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Robert Spencer: Muslim MP Turns Up the Heat in Her Battle Against Free Speech in Australia


Heat Street reported Thursday that Anne Aly, a Muslim MP in Australia, has “called for tougher speech laws so that it is illegal to offend Muslims because of their religion.” She declares that “race discrimination laws should be expanded to cover insults based on religion as well.” This would, of course, establish Muslims as a protected class, beyond criticism, including counter-terror analysis. If Anne Aly succeeds, the jihad can advance in Australia, and no one would be able to say a word in opposition to it.

Anne Aly has for years been an Islamic supremacist foe of free discourse. In August 2014 I wrote here about her false claims that Islam doesn’t sanction beheading and grants equality of rights to women. Instead of responding on substance, which I understand that she could not really do since I had produced numerous Qur’an verses that rather directly showed her to be lying, she claimed that she had received “hate mail” from Jihad Watch readers; six months later that claim had morphed into death threats. Predictably, that became the story, as dubious as her claims were, not her deceptions.

Now, if she gets her way in Australia, she could just have me arrested — not for the alleged hate mail or death threats, but for my initial post exposing her deceptions. This proposed law clearly would establish Muslims as a protected class, above all criticism, which would have the effect of allowing the jihad to advance unimpeded and unopposed.

And it would do all this because criticizing Islam would be considered “racist.” This is so obviously ridiculous that the far-Left fake news and propaganda outfit BuzzFeed rushed to Aly’s defense, running a particularly striking and revolting example of a hard-Left propagandist running interference for the imposition of Sharia blasphemy laws. Aly was given space on BuzzFeed Australia’s political podcast to explain that “anti-Muslim hatred” should be considered racist.

Mark Di Stefano of BuzzFeed assures is that Aly is “well aware of the ‘but Islam is not a race’ retort used by trolls online.” You see, it’s only “trolls online” who dare to assert that Islam is not a race. No serious person would think such a crazy thing. At least in the bizarre and addled Leftist mind of BuzzFeed.

No violence against any innocent person is ever justified, whether it’s called “racism” or not. The problem here is that numerous Islamic groups have made clear that in referring to “anti-Muslim hatred,” they mean not just attacks on or harassment of innocent Muslims, but also any honest analysis of how jihad terrorists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and make recruits among peaceful Muslims. Thus to label this racist is an attempt to shut down all critical analysis of the jihad terrorists’ motivating ideology; they will then be able to advance unopposed and unimpeded.

Anne Aly would have you believe that those who oppose jihad terror and Sharia supremacism “have the same motivations as racism.” Yes, that’s right: in Anne Aly’s world, opposing jihad terror and speaking about its Qur’anic justifications stems from the same impulse as segregated drinking fountains. She doesn’t even entertain the possibility that someone might oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression out of a concern to preserve and defend societies that respect human rights and the freedom of speech.

BuzzFeed also tells us that Aly has “worked as de-radicalisation expert,” which is noteworthy in light of the mountain of evidence that “de-radicalization” programs don’t work, and have an ever-lengthening history of failure, as you can see here.

Di Stefano also bats back a quite sensible observation from a fellow member of Parliament who suggested that Aly’s initiative stemmed from Sharia principles. Aly, we’re told, “brushed off a claim by Liberal MP Tim Wilson that she’s actually arguing for blasphemy laws. She pointed to the fact that hatred against Jewish people and Sikhs could both be protected under the Act’s controversial 18C, despite neither being ‘a race.”

Australia needs to clarify what exactly it thinks a “race” is for the purposes of this absurd and sinister law, and how it proposes to distinguish between legitimate criticism and “racism.” In any case, if Aly’s proposal is adopted, it will be the death of Australia as a free society.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Jim Sandberg

    Mohammedanism is not a religion. Like Jim Jones cult. kill if you leave.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Jim Jones was a piker in comparison to muslums. Muslums have slaughtered orders of magnitude more people than Jim Jones in the 21st century alone.

      • Jim Sandberg

        You are right. No comparison on numbers. Each sociopaths bluffing their followers.

      • Lyndon Weggery

        400M in the Indian Sub continent alone between 1000AD -1500AD.

  • bannedquran20

    Submitting to sharia and here I thought Australians had the giggleberries to take their country back from muslim zombies who wants to turn their nation into another iran. LOL!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Australians are rapidly turning into the same wimps that western europeans have, evidence indicates they have been subject to repeated kangaroo kicks to their heads.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Of all the Commonwealth countries I always though AUS had stones. They practically single-handedly stopped the muslum genocide of the kafir in E. Timor. A genocide that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of kafir, mostly Catholic.

