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Jailed jihadi was put in segregation for plotting to BEHEAD PRISON GUARDS but judge rules move breached his HUMAN rights


What about the human rights of the prison staff he was threatening to behead? Oh yeah, that’s right, the kuffar have no human rights.

There is one rule for Muslims and another for non-Muslims. That is sharia. This is sharia in the UK, where I am banned from entering (along with my colleague Robert Spencer) because of our opposition to jihad terror and the  sharia, while jihadis operate with impunity.

Worse still, prisons have become hotbeds for jihad activity and radicalization. Why aid and abet the violence, hate and sedition? Left-wing judges and politicians will be the death of us all.

Allahu Akbar, let’s behead a screw: Blood-curdling cry issued by a Muslim extremist who plotted to murder a warder… but he won’t be moved to a new ‘jihadi jail’ unit because that would infringe his human rights!

  • Nadir Syed, 24, was jailed for a minimum of 15 years for plotting a terror attack
  • Prison authorities want to keep him in isolation after he threatened staff
  • Syed won a High Court case who said his human rights were being breached
  • The Department of Justice said they may appeal the High Court decision

By Omar Wahid and Martin Beckford for The Mail on Sunday, 23 April 2017 (thanks to Inexion):

A jailed jihadi was put in segregation for plotting to behead prison guards – but a judge has ruled that the move breached his human rights.

Nadir Syed, 24, was placed in isolation at the top-security Woodhill jail after he led other Muslim inmates in chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is Great’), banging on cell doors and threatening to decapitate warders.
Documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal that staff were warned not to be left alone with him to ‘prevent the risk of hostage-taking’, while Syed had also claimed he would ‘radicalise the whole unit’ in another prison.

Prison officers have been warned about the dangers of possible radicalism in British prisons, although this Muslim inmate has not been suspected of any form of extremism or terrorism

Threatening to behead prison guards is not “f any form of extremism or terrorism?”

Nadir Syed, 24, was placed in isolation at the top-security Woodhill Jail over fears he was trying to radicalise an entire unit and led fellow inmates to shout Allahu Akbar and threaten staff

But Syed, serving a life sentence for planning to behead a poppy-seller in a Lee Rigby-style attack, successfully sued the Ministry of Justice after he was placed in a unit by himself.
The astonishing revelation comes just two days after the Government announced a flagship policy to tackle radicalisation behind bars, with special ‘prisons within prisons’ being set up this summer to hold the most dangerous extremists.

Ministers are taking the drastic step amid growing concern that hundreds of vulnerable inmates are at risk of having their minds warped by extremists and being turned into terrorists when they are released.
Last night Philip Davies, the Tory MP for Shipley who sits on the Justice Select Committee, said: ‘It’s all right for the judge respecting the human rights of the prisoner, but what about the human rights of the prison staff he was threatening to behead? The reason why so many people have lost faith in the justice system is because you get ridiculous decisions like that.’

He added: ‘I welcome the new separation centres for extremist prisoners because they often target other, more vulnerable prisoners and radicalise them. But there is a risk that extremist inmates will launch legal action against the new jails on human rights grounds, and a judge might rule in their favour and undermine the whole thing.’
Syed, from Hounslow, West London, is serving life for plotting to behead a poppy-seller on Remembrance Sunday with a 12in kitchen knife, inspired by the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby on the streets of London four years ago. When he was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years last year, Syed was told he may never be released to protect the public.
But chillingly, he remains intent on carrying out a beheading, even while locked up in Britain’s most secure institutions.
According to court documents, the authorities claim that while he was on remand before his trial began, Syed had ‘commented that, if he were convicted (as he was in December 2015), he would carry out the act that he was in prison for (that is, the act of preparing for an act of terrorism by acquiring a knife in order to kill, and behead, a person)’.

Police recovered this knife from Syed at the time of his arrest days before he planned to decapitate a poppy seller following the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby
Just weeks after he was found guilty of preparation of terrorist acts, he was heard making murderous threats at Category A Woodhill jail in Buckinghamshire. ‘On the morning of January 7, 2016, there were reports that the claimant was part of a group of prisoners who were hitting cell doors, stating that officers oppressed Muslims, shouting Allahu Akbar and uttering threats of beheading,’ according to the High Court judgment.
When a guard entered Syed’s cell, the prisoner said that if officers ‘violated one [Muslim] brother, they violate all’, making more threats to behead prison staff all morning.
He then tried to get one particular officer to come into his cell, which the judge concluded was ‘an aggressive act and, indeed, reflects the same kind of hostility that had led to the act resulting in his conviction’. Syed was put in a segregation cell shortly afterwards, and weeks later was placed in a secure wing called the Central Managing Challenging Behaviour Unit (CMCBSU), because of the threat he posed to guards, and because of the fear that he was inciting other inmates to attack warders.


