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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Palestinian Olympic Committee Forces Boxer to Forfeit Rather Than Compete With Israeli

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

ISIS Terrorists Rip Fetus From Woman’s Stomach and ‘Raped the Baby’


A Yazidi woman who was caught and held captive by ISIS terrorists for weeks shared her tale of tragedy and slavery during the recent Women in the World Summit — and as horrific as her story was, her translator told one that was worse.

The translater, according to the New York Times, spoke of a friend who was pregnant in 2010 and unable to flee an ISIS assault.

Yazidi women who refused to be raped by their Islamic tormenters were sent to their deaths.

The friend was captured and this is what happened to her, the translator said:

“Extremist fighters, [the translator] explained, sliced open her friend’s stomach and took out the fetus. ‘They raped the baby, and they raped her, and they thought she was dead so they left her behind,'” the New York Times reported.

Her remarks came after those of Shireen Ibrahim, a Yazidi woman who spoke at the summit of her own eight months of ISIS enslavement.

From the New York Times:

“The Yazidi woman wept at times while describing the eight months she spent enslaved by ISIS, and how the persecuted minority is enduring the attempted genocide.

“Speaking on Friday to the Women in the World Summit, in Kurdish with activist Feryal Pirali as her translator, Ibrahim recounted how the trauma began when she tried to flee Islamic State militants in August 2014. Having heard of the atrocities committed by the group, she and her family were desperate to hide from the genocidal extremists.

“‘They captured me when we were running to the mountains,’ Ibrahim said in her interview with Women for Women International founder Zainab Salbi. She and her family were taken taken back their hometown of Sinjay, in Iraqi Kurdistan. There, they were held as slaves. Only half of the 40 family members taken prisoner remain alive today.

“In captivity, Ibrahim was forced to convert to Islam. She also witnessed the extremists kill some of her friends. To avoid being raped, Ibrahim first pretended to be married to her cousin. But the ruse did not work for long. After two months the ISIS fighters discovered she had lied and forcibly separated her from her cousin. “They did not believe me and they took him,” Ibrahim said. She never saw him again.

“Ibrahim said she never was raped, but she was subject to abuse. Once, after she tried to escape, her captors “did every bad thing they could do to me.”

“Ibrahim was sold and resold repeatedly. At one point, however, she became so sick that her owner let her go free. Today she lives with some of her family members in northern Iraq in a camp for Yazidi victims of ISIS violence.”

  • jp

    f*ck ISIS, HELL is waiting for them

  • Sharon ODonnell

    We either Snuff this out .
    And Send these Bastards back to HELL!
    Or WE import this horror show over to Our Christian Shores .+
    Sanity dictates Our Chosen Course+
    Repel the vile Invaders who rape fetuses and their mother…
    We the People Are behind OUR Troops++++
    May God Bless And Strengthen You.+



      • Huh… what????????


          TEU CU

          • Try ENGLISH.
            The language of Britain, the USA, CANADA and most of North America.

          • Craig

            This guy (kvrganivs) is POS using Portugese to insult us.

          • OR
            Does it show him to be a mental midget?



        • Commieobamie


          • thanks…I think..
            I got the moron part.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Portuguese? I wonder if they’re having any problems w/muslums in Portugal?

          • Apolloone

            If there are Muslims there then there is a problem, or the very least just waiting to happen.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Nice picture of mutgonad, police beat upon him.



  • gia

    . OMG I can’t even comprehend what I just read.the most vile of creatures these are not human beings ! Rape of a fetus? We know Satan is alive and well and in possession of every ISIS terrorist.
    We are a week before Easter does it seem more acts of atrocities and terroristic a events occur just before the holidays that are held sacred to Jewish and Christian .
    I feel sick after reading this .
    I need to go and pray and hope God will spare these poor innocent souls from further torture.

    • Suresh

      Nothing shocking , they are doing it in EU/America too.

      Left/Liberal/feminazi loons welcomed them in and they are getting it back too

      And they are so dumb they actually sympathise with their rapist

      • gia

        It is shocking to me. I am no stranger to the horrible ways in which the over the top crazy pink hat wearing feminines act or a stranger to the awful crimes committed against innocents. However this is just too atrocious to think about, ripping a fetus out then raping him or her .

        I don’t think I even want to read anymore articles though I appreciate your links and comment.
        I haven’t anything more to say. It’s too much!

      • tony curti

        Merkel and her perverted commie ways…

    • dad1927
      • gia

        Yeah of course they are if your from some Mideast hellhole. Crazy Muslims think extreme
        Violence should be something that you just live with like thunderstorms or snow.
        I just can’t believe how muslimfied England now is.

    • movingwaters

      Unfortunately, it does seem that President Trump is caving to Deep State on almost every issue. We are now pushing for regime change. America never cares to install decent leadership. Pray for the remaining Christians in Syria. Assad protected them. That is about to end. And yes, every important Christian holiday is met with great violence, and the world seems to think it is okay; even normal. Christians and Jews can be slaughtered with impunity. Muslims cannot be offended. Look up! Lift up your head! Your redemption draws near.

      • gia

        I feel very the fortunate to be where I am in the world. When I read these stories I realize how truly blessed my life is. My troubles so minor compared to many.
        I think many of us living in freedom forget how many live in terror every day.

        I don’t have alot of money I live in a modest 3 bedroom house in an agricultural area without much crime, it’s quiet peaceful and serene. I often forget that this simple life would be one of envy for many.
        This week’s news stories have just reminded me that I am very blessed and shouldn’t forget that.

        • thaipbs

          Things could change quickly. Remember how Obama settled Muslim “refugees” in smaller communities?

          • gia

            Yeah I know. There isn’t much to settle into here houses would need to be built.
            I guess I should just enjoy my almost paradise while it lasts. Lol…😀

        • Apolloone

          Most Americans especially those considered poor have no idea what it is to be poor in many countries around the world. I have traveled to some of these third world countries and witnessed it first hand, talk about disparity between the haves and the have-nots, in comparison it doesn’t exist in America. America has truly been a blessed nation but I see that changing, we as a people have kicked our Creator out of our lives and adopting things that the Scriptures warn is an Abomination, ancient Israel was punished for this and so will America, not if but when.

          • gia

            Yes most Americans only see extreme poverty on TV or read about it. I am sure like you said seeing it first hand it’s worse then a person could imagine.

            When I think on some of the really petty grievances people have getting angry over stupid things like long lines or no parking or sitting in traffic. Or they have to do dreaded things like buy groceries wash the car mow the lawn cook clean etc to think there are people who in this world would find those chores a pleasant experience compared to their struggles to survive.
            Mostly that’s how I deal with unpleasant things I do not like. I think Ito myself it could be worse! 😀

    • Hardrock

      Raping a fetus, there is no limits to their Depravity.

  • taxpayer22

    Muslims since the 7th Century ( 1,400 years ) are motivated by the same Jihad, and the same goal — world domination by Islam and rule by Sharia.

    Where women are slaves.

    • Me Here

      one can hope the lefty loons receive their reward under sharia law

  • Fred

    I don’t know what is worse- Islamic savages or the stupid liberals who support them.

    • knightsstrength

      Both are just as horrendous, sick and twisted mind’s

    • Deplorable Rican ☨ʳᵉᵈᵉᵉᵐᵉᵈ

      These leftists are dangerous fools who have never read any of the Islamic holy books and are dangerously ignorant of Islamic history. he

    • movingwaters

      The stupid liberals who support them are worse. They act as a gatekeeper to those who would get things under control immediately. It is pretty obvious to almost everyone now that the Islamic invasion of the West, using the tax dollars of the citizens, is part 2 of the globalists planetary destabilization and control plan. Part one was the creation of the “refugee crisis” by using the ISIS proxy to destroy what little decent fabric of life was present in those countries.