        • purplej

          Resistance is growing. The average Aussie doesn’t get airtime. Only bogans are selected to provide the counter argument to the alphabet brigade and its sympathisers, with the desired result. That’s why Pauline Hanson and Jacqui Lambie are always presented on the anti-islam side. The intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable anti-islamist is usually ignored or ambushed by biased media.

      • Bob Smith

        And too many left-wing fools who believe Islam is just another peaceful religion or believe Muslims are a peaceful minority that needs protection from all of those ‘nasty white racists’.

      • purplej

        Australia faces the same threat as every western country. We have yet to put an islamist in the top job, but Malcolm is proving himself an excellent islamic sycophant. Hmmm….. islamophant. I like it.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “Islamophant”. LOL. It sounds like a large herbivore that stomps around making trumpeting sounds that signify nothing.

          • purplej

            Haha, yes! Accurate for MT.

          • Cai

            You absolutely got it in one!!

    • purplej

      Aly’s comments are in response to other calls for the repeal of 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act which allows for people to be prosecuted for “insulting” and offending”, which many believe is slowly being used as a blasphemy tool. Predictably, Aly and others who share her twisted thinking, are calling for the law to be tightened further and essentially make it easier for people to be prosecuted for criticising islam specificially.

      She is dangerous because she is an articulate, female, muslim, westernised academic. But only because leftists and most media automatically grant her every comment credibility, deserving or not, without challenge.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    The Neo-Aborigines that will claim Australia was always an Islamic land !!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      “muhammad was the first bacha bazi boy” it is written.

  • Oliver Beasely

    May I have a word with the savages present ….

    • gcfortruth

      I agree with you totally , You say it so well.

    • noindoctrination

      He pounded every nail into that coffin.

    • Amethyst_2012

      The ugly vermin that call themselves muzzlims will not understand a word of this unfortunately. They are laughing at the free world. I think they should be given the death penalty for rapes and such ASAP. The judges that let them off should be incarcerated for not protecting their people.

    • Hardrock

      Thanks for the video, Pat Condell is awesome.

    • Marianne

      Hear, Hear!!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Look at all that skin she’s showing! What a whore! Sarcasm intended.

    • pandainc

      Has to ‘fit in and adapt’, don’tcha know?

  • Amethyst_2012

    So now Australia has a muslima trying to change that country just like Canada has muslimas trying to change our country. And our stupid judges and politicians haven’t even deported the witches. Put the judges and politicians in jail. They have not lived up to their oaths of office. We the people have the right to do that.

    • Hardrock

      What I don’t understand is that Muslim women like them campaign to have Sharia Law established. They seem to dress, make themselves up just like a western woman, yet they should know what the situation would change into once Sharia Law takes control. So really what is their motivation to have Sharia in place, they will ultimately be getting the dirty end of the stick? There is no upside for women to be living under Sharia Law, so these women have to be the stupidest of the human species or so iron fisted controlled by the men. They certainly seem to take advantage of all the benefits of living in a free and peaceful nation where they have rights, which includes being able to plot against and betray those countries where they reside.

      • Citizen 1949

        This is a case of “Cutting off the nose to spite the face”. They are so obsessed with advancing the death cult of islam that the negative results for women are ignored. Or maybe they enjoy being treated worse than cattle.

        • Hardrock

          The male Muslim population seem to be hardcore sadists, perhaps within the female population there is a masochistic element.

  • Logic PrObe

    The hipsters and greenies over here mistakenly think that Islam is part of cultural diversity rather than the cultural wasteland it has proved to be since the time of Muhammed.

    • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

      They’re absolutely insane.

      • Citizen 1949

        Is this willful blindness, a mental disorder, or both?

        • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

          I think it’s both, in actuality.

  • Hardrock

    We have our own Aly in Canada, her name is Iqra Khalid, a Pakistani Muslim Member of Parliament that tabled the M103. Protecting Islam from criticism, effectively trying to end free speech. And apparently Khalid is tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood, so you know this will not benefit Canada.

    • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

      They’re also both anti-feminist, in their mindset. Dutifully pathetic.

  • Hook

    And this poor women can’t express her freedom of speech over security concerns for her safety in Australia and New Zealand. I know who I’d believe to speak the truth.

