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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Leftists Hold Pathetic Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest, “Show Us Your Tax Return” – NYC


Privileged white upper-class New York Marxists march against Trump, full of self-righteousness and avidly virtue-signaling. The big issue? Not jihad terror. Not North Korea. Not any genuine threat or problem. These tools were upset about Trump’s tax returns — a non-issue that already backfired on Rachel Maddow. These people have nothing. They are destroyers. That’s what they do.  Trump’s tax return? Seriously?

Every week there is some disruptive left-wing protest because these vicious totalitarians lost the election. They shut down streets, cause innumerable traffic jams and make life impossible.  They do not want a free society. They mean to impose their intolerant statism (under the guise of a pussy hat). The march up and down Manhattan’s busiest thoroughfares. Why are they given permission to do that? As Red Bill (Wilhelm) de Blasio.

Ayn Rand: “What I challenge (and not only because of that particular case) is the interpretation of demonstrations and of other actions as so-called “symbolic speech.” When you lose the distinction between action and speech, you lose, eventually, the freedom of both. ….There is no such thing as “symbolic speech.” You do not have the right to parade through the public streets or to obstruct public thoroughfares. You have the right of assembly, yes, on your own property, and on the property of your adherents or your friends. But nobody has the “right” to clog the streets. The streets are only for passage. The hippies, in the 60s, should have been forbidden to lie down on city pavements. (They used to lie down across a street and cause dreadful traffic snarls, in order to display their views, to attract attention, to register a protest.) If they were permitted to do it, the Nazis should be permitted as well. Properly, both should have been forbidden?

UPDATE – 4 short VIDEOS ADDED (Please scroll to bottom of Post)

Saturday. April 15, 2017. 1 pm. NYC Bryant Park.

Familiar Marxist/Soc/Prog/Lefties. You name it. They were there.

Workers Party. Refuse Fascism. Revolution, etc, etc

The Tax Revolution Day leads another Dump Trump protest.

So many STOOPID people crowded into a few blocks – 41st St to 36th st at Sixth Ave.

Feeling Large. Smug. Annoying … Disgusting.

If this is the future, if THIS is America, we are in A LOT of trouble.

Arrived at 12: 45. Start time was 1 pm. Already too late to get any pictures at the staging area. It was jammed.

So, after a zillion pictures of the signs in the pen, signs of arriving hoards, signs as I walked thru Bryant Park ….

… I attempted to simply cross Sixth Ave. Nope. Had to use subway crossover for a longer view of the eager revolution.

Part 1 Flickr slideshow … “enjoy” their many signs:


Silly me … did not expect this “yuge” crowd. Blocks. [41st to 36th St]

If you build it THEY will come (apparently).

Eager. Giddy. Intense. Smug. They came to bury COMRADE Trump not to praise him. Game on.

Someone from Jon Stewart’s show, a female, lamely attempted a “humorous” monologue on HITLER. Seems Hitler didn’t like doing his taxes. Putin DID.

Whatever, her spiel didn’t seem to gather much momentum, even from her comrades in the audience. No matter. TAXES. That’s why we are here.

Trump’s Taxes remain the cause célèbre (Reuters)

The Working Families Party, one of the groups organizing the marches, said ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign’s connections with Russia underscore the need to disclose his returns.

“Without seeing his taxes, we’ll never really know who he’s working for,” said Dinkin, who expects the marches to draw at least 100,000 protesters.


Part 2 Flickr slide show: a few more signs, but also of the crowd-of-fools surrounded – guided – by their handlers.


Waiting. PATIENTLY to EXPOSE Trump. To bring him down.

2:30  arrived. Start-time for their VERY slow walk-march to Central Park and then … THE END (for now). The view below is from 46th st and Sixth Ave looking south.

These tools (thousands?) turned out for the ultimate raison d’être – a march through midtown Manhattan, demanding President Trump release his tax returns and CONFIDENTLY disputing Trump’s claim that “the public does not care about his taxes.”

The Talking Points focus on Trump’s refusal to disclose his tax history, insisting his White House predecessors have been forthcoming for more than 40 years. Hey!  Man Up, Trump. Don’t be a CHICKEN. (an ORANGE chicken)

Of course there is more. His illegitimate presidency. Climate Change. Health Care. Open Borders. Islamophobia. Gun rights. Name it. It’ll be on a poster.