      • Rob Porter

        Yesterday I received an idiotic email from a group called ‘Leadnow’. These imbeciles are all in favour of more Muslim migrants from Syria. It matters not to these moron how evil and violent these Muslims prove, they never see them for the human dregs they are. My responding email will not have pleased them.

        • movingwaters

          Some of these history deficient youth really believe George Soros is a great humanitarian, especially when he is the one paying them to play the great social justice warrior. They are full of zeal, and dumber than a sack of gravel. It makes you wonder about the parents.

          • Rob Porter

            Re the “parents” I agree with you. In my opinion the rubbish under 30 millennials reflect shockingly poor upbringing by useless parents who, apparently, don’t have any values deeply ingrained. The result is a believe-in-nothing, useless generation of self-centered layabouts and parasites, just oxygen thieves. Are they any more useless than Muslims generally?

          • Pathfinder0100

            You nailed it Rob!!

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks. I have a son now in his early thirties and a good person. I raised him alone from the day after his 11th birthday when his mother died. All it took was instilling decent values of honesty, decency, a good work ethic, a sense of duty and kind but not mushy attitudes. All around I see shallow young men and women, products of useless parents. What a sad mess!

          • Apolloone

            They are some of the dumbed down ones, by way of our government controlled schools, the American Communist party began a campaign way back in 1935 to get the government to take over our schools, in 1963 Congress held a hearing on the 45goals of the American Communist party, that goal of taking over our schools was among those 45 goals, they finally achieved this when Marxist Jew hater Muslim supporter Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, shortly after the dumbing down would begin, nationally and uniformly, every year all across this country there are pro-Communism, pro-Islam young people within a few years of voting, sadly for this once great country these propagandized fools seem to be in the majority, if they are the majority it’s not a question of will America fall, the question is when.

          • Rob Porter

            To tell the truth, I blame parents for not organizing themselves and creating a massive resistance. What the devil happened to good people? Why did they permit this to happen?
            They are also to blame.

          • Isabellathecrusader

            Unfortunately, many Baby Boomers have been over contributed to their entire lives. A few years after WWII the 50’s was pregnant with the 60’s and we are still suffering from the effects of the 60’s debacle. Many kids in their 30’s have Baby Boomer parents who didn’t bother to teach them the difference between right and wrong because they were too busy scratching their itches. You can’t be a good example to your kids if you believe that anything goes and will fight to the death to preserve your right to scratch it.

        • Apolloone

          There is an organization called the “Interfaith Movement” they have managers and each manager is responsible for several states each which includes all states, their goal is taking in Muslims to their assigned state and providing housing, food ET. Etc. as far as I know they aren’t taking Christians. What astounds me is some of these Muslims persecuted Christians in their native country, more too is the fact that we Christians are commanded not to fellowship with anti-Christ people, Muslims are anti-Christ, their main reason for hating Christians, here is a verse in their Satan inspired book the Qur’an: “They [Christians] put forth a most monstrous thing when they say God has a son” yet many professing Christians are bending over backwards to appease these Vermin. Ponder this, Satan hates Jews with a passion, Muslims hates Jews with a passion, Satan hates Christians with a passion, Muslims hates Christians with a passion. If Satan inspired a book to be written, how would it be different than the Qur’an???

          • Sheila Angelika Freund

            Thank you, I no longer feel guilty for not loving these worse than animals

          • Rob Porter

            You’ve really nailed it regarding this “Interfaith Movement”. In my estimation they are really secular morons in the guise of Christians. Total imbeciles, like Canada they aren’t taking Christians, just the savages who want to murder and maim us. There is something mentally wrong there.

        • Hardrock

          Rob, I think that Leadnow is the group welcoming the border jumpers coming across in Manitoba. And you’re quite correct these fools are keen to welcome more of these savages into Canada. Trudeau is probably passing money to them for the good work they are doing, remembering Trudeau’s words of unity that “Diversity is our Strength” is probably their main motivation. I fear as the warm weather graces our land that the numbers will drastically climb. I heard that thirty percent of the Somali population in USA reside in Minnesota, that strikes me as being a lot and more may find their way to Minnesota to take advantage of our Canadian Welfare State. Have you checked out Faith’s report at the Rebel.Media showing a new arrival illegally crossing the border into the waiting arms of the RCMP Bellboy Brigade.

          • Rob Porter

            I do follow Ezra Levant and Faith. Have a lot of time for these two. Canada is rapidly losing it’s mind, the RCMP now just a worthless mob of ‘wets’. Once a great police service, they are a shadow of what they once were with terrible leadership. A few years back the National Post did a five page feature on the disgusting and criminal behaviour of the ‘Mounties’. The government loves showing them off overseas in their red serge jackets, but nowadays all I see is jerks in red. Never have forgotten those four mounties shot dead by one man in Alberta. Having done military service I marvelled at their stupidity. No effort was made to use ‘dead ground’ or considered tactics to approach the criminal. Someone told me they were young and inexperienced. What a stupid explanation! They were clueless and poorly trained, probably also arrogantly thought “we’re Mounties, God’s gift to the planet and he wouldn’t dare shoot at us”, so walked head-on into his line of fire. A few others have been shot dead since then and again approaching a criminal seemed to have been done cluelessly.

          • Hardrock

            Yes I remember well that shoot out with the four Mounties being killed. They violated orders and entered the property of James Roszko, a guy that hated the cops. You’re right, they believed too much in themselves the fact that they were the RCMP and took on a guy that was far superior to them and on his own turf. One of these dead cops was supposed to of been a marksman, didn’t help. I have said many times that the modern day RCMP has been riding on the reputation of The North West Mounted Police for a very long time. They are not in my mind the same force, I would have disbanded the present RCMP decades ago. Too many criminals within the ranks, they sexually assault members of their own police organization, they simply can’t be trusted. The previous leader stepped down in disgrace and now Paulson retires before finishing the job he was going to do. I’m thinking Trudeau will probably have a Muslim take over as RCMP head or at least someone that supports the Muslim agenda. They will lead the charge to disarm our nation. And the RCMP are poorly trained they look more like a bunch of stumble bums when an emergency erupts. Every time they show that film footage at capital hill where they are all in the hallway with guns out looking for the terrorist always makes me laugh. Total confusion, no plan of action they demonstrate a sad lack of training, had the terrorist suddenly jumped out they would probably have shot each other before getting the bad guy. Whenever they are faced with someone who is armed as well as them, they never do well.

          • Rob Porter

            Just loved your honesty! You have a healthy skepticism. Are you sure you’re Canadian? Man, you hit the nail on the head re the Mounties. Go to the airport and you see some in all their glory; a slightly over-weight male accompanied by a little shrimp female who couldn’t fight off an attacking toothbrush. Then tazering that Polish guy to death in the Vancouver airport – because they no longer want to get into a physical encounter. Just a mob of pansies! Not a patch on the old North West Mounted Police. The training has to be poor for them to experience so many messes that result in deaths. It’s not encouraging because the OPP are in some respects a joke.

