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YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Pro-Sharia Linda Sarsour at #Women For Syria Vigil in NYC Calls on US to Take MORE Syrian Refugees


The far-left and its new heroine, Linda Sarsour, is determined that we bring more Syrian refugees, among whom will be an unknowable number of jihad mass murderers, into the U.S. They don’t care if Americans get killed in jihad attacks.

NYC – 6 pm – Union Square. April 13, 2017. Linda Sarsour, darling of the Left; adored, respected, was host of the #Women For Syria Vigil.

In New York this Saturday, Women’s March organizers are planning vigils in 34 cities in the U.S. and abroad to call attention to the plight of the Syrian people and to demand a humanitarian response to the situation. Hundreds will call for the United States to take in Syrian refugees.

We will stand with them to push that rhetoric even further:

– Solidarity with all those displaced by bombs, markets, or discrimination

– Abolish borders, and the nationalism and racism that depend on them

– Free entry for Syrian refugees, and everyone else!”

 “NYC’s Women For Syria vigil is to be led by Muslim activist, Linda Sarsour, National co-chair of the Women’s March.

Sarsour is the Executive Director of the Arab-American Association of New York. She is a “proud Muslim woman” who finds no fault with CAIR or the Muslim Brotherhood, and supports Sharia law. She became one of the main organizers of the recent Women’s March on Washington, and now was a leader for their next project, #WomenForSyria.

The crowd was comprised of the usual Leftists, anti-Israel protesters and “social justice” warriors, such as “NO! REFUSE Fascism.

#WomenForSyria makes the claim that Americans are waking up:

” […] sections of the United States have begun to wake up and take to the streets, confronting the bourgeois state and the murdering racist police that protect it.”

As Linda took the stage, speaking with her usual THICK Brooklyn accent, she reminded this small but very supportive crowd that she’s just a GIRL from Brooklyn. Deftly adding a convenient photo-op by holding a friend’s toddler.

Video of Sarsour’s opening speech was engaging, but scattered. Predictably, she managed to include mention of “Palestinian” solidarity and Islamophobia.

The United States must take in MORE Syrian refugees. A plea I’ve heard often over the past 5 years, during Obama’s presidency and now Trump’s. SYRIAN REFUGEES must be given sanctuary.

++ A brief look back at previous mostly anti-Assad, Sanctuary for Syrian Refugees signs and flyers; the anti-Bush, anti-Obama screeds etc, in posts from Sept 2012, Aug 2013, Sept 2013Aug 2014, Sept 2015, Dec 2015 ++

In 2013, from a World Can’t Wait protest. A familiar message while holding Assad’s two-star flag (not the revolution three-star flag).

 In 2013, World Can’t Wait, DEFENDING Assad?

A 2013 Face book complaint felt misled by the “World Can’t Wait” action:

facebook copy

By 2014, the message was clearly against Assad and gassing Syrians.

Back to 2107. A man from Refuse Fascism ranted that Trump does NOT care about the Beautiful Children. Saving the Children is just a U.S. war machine ploy. The Commie contingent fomenting turmoil. confusion. Conflicting messages.

But saving the refugees, the women, the babies, the families from the terrors of gassing has complications; caveats that preclude thanks.

From their press release: 

“We are outraged that the President and his cabinet are banning the very refugees that are escaping the same terrorism we are claiming to fight. The United States has taken in a very small number of Syrian refugees. We demand that we be a sanctuary and safe haven for Syrian refugees. We call on the administration to let in at least 75,000 refugees. This will help alleviate some of the suffering of the children and their families. There is no easy solution — but providing Syrians with a life of safety and security is the least we can do.”

Among the few speakers I heard was a Muslim man, a social justice leader and best friend of Linda’s, a male ally.

Followed by a Christian Syrian woman.

The speaker mentioned that there are NO opposing factions in Syria. Then WHY are there TWO flags?

From Wiki: there are currently two governments claiming to be the de jure government of Syria, using different flags to represent the state. The incumbent government, led by Bashar al-Assad and the Ba’ath Party, is using the red-white-black United Arab Republic flag in use since 1980; while the Syrian Interim Government, led by the Syrian National Coalition – seeking to overthrow the Assad government – readopted the green-white-black Independence flag in 2012.

