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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Obama Freed 7 Iranians Who Were Threats to National Security


The legacy of Barack Obama continues, as the New York Post reported the former president released seven Iranians who were actually dangers to American national security.

Barack Obama’s concessions to Iran were startling — and apparently, more damaging to America’s national security than we originally thought.

The report initiated in Politico, when writer Josh Meyer reported how Obama overruled prosecutors who wanted to keep the Iranians detained. The White House chief said to the media he wanted them released because they were simply imprisoned for violating economic sanctions.

But really, they were charged with crimes tied to a weapons procurement ring, and were considered serious threats to U.S. national security.

From the New York Post (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“More, the administration also dropped charges against 14 fugitives involved in smuggling sophisticated weapons to Iran and its terrorist subsidiaries. That move ended the international arrest warrants against the 14 — and Obama & Co. had been obstructing efforts to apprehend them.

“Time and again, top officials at the White House, Justice and State departments denied prosecutors’ requests to lure one of the fugitives to friendly countries where he could be arrested. Soon, the arms merchants vanished off US law enforcement radar.

“The president’s men also slowed down extradition efforts against suspects in custody and began slow-walking investigations and prosecutions of US-based procurement.

“In effect, the administration deliberately derailed its own National Counterproliferation Initiative at a time, Meyer reports, “when it was making significant headway in thwarting Iran’s proliferation networks.”

“And Iran got a green light to continue defying international law.

“At the time of the release, the White House said freeing the seven “civilians” was a “one-time gesture” that also brought freedom for Americans held captive in Iran.

“In fact, it was all part of a “do whatever’s needed” to get Iran’s agreement — and a “say whatever’s needed” to sell it to the American public.

“Tehran saw how desperately Obama wanted the deal and took full advantage.

“At the time of the prisoner exchange, we said the way Team Obama ‘got it done is ugly indeed.'”

  • Chris Wolf

    History’s Most Ignominious Traitor — obama

    • Carolynrpittman

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    • Rob Porter

      How I wish that someone would physically smash to pulp this disgusting excuse for a man. No, not killed, just so beaten up he’d be an emotional wreck to contemplate his treachery. No doubt his finger position in the above photo was Obama giving everyone the ‘finger’. Well, Obama, the big finger to you, scumbag, was Donald Trump winning the election.

    • Alleged Comment

      B’lack Blow’bama – the Negro sodomite!

    • volksnut

      An enemy combatant

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If some one wrote a chronicle of why o’bimbo and his administration who’ll be in jail, it would be in at least a hundred thick hard cover volumes. Reasons as to why he isn’t. One line written on a cigarette paper in wax crayon

  • H.D. Ross

    a steaming pile of excriment

  • katzkiner

    This arrogant SOB needs special rendition to a dark hole in Eastern Europe never to be seen or heard from again.
    No $400,000 payoff speeches at Wall Street banks or $60 million book deals.
    The irony of it would be, he signed the “special rendition” procedure into law in an NDAA.
    He can play checkers with Osama.
    Yes, I know, but do you believe anything Obama ever said?
    Osama is probably living it up in a private paradise with his 80,000 slaves.
    Give Osama one more, he may like Kenyans.

    • marlene

      Add the hundreds of millions he stole from the American taxpayers he put into his own private offshore accounts – just like Arafat, Abbas, and other tyrannical leaders.

  • Drew the Infidel

    After WWII all across Europe turncoats in the same vein as Obhammud were routinely shot or hanged in a spate of some well-deserved and long overdue street justice for enemy collaborators.

  • Alleged Comment

    Ohhhh….. the sodomite was worthless. Just rubbish up there. Not only was he illegal to be up there but unqualified and a threat to national security and American sovereignty.

    The negro needs to be arrested along with his 535 Congogressmen that have committed HIGH TREASON on this nation.

    Yet, both of them are still collecting their paychecks!

  • bannedquran20

    What can one expect from traitor who is also an islamic sympathizer.

  • Janet

    Typical Obama kissing Iran’s butt while treating Israel like crap! Iran doesn’t just want the destruction of Israel they want us gone too!

    • Rob Porter

      The trouble is this, he’s still arrogantly getting away with what he did, academics, the media and brain dead young Americans still considering him some sort of hero.

      • Janet

        You’re not kidding. The libtards act like he was the second coming or something. Just shows how dense the pea brain Democrats are! Then we had to watch the MSM drool over him. Made me sick!

        • Rob Porter

          This is what happens when children don’t from young have a moral code deeply ingrained. They grow up devoid of moral compass, devoid of good judgment, devoid of true values and incapable of seeing a liar for what they are. Any half intelligent person who researched Obama – as I did – before he became president could easily establish that he gravitated to trash, like Rev Jeremiah Wright, communist Bill Ayers and other scum, and as an Illinois senator never voted an opinion, preferring to vote ‘present’. Evident is that he was a man of low moral character, and, as that song goes, “He wasn’t fit to fit to shovel s… from one port to another”. Then I never believed his birth certificate story. In Canada my home burned down and we lost everything. I went to the South African consulate in Toronto and in less than a month we had new birth certificates and passports, yet this disgusting liar for ages couldn’t produce a passport and when he did it was not authentic, so failed forensic tests. Then he was a community organizer, hadn’t run any – probably not even a lemonade stand – and yet became president without any experience worthy of becoming president. After that he proved and incompetent and liar. So hip, hip hooray, this disgusting man and the idiots who drool over him. What complete dimwits!

          • Janet

            Nailed it Rob! Great post and right on the money!

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks, Janet.

  • Mathew.m

    So why report it if they won’t or don’t arrest him??

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • peakpower

    One of his countless acts sabotage and treason as the Enemy in chief.

  • marlene

    And by association, Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a major threat to our National Security. Anything less than putting him in jail, trying him for treason, indicting him for treason and hanging him for treason, would leave the door open for more presidents like him – this time coming from those in the Republican Senate!

  • sovereigntyofone

    Of course Obama feed them, he is a Muslim and was Muslim in Chief.
    Everyone talked about how great it was to get rid of Osoma Ben Laden when we had someone JUST AS BAD sitting in the Oval office destroying this Republic from within. Obama did more damage to this nation/republic than Osama Ben Laden could have ever dreamed of. Obama should be put on trial for high crimes and treason against this Republic and Constitution. Alas, that will never happen.
    Just my 2 disgusted cents worth.

  • SuperTrump

    I’d call Obama a traitor, but one must be a US citizen to be one. Scumbag fits.

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