          • Hardrock

            I’m the Canadian that you told your friend about, Richard was it?
            They just marked, I think it was the tenth anniversary of the death of the Polish fellow that came here to visit his mother. Four Coward RCMP who testified they weren’t adequately trained to use a taser, in my mind murdered an innocent man that had broken no laws. They were at an airport, they made no attempt to acquire an interpreter that conversed in English and Polish, I’m sure someone who got off the same flight could of helped out. What really disturbs me is, after the initial taser attack and the guy was down, they did not cuff him which would have terminated any further physical altercation. The situation would have been under control, I think they enjoyed torturing this man but they didn’t expect him to die. The RCMP have nothing to hold their heads high about. I can’t quite remember where it was but I think it was in the thirties in like Regina, they were up against Canadians during a work protest. A lot were hurt including RCMP and they had the guns. They treated the Dookahbors very badly, they were involved with the schools that removed Aboriginal kids from their parents and they were involved with the internment camps during the war years. In more recent years members of the force have sexually assaulted women, many were Aboriginal, as well as members of their own police force, there has been instances of child abuse, assaults, killings, theft, and that is on top of their poor investigative abilities. They screwed up the Air India flight bomb investigation over a twenty year time span, they lost evidence maybe that accounts for the mess, but it speaks of incompetence. They gave incorrect information to other governments about some middle east Canadian citizens that resulted in them being tortured. After they returned to Canada they sued us and we had to pay them many millions of dollars. These days the RCMP has lowered the bar even further, now they loot homes during floods to confiscate law abiding citizens firearms. They severely damaged many homes as they forced their way in breaking down doors, destroying safe storage units that firearms were stored in and damaged unrelated furnishings as well. As of late they have turned to acting as people traffickers and Bellhops ushering illegal border jumpers across our border from the USA. They carry the illegals kids and luggage, if we were caught doing that, I’m sure charges would follow. I think we are going to find that all our police personnel will become the new Sharia Enforcement Police and will be abandoning recognition of our rights and freedoms in favor of making sure we comply with the demands of Islam. It has already started, if you watch Kevin Johnston and Sandra Solomon, both brave, gutsy people, they are being shut out of what should be their right to simply be heard involving the Peel Regional School Board. There is a world wide conspiracy afoot to annihilate our culture, what is beginning to look more like a genocide, I just wish I was a lot younger going into this fight.
            Besides the Rebel I also tune in on You Tube with Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

          • Rob Porter

            Yes, it was Richard who I told about you. You’ve reminded me of all the miserable failures of the RCMP, not least the raping of aboriginal women and then more senior RCMP abusing their positions for sex with younger females of the RCMP. When a nation’s morals go to hell this is what you get. I am in fights with the Peel District School Board over both their – or should I say Kathleen Wynne’s LGBTQ – sex education curriculum and now their permitting Muslim prayers and sermon when not permitting prayers of other religions. Just today received a letter from the Ontario Minister of Education and will be interested to see whether I receive a reply to my blunt letter to the local school principle. Responses I’ve received drivel on with the same line and never explain their favouring of Muslims. Pathetic and never particularly intelligently written. My attitude is ‘never give in and never lose your humour’.

          • Hardrock

            I have called Wynne a Sexual deviant for wanting to sexualize our children, by preparing them to accept inappropriate behavior when they are approached by an adult that would take advantage of them. The fellow that crafted the Sex Ed Curriculum was Wynne’s friend and colleague Ben Levin, who is a convicted Pedophile. If he is any indication of the type of friends she has, how many more are there? Why on earth would we accept a curriculum in our schools written by a convicted pedophile? Where are the morals of not just Liberal members of Provincial Parliament but the opposition? I don’t feel they fought hard enough to stop Wynne. She should be serving time herself for crimes she has committed, like political bribery, but she has the corrupt, cowardly OPP in her pocket, doing the bidding of the Liberal Party. And I have never seen such an open display of betrayal as I have with the Peel District School Board. Watching Kevin Johnston and Sandra Solomon videos where they express their opposition to Muslim Prayers and Muslim Studies in the schools and being forced out of the meetings by police. In one video Kevin’s rights were denied by the police as they bullied and threatened him in favor of enforcing for Islamic benefits in the schools. I remember years ago they removed religion from the schools everywhere, no more Lord’s Prayer, they separated religious teaching and activities from education. Now they want to reestablish that and more but only for one religion, Islam. Just as you are experiencing they never are willing to listen to common sense or the truth and they certainly do not want to debate the issue and they have no answers to explain their position. Let’s completely shun our own culture and Judaeo-Christian roots and adopt an Ideology that is Intolerant, Racist, Misogynistic, Violent, Barbaric, Savage, Hateful, Depraved and Evil that is called Islam. I guess that sounds like a good idea to the Traitorous Cretins that sit on the Peel Board. We are by all indications losing the war on Islam, because those in the positions that can enforce change are on our enemies side. They either don’t recognize the threat Islam poses to our future. How could anyone be that stupid? Or they are consciously in cahoots with the Islamic Movement, which means they are Traitors. Our politicians and Canadian based “I Want To Help Groups” don’t strike me as starry eyed, innocents unaware of any danger. I think they are drowning in Self Loathing accepting Savages into our nation, not caring of the consequences, they are contributing to our demise as a nation. If we end up suffering another Trudeau term in office after this one, Canada will be over. After his first term, there won’t be much of Canada left that we recognize if Trudeau continues his dismantling of what we are. Get ready for the European experience to occupy our streets soon.

          • Rob Porter

            Long ago widowed, I now have two young children, 7 & 9 in my permanent custody. This is what is contained in my letter to the Peel District School Board director of education, the principal of the school and my granddaughter’s teacher. A few days ago the whole school was herded into the school hall and shown a video with boys kissing boys and girls kissing, the in class read a book written by a transgender. Here is just a small part of my letter:
            “At the outset I will again point out that the Peel District School Board is promoting a sex education curriculum that is driven by Premier Kathleen Wynne whose personal predisposition toward homosexuality influences her determination to promote LGBTQ views. Further, the primary architect of this sex education curriculum is Benjamin Levin who last year was sentenced to three years in prison on multiple pornography charges and for counseling an adult to commit sexual assault – on a child. Thus the chief architect of the curriculum with which you are pressing ahead is a man of low moral character
            and a convicted sexual pervert, yet you and your board of education are undeterred by this reality and the ‘values’ of this man. Further, denial by Premier Wynne and Ontario
            Minister of Education, Liz Sandals, of Benjamin Levin’s primary role in creation of this curriculum was shown to be a lie when the Toronto Sun newspaper’s Joe Warmington acquired copies of documents confirming that Levin is the chief architect. This revelation reflects poorly on the integrity of Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liz Sandals!

            “Abundantly evident about this sex education curriculum is that you are not led by the findings of science.”

            I then went on to quote reports from the Beth Israel Deaconess Health Centre and John Hopkins Hospital. I told them, in effect, ‘This is what medical science says, yet this is what you are doing.” I have no intention of stopping and have told them that every lie they feed my grandchildren I will “unravel” and that if this process diminishes the school board, school and teacher who teaches this crap, then so be it. This is an excellent way toward ‘Making friends and influencing people, LOL!

          • Hardrock

            Well written letter, and demonstrates a moral foundation, something they are bound to fear. The very idea that this Pedophile had anything to do with the creation of something that is going to be used to teach our children or should I say indoctrinate our children is repugnant. Wynne, her government and the school board should be ashamed, they have no moral compass. They continue to get worse in every area of governance, but the polluting of innocent minds is particularly an all time low. They’re setting things up for future governments for when these children become adults, it is all about control. Our future population will be conditioned to accept whatever political will the government wishes to implement. And they will use lies, intimidation and force to achieve their political agenda. We are facing a changing world where women and children are being violated and those entrusted to protect the innocent sit on their hands and in some cases offer excuses for such behavior, like it’s a cultural practice. Well it’s not here, so stop trying to incorporate it into our culture, with your distasteful Sex Ed Curriculum. There has been some protests but they were unable to stop this disgusting practice. It’s going to be a long battle, one that will get harder the longer this is allowed to continue. I worry about the psychological damage to our children in the future, will it cause some internal crisis for them involving relationships. Time will tell and if the government is proven to be wrong, it will be just like another gas plant controversy, no one will pay the price for what is a criminal act of betrayal.

