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FOX FIRES O’REILLY: Murdoch boys slash and burn


Let me say, I am not a fan of O’Reilly. He is a populist, and his positions change as frequently as the weather. But his populism was tied to the Fox news viewer, so while he couldn’t be counted on, the viewer could be.

O’Reilly’s rating were unmatched. Consistently. No one came near him night after night, and the trajectory was up, always. And so it is a blow to Fox, but everything the leftwing Murdoch boys have done in the wake of Ailes untimely departure has been a blow to the Fox viewer.

The left has always seen Bill O’Reilly as a conservative giant, and they are rejoicing. The left is ecstatic. They are unconcerned with the degrees of Republicanism. If you are not a collectivist, a statist, you must be taken down. This is a triumph for them. They don’t care about sexual harassment: Bill Clinton is proof of that.

The problem ism where does the Fox viewer go? To the interweb and sites like mine.

As for these sexual harassment allegations, I find their claims too little, too late, and too opportunistic. It’s interesting how these broads go along until they don’t get their own show or when the payouts begin. It seems to me that these women exploit their sexuality until they don’t get what they want.


  • Bill Rowland

    Fox has been cutting their own throat lately. I wonder if this was the plan. I don’t watch it anymore save for youtube clips here and there of Tucker Cartlson smashing some liberal.

    • AppDev1

      Me too. Don’t watch anymore but used to watch O’Reilly clips on YouTube. Think they have made a HUGE mistake. Hope they pay dearly for it since I think this was a planned scam!

      • tatka150

        I’m sure it was a planned scam. No doubts. Bill was framed.
        They are moving left. Who’s the next victim? Hannity? The rest are irrelevant. Shame on FOX! They will pay a high price for this. Dirty and stinky wet job. F*k FOX. Bill O’Railly should start his own independent show. Move on Bill. We love you.

        • AppDev1

          TOTALLY AGREE! This was a PLANNED SCAM! I hope Fox goes down worse than CNN!

          • Retiredextremelydangerous

            What’s a CNN?

  • I am not a fan of O’Reilly, but I see this as the Murdochs trying to destroy Fox News. I think that Hannity may be the next personality in their sites.

    • Cat Carillo

      Then perhaps it is time to get a new station going.. I like Carlson Tucker, Hannity oh someone took the words right out of my mouth a Brietbart Channel

      • Edward Boothe

        Anyone but Tucker (deer in the headlights) Carlson.

    • tatka150

      It’s exactly what I’ve just said. Today is a very sad day. It’s the day when free press died.

    • Mark Steiner

      The Murdochs are internationalists, so you cannot talk sense with them when truth is on the line

  • Warmac9999

    Hopefully, Ailes and O’Reilley team up with Breitbart and develop a Breitbart cable channel. Fox would soon lose its place at the top of the heap if this is done. I don’t see Perino. She is a lightweight and a RINO. Eric Bolling could not hold the audience – maybe Lou Dobbs. Tucker is damn good but his style of constant confrontation is a bit wearing.

    • Paul Stuart

      I love the Briebart idea big time

      • TD

        Shame the libertards charged Breitbart with being anti-semetic, without first checking the site was founded by a Jewish person, is edited by some who are Jewish, has Pro-Israel writers, and it’s CEO is Jewish.

        It’s just shows you that the people who really deserve a scandal is the liberal media.

      • tatka150

        They should also invite Hannity. It would be a great crew.

    • Cat Carillo

      that is what I like ABOUT Tucker Carlson

    • Smarmalicious

      Carlson would probably move to a Breitbart cable channel if it ever happened.

    • TD

      Brietbart with Pam doing her own show would be cool.

      • TD

        As for FOX:
        LOU DOBBS might be the right replacement for Mr. O’reilly.

        Other candidates: Mike Huckabee, Judge Jenine, Mark Styn, NIgel Farage.
        But LOU DOBBS would be the easiest transition.