AND this clarification:  “The Assad regime is backed by Iran and other Shias.

2012–present, Flag used by the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces
2012–present, Flag used by the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces
1980–present, Syrian Arab Republic
1980–present, Syrian Arab Republic

Seems like factions, to me. But, in Union Square, we saw only the flag of the revolution opposing Assad.

(slideshow of a few pictures)


Peace and Love. Love not War.

A young woman, Hibah Javed, stands with friends at #WomenforSyria

Apparently these Social Justice warriors are THE BEST arbiters of Peace. Linda said we must LISTEN to the SYRIANS, they are the only ones qualified on how to deal with Assad etc. All decisions should come from SYRIANS.

[From 2013 – Times Sq]

So if Syrians are the only ones qualified to fix the Syrian problems, WHY aren’t they fixing them? IN Syria? And why is the U.S. being pressured so take in Syrian refugees? More and more.

Sarsour has the answer (in Salon):

“We absolutely have to take responsibility for the refugee crisis. Our flawed foreign policy in the Middle East has created the fertile ground for groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. We can’t act like we have nothing to do with that.”

         Sarsour continued

“Hate is not going to divide us. People need to be held accountable for hate speech … words that are inspiring actual violence against innocent people who have nothing to do with these terrorist attacks happening.”

Who is doing the HATING? From today’s gathering, one would surmise it’s America. America is characterized as a racist and hate-filled State. America, she is BAD.

“Stop the War. Stop the Hate.” Refers only to the U.S. imperial war machine. No one else seems to be responsible.

Sept 2015 – The Nation explains why:

“The Syrian civil war has displaced more than 4 million people, most of them to other countries in the region—though conspicuously not to the Persian Gulf states or Saudi Arabia, friend to the West and armorer of Islamist fighters in Syria. The rise of the Islamic State, or ISIS—now terrorizing Syria and Iraq and threatening neighboring countries—was sparked by the aftermath of the Iraq invasion and further fueled by the misguided tactics of the United States and Britain in Syria. Yet the United States has accepted just 1,500 Syrian refugees since the civil war began.”

Listen UP President Trump, the #Women For Syria are calling you to task:

“If you stop bombing and OCCUPYING their countries, there won’t be MILLIONS of refugees trying to flee…”


++ Pictures and videos are property of Pamela Hall++

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  • Suresh

    Trump should take only non muslim as refugees and ask muslim refugees be settled in muslim countries. If they refuse blame them and move on. And deport jihadi supporting bitches like Linda out of USA.

    Trump got conned by ISIS , Al Nushra fake “gas” attack story . Those victims were kidnapped and gassed by the jihadis and dead bodies paraded as victims of assad “gas attack.

    Dumb Left/Liberal perverts are celebrating ! They
    are getting what they asked for

    And they are so dumb they actually support their own rapists

  • Reynolds88

    Nice to see the vigilant squirrel brigade in action :) Thank you Pamela Hall.

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    OK – What we should do is ship all Syrians back to Syria and then let Assad have his way with them, with no intervention whatsoever from America. This way, they can make their own country great again and stop complaining about American interference.

  • santashandler

    So how many refugees does Linda Soursewer have living in her house. None. That “Brooklyn” girl, who hates America so much, should be forced to hand over her passport, renounce her citizenship and flown to the most repressive Islamic country of her choosing. There, she can live in true happiness, with the FGM, beatings, etc. AND, she won’t be able to stage anymore rallies protesting whenever she feels like it. ‘Goodbye, Soursewer. Nobody will miss you.’

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. Political wags like Sarsour pontificate about Syria and “Palestine”, whatever the hell that is. The problem with her and her ilk is that they have their hearts over there and their asses over here.

    • katzkiner

      I am sure the camel jocket is well paid by the various jihadi clubs trying to conquer America.
      She probably gets a nice check from Komrade Soros too.
      There is talk about sending a clit clipper to these rallies to give the American females a head start on converting to the islam they are so impressed with.