          • Rob Porter

            One thing is certain, they are not used to receiving letters like mine or receiving phone calls that challenge their actions. These are people with a totalitarian dictatorship mentality, but deep down are just gutless wonders hiding behind a mass of bureaucrats. They don’t expect, or like, to be challenged because most parents are docile and accepting and unquestioning. The same applies to the issue of their favouring Muslims.

          • Hardrock

            It’s hard to imagine how they are so willing to trade off decency in favor of instilling their morally corrupt curriculum into the minds of our children. And without question they have adopted the same attitude toward the Muslims, choosing to embrace their depraved, evil ideology over that which they have been raised in. You are quite correct, most parents do not like to create ripples of dissension, I don’t feel it’s because they don’t care, it’s a kind of conditioning on a national scale. Perhaps for parents push back action to deliver more impact, parents need to come together in groups to develop an organized plan of tackling that which they disagree with. When those coward administrators see a unified force before them, they may be more inclined to listen and act accordingly. One can only hope.

          • Rob Porter

            I should tell you that that was just a small part of my letter. I told him – and them – that they were not interested in learning the findings of medical science and while informing kids that the lifestyles they were promoting normal, they should for health reasons alone be warning children about the dangers. The reply I received from the directer of education was pathetic, in effect, unintelligent. These people are not concerned with or persuaded by truth.

          • Hardrock

            I don’t know what it is they are getting out of betraying the public trust? They have certainly earned the public’s distrust and hostility. If I didn’t know any better I would think they were being paid to sabotage the education of our children. It’s almost like some kind of insanity has gripped people that have positions of authority where they control the system. You would think that they have kids as well or grand kids, do they want them exposed to this trash they are passing off as educational progression. To me it’s clear, they are devoid of morals, they are corrupt, closed minded, incapable of rational thought and lack the intelligence to comprehend the consequences of their actions. And I’m sure when faced with someone like yourself that presents an argument with science, logic and moral values, they prefer to run and bury their heads in the sand. You and other citizens like you represent a threat to them and when they don’t want to discuss the subject with you or answer your concerns, you know, you’re on the right track and they are in the wrong. I don’t know what the situation is there as far as these people holding those jobs. But if any are elected to office, I’m guessing you and other parents are not going to forget their abandonment of community values regarding the Sex Ed Curriculum, when the next election rolls around.

        • ClutchingMyRosary

          One way to tell a real refugee from a Mohammedan who’s merely practicing taquiyya is, the real refugee wants to be able to stay in their country. They don’t *want* to come to the U.S. Case in point:

          • Rob Porter

            A very interesting video. Frankly, I still think that it will be a disaster not to first eliminate ISIS and al Qaeda – and it’s associates groups who John McCain in his ignorance favours – before setting about eliminating Assad. I have on my computer a letter written by a Christian teacher who lives outside Damascus. She praises Assad for protecting Christians and other minorities, and saw first hand the extremists who started this war to over-throw Assad. She has no time for America. ISIS, al Qaeda and other rotten Islamic groups must go before Assad or the world will land up with someone worse than Assad. The US and NATO made a mess of Serbia and handed Kosovo over to Muslim Albanians. How stupid! Will the U.S. now hand over Syria to fundamentalist Islamic vermin? I truly hope not. 86 people dying after a gas attack does not remotely measure up the the horrors suffered in Iraq where hundreds of thousands were murdered – brutally.

      • Apolloone

        Please see my reply to Fred.

    • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

      The stupid liberals are far worse. Without them the muslim hoard would be contained.

    • Mack Pooh

      It is too obvious to me that BOTH muslims AND liberals are savages almost to the point of actually believing hitler was a choirboy. Yeah sure, hitler was brutal without any doubt, but islam? Liberals? C’mon, muslims are a global cancer in its entirety and must be eradicated eternally……..

    • Stephen Honig

      That’s a tough question. I think they are symbiotic.

    • Apolloone

      As bad as these Satan controlled Vermin are I believe their liberal supporters are worse, without these ungodly fools aiding and abetting them it wouldn’t be possible for their continual growth and the sane world could slowly but surely shrink their numbers to the point that their crimes against innocent men, women and children would be rare, not common everyday occurrences.

      • Hardrock

        Absolutely agree, the savages would be nowhere without their enablers.

    • Ayna

      I consider them both equals in evil.

    • Areyoukiddingme


    • ninetyninepct

      Liberals like Trudeau and Khalid?

    • peakpower

      It’s so true. Liberals are like fuel to Islamic fire. It’s disgusting and so are they.

  • santashandler

    Just when you thought it can’t get any worse and something like this comes up. Why are we not carpet bombing every ISIS enclave everywhere? They’re whereabouts are already known to intelligence agencies, so what’s going on. That could be taken care of in a week. Blow those f*****s back to the 7th century.

    • gia

      Exactly ! Always something new to top the already atrocious unthinkable souless demon behavior already displayed.

    • dad1927
      • Apolloone

        Another one with the “Mental Disorder” full blown too.

      • santashandler

        She’s just following the path of every Hollywood actor when their careers have dried up. They believe THEY have something to say, so they get into politics.

      • Pathfinder0100

        Ya just cannot fix stupid, can ya??

      • Hardrock

        If she hangs in a bit. When enough Muslims get to the USA she can get raped as an adult.

  • Tim

    And the Democrats still want to flood America with muslims.

    • Janet

      Dumbass Maxine Waters says we need to bring in 100,000 more refugees! Fine then. They can all live in her state of California!

      • knightsstrength

        Hi Janet,

        Share this with you on the heels of the Coptic bombings as they are still persecuted.

        The links below help you understand what church is what. There is even differences in Catholics, some do not use the Rosary

        Q&A: What is the difference between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Oriental Orthodox Church?


        Prefer using links from KJV. This will also remind you of Donatism and Traditors
        Does the Bible support the pre-existence of Jesus?

        I guess I would follow Oriental after trying to work out what is what

        • Janet

          Thank you! I love the information you send me. Hope you’re feeling great and things are going well. Take care!

      • tony curti

        drop them in her district of LA, let them rape and pillage the communities she represents. She’ll find out how much they don’t like black people.

      • gia

        Ha ha exactly !

      • Apolloone

        I have no idea why Bill O’Reilly insulted James Brown the way he did, James Brown did contribute something, which the crazy woman hasn’t done.

  • Laverne Davis

    satan lives. only he could bring something like this into being. Waiting on Jesus.

  • Dano50

    I understand this will put me in hot water here but, I just can’t see even someone as despicably evil as an ISIS terrorist committing that kind of rape.

    I DO believe them cutting out babies (It’s been done before) and doing anything else to them, and forcing others to commit such horrendous acts, but this is simply too disgusting for someone to want to do to themselves.

    The only way I could believe is if we started going way, way out there, into something like demonic possession, although from what they’ve done already I sure as H wouldn’t close the door on that theory anymore.

    Unfortunately for now, I need more proof than the word of someone so severely traumatized they might not be rational anymore.