        • TD

          Mr. Dobbs, can also incorporate some of Bill’s features like:
          Water’s World, Dennis Miller, and Charles Krauthammer.

          • tatka150

            Waters and Dennis Miller can stay home. It’s all the same bullshit every time. 2 arrogant boys. Need a fresh blood. But Bill is unique. Shame on FOX.

        • Sandy Carrington

          Screw replacements….go to OAN and get good programing

        • Drew the Infidel

          Agreed. But I would also consider Tomi Lahren. Now that would light things up.

        • Edward Boothe

          Anybody but deer in the headlights Carlson.

      • Mark Steiner

        Mark Levin already has a subscriber network that is very informative in like manner – particularly if you are a pro-Constitution, pro-Republic conservative..

        • Sedona1952

          That is where I am ;-)

    • Mark Steiner

      Methinks Fox is on the way out or, will transition into an MSM network to compete within the MSM substructure.

    • Watters is EXCELLENT when he sits in for the FACTOR!

      • jimmy

        lol they don’t want anything even remotely close to O’Reilly filling in. he didn’t get fired for old sexual allegations he got fired because his views conflicted with the Murdoch’s hard left worldview. this isn’t something that just sprang up all of a sudden it’s been a long time in the making. what they would love to do is replace bill with this hardcore leftist lunatic seriously they would the Murdochs would be ecstatic jumping for joy in the living room if this lunatic took over “the factor” I bet they’d be smiling from ear to ear watching the show. but they know it’s too soon to get that crazy just yet so they’ll probably settle for a RINO replacing bill while they inch towards their ultimate goal of destroying Fox News.

    • Stephen Honig

      I agree with most of what you say. The way O’Reilly went, leaves me with a bad taste. Fox will lose ratings and they deserve it.

  • Colleen Heg

    The left will with no shame falsely ruin anothers reputation because the truth being told is not to their liking or needs to be repressed! Expect more conservative thought thinkers to be smeared!

  • Max

    They always spring up out of nowhere don’t they?
    The Dems stand by their rapist Clinton yet the right axes Ailes and O’Reilly for some charge????
    Heck even the moron isn’t letting go of Tomi Lahren.
    I’m so done with these imbeciles. This is why I support Trump. Only he fights back even if he’s the last man standing.

    • It’s not the right that’s axing Ailes and O’Reilly. The Murdochs are flaming liberals.

    • tatka150

      Well said Max

  • Cinda Nichols

    The left is executing its playbook perfectly! Learn the magnitude of Facebook collusion. You can’t make this stuff up. Read the following:

  • Pebbles

    When will Americans stand their ground? People need to look at who has stood their ground and never backed down! Who has whethered the obstacles and road blocks thrown in their way, and stood tall through it all and come out the other side with honor and integrity!!
    We as a people need that reminder to let those that seek to bring us down as a Country, will NOT prevail!!

    • mztore

      This American is standing her ground. Refusing to watch fox. More and more they have diluted their lineup so they have no real conservatives. Next it will be Judge Jeannine and Hannity. Glad I’ve got plenty of music to fill all those gaps they left us with.

  • Rick Caird

    Are the Murdoch’s actually owners of some other station that they want to see do well? They seem to be committing harikari at the behest of the left, not exactly their demographic. So, why damage their network to curry favor with the left?

    • Cat Carillo

      perhaps it is to get rid of someone they( right ) view as a threat…

    • They don’t like Fox. They’re trying to turn it into another CNN. They are part owners only.

      • tatka150

        FOX is on it’s way to CNN. Just listen to their RINO’s Perino, Rivera, Village Idiot Bob Beckel. Boy-toy Shep. Without Bill and potentially Sean Hannity they can shut the shop. The story with Bill is absolutely disgusting and it’s clearly was framing of this great talented man. No witnesses, no nothing. He should sue them and take them out of business. Boycott FOX!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Never interfere with the lame stream media as it destroys itself.

  • old003

    I don’t believe any of these lying gold diggers. And I am not a watcher of BOR.