      • santashandler

        Why are all the men in the ‘rape-ready’ position?

    • Fred

      I’ll drive the C U Next Tuesday to the airport myself.

    • Hardrock

      I wonder if Sarsour has been FGM’d, if she hasn’t, getting that done might help calm her down. It is nice having all that freedom where you can trash the country that you live in and off of without fear of reprisal. I do agree with you, she should be sent packing to where she would be happier and in doing so, we would all be happier, so it would be a win win for both sides.

  • DPMP

    These cowards need to leave OUR country and go back and fight for their own country.
    The US should pull all of OUR support for the so-called rebels and leave Syria to Syrians, not OUR problem.

  • knightsstrength
  • Mahou Shoujo

    The sign says “People hate what they do not understand” islam demonstrates this, as islam hates everything because it understands nothing.

    • Fred

      Best and most truthful post of the day

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you, the qur’an validates that islam is pure hate, of everything.

    • Ron Cole

      Linda Sarsour we Americans understand perfectly what you are and what you are pushing.
      We also do not react well to Enemy threats nor Treason.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Something is rotten in the state of feminism, in islam, refer to the quotes below from the qur’an and hadiths, women are considered to be incapable of thought and of inferior intelligence, less than animals. Now, we have some muslim women pretending to be a leader, which is not possible in islam, who is her master?

        Sahih Bukhari (6:301) – “[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence”.

        Ishaq 969 – “Lay injunctions on women kindly, for they are prisoners with you having no control of their persons.” – This same text also says that wives may be beaten for “unseemliness”.

        Tabari Vol 9, Number 1754 – “Treat women well, for they are [like] domestic animals with you and do not possess anything for themselves.” From Muhammad’s ‘Farewell Sermon’
        Quran (33:59) – “Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round them…” Men determine how women dress.

        Sahih Bukhari (88:219) – “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler.”

        Sahih Bukhari (2:29) – Ingratitude toward her husband (ie. disobedience) can land a woman in Hell. Muhammad explains why women comprise the bulk of Hell’s occupants.

        Sahih Bukhari (72:715) – A charming little tale in which a woman seeks Muhammad’s help in leaving an abusive marriage, but is ordered by the prophet to return to her husband and submit to his commands.

        Sahih Bukhari (4:149) – Muhammad’s wives are even trained to defecate on his command.

      • Dorrie

        True, but she doesn’t care, Ron! She has the ear of the FEMINAZIS!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Linda Soursewer is what is referred to as a “Judas Goat”. Hunters will train a goat to lead others to a place it is trained to. Other wild goats will trust the “Judas Goat” goat, and follow it to their deaths. This is what the feminists are following now, a muslim “Judas Goat”. As they are wearing “pussy hats” it is to be hoped some one will inseminate their heads with some common sense.

    • Hook

      I was thinking a piece of lead

    • Dorrie

      Too late for that. Common sense isn’t common. Feminazis are now part of the invasion and destruction of America.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Many of them are shallow ditzes with a herd mentality, they are on this band wagon for a while, they will be on another equally ridiculous one as soon as it shows up.

  • old003

    Strip the sub-human of any American rights it has stolen and send off to anywherestan.

    • Janet

      Send her to be with her Palestinian people that she always so fondly talks about. Maybe she will become a suicide bomber for Humas and with any luck the vest she’s wearing will go off too soon

      and she’ll take out a bunch of hateful Palestinians. Well I can hope and dream can’t I?

      • knightsstrength

        I Janet, wouldn’t it nice if Muslims blew themselves up taking out other hateful Mulims.

        Thanks for upvoting me on the comic wealthy ME stares turn a blind eye to drowning refugees Tred to put many cartoons togher, will not allow me to copy link.

        I think this is important to remind people as islam grows in countries so does the hate. Tride to find a simple version before but this will do

  • Linda Sarsour is a Pig!

    Linda Sarsour’s profile is awful and so is her taste in clothes. Too much yellow. Yuck!

    Go back to Iran and stay there Linda.

    • Simba

      Shias should go to Iran and Sunnis to Saudi Arabia.

