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[ January 16, 2018 ]

9 of the 10 top worst countries for Christian persecution are Muslim

[ January 16, 2018 ]

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[ January 16, 2018 ]

Pope: It’s a sin if fear makes us hostile to migrants

[ January 16, 2018 ]

France: Antisemitic Letter Sent to Jewish Community: ‘We Will Burn You. Hitler Will Win’

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Raymond Ibrahim: ‘Oh You Cross-Worshippers, We’ll Kill You All’

HORROR Video: Moment Islamic bomb goes off inside Egypt church as worshippers pray


Largely ignored by mainstream media and western politicians is the relentless persecution and slaughter of Christians in the Middle East.

There won’t be any reprisals, no cruise missiles, no outrage in the UN.

This carnage, brought to us by the religion of peace, will continue so long as the root cause is ignored. While the West continues to deny the truth about Islam and the directives within the Koran demanding bloody Jihad, there is no hope of stopping this. The doctrine of Islam is fundamentally violent — period. We can expect no reform as the core text requires the kuffar to submit or be slain.

And the Pope will continue to exhort us that Islam is peace.

At least 43 people were killed in bomb attacks on two Egyptian Coptic churches on Palm Sunday that included the seat of the Coptic Pope, the latest assault on a religious minority increasingly targeted by devout Muslims.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks, which also injured more than 100 people and occurred a week before Coptic Easter, with Pope Francis scheduled to visit Egypt later this month.

Horrific moment bomb goes off ‘inside Egypt church’ as unsuspecting worshippers pray

CHILLING footage has allegedly emerged of the moment the bomb exploded inside the church in Egypt which killed at least 21 people and injured 50 others on Palm Sunday.

By Jon Rogers, The Express, April 9, 2017:

A bomb ripped through a Coptic church during a service in northern Egypt, according to a Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Megahed.The explosion occurred at St George’s Church in the city of Tanta, in the Nile delta some 50 miles north of the capital Cairo.

Footage of the event has now been emerged, being published by news outlets in the Middle East – although it is yet to be verified.

Still from the footage of the blast in the Egyptian churchNA

The service moments before the blast in the Coptic church in Egypt

The Deputy Minister of Health put the death toll at 21, but some local television reports said at least 25 people had died.The foreign affairs ministry tweeted: ”Terrorism hits Egypt again, this time on Palm Sunday. Another obnoxious but failed attempt against all Egyptians.”No one, as yet, has claimed responsibility.

Chaos after church bombing in Cairo

 The blast is believed to have occurred in the pews near the front of the church, according to early reports, with many children amongst those that died.
Provincial governor Ahmad Deif told the state-run Nile channel: “Either a bomb was planted or someone blew himself up.”A search is under way for any more explosives which could be in the vicinity.

The scene in the church after the blastTwitter

The scene at the church in Tanta after the blast

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi ordered military hospitals to treat the injured.A local Islamic State affiliate claimed a suicide bombing at a church in Cairo in December that killed 25 people, mostly women, as well as a string of killings in the restive Sinai Peninsula that caused hundreds of Christians to flee to safer areas of the country.A militant group called Liwa al-Thawra claimed responsibility for an April 1 bomb attack targeting a police training centre in Tanta, which wounded 16 people.

People outside the churchTwitter

People mass outside the church after the blast

The group, believed to be linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, has mainly targeted security forces and distanced itself from attacks on Christians.

The leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis is due to visit Cairo later this month.

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  • Dennis

    We live in a very sick world. It seems to be running amok. The justification to slaughter people who refuse to accept another’s belief system has become the rule rather than the minimal exception. With ISIS promoting its philosophy of death to all non-believers, and lunatics like the North Korean leader’s justifying their need to develop nuclear weapons to falsely claim that they need to protect themselves from other powers (being their watchword) despite the fact that most countries would not dirty their hands with having to deal with North Korea if they would limit their conduct to their own people; We are being left with no other conclusion then that we may have to take whatever steps are necessary to terminate the ability of the crazies out there ASAP. As with all conflicts, the conduct of the crazies is all about retention of power. To not recognize that as the bottom-line fact is to refuse to see the obvious. The leaders who are unwilling to accept that not everyone finds their belief systems or politics acceptable, and are therefore willing to commit heinous crimes to retain their power must be removed from their positions of power by those within this world that represent the good guys. Do we have any other choice? I think not.