  • Dean

    Sexual misconduct allegations have followed O’Reilly since his network days, but Pam is mostly right on that also. But he did earn his number one rating for 15 years so I give him credit for being good at his craft, but this it the outcome of a coordinated smear campaign by the leftists that caused 50 advertisers to pull their support. The biggest cause however may be a billion dollar deal the Murdochs are trying to swing in Europe where handling of PC issues could make the difference. I like most of his “Killing” books, won’t miss him at Fox but letting this happen the way it did is shameful. .Regarding Islamic militancy O’Reilly generally explained it as a perversion of Islam. Good Bye.

  • Rick Deacon

    O’Reilly’s departure was predicted as soon as Murdoch’s son’s took over. I’m going to miss the Factor.

    • tatka150

      Me too. Move on Bill!

  • VLParker

    I quit watching O’Reilly after Garland, Texas. However, sexual harassment lawsuits have become a cottage industry of the left. Wear a low-cut blouse, shake your tail and bat your eyes. Then when a man says something sue him for sexual harassment. An easy way to make a few million.

    • tatka150

      if it’s a right man:) LOL

  • J Butterfield

    Good to hear that Tucker Carlson is taking over. O’Reilly is I believe a truly dreadful presenter. He constantly interrupts guests answering questions, if he does not agree with them he shouts them down. A smarmy individual, why he is popular is a mystery to me. His alleged treatment of women is disgusting.

    No choice but to sack him when 50 companies pulled their advertising, they include T. Rowe Price, GlaxoSmithKline, Constant Contac and Eli Lilly. Six motor companies issued statements – Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Lexus, BMW, Mitsubishi and Subaru.

  • lostlegends

    Rarely watched O’Reilly. Won’t miss him. His behavior off camera was stupid.

  • aebe

    Mighty powerful , them alligators . O’ Reilly was all too easy to knock down .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights… Carry

    • Retiredextremelydangerous

      If I have my pants on, I have at least one or two by my sides and another one on my ankle!

  • lato_sensu

    no more foxy for me – just the firefox –

  • Janet

    Oh I’m so pissed! I love The O’Reilly Factor. It’s the best show on Fox and the best cable show period. I hope this is wrong. It totally wrecked my day! Another thing is they never tell you the real reason why they let someone go. It’s always sexual harassment and that’s it. You better not look cross eyed at your female colleagues or you’re out the door! Even if you give a compliment it can be turned into harassment. It’s way out of hand now thanks to feminists who find everything offensive!

    • tatka150

      Janet, in this case it’s a bullshit. Murdock’s sons just decided to get rid of Bill O’Railly. There are many things behind the stage, which we’ll never find out. I think it was the part of the big dirty game with many members involved. Such a big guys as Bill is not that easy to put down. It’s all the part of the big scam. But I agree with you in respect of this “sexual harassment “scams. It’s a great weapon for the gold diggers and it really is going over the top at this point.

      • Retiredextremelydangerous

        This Fox Channel cannot survive without Mr. Bill O’Reilly. I’ll give them 6-12 months. They will be just another CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC. This is the way you control the way the American people think and the way they will react. You treat the public like mushrooms, you keep them in the dark and feed them MSM bullshit.

  • Sandy Carrington

    The Murdoch Twinks just signed Fox’s Death warrant…This network has been swirling in the toilet since Ailes left and finally it is being flushed…..OAN is a great conservative station…

  • Drew the Infidel

    Sexual allegations and innuendo completely aside, dumping O’Reilly is a case of addition by subtraction. I have never been able to overlook his smug and arrogant demeanor and his barroom sense of etiquette, what with the constant rude Mr. Buttinsky routine. Why cut off your invited guests mid-sentence while they are supplying an answer to a question you asked?

  • durabo

    My only objection to O’Reilly and Hannity is that they constantly interrupt their guests.

    • Retiredextremelydangerous

      That interruption, is called controlling the flow of and keeping the subject matter on track!