    Given such, I’d hold the guy down myself for his victims to do what ever they wanted for as long as they wanted.

    • jp

      just think about suicide bombers. how do you think someone can strap bombs around their own bodies and blow themselves up. they are drugged, mentally unstable, brainwashed BEASTS!!!!

    • Aisotrcbifst

      Nothing to do with demonic possession, if only it could be blamed on an external influence, but no.
      I take it you haven’t heard about the clinics in South Africa that try and treat the babies and toddlers that have been raped, sometimes just taken off the street where they were playing.
      I have read of 6 months-old babies violently raped. I don’t know how many can survive the internal mauling.
      It’s partly a mixture of the belief that having sex with a virgin will cure Aids and partly an inability to control the basest, vilest impulses, and finally an inability to see another human being as anything other that a plaything.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Never believe anyone, if you didn’t experience something, , it couldn’t have existed. Remain in your bubble of skepticism, that way when it happens to you, you will not believe it, neither will others, so this fiction can continue.

      • Dano50


        I don’t think I quite got my point across.

        I have no doubt these animals have cut babies from wombs, committing vile acts upon them that I don’t even want to go into.

        And I believe they would make someone else commit that last foul deed because it forces the awful choice of obeying or dying on that person.

        What I just can’t wrap my head around is someone voluntarily doing such to themselves.

        That a monster can see nothing wrong in forcing someone else to commit such is horrific enough, but it plunges even them to a whole new depth of Hell to say, “See? Look what I’m willing to do TO MYSELF to terrify you.”

        I simply don’t want to believe a human being could actually commit such.

        The only pitifully weak defense I had, was that MAYBE this woman was so traumatized she herself suffered a breakdown.

        Don’t get me wrong here.

        These savages, in my mind, have long since forfeited their right to exist, or even to a
        quick painless death.

        As a history buff I’ve read about things like “Unit 731” vivisecting test subjects, and Japanese having head chopping contests and throwing babies up in the air to see how many they could impale on a sword too, and I know about Pol Pot’s massacres, and the Rwandan genocides too. And the Russian forced Ukrainian famine in the 1930’s, and all sorts of nasty things but, in all of them, as crazy as the monsters were, I’ve never come across even a hint of this kind of rape.

        It’s a cliche example of “Just when I didn’t think people could be any more evil.”

        • PostLambJam

          Totally traumatizing to even think it could happen.

          • Dano50

            It is.

            Whenever I’ve discussed, or thought about, how to make someone appear evil (I write so I’m creating characters all the time) something like this never even crossed my mind. Even if it had, I’d have never considered using it in a story, and would have seriously started to wonder if I was losing it.

          • PostLambJam

            I understand that totally. This is beyond just “evil”. This is in the realm of the demonic. No normal human would even be able to fathom it.

    • gia

      I understand what you mean . It’s just too awful. I wonder myself if this really could happen it’s so atrocious unthinkable and defies logic. Word of mouth stories are often exaggerated. Then again it is ISIS and the cult of Satan.

    • usafsam

      Their imams hand down fatwas and tell them that they can do anything they want to an infidel no matter the age. They even hide bombs in toys and tell their own kids to walk into a store with it. They have no qualms about killing kids or raping babies. In fact if you google you will find the info that states they are allowed to have sex with any child even a newborn since the children are nothing to them but property.

  • Dave Mc

    I hope I never read anything worse than this during the remainder of my lifetime.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Just basic Muslim tactics they have been using for 1400 years.

  • Jessegi

    Keep voting Demoncrat and this is what you will get…..

    • Apolloone

      To make sure they have enough fools to support their evil agenda the Democrats are importing more in the name of humanitarian reasons.

  • Me Here

    Just remember the babies and the incubators story, I really would like to see some confirmation.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Go there and see for yourself.

      • Me Here

        Apart from being anatomically extremely unlikely the animal in question would have to have a REALLY small dick. Think about it.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Would prefer not to, muslims are disgusting in every possible way.

  • Nothing these isis muzlum savages do surprises me anymore.
    Shocks me YES. Surprises me NO…

  • Feroz Patel
  • NickandLynds

    Sick. Even the Nazis weren’t this barbarous.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Hell is the only fate muslims will get in the hereafter. They will spend eternity cursing mutgonad, police beat upon him, for his lies.

  • felix1999

    Satans minions….

    • Commieobamie

      moHOGmad demons.

  • felix1999

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it…

    By the time the Crusades finally began, the Muslims had conquered 2/3 of the Christian world.

    The First Crusades began in 1095:

    460 years after the first Christian city was conquered and plundered by Muslim armies.
    457 years after Jerusalem was conquered and plundered by Muslims.
    453 years after Egypt was conquered and plundered by Muslims.
    443 years after Italy was conquered and plundered by Muslims.
    427 years after Constantinople was conquered and plundered by Muslims.
    380 years after Spain was conquered and plundered by Muslims.
    363 years after France was attacked by Muslims.
    249 years after Rome was conquered and plundered by Muslims.

    It was only after centuries of Muslim burnings, rapes, killings, and enslavement that Europe took action…

    HISTORY is REPEATING itself and the GOAL is world wide domination – including the U.S.!

    • Apolloone

      Sure it is but why is it there seems to be so few of us that understands it? There are many professing Christians who support Muslims, I often ponder about this, I’ve come to believe that these professing Christians have been sent “Strong Delusion” a warning to those that rejected the truth, a warning that Yahweh would pick their delusions.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    The failure of Islam to strongly disown the horrors, the deafening silence only interrupted by the whining about ‘Islamophobia’ has made it crystal clear. Islam MUST go. It is no more a religion than Nazism and in many ways far worse. If atrocities were committed daily in the name of Jesus Christ, we would be in the streets by the millions disowning such monsters.

  • Peter Joffe

    The barbarity of Islam is too horrific to digest How have these barbarians managed to survive and prosper for 1,400 years? Nuke them all is the only answer unless our God comes to our assistance and unleashes 20 plagues on all Muslims. The devil himself is the king of Islam.

  • michaelofsydney

    this is worse than abortion because she did not consent

  • MrLogical

    Time to quit screwing around. Time to get serious.
    Send in 3-4 divisions of armor and infantry with CAP air cover and close-air ground support and wipe this scum from the face of the Earth. Putzing around with pleas for civility and useless U.N resolutions isn’t cutting it. Give these barbarians the only thing they understand: Death.

    • HaplessChild

      Machine-gun them to ribbons.

  • Alleged Comment

    THIS in not barbaric – this is SATANIC!

    You said they worshiped a pagan Moon God??

  • Janet

    Everytime you think you’ve heard the most vile, disgusting thing they have done to their prisoners they do something even more horrendous and horrible! Their depravity has no limits. I hope we keep bombing the crap out of these hateful SOB’s! These are the kind of people that the Democrats don’t care if they slip through the cracks of refugees entering the country. Typical!

  • dad1927
  • Simba

    Now we will be told,as usual,that this is not Islam.They are misguided extremists.Muslim people will stand hand in hand to protest this.Most will trust them and hug them.It’s not them but us and other gullible people who consider this cult as something sublime.Sufis were supposed to be their spiritual mentors once.People forget that Sufis also acted as scouts who were sent ahead of invaders to sniff around for weak spots in a nation and new converts.Sufis (some)who realized the Truth and talked about love and God being same were killed after torture.

  • jerrys

    Remember the story from a couple of years ago? In front of a Christian school two muslim soldiers held a schoolgirl up by her legs while a third, using a sword split the girl in two from crotch to head in front of the other children. They then sweetly asked the other schoolchildren if they would wish to convert to islam! islam is most inventive in producing new types of evil!