      • Oigen

        No. It should be Shias to Saudi Arabia and Sunnis to Iran. Then they can continue to butcher each other in the name of their phony religion given that they despise each other.

        • Simba


          Yours is a better option.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • TrumpIsRightAgain

      Actually funny how all the women suddenly look like scrub-women wearing those rags on their heads – look at Michelle and Chelsea especially. And yeah, when you wear a hijab you DO look like a terrorist because all the women celebrating terror are wearing hijabs too.

      • Craig

        You see the Clintons, appeasing the terrorists and sucking up to the enemies of the United States.
        Sorry, Michelle (Moochelle) is just ugly, no matter what.

    • Hook

      Is that Chelsea Clinton in the background posing with the two greatest terrorists in the world ??
      I bet she didn’t get those lips sucking bananas

      • dad1927

        she thought Abe Lincoln had a Trump hat

  • Midnattsol

    The goal of modern “feminists” is to destroy womens self confidence and it is insecure women who are more easily manipulated into converting and rationalizing (or even loving) their slavery.

  • felix1999

    These protesters are so ILLOGICAL it gives me a headache.
    I am AGAINST abortion and AGAINST Islam

    • Lukas Lumbantobing


  • felix1999

    Has Linda been FGMed yet?

    • Craig

      Just like in communism, that is only for the masses, not the ones in control.

    • santashandler

      She’s waiting for the sharia approved halal butcher to do it.

  • felix1999

    “People hate what they don’t understand..”
    Really? Speaking about YOURSELF.
    Here is what I HATE about ISLAM:

    Things I dislike about Islam:

    1 No Golden Rule
    2 No free speech
    3 No democracy
    4 Jihad – holy war of supremacism
    5 Honor killings
    6 Taqiyya – sacred lying to advance Islam
    7 Taqlid – group think
    8 Circular reasoning
    9 Misogyny – repression of women
    10 Rape of kafirs as jihad prizes
    11 Genocide
    12 Ethnic cleansing
    13 Al-Walaa wal-Baraa – Islamic apartheid
    14 Torture cutting off limbs etc,
    15 Plundering
    16 Cruel and unusual punishments, beheadings etc.
    16 Backwardness – stagnation
    17 Violence against women
    18 Slavery
    19 Discriminatory Sharia law
    20 Hatred of the arts
    21 No music
    22 Pedophilia disguised as child marriage
    23 Fifty generations of cousin marriage and genetic defects
    24 Cruelty to animals
    25 Extortion tax to humiliate disbelievers
    26 No historic basis
    27 Anti-intellectual obscurantism
    28 FGM
    29 Arab racism
    30 Theocratic totalitarianism
    31 Vigilantism
    32 Amoral, opportunistic character of Mohammed that all Muslims must imitate.

    Would you like the Qur’an VERSES that go along with this?

    • Hardrock

      No Humor
      No Affection
      No Love

  • felix1999

    What I can’t figure out is WHY anyone would DEFEND ISLAM?

    Where terrorists/jihadists get their calling and inspiration – the Qur’an.

    Below are some verses from it:

    Qur’an 3:32 – Hate (Allah only loves believers in Allah. That’s only Muslims!)

    “Say: Obey Allah and His Messenger; But if they turn back, then surely Allah does not love the unbelievers.”

    Qur’an 48:29 – Terrorize (Muslims are to be severe to unbelievers!)

    “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves.”

    Qur’an 4:24 – Rape (Approved for your women captives, even if married as to avoid adultery!)

    “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) save those (captives) whom your right hands possess. It is a decree of Allah for you.”

    Qur’an 5:33 – Murder (Punished, crucified for objecting to Sharia!)

    “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

    Qur’an 9:5 – Idolators – (Convert, die or pay jizyah tax!)

    “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush, then if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, leave their way free to them.”

    Qur’an 9:29 – Dominate The World (Dhimmi / death / subdued!)

    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

    Qur’an 9:73 – Apostates & Hypocrites (Non-Muslims are to be hunted like animals!)

    “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”

    Qur’an 9:111 – Jihad = Holy War (Believers are those who slay and are slain!)