  • Spaulj67

    The only major religion founded upon the teachings of a mass murderer strikes again. It’s hard to take anyone’s condimination seriously when they won’t even acknowledge this very basic fact above. Islam is an evil that should be banned based upon the simple facts above. That alone is the only codidamation that won’t ring hollow because it is the truth.

  • Rocinante44

    still waiting for a muslim somewhere to condemn this or any previous murder of christians….haven’t ever head of one imam telling the world that this is an act of evil and not an act of a muslim. still waiting for a christian leader to tell the muslim world that these killers went straight to hell, just like the rest of them will unless they repent and accept Christ as their savior

    • Mahou Shoujo

      islam, by definition murders any who are not muslims, there will be rejoicing at another muslim victory over unbelievers, no notice of the insane criminal violence that condemns muslims to hell.

    • Dennis

      It is not appropriate to think that those other than Islamic believers will be expected to tell those of the Islamic world that the heinous conduct by the terrorists will result in their being sent directly to hell, without the 72 virgins. Until and unless the Islamic world adopts that process of thought this world will be beset by these crazies, who like cockroaches will be found all over the world believing that they are justified to commit there acts of terror. Until the Islamic world adopts this attitude towards the terrorists, the problems that all of us non-believers will face will continue unabated. Clearly, we must first destroy the places where the crazies claim as their capitol, and then we must get the world of Islam to reject the fallacious concept that acts of barbarism will result in death in the company of 72 virgins. Until that happens, if it can even happen, the world will be subject to these cockroaches and there horrible consequences.

    • Muzlems can’t condemn this murder of christians. Because they are too busy handing out sweets.

    • gia

      Of course not . They are happy when Christians are destroyed . They are praising the ISIS devil’s.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, American democrats now are part of it. Lovely people, these practitioners of the “religion of peace”.

    • Dorrie

      Obama’s shadow government of 30,000 people, all deeply indoctrinated with the Saul Alinsky ideation, which he has called “Organizing For America.” He is very busy working hard to destroy America, just as he was when he was in office. That evil asshat MUST be stopped and charged with treason!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is a shame and disgrace that the Republicans do not enforce the law against treason and other criminal activity intending to overthrow the state.

        • Dorrie

          I completely agree! It appears that they’ll wait until it’s at a fever pitch and they’ll be UNABLE to do anything about it! Right now, they KNOW that Obama is conducting this shadow government with his Alinskyites! They should go after him with the full force of the government and SLAM him with everything they have! He has been doing damage to this country for going on 9 years now!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It is beyond my limited ability to understand what there are not criminal charges brought against many if not all high ranking officials of the o’bimbo regime.

          • Dorrie

            History will show that Obama is the biggest FRAUD ever perpetrated on America.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is a fact, history will eventually find out the truth about him, those voting for him and supporting his insanity will be looked at by future generations as fools.

          • History isn’t a plant that grows. There is no “history” if nobody writes the history and, subsequently, perpetually promotes the history.

            When an account of an event is recorded, then there is history. After that, there is the use and abuse of history. My favorite work of Friedrich Nietzsche’s is a treatment of this subject that is titled, amazingly–English, translator Adrian Collins–The Use and Abuse of History.

  • Not much to the video

    I’ve seen Sesame Street episodes with greater violence than that video. It did not show anything. Right before the blast some idiotic advertisement covered half of the tiny screen and there was nothing to see when the blast happened – the screen went blank. Crock of it.
    It should be pointed out that this type of bombing is exactly what the left-tards want more of in the USA. Am I ever glad I didn’t have kids that would have to live in the world ahead! This place has turned into one giant cluster f**k.

  • I didn’t see ANYTHING.

    • Let’s get this right. If the results of such a bombing were available to SEE, THEN no persons of any respectability inhabiting high, political positions–low, and, anywhere between–would remain silent, they could not ignore such obscenities.

