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Facebook, Twitter SUED by more victims of Islamic terror


Filing a lawsuit against the internet is like filing a lawsuit against Johannes Gutenberg in the late 1400s. It’s absurd. Technology and progress are not the problem. Ideology is the problem. Why don’t victims of jihad terror sue the mosques and the world’s leading Islamic institutions such as Al Azhar university? Why not sue the publishers that print Qurans and hadiths that incite to jihad? Jihad terror has been plaguing humanity long before the interwebs came into existence.

Suing Twitter, Google, and Facebook is killing the messenger. It’s folly.

Twitter, Facebook targeted by more Pulse shooting victims

Paul Brinkmann, Orlando Sentinel. April 3, 2017:

Ten new plaintiffs have joined a federal lawsuit that targets Twitter, Google, and Facebook with allegations that ISIS used social media to radicalize the Pulse nightclub gunman.The lawsuit is the second in recent weeks where more than a dozen Pulse victims or their families are now suing over the tragedy. The other big lawsuit is directed at the G4S security firm, where the shooter worked as a security guard, and his wife.

One of the new plaintiffs in the social media case is Christine Leinonen, mother of deceased victim Christopher “Dru” Leinonen. She has been one of the most visible activists among the Pulse victims’ families, appearing at the Democratic National Convention during the presidential campaign to speak about curbing gun violence.

“I think this is one lawsuit that may actually work, so that we could prevent some future tragedies. It’s not going to eliminate them altogether because the [expletive] that want to distribute this kind of carnage can still meet in a coffeehouse or a cave or wherever,” Leinonen said. “They are taking men who might be slightly angry because they’re not getting along with their boss or their wife, and they’re making monsters out of them.”

Read the rest at the Orlando Sentinel.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Considering that face book and twitter are very pro muslim, censoring those using their services who do not follow their pandering to islam, while in some cases, turning what was thought to be by users confidential information, to islamic governments for the purpose of prosecuting blasphemers, face book and twitter have violated the rules of confidentiality that they pretend to have. In any event, free speech is constantly under threat, a few court rulings on what is and is not free speech will be interesting.

    • Suresh

      No sympathies to FB and twitter to Pro-jihad scumbag companies. In fact they must be sued for censuring / blocking free speech for speaking out against Islamic jihad and its bigoted preachings.

      Left/Liberal/Feminazi Loons are getting back for their jihadi support

      These are the Real Vicious snakes and they must be sued for every jihadi attacks

    • Steve

      Let’s hope something is done about the “selective” free speech engaged in by these sites.

  • knightsstrength

    Must have jail sentences for the owners of these companies, as all directives would have come from the top, been the owners.

  • Jackie

    I do find it ricdulous that Milo has a lifetime Twitter ban because he hated a movie yet ISIS has an account. And you can get a ban on social media asking if Brian Podesta at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is related to John or Tony Podesta. Yet ISIS is no problemo. Real hard to feel sorry for Dorsey or Zuckerberg. And G4 are SCUMBAGS!

  • santashandler

    “Christine Leinonen, mother of deceased victim Christophe…” said ” I have the opportunity to eradicate future evil.” Um, what?? She plans to eradicate evil by promoting ‘gay-straight alliances?’ Who is she fooling. What nonsense.


    That Muslim was radicalized by bis father & Islam’s founder.
    While they’re at it, sue the U.S.-government for arming Islamistisis.
    Mattis should run the official Islam-web-page since he believes Islam would be honorable, just & peaceful.
    Facebook should be seized. They ban alternatives to Islam like my page human rights the new religion for condemning Islam’s founder & exposing the body-count of Amin Al-Husseini through both world-wars.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The solution is found in computer programming methodology, break the big problem into several little ones. Refine the scope of the lawsuit to a single entity of the large corporation’s assets. This was the strategy used to bankrupt the Klan.

  • Harsh as it may be to say, not only should all of the lawsuits be thrown out for lack of standing, but those suing should have to pay Facebook’s and Twitter’s legal fees. If these lawsuits are allowed to proceed, it creates vicarious liability that would virtually shut down social media since not everything can be policed. If other countries allow those lawsuits, exit those markets and cancel everyone’s accounts there.