    “Allah hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise): they fight in His cause, and slay and are slain: a promise binding on Him in truth, through the Law, the Gospel, and the Quran: and who is more faithful to his covenant than Allah? then rejoice in the bargain which ye have concluded: that is the achievement supreme.”

    Qur’an 47:35 – Power & Victory (Peace is the cry of those being slaughtered!)

    “Be not weary and faint-hearted, crying for peace, when ye should be uppermost (Shakir: “have the upper hand”) for Allah is with you,”

    Qur’an 2:106 – Abrogation (The later verse erases the former!)

    “Whatever communications We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better that it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?”

    And so there you have it, the top ten reasons ISIS or ISIL is, or any terrorizing Muslim for that matter. In reality these “radical terrorists” are simply following the Qur’an to a “t”. Yes other Muslims that read their Qur’an KNOW this is in there but some are “cafeteria style” followers. Following what are claimed to be the divine words of Allah (via Gabriel to Muhammad) which are no more than marching orders to subdue and dominate the world for the totalitarians we find running every Islamic state on earth. Apparently Obama is on board with this and want YOU to be ignorant. LOL. Islam is anything but a “religion of peace and tolerance”. Just READ their Qur’an and stop being manipulated and used!

    There have been over 20,000 jihad terror attacks justified by the Islamic texts since 9/11.


  • InfidelCrusader

    I have a better idea. How about we crush and defeat the ISIS Muslims that are making Syria such an unpleasant place to live so that average Syrians don’t want to seek refuge in Western countries?

    • Jacob Peters

      Hell no. Better let muslim scum kill muslim scum as is their nature. Just man up and do not let any of them in our countries. Not our job to police muslims or clean up their messes.

      • InfidelCrusader

        That works for me. We’re basically on the same page. They need to stay in their sandbox. The solution to every problem in the world shouldn’t be to bring as many of them as possible to this country. If the ISIS types were content to focus their attentions on their fellow Muslims I would say let them have at it but they insist upon exporting their savagery to the non-Muslim world. They need to be dealt with and dealt with harshly. I think dropping the MOAB on one of their nests was a good start. Let’s keep the momentum going and drop several more as soon as we can.

    • Hardrock

      Muslims absolutely will always come to the west in order to take us over and destroy everything we have built.

  • TrumpIsRightAgain

    First Linda Sarsour pretends she’s “joining” women’s causes, supporting them, when really all she really wants to do is OBLIGATE those women into marching for HER cause – more Muslims in America, more sharia in America. I’m surprised she’s not tying hijabs on the women in this march too, like the last one.

  • TrumpIsRightAgain

    Oh yeah, well America is MY country, and YOU MUSLIMS have no right to bomb it like you did on 9/11, in Boston, in San Bernardino, or mass murder us like you did in Orlando!!

  • Duchess of Pork

    Ms Sarsour, resplendent in hues of yellow finally reveals her true colour.

  • gia

    She looks like a creepy witch . Can someone please ship her off to Syria or some other middle eastern hellhole where she belongs!

    • Simba

      The Bermuda Triangle is closer home.

      • gia

        Lol… Bon voyage Linda ,don’t forget to pack your burka

    • dad1927
      • gia

        Good point i thought makeup was halal in the mad Muslim world.
        As for Elizabeth Warren how dare she speak for all women! These ultra fems need to shut up and stop speaking for every women ,because their are millions of us that don’t agree with their protesting and we don’t all have the same agenda!
        E.warren couldn’t find enough money to pay someone to rape her!! Old hag that she is !

        • santashandler

          Yes. There are plenty of goats out there who are going to be raped long before Ms Warren ever will be. Perhaps it’s a fantasy of hers?

          • gia

            Most likely! She sort of resembles a goat though. So maybe she would have a shot with the muzzies!

          • santashandler

            Well, then her chances just went up…..

    • Lukas Lumbantobing

      Start the helicopter!

  • Craig

    Accept more Syrian terrorists to blindly support the islamic world caliphate. Whithou a war and by the help of the anti-American democrats, America (like Europe) is capitulating to the demands of islam. Think, for a moment, what this means for your wives and daughters, your granddaughters.