Anything that Trump and the Repubs claim represents America –  that opposes a Soc/Commie/Prog/Leftie Utopia – will be ON. A. POSTER.

When it comes to putting-on-a-show, drawing a crowd, the Left always has a plan: unfettered motivation (inspiration). It’s a religious experience.

Common Cause: They FEAR Trump. Keep the “workers” agitated AND (like little children) entertained.

The crowd. was. white. UWS white. Soc/Commie/Leftist/Prog white. Joined at-the-hip by hatred for Trump.

There is NOTHING to support the Presidency of Trump and Company. Resist. IMPEACH! …. dump trump.

Why? BECAUSE THEY CARE. They really care. Culminating in Not My President. Impeach him. DUMP TRUMP

Even fools have a role to play in the revolution: to educate, regurgitate the soc/commie/marxist palaver to their students. their congregants. their social networks … always reaching for their higher selves.

Part 3 Flickr slide show of the march and… more … signs


In their social justice world, the wilful ignorati, share common cause: They did NOT vote for Trump. (We got it. Understood.) From protest to protest, same ol’ same ol’ [wash. rinse. repeat] WE HATE Trump.

Pity the little children …

There really is a revolution, an up-rising “goin’on” that these tools can’t see for the sparkle-of-hate in their eyes.

AMERICA, across party lines, FINALLY has a plan: to slow, impede, to END this March of the Left. SO… party-on … FOOLS.

See you at the ballot box. Where ever they are WE should be also. They will not stop till they have another “Obama” in the White House.

How the Left destroyed America. Socialism or die. Resistance 101. THEY. NEVER. REST.

++ Pictures and Vides Property of Pamela Hall ++

Before the March

Before the March

Before the March

The March


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  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Mainly a way to help useful idiots feel good about themselves :)

  • The IRS hasn’t exactly been friendly toward conservatives over the past 10 years. If there were something out-of-sorts with Trump’s tax returns don’t you think he’d have gotten in trouble by now?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Show us hillary’s, we will not laugh at the penis growing out of it.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Say what???

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It looks like a penis, only smaller.

        • Pathfinder0100

          Behave now.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … Ok, starting later this afternoon…

          • Ron Cole

            Champaigne and canapés for brunch?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That sounds passably civilized, indeed so sir.

  • JacksonPearson

    My, my, all of these people marching instead working. I guess welfare, section 8 housing, cash, EBT cards, while sitting at home on your ass isn’t enough. But remember, these people are being paid $15.00 an hour to work for Soros., and Obama’s “Organize for Action,” to help overthrow our government.

    Socialism, and Communism have worked so well in North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela that they want it here…including the firing squads that I’m sure they’d welcome for protesters like themselves. /Sarc

  • carpe diem 36

    why didn’t they have these demonstrations asking Obama to show his school records, his social security card, his birth certificate and his passport???

    • Drew the Infidel

      He can’t find them. They are under his work boots. / sarc

  • Alleged Comment

    Promoting white hatred. So sad….. Even when we were gracious enough to “install’ a leftist white-hating Moslem negro too, for 2 FOOL terms. No appreciation at all now that we returned to white rule.

    All what they say about records could be applied to their dear negro oBama – the sodomite. Never asked where he got his illegal SS numbers. No college records, no original birth certificates, no adoption papers, no pictures of his daughters as babies.

    And he colluded with the Russian Prime Minister when he caught on an open mic telling him back in 2012 – “I can do more when I’m elected”.

    • carpe diem 36

      or MIchelle pregnant.

    • carpe diem 36

      He said “I can be more flexible after my elections”. We saw what flexibility looks like.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Unlike the unruly mob impeding traffic and committing other crimes of opportunity to fit the occasion of the fake protest, Trump’s not releasing his taxes does not violate any laws. That is merely a voluntary publicity stunt some politicians engage in as “window dressing” or image enhancement.

  • spfg

    If trump’s returns passed the scrutiny of the IRS during the Obama years then why all the fuss. They should instead be bitchin about the lame IRS and not Trumps tax returns. Misdirected thinking…

  • Duchess of Pork

    It’s only a very small step from encouraging/forcing a child to hold a banner aloft as a protest and praising a child for slitting the throat of a teddybear as forerunner to a real-time attack on a perceived enemy. Both are forms of child abuse and both are encouraged by left-wing dingbats.

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