    • Duchess of Pork

      Where was this please?

      • jerrys

        Not sure, it was several years ago, perhaps in Somalia. Likely read it in Drudge. I should have copied it, but did not.
        We have become numb to the islamic outrages. I believe it was made infinitly worse by obama and his support for islam.

        • Duchess of Pork

          Thank you for the reply. Every so often, in addition to the usual muslim outrages I read about an atrocity such as you mentioned above and am left distraught at the barbarity but like to check the facts involved. I’ll try googling to see if I can turn up anything. I agree entirely with the sentiments expressed in your last two sentences.

  • sony_dc

    Is it possible to round up all the muslims from around the world and ship them to Mars?

  • marlene


    • HaplessChild

      Slather them with NAPALM.

  • marlene

    I PUKE!

  • jerrys
  • bannedquran20

    It’s all in their quran and hadith (isis is following their quran and hadith) as to crimes against women which comes under many of the sick verses that are found in their two hideous books.. quran 2:222-2223, 4:34, 4:11, 2:282, 4:3, 65:4, 4:24 and many more neighbor!! In fact muslim zombies are psychopaths to the brim neighbor! Is is why western countries don’t want them. These critters are like an invasive species of fish to a pond or plant to a forest, they choke out all native species and take over. Neighbor, do your best to keep muslim zombies (each and everyone of them) out of your country if you’re smart. muslim zombies main objective is the islamification of the world and that ain’t no lie neighbor!

  • lato_sensu – believe it or else

  • lato_sensu
  • RayG1

    The friends of my enemy are my enemies. You can’t get a liberal to even read about these horrible things that are perpetrated by these Muslim barbarians. They continue to support the Muslim immigration cause to help bring down our country. For this reason, liberals are very much my enemy. I have no doubts!

  • GR Arnold

    If this is true these people are far beyond savagery. They are demonic and beyond repair. Absolutely horrific. Something needs to be done about these people and in the land they perpetrate all this.

  • Desiree’

    They are sick disgusting people. Who rapes a newborn? That is the sickest thing I have ever heard of. I pray that evil muslims d!ck rots off.

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    The one that raped the unborn child after ripping from the womb. I would enjoy inserting a glass rod up his penis and hitting it with a hammer. Just to see the look on his face!

    • Hardrock

      Isn’t that what Wayne Gacey (The Clown) did to some of his victims?

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    Those that live by the sword will (smile) die by that sword!

  • Terry101

    Can we have reverse immigration where we ship the Liberals to their Muslim friends? (Then they all live happily ever after)

  • James Mccall

    To think I tell people I enjoyed killing these sons of bitches and they look at me strange!

  • Sheila Angelika Freund

    As a Christian, I’m supposed to love my fellow man and woman. But these barbarians make it a true challange

    • iprazhm

      As a Christian, the bible tells us to hate evil, “Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.” Psalm 97:10 KJV
      “And I will put enmity (hatred) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15 KJV Here God is speaking to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

  • guymacher

    I would not believe this story of any group– except Muslim barrows.

  • IzzatSo

    I can taste bile after reading this. A despicable new low, even for Muslims.

  • iprazhm

    Monsters are real. Islamic faithful always seeking to out do their last worst act of terror, continue to do the unthinkable, the unimaginable. The civilized world is responsible for allowing the barbaric entity called Islam to germinate like cancer. It must be eradicated in all it’s forms. It is the only way.

  • .madashell

    Islam is the pinnacle of liberalism.
    Consider this: As with Islam, Liberals consider themselves the ultimate authority on right and
    wrong , not withstanding facts.
    As with Islam, Liberals accept no belief, ideologically opposed to theirs.
    As with Islam, LIberals have a propensity toward social anarchy.
    As with Islam, Liberals Feel entitled to the benefits of taxpayer programs minus
    any contribution by themselves.
    As with Islam, Liberals value only their own lives. The lives of others are of no
    consequence (read abortion).
    As with Islam, Liberals believe in a massive central government having the
    to demand compliance with all flights of fancy dreamed up by the “elites, self
    appointed to positions of authority within that government.
    As with Islam, Liberals put no value in concession making reasoning with them a
    waste of time and breath.
    As with Islam, Liberals must be beaten into anonymity thereby allowing facts,
    common sense, and truth to prevail.
    Just Sayin’.

  • Capt. Rosslyn V. Crasto

    The Case Against Allah(T) !!!

    Case No.: 6,6,6 in the International Court Of Justice at The Hague, Netherlands !!!:

    JUDGE: As per Ayn Rand’s “The Night Of January the 16th”.

    Plaintiff: Non-Muslim, non-Liberal, non-Satanic Mankind, Attorney: Capt. Rosslyn Valentine Crasto, a.k.a. “The Aspiring Revelator”.

    Defendent: ALLAH(T) and HER “prophet”: Maha-MAD {P.B.U.H. = Perdition Be Upon Him}, Maha-MAD The M.F. (Muslim Founder / Muslim Follower, not what you were thinking it meant !!!), Attorney: “The Devil’s Advocate”, Pope Francis I !!!

    Here’s the CASE AGAINST ALLAH(T), the link between ALLAH(T) and the WHORE OF BABYLON of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible:

    THEORETICAL {Circumstantial Evidence}:


    The Hebrew word for “CURSE” is “ALLAH” !!!:

    The Book Of Zechariah, Old Testament of the Hebraic-Roots Holy Bible, Chapter 5:

    Chapter 5

    1 And I again lifted up my eyes and looked, and, behold, a flying scroll!
    2 And he said to me, What do you see? And I answered, I see a flying scroll; its length is twenty cubits, and its width ten cubits. {The Most Unholy Qur’an !!!}.
    3 And he said to me, This is the curse {The Hebrew word for “curse” is “ALLAH” !!!}, that goes forth over the face of the whole earth. For from now on everyone who steals shall be cut off according to it {Qur’anic Diktats !!!}; and everyone who swears {Blasphemy}, from now on shall be cut off {BEHEADING !!!} according to it.
    4 And I will bring it forth, says YAHWEH of Hosts. And it shall go into the house of the thief, and into the house of the one who swears falsely by My Name {Taqiyya / Muda’rat !!!}. And it shall remain within his house and shall finish it, and its timber, and its stones {Islam’s utter Spiritual and Temporal decadence with rape, pedophilia, murder, mayhem, thievery, looting, arson, pillaging, slavery, piracy etc. !!!}.
    5 Then the angel who was speaking with me went out, and said to me, Now lift up your eyes and see what this is that goes forth.
    6 And I said, What is it? And he said, This is the EPHAH that goes forth {An ephah is a measuring basket like a barrel about the size of a small satellite that is orbited into space, perhaps CUBOID, which the BLACK KAABA TENT AT MECCA represents !!!}. And he said, This is their form in all the earth.
    7 And, behold, a lead cover {protection against (HAWKING) RADIATION emitted by this Entity ???} was lifted up, and a woman [LILITH = Ereshkigal, BABYLONIAN GODDESS, {Alla(h)-tu in Akkadian as per Ancient Encyclopedia}, AL LAT in the so-called SATANIC VERSES of the Most Unholy Qur’an !!!, Al Lat = Allah(t), Allah with a silent ‘t’ for deception of outsiders (Kaffirs) !!!], was sitting in the middle of the ephah.
    8 And he said, This is wickedness {LILITH = Allah(t) is the WHORE OF BABYLON of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible !!!}. And he threw her into the midst of the ephah; and he threw the lead stone over its opening.
    9 And I lifted up my eyes and looked. And, behold, two women came out {ISHTAR and INANNA, Goddesses of Babylon and the two sisters of ERESHKIGAL (LILITH) = Al Lilat = Al Lat = Allah(t) !!!}. And the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of the stork {the GHIRANIQ of the ALTERED Satanic Verses of the Most Unholy Qur’an !!!}. And they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heavens.
    10 And I said to the angel who was speaking with me, Where are they going with the ephah?
    11 And he said to me, To build a house for it in the land of Shinar {BABYLON !!!}; and it shall be erected and set there on its own base.