    Buy a gun, learn how to use it and carry it always. Refuse to be a victim.

  • Tatonka

    Ahhh, that wonderful Taqiyya,…it works almost flawlessly.

  • Drew the Infidel

    How about if we start deporting the ones who are here? The Syrians say they would like to remain in their home country and we don’t want them here anyhow, so why can’t we agree on that?

  • Gordon Mitchell

    Good old Linda Arsesore! A genuine pain in that part of the anatomy!

  • katzkiner

    You may not believe it at this time but islam is on its way out of America.
    It has no redemming value.
    Unlike the poor nations of Europe we are not ruled by muzzie lovers anymore and it really wouldn’t change the outcome if we were. 300+ million guns are loaded.

  • Janet

    Um by the way Ms. Sarsour, President Trump has actually taken in more than Obama did in the same time frame. She needs to quit spewing her lies and Muslim propaganda and get her facts straight!

  • Jacob Peters

    NO MORE MUSLIMS should be admitted to any Western nation. Let Shitty Arabia, Kuwait or the UAE take these garbage in.
    Linda Sarsour should be sent gift wrapped to Assad, as an apology for bombing him, when he is the only leader in the Mid East that protects Christians.

    • Lukas Lumbantobing

      Maybe, but Syrian government also known to be in league with Iran (which are one of the worst country to be a Christian, not much different than the Arab Gulf states). I presume you believe the Shiites (mostly led by Iran and its Hezbollah proxies) were as evil as the Sunnis (Arab Gulf states).

  • Fred

    Sarsour should either be executed for treason and or placed in ADX Supermax Florence, CO. That’s the federal prison they call the Alcatraz of the Rockies.

    The C U Next Tuesday is a terrorist and should be treated as such.

    • HaplessChild

      Including those pisswits who follow her.
      Their wearing of ‘Pussy Hats’ signifies to me that they have their brains between their legs.

      • Fred

        Darn right!

  • Antarctic_Ice

    SJW’s always parroting each other. BTW, that lemon-yellow hijab clashes with her burnt-yellow raincoat. A hijab in seafoam-green would be a much more pleasing colour combination.

  • Turkey has accepted close to 3 million refugees, without consideration of religion, skills, or economic viability. To be compared to our western gvts and nations and their abject pettiness, even at their best. Can anyone remember when another country took in so many in the past several decades? They have not been given enough credit for that.

    The destruction of THREE formerly prosperous Muslim countries in the Middle East by NATO, is part of the Zionist plan to create a huge refugee migrant problem. Large camps of refugees are located in Jordan, trying to emigrate to Europe. Its all part of Jake Rothschild’s’ plan to fill Europe with African, and Middle East migrants.The Zionists want a multi-national Europe, which is easier to control.

    The nineteenth century mass migration of Europeans to North America, resulted in the deaths of several million native Americans.Likewise, NATO has deliberately destroyed THREE formerly prosperous countries in the Middle East, namely Iraq, Libya and Syria. These colonial wars for oil and other resources, have resulted in massive refugee camps in Jordan. Also, mostly young male North Africans, are being exploited by immigration racketeers in Libya.
    Great Migrant invasion? Except when white Europeans do it, it’s ok. Look at Australia, North America, South Africa and New Zealand…..full of white European migrants. White man’s double standards.

    Because colonization is the number one reason for immigration, its cause and effect and the consequences of invading and occupying other countries. For 500 years Native European migrants have wreaked havoc on Earth, before that no one knew where Europe was. The rest of the world is now pioneering the settlement of Europe. Great European countries who exported state terror to other countries and then criticise the fall out. Something wrong with that logic.

    The Old Continent should invite the refugees, due to the wars it set up and funded; as a source of renewal, as fresh neuronal cells that will salvage Europe from Alzheimer’s. These people, these children (mainly the children), if they are given a chance to live, to work, to study, to create art, will contribute to the birth of a new continent. Europe is in its death throes, senile and grouchy, a Megaera with rotten entrails, contaminated by the fascisms it bred – and never perished.