    • Jim Fox

      And would closing down social media necessarily be a BAD thing?

      • Yes.

        • Jim Fox

          Well, what I see is

          1. A welter of trivial, foolish self indulgent twaddle
          2. Millions of hours wasted by those who find it hard to string a sentence together
          3. Like 2.- the gamer society of pimply losers/wannabes
          4. Endless clickbait
          5. People exposing far too much of their private lives, then complaining about ‘invasion of privacy’.

          6. Nevertheless, some value- exposure of Islamic stupidity

    • Mahou Shoujo

      And of course you have the means to influence those in authority to enforce your ridiculous suggestions.

  • bannedquran20

    Neighbor, those in question don’t know whether they are coming or going on the subject of islam. They try to defend it just because they think of islam as the underdog, which In fact it’s an expression that many muslim zombies have carefully created. They are so out of it (similar to being on drugs) that they will actually go as far as defending against discrimination or racism even though islam is NOT a race. Few people in the U.S.A and the eu know about the dangers of islam. In fact people are so reflexively against Christianity (like the ones in question), they tend to favor islam and give it the benefit of the doubt. LOL!! Very stupid people, such as the ones you see throughout the eu!!

  • Jim Fox

    Disagree. 100%. These social media sites are undeniably biased pro- islam, pro-terror but quick to censor criticism of same.
    They ARE part of the problem.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Those that say this won’t work should get out of the way of those who are at least WORKING on the problem.

  • Grant Woodside

    Can’t have it both ways
    FBI, RCMP, etc. must be given access
    To end to end encryption
    I have no problem whatsoever
    With either of them “spying” on me
    They would get bored rather quickly
    Those providers of encryption, refusing co-operation
    Are the types, if any to be sued
    Should you be able to sue a news broadcaster
    For reporting a news story
    That “may be offensive to some”
    Causing the “offended ones” to kill innocent people

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Once again the innocent are punished instead of the guilty. You may not be or any interest to international terrorists, but your personal information is very valuable to criminals who can re-create you, your bank account, credit cards or any other financial item, then steal it. Or, you could become identified as a criminal which will cause a great deal of inconvenience to you to prove otherwise, when your personal information is no longer confidential.

  • What will these cocksucking goatfuckers (or is it goatfucking cocksuckers? I forget which) do about Gab?

  • TJ

    I agree with Pamela that the koran and the worship around it is the most to blame. When I read the koran, I was struck by the massive talent gap between Jesus and the writers of the koran. Jesus reportedly was transfigured, made intelligent parables, raised people from the dead, and healed the paralyzed and the blind. Meanwhile, the writers of the koran made perverted exaggerations against Jews, spoke arrogantly around a murdered polytheist baby, used fables about Moses as evidence they can kill their children, threw out all of the quotes of Jesus, made lesser parables than Jesus, and glorified vague statements on his murder over the detailed accounts in the bible. The talent gap between Jesus and the writers of the koran could not be greater! This is what makes them guilty for trying to hold people accountable for rejecting islam.

  • John Nosser

    It is far more likely that Mateen was radicalized by the local Mosque he attended. That is who they should be suing, not companies on social media.

  • Facebook aids and abets terrorists because it will take down discussion about what is in Islamic dogma that designates it, as Pam Geller well knows. For facebook censors, Islam does not even need to be mentioned by name. The following was an intro description for a graph shared from Bill Warner’s fb page about percentages devoted against unbelievers in the kran 64%, sira 85%, and hadith 37%. – This was a THREE DAY SUSPENSION, no name calling, no swearing.

    “They are obsessed with us, the unbelievers, we must convert or else (in Chapt 9 of koran). 5x/day they pray about us and it ain’t nice & pretty.”

    Suspensions go up incrementally every time there is an imaginary infraction of their very nebulous community standards, censored by outsourced muslim contractors. Facebook preys on those who post truth about islam. Transgressors have the mark of the facebook beast and any objective post can be cause for 30 day suspensions.

    We are living in a age of fascism, just as the Germans did in the 30s, but people do not recognize that we are in Goebbel’s Catch 22, “Blame the other side for that which you are doing.”

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