how to deal with “evil” Americans and their “islamofauxbia” …

      • Janet

        Sad to say but you’re right. This punk will probably get a slap on the wrist and that infuriates me. One violent crime and you should be deported. Send this POS back to the hell hole he came from. I hope this women sues the crap out of him!

  • Nan
    • Bronish

      Good…posted his image along with his name.
      We all know how to deal with this cold, murderous thug.
      “Islam is to man what rabies is to a dog” Winston Churchill

  • movingwaters

    The slippery slope on which we are nearing the bottom started when Progressive Communists started getting away with the meme that some groups of people they deem victims should get more rights than others. The Left are all hypocrites. They project their unrelenting divisiveness and hatred of blind justice onto the rest of us.

    I am sorry to see that the police in this area have succumbed to orders from higher up, and are turning even the most fragile members of the community over to the tender mercies of tax payer supported criminals. The people need to find out which one of their elected officials caused these orders, and have them recalled immediately.

  • RayG1

    This is what happens when we let barbarians in among us. This happens just too often with immigrants involved that you have to question if we should let any of these people into our country. Why wasn’t this jerk deported after his first crime?

  • Dan Knight

    What the bleep? Why is this Koranimal on our streets?!!!

    Answer: Lietards want it that way. This type of violence creates a visceral response – stop the Koranimals – and the Lietards can then say “Raaaacisssts!!!” – b/c those who side with the victims want the violence stopped.

    Remember the Lietard plan: Demoralize, Destabilize, Create a Crisis – “Normalize” (meaning the criminal gang takes power and rapes the community of its culture, achievements and money – whatever it has achieved)

  • Dan Knight

    And the Lietards get icing with their cake … Muslims can often be counted as white – just like Mexicans and other Latinos – so criminals in those categories can be counted against Americans and Whitey in the statistics…

    It’s all about the Big Lies …

    Just sayin’

  • Dan Knight

    Google search “Emanuel Qosaj Palm Harbor” = 374 results.
    Google search [My real-time name and hometown] = 340,000 results … and I’m just an attorney who went bankrupt a few years ago …

    To get that kind of result – just 374 results – someone has told the search engine to suppress the page views and push it under the top 100 search results.

  • Platopus

    New branch of law needs to be written “Alien Law” give them no defense of mental incapacity or protection as having special foreigners rights or anonymity. They are ALL to be here on special grants which if ANY law is violated they forfit rights to remain and are subject to jail then deportation- this is serious problem in USA and Europe and all nations Alien law must be confronted and dealt with as a priority or else all useful and beautiful civil society will be lost!

    • iprazhm

      We already have the laws. They’re in the Constitution. There’re ignored.

  • Tricky Dick

    Muhammad was a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. He was no more prophet of God than Jim Jones or David Koresh. We should not be allowing anyone who worships this homicidal pedophile to enter our country.

  • Jerry Dobson

    Refugee from Albania? There is no reason for refugees from Albania.

  • Any who defend this scumbag, apart from an attorney if he is legally here… should receive like punishment. We are losing our collective minds in this falling Republic. Is the “sleeping” giant dead instead, or is there yet hope that even 35% of true patriotic Americans will yet rise up and stop this and other government madness????????

  • Kat Smith

    Find some big hardcore bikers who need a “job”. Or a “workout” session. ha This man will get away with this. Sadly. BUT others can stop him. Screw the local government.

  • John Parker

    From the article – I am in desperate fear for my mother’s life. I cannot believe this man is walking and is free.

    Its your mother for cripe sakes and your in a stand your ground state. Get a gun and shoot him in both knees.

    • jj

      Then the Albanian family will go after her family. Albanians will keep up a blood feud for generations.

      • Frank Castle

        Then kill them, all of them. We Americans won’t be cowed.

        • jj

          Then NATO will bomb you for genocide of the precious ethnic Albanians.

  • Ryan McDonald

    What an outrage !! Stop immigration now !! This happened near us. What an animal. These people need to go live in a different culture.

  • Benny Rothman

    Shoot all three…save your money …Him as his violent brothers…Albanians are bad news people…will eat you for breakfast ….

    • jj

      They are bad but the western governments coddle them to the hilt. In the UK, several Albanian murderers were allowed in, and once in, they get generous benefits.
      Albanian traffickers control many of the migrants in Calais, France who are chomping at the bit to get into the UK.
      Last year, around this time, the British press ran 3 articles on Albanian “double murderers” who were receiving generous benefits in the UK for a decade or more. Two were Albanians who’d killed 2 people apiece back in Albania before they came to UK, including one who’d lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in Albania (and who was getting big disability benefits, in addition to other benefits, in the UK); and another was a “fresh” murderer who’d recently killed an elderly line-dancing couple. They only found the man’s body; the woman’s hasn’t been found to this day.
      All these Albanians were connected to gang and other criminal activity in the UK. So they murder, join gangs and get benefits too in the UK. No wonder they are the top illegals caught trying to get in that country. I really think those articles may have helped make the Brexit vote a success…(but will the British government do the will of its voters and actually leave? That remains to be seen.)
      U.S. coddles them too.
      The thug in the current story, was featured in a 2008 article about getting free medical treatment and surgery for his leg:

      The morals of the story: DON’T INVITE TROUBLE INTO YOUR HOME (COUNTRY)

  • yak_disqus

    This story is a great example of why some people get licenses for concealed carry. Makes alot more sense when you read accounts like this.

  • BooBooBaby

    This is Scary!
    This is the first I am hearing of this!

  • Frank Castle

    I wish I was there. I would have killed that SOB as he was doing his level best to kill this poor woman. I will pray she gets better soon.

    • Bronish

      Ya, me too! I’d have loved to stop his evil heart from beating.

  • If it were my mom I’d be heading to prison…

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