    Ereshkigal {LILITH = Al Lilat = Al Lat = Allah(t) !!!} is INSIDE THE EPHAH, and her two sisters: ISHTAR and INANNA are carrying this Ephah to Shinar {Babylon}, to INSTALL IT THERE !!!

    Allah(t) is Al Lat with a silent ‘t’ !!! And Al Lat is one of the three DEMONESSES: Al Lat {Babylonian = ERESHKIGAL}, Al Uzza {Babylonian = ISHTAR} and Manat {Babylonian = INANNA}, of the so-called SATANIC VERSES of the Most Unholy Qur’an, the Book Of The DEVIL & the DAMNED !!!

    LILITH is also described thus, in Wikipedia using “LILITH” as your Wiki-Search Engine:


    Hebrew text, in the Masoretic Text:

    Hebrew: וּפָגְשׁוּ צִיִּים אֶת-אִיִּים, וְשָׂעִיר עַל-רֵעֵהוּ יִקְרָא; אַךְ-שָׁם הִרְגִּיעָה לִּילִית, וּמָצְאָה לָהּ מָנוֹחHebrew (ISO 259): u-pagšu ṣiyyim et-ʾiyyim v-saʿir ʿal-rēʿēhu yiqra; ʾak-šam hirgiʿa lilit u-maṣʾa lah manoaḫ.

    Isaiah 34:14 And shall-meet desert creatures with jackals the goat he-calls his- fellow lilit (lilith) she-rests and she-finds rest 34:15 there she-shall-nest the great-owl, and she-lays-(eggs), and she-hatches, and she-gathers under her-shadow:hawks [kites, gledes ] also they-gather, every one with its mate {the “ghiraniq” or “exalted ones” of the Most Unholy Qur’an} !!!.

    In the Dead Sea Scrolls, among the 19 fragments of Isaiah found at Qumran, the Great Isaiah Scroll (1Q1Isa) in 34:14 renders the creature as plural liliyyot (or liliyyoth).

    Eberhard Schrader (1875) and Moritz Abraham Levy (1885) suggest that Lilith was a goddess of the night, known also by the Jewish exiles in Babylon. Schrader’s and Levy’s view is therefore partly dependent on a later dating of Deutero-Isaiah to the 6th century BC, and the presence of Jews in Babylon which would coincide with the possible references to the Līlītu in Babylonian demonology.

    However, this view is challenged by some modern research such as by Judit M. Blair (2009) who considers that the context indicates unclean animals.


    And Al Lat is Al Lilat = LILITH the Arch-Demoness Succubus AL BURAQ of ISLAM !!! Lilith is Lilitu, and ERESHKIGAL {Allah-tu as per Wikipedia and Ancient Encyclopedia}, was the TEMPLE PROSTITUTE of ISHTAR & INANNA, Goddesses of PAGAN ANCIENT BABYLON, thus the WHORE OF BABYLON of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible !!!

    And Maha-MAD The MADMAN M.F. was “introduced” to her by none other than LUCIFER “shining brightly” in his own words, who SILENTLY pointed out the “cave” actually a snake-hole in the ground atop Mt. Hira, where Maha-Mad The M.F. SEX ADDICT, SEX MANIAC, PEDOPHILE-RAPIST USED TO GO EVERY NIGHT for his DAILY NOCTURNAL SEXUAL NIGHT RIDES called “Night Journeys” in his own Hadiths !!!

    And his TAQIYYA Caliph: ABU BAKRA twisted the facts around to write for the illiterate M.F. in the Most Unholy Qur’an, that LUCIFER was JIBRAEL, the Archangel GABRIEL who is actually a FEMALE ANGEL !!!

    And the BLACK KAABA STONE in Mecca IS HER VAGINA !!!, you M.F. Vulva-licking MUSLIM KUNTS !!!

    Al Lat = LILITH whose symbol is a screeching owl, & she is said is said to be Adam’s “Woman On Top”, the WORLD’S FIRST FEMINIST !!! The Secret Cult Goddess of the Satanical LIBTARDS like Madonna, Niki Minaj, Katie Perry etc. Just watch their Videos & see her symbols: SCREECH OWLS, HUGE PINK VULVA HATS !!!, UNBRIDLED and IRRESPONSIBLE FEMINISM etc. !!!

    LILITH is the AL BURAQ of ISLAM !!!

    The SCARLETT BEAST of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible: LILITH = Al Lilat = “Al Lat” of the SATANIC VERSES of the Most Unholy Qur’an !!!, AL LAT = ALLAH(silent ‘T’) !!! (Babylonian) Ereshkigal = Alla(h)-tu as per Wikipedia !!! / Ishtar / Inanna}, ON WHICH SITS THE WHORE OF BABYLON of the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible, {Rev. 17.3}.

    And just look at the pics. of THE MODERN-DAY ON-SITE RE-CONSTRUCTION OF BABYLON especially the ISHTAR GATE, {one replica in GERMANY, in a GERMAN MUSEUM !!!}, a FEVERISH PREPARATION FOR HER {Lilith’s = ALLAH(T)’s} “HOMECOMING” on or about the 23rd of September 2017 C.E. !!!

    And one more thing, all Succubi ARE VERY JEALOUS OF & HATE HUMAN WOMEN & CHILDREN which shows up so dreadfully cruelly in ISLAM !!!

    PHYSICAL / PRACTICAL {Corroborating Evidence}:

    Rev. 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels, who had the seven vials, and spoke with me, saying: Come, I will shew thee the condemnation of the great harlot, who sitteth upon many waters,
    17:2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication; and they who inhabit the earth, have been made drunk with the whine of her whoredom.
    17:3 And he took me away in spirit into the desert. And I saw a woman sitting upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.
    17:4 And the woman was clothed round about with purple and scarlet, and gilt with gold, and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, full of the abomination and filthiness of her fornication.
    17:5 And on her forehead a name was written: A mystery; Babylon the great, the mother of the fornications, and the abominations of the earth.
    17:6 And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. And I wondered, when I had seen her, with great admiration.

    Rev. 17.6, the very severe and ceaseless persecution, ALL OVER THE WORLD, of all the CHRISTIAN FAITHFUL by MUSLIMS, “children” of ALLAH(T) the WHORE OF BABYLON, whenever and wherever they are able to get away with it, cowardly rascals that they be !!!

    Lies & Deception are a chronic part of ISLAM:

    It is factual, muslims have their six lies that are tenets of islam, it is perfectly reasonably not to trust muslims based on the fact that lying is categorized for muslim’s convenience:

    • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam.

    • Kitman: deceit by omission.

    • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.

    • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).

    • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).

    • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate”.

    And, worst of all…

    From the Qur’an:

    Qur’an 3:54—And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.

    Qur’an 7:99—Are they then safe from Allah’s deception? No one feels safe from Allah’s deception except those that shall perish.