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  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    That looks more like a spa than a jail.

    • Put soldiers of Allah in POW camps for the duration of the conflict. For more ideas click my name & read my website:)

      • Tatiana Covington

        Aw gee accidents happen… look at the ISS. When something strange comes by that NASA doesn’t want you to see, the live feed just happens to malfunction. And so too here.

        • Don’t know ISS. I take it you can’t reach my website; the domain name is:

          You can try typing it in your address bar. Google Chrome gives this string: (clicking the link does not work for some reason I do not understand, but you can try a copy/paste).

          Please let me know what is happening; is my site being blocked? If it is, that would be a big compliment. It would mean I am considered dangerous.

          • Tatiana Covington

            ISS = International Space Station.

    • JacksonPearson

      A golf course and a few hookers and it’d be a country club.

  • Suresh

    why can’t such pro-jihadi Left/Liberal loon judges be impeached for aiding criminals and will fully putting lives at risk ?

    And the Left/Liberal pro-jihadi cabal would not even allow conservatives to speak in colleges

  • nnb

    As I have said numerous times before – If islam does prevail over europe, it will begin with england. England would be the first western european nation to be islamicized. The reason is that unlike other nations, england has internalized islam to the point of islam being seen as a part of the modern english society today. In fact, islam even enjoys considerable degree of popular support in england.

    Australia is the one nation that still gives me hope. With the recent ‘values test’, australia might as well be able to mitigate–although not eliminate—the islamic threat. In addition, the average australian is very much defiant toward islam, which is a monumental advantage.

    • Jerry Dobson

      I think it’s a toss up between, Germany, France, and England. All three will have to resort to civil war at some point in the future to protect what is left of their land. It won’t be too long before the Muslim population demands autonomous regions and then annexation for those regions.

      • Err

        No. England would be the first.

        — Islam has popular support in england. France and germany, not so much.
        — England has imbibed islamic values. France and germany have not
        — Islam has penetrated england so far deep that today, england’s culture would seem incomplete without islam. Not the case with france and germany.
        — The average englishman is much more welcoming toward islam, than the average frenchman or german.

        And see this –
        — Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up ‘Sharia compliant’ wills –

        telegraph co uk/news/religion/10716844/Islamic-law-is-adopted-by-British-legal-chiefs.html

        • Jerry Dobson

          Well it would stand to reason the the countries where Islam hasn’t cowed the populous that much would be the first to stand up to the invaders in a civil war. Dhimmis don’t fight they bend their knees. From you prospective the English are total dhimmis.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Judges are reparably stupid when they want to be, it is against human right to try and prevent someone from beheading someone else, but it is not a humans right to retain their head if they are not muslim. britainistine is a nation of fools, first for allowing this to happen then not preventing art from reoccurrence.

    • Janet

      To retain their head. You are a riot and absolutely correct! Your posts always amaze me and make me smile!

      • Deborahjholliday

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  • Jerry Dobson

    Another leftist quisling dhimmi liberal. They are almost as much the enemy as the Jihadists they love so much

  • santashandler

    “Mr Justice Lewis agreed that Syed’s confinement was unlawful because the prison authorities did not notify him beforehand that he was to be placed in the unit, and thereby give him an opportunity to respond…..?” Um, ITS PRISON.

    He lost the right to “be notified” when he came to prison. The “bosses in London” should be forced to work in the units she the radicals are. Maybe then they’ll get it.

  • gia

    Why do they even bother to jail them? Why not just a quick pop with a bullet. Only humans have human rights This is just a monster disguised as human.
    Islam should be banned everywhere,, but especially from prisons where the weak minded already reside!

  • Alleged Comment

    Next news?

    Judge who declare violation of beheader’s human rights to segregate him has been moved to the prisoners cell. Experts say it is perfect place for the judge to study and learn.

  • Drew the Infidel

    When I worked at a TX prison, anyone with ties to known street gangs, be it Mexican Mafia, Tango, Aryan Circle, whatever, was identified as a member of a “Security Threat Group” and placed in isolation in “ad seg”, or administrative segregation. If they had the designation “SA” affixed to their cell door it meant “staff assault”. It made for a more pleasurable work environment.

  • Janet

    Look at this guy’s cell. It looks pretty nice I think. What was that Muslim clothing hanging there? I guess this “special”guy doesn’t have to wear prison uniforms either. Is he getting halal food too? Of course he is!

  • Keith1941

    House Shia & Sunnis in the same block…better yet, same cell!


    The UK and Sweden govt have to be the most ignorant countries to ever exist!! They deserve whatever they get—-too bad its the ordinary citizen that will pay the price for the ignorance and corruption and politicial a$$kissing of Muslims from govt officials.

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