    Civilization is on the verge of a huge shift to a migratory population. Climate change is going to make large sectors of our planet uninhabitable and the populations of these places will migrate like the herds of Africa. It aren’t goanna be pretty. Inexorably our overpopulation will be remedied. Humankind has been more clever than the planet can support.

    I find it difficult to differentiate between refugees fleeing wars, fleeing food insecurity because of agribusiness policies, fleeing poverty because of IMF and World Bank policies. We can expect many, many more to be soon fleeing climate change but they will be considered economic migrant and not refugees. The British PM detailed it at the Summit and i paraphrase “if we help the refugees, we have to keep the migrants out”…and no doubt invent a league table of the deserving and the less deserving, the vulnerable and the less vulnerable… Don’t we have to look beyond the immediate cause such as the Afghan/Iraq/Syrian wars and seriously think about erasing those imaginary lines drawn on the planet called borders.

    There would be no refugee problem if there were no wars or threat of wars. WE invaded the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. They were wars of our choosing. Neither Afghanis nor Iraqis attacked us on 9/11, even if you believe the official story. We fomented the Syrian disaster by using covert ops to identify people who were willing to overturn the Assad government and arming them and training them and when they came out of the shadows and used those arms, carefully orchestrated to make Assad look as though he had started the whole thing, Obama began his ‘Assad must go’ campaign. All hell broke loose in Syria because our government had again decided on regime change, as it had with Iraq and Libya. What part of ‘we are in THEIR country’ do we not understand. We started it, we broke it into smithereens, and we act as though we had nothing to do with it. Proud of our country?Not me.

    Maybe we should think about the consequences of bombing countries before we bomb them? If we destroy their country, they should be allowed in ours. Is weird how after thousands upon thousands of years of conflict we haven’t yet learnt the lesson: If you invade a foreign land, destroy their homes and ravage the land the locals will be displaced and roam around looking for a new place to settle… And for thousand and thousands of years at the start of each war the warmongers have uttered “this time it’ll be different” We know this, but this has never been about people; it’s about making money from waging wars. And that’s what our governments excel in. And they know very well about the consequences, but they simply couldn’t care less. The more they bomb Arabs, the more refugees will come seeking help and asylum, which means the extreme right in the West gets more support. Which means there’s more public support from just bombing them over there instead.

    Did we help Iraq? Afghan? Libya? Syria? No. I wonder when all the experts will realise our foreign policies are not working. Players like UK and USA take all the refugees since their are the main bombers.UK and USA should take all of the immigrants since these two are the ones that destabilised middle east in the first place. It would be great if instead of arguing about who should take how many we simply accepted that displaced people need a home and we should be making sure they have one, in a spirit of open humanitarianism.

    We are facing one of the biggest refugee crisis since the second world war, the Med has turned into a human soup with desperate people fleeing for safety: running from certain death to an uncertain future, risking death and facing cruelty and indifference from our ‘developed’ societies,They don’t want to leave their homes and come to Europe or anywhere else, they have no choice but what the hell, ‘they’re foreign and different and we don’t like them so stick them in a hole and defecate on them’, eh? I s that what you are saying scum? I am sick of being polite and nice to people who think we can’t make a difference or we can’t help. You just don’t want to help because you are just too comfortable and you don’t give a toss about anybody else. Go on, rant, rave and troll and let people die and show nothing but contempt and indifference but don’t feel good about yourselves or think that you are a decent human being, your very lack of compassion shows that you are not. Go down the pub with your mates, buy a pair of shoes – you know, something important and caring.

    Actually if you look at the refugee council statistics you will see that there are many Muslim countries have taken in refugees. Contrary to what the media tells us, the majority of refugees end up in countries that border the conflicted state. Lebanon has a large amount as has Jordan and other states that are much poorer than ours. If they fight for their country they are terrorists. Otherwise refugees. I wonder which one is easier. Perhaps the root of the issue isn’t the fact that they are refugees, but how they are treated as refugees? It’s time to make a humane stance for Refugees. They are fleeing war trying to save their families- some can only afford to send their children. While we sit in comfort these people are risking all for safety, time for compassionate stance and let the unaccompanied children in and young families. What would happen to these poor kids my heart does go out to them but they will still suffer from abusers who will exploit the wee souls God have mercy on them they didn’t ask for life to give them a raw deal yet in a way people are struggling and the world is so untrusting and sick i can see both side don’t know what the solution is to keep kids safe.

