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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

ACLU, Speakers Distance Themselves From UC Berkeley’s Free Speech Week

Libya: The Last Country America “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves


Obama rushed to remove a secular ruler who was working with us, but more importantly, containing the jihad threat. Since then, Libya has descended into jihad chaos and the Islamic State has developed a stronghold there. Obama had America stand down while our Ambassador and American attaches were slaughtered in cold blood.

Jihad is sweeping across the continent like the plague. And now Trump is in danger of following the same disastrous policies.

“The Last Country America ‘Liberated’ From An ‘Evil’ Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves,” Zero Hedge, April 15, 2017:

It is widely known that the U.S.-led NATO intervention to topple Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 resulted in a power vacuum that has allowed terror groups like ISIS to gain a foothold in the country.

Despite the destructive consequences of the 2011 invasion, the West is currently taking a similar trajectory with regard to Syria. Just as the Obama administration excoriated Gaddafi in 2011, highlighting his human rights abuses and insisting he must be removed from power to protect the Libyan people, the Trump administration is now pointing to the repressive policies of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and warning his regime will soon come to an end — all in the name of protecting Syrian civilians.

But as the U.S. and its allies fail to produce legal grounds for their recent air strike – let alone provide concrete evidence to back up their claims Assad was responsible for a deadly chemical attack last week – more hazards of invading foreign countries and removing their heads of state are emerging.

This week, new findings revealed another unintended consequence of “humanitarian intervention”: the growth of the human slave trade.

The Guardian reports that while “violence, extortion and slave labor” have been a reality for people trafficked through Libya in the past, the slave trade has recently expanded. Today, people are selling other human beings out in the open.

The latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages [in Libya],” said Mohammed Abdiker, head of operation and emergencies for the International Office of Migration, an intergovernmental organization that promotes “humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all,” according to its website. “The situation is dire. The more IOM engages inside Libya, the more we learn that it is a vale of tears for all too many migrants.”

The North African country is commonly used as a point of exit for refugees fleeing other parts of the continent. But since Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011, “the vast, sparsely populated country has slid into violent chaos and migrants with little cash and usually no papers are particularly vulnerable,” the Guardian explains.

One survivor from Senegal said he was passing through Libya from Niger with a group of other migrants attempting to flee their home countries. They had paid a smuggler to transport them via bus to the coast, where they would risk taking a boat to Europe. But rather than take them to the coast, the smuggler took them to a dusty lot in Sabha, Libya. According to Livia Manente, an IOM officer who interviews survivors, “their driver suddenly said middlemen had not passed on his fees and put his passengers up for sale.

Several other migrants confirmed his story, independently describing kinds of slave markets as well as kinds of private prisons all over in Libya,she said, adding IOM Italy had confirmed similar stories from migrants landing in southern Italy.

The Senegalese survivor said he was taken to a makeshift prison, which the Guardian notes are common in Libya.

“Those held inside are forced to work without pay, or on meager rations, and their captors regularly call family at home demanding a ransom. His captors asked for 300,000 west African francs (about £380), then sold him on to a larger jail where the demand doubled without explanation.”

When migrants were held too long without having a ransom paid for them, they were taken away and killed. “Some wasted away on meager rations in unsanitary conditions, dying of hunger and disease, but overall numbers never fell,” the Guardian reported.

“If the number of migrants goes down, because of death or someone is ransomed, the kidnappers just go to the market and buy one,” Manente said.

Giuseppe Loprete, IOM Niger’s chief of mission, confirmed these disturbing reports. “It’s very clear they see themselves as being treated as slaves,” he said. He arranged for the repatriation of 1,500 migrants just in the first three months of this year and is concerned more stories and incidents will emerge as more migrants return from Libya.

And conditions are worsening in Libya so I think we can also expect more in the coming months,” he added.

As the United States government continues to entertain regime change in Syria as a viable solution to the many crises in that country, it is becoming ever-more evident that ousting dictators — however detestable they may be —  is not effective….

  • JWM

    Is it one dictator or multiple dictators now running Libya? When I say multiple I means Islamic imams.

  • Suresh

    Trump should take only non muslim as refugees and ask muslim refugees be settled in muslim countries. If they refuse blame them and move on. And deport jihadi supporting bitches like Linda out of USA.

    Trump got conned by ISIS , Al Nushra fake “gas” attack story . Those victims were kidnapped and gassed by the jihadis and dead bodies paraded as victims of assad “gas attack.

    Dumb Left/Liberal perverts are celebrating ! They are getting what they asked for

    And they are so dumb they actually support their own rapists

    • Craig

      Is it not odd that Trump listens to the media and anti-American democrats when it comes to taking in the vile muslims? Why not stop ALL muslim ‘refugees’ to the U.S. and screw the media when they whine?
      If I were the president, I would have asked the militias to round up all muslims and get them to a port to be deported. Followed quickly with rounding up the illegal hispanics and deporting them, kids and all.

      • katzkiner

        Unfortunately we let idiots elect idiots who dreamed up a “duty to protect” theory.
        You can’t fix islam.
        The best way to deal with it is to stay out of their jihad BS.
        Europe will have to expell the muslims they stupidly let in and so will the USA.
        Like the last time jihad got to us, you better get good at war.
        They kill infidels everyday somewhere.
        This will not get any better till muslims are expelled or all Christians & Jews are dead.

        • Steve

          Muslamic culture is essentially barbarian with added western technology but our western leaders reason with muslamics as if they can understand western philosophy.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    o’bimbo tried to be an islamic proselytizer, by lying cheating, incompetence and abuse of his office as president, he has assured that millions who never heard of islam before, now hate it with a passion that will be passed on for generations.

  • Craig

    Libya was overthrown by rat obama and the baby-eating hillary for the muslim brotherhood, also known as terrorists.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Slavery? In a muslum state? By the prophet’s beard it can’t be true!

  • Len Miskulin

    We have all seen that “intervention” results in failure. We have seen it in Iraq, Libya and now it’s coming to Syria.
    Yet, there is evidence available on the Net that those countries have been pre-planned for destruction long time ago, in exactly the order that it is happening.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The blame for the chaos that is Libya can be laid squarely at the feet of the Obhammud administration. Qadaffi had surrendered his weapons of mass destruction and was beginning to come around to being our ally while still leading a functioning society. But Hillary, as SecState, pushed for his removal with no vision of the aftermath. As in Iraq, getting rid of the one(s) in power is just a step in the process and not the end game. Assad may be about as good as it gets and working with him is preferable to throwing him to the dogs. Like Nixon aide Chuck Colson once said, “When you have them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow.”

  • Steve

    Trump was right. We should have taken the oil so they would be back to trading camels and goats and eating dates and snakes.

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