      • Dorrie

        Yet they do . . .

        • “Deal with it” (I’m quoting DISQCUS.)

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Wish they’d insist on their 72 virgins before they martyr themselves. Maybe, when their wish doesn’t come true, they would wise up and realize the whole thing is a bad joke… on them. I never realized that psychopaths could be so gullible.

  • knightsstrength

    Hard to think, Alexandria, had the Great Library of Alexandria. North Africa had huge populations of Christians that were destroyed by Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine) and Constantine then the final blow by Muslims

    Reminds me of the Fourth​ Crusade, that sacked Constantinople (now Istanbul), now weakened and then destroyed by Muslims. In this destruction of Constantinople,(the New Rome). Rome returns back to the Vatican City

    The true Christians fight for survival

    Christians are at risk world wide betrayed by Traditors

  • They’re not Muslim babies in Syria so nobody cares

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Pesach sameach!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I’m sure “moderate” Sissi and his zabiba will be right on this…NOT.

  • santashandler

    Blowing people up in a church, during a service…… there is a special place in hell for those f*****s

    • SRN99

      Mohammad is already occupying it.

  • Drew the Infidel

    When friends ask if I carry a concealed weapon to church, I always reply, “Especially to church.” I’ll spare you the tactical details employed but, rest assured, the element of surprise can be so sweet. Looking at that congregation of unsuspecting men, women, children, aged, and infirm, all innocents, is as disconcerting to me as it would be attractive to an attacker.

    • Badger

      Our Labour party took away all our guns in 1997. Now only the bad guys have them (and I include the Metropolitan police these days).

      • Drew the Infidel

        You have my deepest sympathies. I have posted on this site a number of times that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

    • gia

      Pretty crazy that one would need to feel especially guarded while attending church. Remember a time when church was a sanctuary no longer a place to feel the peace of God but the wrath of Satan. These poor people in Egypt what a sad tragic day for all.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. It is called a sanctuary for valid reasons. It is indeed a sad day that has arrived that victories won in 1776 have to be fought again at this late date.

        • Dorrie

          And sadly, it will be fought with a lot more blood spilled.

  • BobbyTQ

    Genetic warfare is the answer. These savages must be wiped out. At the very least, their women must be sterilized. Science has the answers. It’s time to employ them. C’mon Israel. You can do this. Put something in their water to render them unable to breed, or continue to stand by and watch them slaughter us.

    • SRN99

      This will work, except that to make sure other people don’t drink the water

    • Dorrie

      The very best way to start is to castrate all males born to Islamic people.

    • Jack

      Not a chance in the World we will ever commit an in human act such as this. We’ve managed to survive 4000 years of history. In every generation someone arose to kill us. We are still here. The originalEgyptians, Romad Greeks, philistines are no longer. If we do not forget Jerusalem and our Covenant G-d will help us to protect ourselves

  • Satan is Allah

    Islam=NO Peace
    NO Islam=PEACE

  • Vivian Anthony D’anjou

    Islam is of the Devil and Muslims are Children of the Devil. Say a Prayer for ALL of my fellow Christians in the Middle East and around the World which are being PERSECUTED by the Muslims plus are getting KILLED and MURDERED by the Muslims.

    Prayer for the PERSECUTED plus KILLED and MURDERED Christians by Muslims;

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I pray for everyone being murdered, enslaved and persecuted by muslims — regardless of faith or lack thereof.

  • I quote myself below, in reference to the video that we are expecting to see something significant:

    I didn’t see ANYTHING.

    The source of the following quote is not given attribution and is not found at the hyperlink found within the paragraph in which I found it at this link: The link. There is a video at the aforementioned link which may contain those words spoken. That video’s link is: The link. I have not viewed the video.

    I found bodies, many of them women, lying on the pews. It was a horrible scene. I saw a headless woman being carried away. Everyone was in a state of shock. We were scooping up people’s flesh off the floor. There were children. What have they done to deserve this? I wish I had died with them instead of seeing these scenes.

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