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Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris jihad terror attack


Islamic attack. Shocka. Not. And please spare us the teddy bears, slogans and Paris Strong bracelets. There is nothing strong about the West’s capitulation and appeasement of Islamic savages and their ideology.

Cue up “fear of reprisals” and “fear of backlash” and “Islamophobia” hoax stories. Enemedia and left wing political elites use the bloodshed and carnage to attack the victims and advance Islam and mass Muslim immigration.

They use terror to advance more terror.

ISIS claims responsibility for Paris attack that left police officer dead

ABC News, April 20, 2017:

ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on police officers on the Champs-Élysées in Paris this evening that left one officer dead and two others injured.

The terrorist group released a message through Amaq, its news agency, saying that the attacker was “one of the fighters for the Islamic State.”

The assailant was killed but has not been publicly identified, a police spokesperson said.

French President François Hollande said that one bystander was injured during a shootout between police and the attacker and that the area has been evacuated and is on lockdown.

A French police union previously reported that two officers were killed in the incident.

French Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henri Brandet told local channel BFM TV that a man exited his car while it was stopped at a light and started shooting at a police car. The attacker tried to run from the scene while continuing to shoot at the police officers, he said. There was an exchange of gunfire, and that is when the attacker died, Brandet said.

PHOTO: Police officers block the access of a street near the Champs Elysees in Paris after a shooting on April 20, 2017.
Police officers block the access of a street near the Champs Elysees in Paris after a shooting on April 20, 2017.

A French police union tweeted, in French, “An individual in a car opened fire at a police car stopped at a red light, killing one policeman.”

Paris police posted a tweet telling people to avoid the area around the Avenue des Champs-Élysées without revealing any further details.

A subsequent tweet stated that there was “police intervention underway” in the area but gave no other details.

Christian Hartmann/Reuters
Police secure the Champs Elysees Avenue after one policeman was killed and another wounded in a shooting incident in Paris, France, April 20, 2017.more +

The U.S. State Department‘s bureau of consular affairs warned its Twitter followers to avoid the area “after a shooting.”

The Champs-Élysées is a long thoroughfare that has theaters, shops, restaurants and, at one end, the Arc de Triomphe, a major tourist destination.

PHOTO: Police respond to the scene of a shooting on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, April 20, 2017.APTN
Police respond to the scene of a shooting on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, April 20, 2017.

President Donald Trump shared “our condolences” with the people of France during a news conference with the Italian prime minister, who was at the White House today.

“It’s a very terrible thing that’s going on in the world today,” Trump said, adding that he thought it was “another terrorist attack,” though that had not been confirmed at the time.

“What can you say? It just never ends. We have to be strong, we have to be vigilant,” he said.

The incident comes as France heads into a presidential election, to be held on Sunday.

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  • Tumbleweed

    Remember that France wanted these savages!

    • S N Smith

      You might want to read about the history of France in the Muslim world if you want to talk about savagery.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You might want to focus on the discussion at hand rather than digging up history. Ask your Doctor if Ritalin is right for you.

      • Poppey

        Have you watched this clip, it should help you understand. You Tube, Why we are afraid of Islam by Dr Bill Warner.

  • Covadonga

    Reported on French news magazine Le Figaro‘s site:

    “L’assaillant présumé de l’attaque sur les Champs-Elysées était visé par une enquête antiterroriste, ont indiqué des proches de l’enquête.”

    (“The presumed assailant of the attack on the Champs Elysees had been a subject of an antiterrorist investigation, officials near the [current] investigation have indicated.”) [translation mine]

    An earlier text that popped up on my smartphone mentioned that the assailant was “known to the police.”

    “Known to the police”??!!

    One of the hardest parts of the job today must be keeping a straight face, for “journalists,” as the headline writers of our “news” media descend into territory previously pioneered by Warner Brothers, a la the Coyote and the Sheepdog:

    Bonjour, Sergent Van Damme. Bonjour, Inspecteur Tourneville.

    Eh, bien. Bonjour, Abdallah. Here’s wishing you and yours a very bonne journee.”

  • France is truly fallen…the nation that once bravely halted the expansion of Muslim influence to Europe in the great Battle of Tours is now Islam’s greatest victim.

  • Rocinante44

    let’s see if the french can remember this latest act of war against them by the time they vote in 2 days. if they vote for more of this, au revoir

  • Poppey

    This latest attack in Paris makes me very sad, not only for the policeman and his family but for the two others and the lady tourist wounded.

    Let’s be clear about this, if a Muslim terrorist aims a loaded assault rifle at French policeman in a car committing murder before wounding three others, he’s trying to tell French society something, and that is “we don’t care what you think about us or what you do, we’re Muslims, and we’re above your man made law”.

    Considering the length of time the state of emergency in France has been in place, the number of raids carried out on Mosques, the number of arrests made and the number and type of heavy military weapons discovered, France is now suffering an armed religiously inspired insurgency of unparalleled ferocity and persistence.

    All the candles in the world heaped up are never going to solve this issue, neither are the floods of crocodile tears shed by the complicit left led by Paris Mayor Ann Hidalgo who during her time in office has gone out of her way to “rub the rights nose in diversity”.

    She and the rest of the “progressive” political left in France and Western Europe have sown the wind, but as usual, it’s others who are reaping the whirlwind. To correct this, revenge must be taken through the ballot box.

    If this latest attack does not ensure a victory for Le Pen, the French voters will have sent out a clear signal to those who mean them harm in this an election year.

  • Drew the Infidel

    As I have said earlier, you should automatically and instantly label every unclear incident of this nature as radical Islamic terror. Then work your way backward through the evidence and media obfuscation and you will find yourself proven correct in your original assumption way more times than not. If not raghead terror, it will be a rare copycat crime.

  • az

    These days, an officer has food poisoning from restaurants, craps itself like there’s no tomorrow…and isis waltz along to the spotlights claiming responsibilities.
    And sometimes they don’t even know the guys. There’s just some punks who pledge alliance to terrorists at the last minute.
    Fear through superior attention whoring. That’s how desperate ISIS has become, probably because Putin is biting them in the ass, almost all the way to Raqqa.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Need more bullet-proof glass.

  • Grant Woodside

    There comes a time when prayers and thoughts and staying strong and working together and supporting the Muslim community after the murder of people because they are not Muslims is not enough.
    If muhammadians, isis, al’qaeda, and other terrorists want a real war
    I think they are getting closer to their wish each day.
    Truth is, the Earth is over-populated
    Survival of the fittest, the smartest
    Always has been, always will be
    So long muhammad, so long allah
    What a beautiful world it will be

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