    “It is time for leaders to enter into a serious, constructive debate about how our societies are going to help people forced to leave their homes by war and persecution,” Shetty said.

    This is heart breaking reading. For all of those haters out there, just imagine one of these kids being a member of your family or group of friends. The desperation, fear and loneliness these guys must be feeling. They’re kids for fucks sake! Any of the people living in the conditions these guys are deserves help (and before people start, I don’t agree with poverty in the Uk either). It’s such a sad state of affairs.

    Muslim Refugees children must be adopted and fostered by Muslim families. On top of that they must be educated in state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. Muslim children must develop their cultural. spiritual and linguistic identities before they are exposed to wider society, otherwise, they would be lost in western jungle.

    When a Group like International Rescue who are happy to pay the likes of David Milliband over 400,000 for whatever he does for you, the same David Milliband who voted for war in Iraq, against investigating said war and wants Trident replaced with some other nuclear weapon system. The same David Milliband who is responsible for the creation of these refugees, I can only laugh, or sob. Hypocritical organisation who wants my money to pay the likes of David Milliband. so No. I’m happy to stand with Refugees if for no other reason than we made their lives at home a living hell but stand beside this group. I think not I’d puke!

    A minority of extremists are violent and dictatorial. Their religion has the potential to be full of violence and hatred, but then so does Judaism and Christianity – all three Abrahamic religions come from a common root. Historically there have been plenty of progressive Muslims and there still are, they made many of the discoveries that are the basis of our science today and continue to make positive contributions across society.

  • turkeychoker

    Sooo, this Linda whats-her-name gets to gallup around spreading her brand of hate&discontent,while probably collecting welfare as her ‘due’, in complete freedom. The very freedom she wants desperately to destroy. uhuh .

  • Is it my imagination, or is every image of Sarsour I’ve seen the photo of a woman who has just stepped out of a haute culture makeover? The lined eyebrows, the lipstick, the eye shadow, the perfectly primped face, the impeccably fitted hijab, and the wardrobe, all make the average Muslima look like a drudge (which, as a rule, they are). Does she claim to be “oppressed”? It costs a lot of money to look like she should be on the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair. There must be a lot of money in oppression.

  • Lysy

    Hey bitches! take your f’n rags off!

  • dad1927 She wants to overthrow the US govt and replace it with isl;am/35afef312b3004b4cdb3dc4108d7ec4032f0a5ecdbb1bba96ed63791e3d03ea1.jpg

  • Dorrie

    They ARE the Fascists!

    Feminazis LOVE Sarsour! They are absolutely CLUELESS that she wants an Islamic takeover in America!

  • Oldsailor65

    These people are not happy with this country so just deport their ass to the Muslim country of their choice. If they can’t decide then send them to Syria. Do this whether they are a citizen or not.

    • InfidelCrusader

      The fact that other Muslim countries won’t take them in says volumes. It makes one think that they know better than to let them into their countries. If only we could do the same.

      • Craig

        It all has to do with spreading islam and shariah across the globs with the assistance of the west.

        • Dorrie

          “globs” is right!

  • solange9

    The Syrians I’ve heard do NOT want to come here. One man said that, “with all due respect, we do not want to com to America. Please help us here.” And he is right. The best thing the rest of us humans can do for these refugees, the real refugees who need the help, is to help them where they are or nearby until they could be returned to their homes. The pressure to allow in potential jihadis disguised as “refugees” comes from those who have their own agendas, such as Linda Sarsour and those for whom she works.

  • solange9

    I truly hate that she and those like her have blackened the feminist movement to make the very word bring up feelings of hatred. These are NOT true feminists, and the movement’s founders are probably turning in their graves. They are not true “liberals” either. All they all need are the brown shirts. They are following the rule of always blaming their enemies for that which they are guilty. And the ninny sheeple fall for it. I guess the dumbing down of America is being very successful. smh

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