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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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[ August 23, 2017 ]

Hindu Youth Stabbed to Death by Six Muslims in Delhi Mall After Minor Scuffle

[ August 23, 2017 ]

Muslim Cleric in Southern California Restates Belief That Israel ‘Finances, Arms, Trains’ ISIS Terrorists

Muslim driver mows down five pedestrians in Spain


The police are pretending it isn’t jihad, but it is.

Driver mows down five pedestrians in central Palma

By Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter, April 17, 2017:

A 20-year-old Moroccan, who had only passed his driving test two months ago, knocked down five people as they waited for a bus near the La Caixa head offices along the Avenidas in the centre of Palma.

The incident happened at 10.15am on Saturday when the driver lost control of his vehicle, mounted the pavement and drove in to the five people, four tourists from Galicia, aged between 60 and 70, and a local resident aged 25.

The Moroccan driver tested negative for alcohol but was arrested for dangerous driving.

A fleet of ambulances, the National Police and local police were on the scene within minutes as panic initially broke out in the area; some people thought it was a terrorist attack. The victims, suffering injuries of varying degrees, were taken to the Rotger and Juaneda clinics.

The police are now trying to establish what happened and what caused the accident. They are not ruling out speeding as the cause of the accident.

Elsewhere, the police are investigating a fatal car accident in Sineu. A 28-year-old male driver died early on Saturday morning after his vehicle collided with a wall along the Sineu to Palma road. The accident happened at 7.00am.

  • Bill Rowland

    I see they are already whitewashing a terrorist act.

    • Suresh

      Left/Liberal/Feminazis who support these vermins are root cause of this menace from getting worse. In fact Spanish women are at the forefront welcoming and demanding more jihadis be allowed in !

      They are getting what they asked for

      And they are so dumb they actually support their own rapists

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        NORWAY: LEFTIST POLITICIAN Brutally Raped by a Somali Muslim Migrant Blames Himself for the Attack !
        Should have had the doctors give him a colostomy bag and sew his ass hole up!
        100% to blame with that option available!

      • Dave

        And why are they doing it? Because they tend to vote liberal. Fucking disgusting.

    • Europe will never learn. And when they finally do open their eyes, I fear it will be far too late.

      • Bikinis not Burkas

        Can’t open your eyes when your head is rolling down the gutter!

      • Learnabout Papercups

        They’ve reconquered areas taken by muslims before.

        • But Christianity has in general lost very badly to Islam. Don’t forget even Jerusalem was under Muslim rule for the better part of the past millennia or so.

          • Learnabout Papercups

            Not really. The west dominates Islam for the most part. More Christians, more wealth and power in Christian countries, but Europe has gone off the rails with their nonsensical extremist leftism. The tide is turning, however, and people are waking up.

            Islam will be forced out of the west within a few generations.

          • ⭐️ Orphan

            In the west Christianity has grown so weak because of PC pastors teaching what “itching ears want to hear.” People are falling away totally from Christianity because of it. The young just outright reject it because of the hypocrisy of it all. And the bible says this will happen. Here we are.

            “For my people perish because of a lack of knowledge.”

            Eastern Europe doesn’t have Muslims over running them because Orthodox Christianity is strong over there oddly enough because of brutal communism.

        • David Lin

          Yeah, but it just took 700 freaking years to do so. If the Spanish allow it to happen again then they have learned nothing the first time it happened and there is no guarantee that there will be any Spanish left if under a Caliphate for another 700 years.

  • ⭐️ Orphan

    Personally I am SICK to death of the media and even conservatives saying this is an “act of terrorism” and the rag head is a “terrorist.” It is NOT!

    It is an ACT OF WAR and the rag head is a n ENEMY COMBATANT.

    Let that sink in!!! It’s a game changer. Now rise up Crusaders and do something about it.

    • J Ian

      Its interesting. I wonder what would happen if a spanish guy drove into a group of muslims getting out of mosque on a friday morning? that would be very interesting

      • Cai

        Surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

        • SnazzyD

          I’m not….because it would be completely uncivilized to do something like that. And that says it all…

      • sodacrackers2

        The thrills would run up and down the legs of the regressives. The reporting? would never stop,

        • Neil Booth

          I could just imagine it, they would blame the alt-right for making a stigma about muslims thus they are the reason.

  • SamuelThomas

    LOL, fight back you pussies!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    That was no accident, it was a deliberate. If it involved a muslim, anything from their bare hands to a vehicle, resulting in the deaths of random individuals, it was terrorism. When enough finally gets to be enough, decent people will fight back until then, they will be slaughtered as per instructions of islam. The lame stream media and politician can white wash it all they possibly can, there will be an accounting.