  • Anne Aly would have you believe that those who oppose jihad terror and Sharia supremacism “have the same motivations as racism.”


    What she is leading us to believe are either or both of: 1) she agrees that Islam should be supreme in majority-secular nations (moribund Christianity); 2) that she believes that the terror-makers will not require her to “return the kitchen” (no or little flesh exposed in public, no career, segregation at mosque).

    This is what she “will have us believe”.

    We can disabuse her of the second belief.

    We can not alter her stance on the first.

  • randyg45

    At my age, one would imagine an intelligent man could no longer be shocked by stupidity; so I must not be all that intelligent, for I sit here amazed.
    How can a nation with as small a percentage of muslim citizens as Australia possibly elect a muslim to office?

    I’m stupid or they are.
    Maybe both, as I outlined above.

    • John Magne Trane

      In Norway the biggest party, Labour, have 2 of the 4 top leaders being Moslem. The deputy leader, Hadia Tajik wanted to travel with the Brotherhood in the “freedom” Flotilla, in support of HAMAS (even tho she said she did not want to support HAMAS, the bread fruit).

      And AUF, the Youth party with close knit connections to Fatah Youth, have a fake Syrian refugee as their new leader (after the one being the leader when Breivik killed in 2011, ran away in the armored ferry). He “fled” from Greece with his family, to Sweden. But not even the Swedes could see him as a refugee, so they “fled” again to Norway. Where for some strange reason they were accepted.

      It’s a leftist identity politics issue, where they have to have their quota of “exotic” candidates, to be “inclusive” and “diverse”.

      I dunno why they have the one in Australia tho, but I bet I wouldn’t be too far off if those were the reasons also Down Under.

      • Grant Woodside

        I remember somewhat a children’s story
        About chicken little and the sky falling
        Something like that
        Wam Bam thank you Islam
        For reminding us Western Infidels
        How truly great we really are

        There is still hope for you Iftikhar
        Would you not rather ride a cool train
        Like in that song about Jesus’ Glory Train
        Than slam your head into hard surfaces
        In the name of some perverted cult
        That came along 500 years after Christ

    • Cai

      Muslims mostly don’t integrate, they congregate in certain areas and when there is enough of them in an Electorate they put up a candidate and there are enough to vote the candidate in. A very successful strategy, we need to develop some successful strategies of our own to save the West.

      • randyg45

        I have an “INFIDEL” bumper sticker and never drive unarmed.
        GWB said we first had to “get ’em movin”….

  • Oracle9

    The extreme level of enforcement of hate speech laws makes it necessary that the laws be repealed ASAP. A seeming paradox on the surface, but on second thought it’s the ONLY solution to the death spiral of free society.

    The following article mentions the original, now obscured purpose, of hate speech laws.

  • Robert Batchelor

    The last comments about other religions is exactly what I was thinking. Wouldn’t all other faiths be able to use this same law against Muslims who insult other religions? On the surface, it looks like this proposed law would backfire on Muslims (which is fine by me). However, it comes down to who’s enforcing the law and if liberals are in charge then they’ll side with Muslims.

  • Judi Brown

    By law she A

  • harbidoll

    what about extradition treaties tween US & Australia?

  • John Magne Trane

    Being against islam, or islamism if you want to admit Muhammad was an islamist, is being anti-racist.

    It’s not just the religious racism against all people, when we’re unvafourably compared with animals and called the worst of creation; it is also the specific racism against Jews, calling Jews monkeys and pigs.

    All Moslems should be forced to stop repeating the hateful and racist words from their koran and all the other “holy” and “noble” verses elsewhere. Then I am sure the racism from the worst ideology in the world today, would be ended. (Except of course, islamists would not do such a thing…)

  • Joseph111

    somebody just whack this pyscho and let Australia move on, ok??

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Islam is a crime against humanity, and this beech is its Adolf Eichmann.

  • Me Here

    It’s time my fellow Australians got off their fat f—-ng arses and fought back or they will lose their country, it’s really that simple.

  • Cam Hesketh

    She aint no muslim. She’s a practicing hypocrite. I would doubt she prays five times a day, she doesn’t veil up, she drinks. Hangs around a lot of unrelated men doesn’t avert her gaze at men. So if she wasn’t an MP or a prominent public figure, her local imam wouldn’t be impressed. She practices the warm and fuzzy version of islam, where its all nice, flowers and kisses, feminist and progressive. We all know that’s a complete sham.

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