    Qur’an 8:30—And (remember) when the unbelievers plotted deception against you (O Muhammad), to imprison you, or kill you, or expel you. They plotted deception, but Allah also plotted deception; and Allah is the best of deceivers.

    “Allah is the BEST OF DECEIVERS” – {Most Unholy Qur’an, Suras 3.54 AND 8.30}, whose FALSE PROPHET:

    Maha-Mad, was the world’s very first & worst TERRORIST !!!

    And Muslims are told in the Qur’an Sura 33:21 “You have in Mohammad the prophet of Allah a perfect pattern of conduct for all to follow”

    Whatever Maha-Mad said or did and whatever he condoned or condemned is considered Sunna or the perfect example to follow.

    Maha-Mad was easily angered so Muslims show their rage.

    Maha-Mad was a sex maniacal sex addict & prolific rapist of non-Muslim women, so his followers do the same today.

    The list is endless but in brief he was the most evil man that ever lived and he made Hitler look like Mother Theresa !!!

    Nonny Darwish presents a very good comparison of islam to Christianity –

    • We are all sinners vs. They are all sinners.

    • Life is sacred vs. Death is worship.

    • Jesus died for us vs. We must die for Allah.

    • Jesus came to save us vs. We must save Muhammad’s reputation.

    • Judge the sin, not the sinner vs. Judge the sinner not the sin.

    • God the redeemer vs. Allah the Humiliator.

    • Confession of Sin vs. Concealment of Sin.

    • At war with the Devil vs. At war with flesh and blood, the enemies of Allah.

    • Truth will set you Free vs. Lying and slander are an obligation.

    • Changing oneself vs Changing others.

    • Self-Control vs. Controlling others.

    • Vengeance is the Lord’s vs. Vengeance is prescribed to Muslims.

    • Love your enemies vs. Hate Allah’s Enemies (non-Muslims).

    • Work Ethics vs. Wealth through conquest.

    • Kingdom of God is not of this world vs. Allah and the Islamic State are one.

    And, I posit that ISHMAEL was a CAMBION, a CHILD OF DEMONIC ORIGIN, a child born of the “union” between INCUBUS & SUCCUBUS, he is a “Son Of Satan” & “Father Of All Muslims”, was conceived of a DEMONIC MATING of Holy Father Abraham in his sleep, at JERUSALEM, taken advantage of by the Succubus LILITH = AL BURAQ, to cause him a wet dream, then taking his seed to MEDINA where liveth the EGYPTIAN {Osiris, Horus indeed}, Slave Girl HAGAR The Horrible dwelleth, to be artifically inseminated by LUCIFER or SAMAEL {“husband” of Lilith}, performing the role of an Incubus !!! …to give birth to Maha-Mad The M.F. & his tribe of MUSLIMS, filthy pedophile, incestuous, deviant, deceitful, murderous, violent MUSLIMS. It’s all there in their Hadiths, about how Al Buraq used to “take riding on her back” Holy Father Abraham from Jerusalem to Medina to “visit” Hagar the Horrible. Ishmael in the Holy Bible, Old Testament:

    Genesis 16.12: The angel of the LORD said to her further, “Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has given heed to your affliction. 12″He will be a WILD DONKEY of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers.” 13Then she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, “You are a God who sees”; for she said, “Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him?”…

    Posted on January 31, 2014 by Patriots’ Billboard

    Every Point Made Here And In The Following Video Are Backed Up in The Muslim Guide To Hell aka the Most Unholy Quran !!!

    1) It is impossible that a man in his mid-50s could engage in sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old child, and be a prophet of God.

    2) It is impossible that a man could finance his religious and political community by robbing the trade caravans that passed through his area on their annual trips between Arabia and Syria, and be a prophet of God.

    3) It is impossible that a man could encourage his own son to divorce his wife so that he, the father, could marry her, and be a prophet of God.

    4) It is impossible that a man could lie to his wife to get her out of the house so that he could sleep with the slave girl he had given her as a gift, and be a prophet of God.

    5) It is impossible that a man could call other men to follow him, and then watch them die one after the other in the battles he instigated to build his empire while giving them promises of the sexual Paradise that awaited them, and be a prophet of God.

    6) It is impossible that a man could behead 800 Jewish men who had lived in his city for centuries for the simple reason they refused to accept him as their leader, and be a prophet of God.

    7) It is impossible that a man could trade the Jewish wives and daughters of the men he had just beheaded for weapons and horses, and be a prophet of God.

    8 ) It is impossible that a man could be so fearful of criticism that he would send a man at night to kill the mother of a nursing child because of the poems she had written against him, and be a prophet of God.

    9) It is impossible that a man could sentence a woman to death by having her limbs attached to camels that moved in opposite direction pulling her apart, then behead her and parade her severed head through Medina, and be a prophet of God.

    10) It is impossible that a man could torture a young Jewish tribal leader to death to obtain his money, and then marry his 17-year old widow the same night, and be a prophet of God.
    It is impossible that a man could allow his followers to have sex with their female slaves as well as their prisoners of war, whether or not they were married, and be a prophet of God.

    I REST MY CASE !!!

    But not on my “Laurels” !!!

    Be ALERT & AWARE !!!

    BEFORE REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT, Kindly read my Posts on YAHOO, DISQUS & on my FACEBOOK {Public} Timelines where I have described it all in detail. In particular, the Posts Titled: “FULL INTERPRETATION IN ENGLISH” & “SUMMATION IN ENGLISH.”

    If still interested, further Information on such matters made be obtained by you by left-clicking on my name herein, to obtain my YAHOO / DISCUS History Of Comments and then scrolling up / down, and also backed up on my FACEBOOK {Public} Timeline by using my name “Rosslyn Valentine Crasto” or “CaptRosslyn Crasto” or “Rosslyn Doppelganger” as your FACEBOOK Search Engine/s.

    And my new Web-Page on FACEBOOK, Titled: “The Aspiring Revelator”.

    All the Best to you all & God Bless & May God Almighty: YAHWEH Have Mercy On Us All.

    From the Book Of Revelation of the Holy Bible:

    Rev. 20:4 And I saw seats; and they sat upon them; and judgment was given unto them; and the souls of them that were beheaded for the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of God, and who had not adored the beast nor his image, nor received his character on their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

    Sukhi Rahe {“Be Happy”} in Hindi,
    Shalom & Amen.

    Signed: Capt. Rosslyn Valentine Crasto,
    Master Mariner, {Retired} Ship Captain in the Indian Merchant Navy,
    For Authentication of my Identity and of the source of this Comment:
    {Valid} Indian Passport No.: P 8130053 {Renewing Indian Passport No.: G 2623652}.

  • Jay Dillon

    I tried to post this URL on a site called Minds dot com, which requires a minimum of 200 “boost points” for all “boosted posts.” So I committed 200 “boost points” for this URL to be posted, along with the following comment:
    MOSLEMS CUT WOMAN OPEN AND RAPE FETUS. AND YOU THINK MOSLEM IMMIGRATION IS F**KING OKAY? IT IS NOT OKAY!!! Also I used the “Explicit” setting which tries to limit viewers to “Mature.”

    So, today I opened up my Minds dot com account and found that the managers had denied me permission to post this link and comment. I am going to retry to post this, with no comment at all, and see if they will post it that way.

    I can probably post the link without “boosting” it, but I don’t know if it would be noticed much at all (I only have 8 subscribers and my membership in Minds dot com is totally noncommercial).

    Thank you for your dedicated work getting the truth out to people who all too often don’t seem to appreciate finding out what is going on. Sometimes it’s hard to blame them too much. What a world we are in hey.

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