  • guost

    it is on a day before Easter Sunday …

  • putupjob

    oh, i get it. they’re lining it up so no one is charged.
    then this killer can go out there for double or nothing as he dreams of his precious virgins from allah after he gets two in the hat.

  • Liatris Spicata

    some people thought it was a terrorist attack.

    Rampant Islamophobia. In Andulasia, of all places!

    • Adam

      According to the Muzzie rat it’s called “Al-Andalus”

  • SJB

    Lost control, my tail feathers!!

  • Ми же целог света славни

    It doesn’t end. And probably won’t until Europe wakes up. May require
    drastic moves, perhaps not too pleasant ones at surface value, though.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      As in WW2 millions will have to die and whether or not Fwance, Germanistan and the United Kaliphate will be fighting on the side of freedom and democracy remains to be seen.

    • Adam

      Bring it on!

      The sooner the better. The longer they wait, the more blood will have to be spilled.

  • JusticeVegas – Deplorable

    Islam is relentless is its zeal to destroy peaceful, functioning nations. Lebanon, Serbia, Iraq (pre-Ayatollah Khomeini) are just 3 prime examples. France is next and Notre Dame Cathedral will be converted into a mosque within 15 years or destroyed by ISIS.

    • Craig

      Think of islam as a world cancer.

      • Adam

        Or a collective mental illness that can’t cured – except with a gun.

  • Craig

    Of all the amazing things on this planet. Of all the knowledge there is to learn. Of all the advances to the human cause. Of all the cures and inventions to be discovered, all the subhuman troglodyte muslim scum can do is rape and murder. Absolute proof, there is no reason for the existence of the islamic idea and its followers.

    • Vlad

      Craig, don’t be so negative about islam. After all the prooffeet has the cure for everything that ails mankind.


      Besides the muslims invented the “french letter”, but of course, the French refined it by first removing the intestine from the goat and treating/refining the product, whereas the Muslims still use the “natural” product, still attached to the goat. :-)

      • Brendan Cleary

        Now, that is funny!

      • Brendan Cleary

        It’s true, however, that this particular invention is extraordinarily effective. There has not been one reported pregnancy in 1500 years! Well, not reported by the goats, anyway.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Ms. Geller reported a story right here about a muslum who “lost” control of his vehicle and ran over a bunch of people in NYC — which resulted in a British woman having her leg amputated. It seems like muslums have a lot of problems controlling their vehicles — despite the fact there are so many muslum taxi drivers allah over the Islamic Puppet States of N. America.

    • Adam

      They only ‘accidentally’ lose control when there are lots of “kuffar” around.

    • qgamer

      Try not to get too mad, fattie.

  • Jackie

    I love how they talk about another fatal car accident like the first was an accident. Plowing into a bus stop in a tourist town. As a 20 year old Moraccan. Nope jihad.

  • Karri Aronen

    Let us remind ourselves that this now weekly terrorist attack has yet again nothing to do with islam.

    • Bernard Lawes

      Hahaha… Thanks.. I almost forgot…

  • Robert LVN

    Gee… What could have possibly caused this? I GUESS WE’LL NEVER EVER KNOW WHY HE DID THIS! FML.

    • Neil Booth

      motives unknown obviously!

  • qgamer

    Nothing about this on the local Mallorca news. I doubt about it’s legitimacy TBH.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Stick to video games — it’s all your room temperature IQ can understand.

      • qgamer

        Also, confirmed as an accident. Sorry to destroy your pathetic narrative, redneck.

        • ⭐️ Orphan

          Redneck? Seems YOU have a bigotry and racism issue.

    • Grant Woodside

      I had no trouble finding this story on local MAJORCA news
      14 illegal immigrants were recently arrested also
      6 of the 14 will assuredly be deported
      The other 8 are claiming to be minors
      Medical experts are determining their ages
      Puerto Alcudia, a British cyclist (75-85) was knocked down and killed
      By a 48 yr old resident of Alcudia, driving a 4×4 vehicle
      The driver was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, cocaine specifically, the cyclist has died
      The driver will appear in court in Inca tomorrow

  • Tripin S

    Just wait until Muslims are 20% of the population in Europe. LOL goodbye western civilization, hello pedophilia.

  • Tiger

    Lost control of the vehicle? BS. Terrorist attack.

  • fedup taxpayer

    there is a lot of sanitizing facts by the loony left wimps who are too scared to call islam what it is….. a dark ages death cult… keep inviting them in… keep bowing down…. keep tolerating… they are pleased you are so stupid.




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