      • durabo

        I agree to some extent, but neither host allows ANY person (even us right-wingers!) to finish his statement, even if it is germane to the subject. That is rude behavior.

    • RayG1

      Yes, that practice is very rude, but they seem to be oblivious to it.

  • Kim Bruce

    I don’t think it was totally Murdoch’s choice? I believe the advertisers and a loud and boisterous leftist email campaign did the job.
    It used to be that you were “innocent until proven guilty” but that is not the case anymore unless you hail from the Left.

  • notme123

    I’m not a big fan of O’Reilly but it’s hard to believe that Fox had so much harassment going on for so long by more than one person. Accusations. What happened to innocent until proven. One of the victims said she was called on phone. Another was approached and comment was made, no witnesses.. It’s like all those who came out for HC. These types of accusations are going too far and need to be proved as they will eventually hurt the women who are truly harassed, just as false claims of rape have.
    I think there is more to this, big money and jealousy. Who stands to gain the most? (soros and the msm)
    Like others have said, we need a new station. Fox has been on the decline for a long time.

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    This is a BIG Mistake decision for FOX. They will have a difficult time of maintaining their ratings, the Factor was the “anchor” for the FOX cable. FOX can now change it’s format, from news, to the Politically Correct Channel!

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    I smell a new NEWS NETWORK brewing! We need a REAL news network!

  • Steve

    I like Miller and Waters and hope they stay on in some way either with O’Reilley somewhere else or with Fox.

  • Kel Nelson

    I agree with you fully Pamela. You know I wish these people would start their own channels, Fox would go down, and especially if they could steal Dobbs, Pirro, maybe Hannity, maybe Tucker

  • Mack Pooh

    To those of you who CLAIM to be republican, conservative, tea party, or the new freedom group, your lethergic idiocy is pathetic. Your tunnel vision is sickening and your intellectual “input” is -0….

    I am a Real and True republican. Not conservative. Not tea party. I am a republican, plain and simple.

    Oreilly was only about power ratings. That is it!!! He spent most of his vocabulary boasting his books which really did nothing but spite history and brag his ratings. He never brought fact into conversation, but factual perception.

    Oreilly deserves his demise.

    FOX news has two, and only two, reliable and professional broadcasters:

    Judge Jeannine Pirro
    Tucker Carlson

    To those of you who are idiotic enough to ignore the facts because they portray a “conservative independent” as a sexual predator so to speak, your values need to try rebirth.

    Be mature. Be American. Be Republican….

  • jimmy

    I’m not a fan of O’Reilly either but this is an obvious witch hunt by the left and you can bet the farm the Murdoch’s are behind it 100%. there’s only a couple more bright spots in Fox left to purge until Fox News officially becomes MSNBC on steroids. the best thing for patriots to do is to hit em where it hurts and boycott Fox and the rest of the cable news outlets even if it means boycotting a host you like so their ratings and revenue plummet. far as the internet that’s another story we cannot boycott that it must be FOUGHT FOR.

  • hal8196

    Fox may be transitioning into just another left wing outlet……seems like everyone is transitioning these days…..nothing is what it seems to be….

  • Merchantseamen

    Quit watching O’Reilly years ago. Never like how he treated Michelle Malkin after she asked him for help. Remember she used to sub for him. Then she disappeared off Fox for awhile. She never went back on his show tho.

  • Sedona1952

    Everyone sign up for CRTV / Mark Levin. We want O’Reilly back or we are leaving

  • Edward Boothe

    Fox News is now totally controlled by the Sons of the Devil (John 8-43), and the white patriots left in this country have no where to go to on TV. This is another piece of the puzzle to eliminate the white race from this country and the world. Europe is gone, and the United States is not far behind. It seems as though the white race has lost it’s will to survive. Without the white race the world will go down in mushroom clouds, and the unfortunate ones will be those who survive. If the white race does not have the courage to stand up to the evil that is consuming this country, then they have no right to survive.

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