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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Chelsea Clinton Says Americans Were TOO SEXIST to Elect Her Mom


The left continues in denial. Leftists just can’t or won’t come to grips with the fact that Hillary Clinton lost because Americans have grown tired of the Democrats’ anti-American, globalist, socialist internationalism. Americans grew tired of the immigration inundation and the islamization it heralded. But the Clintons and their followers just cannot admit that they put forward a weak candidate with bad policies. And so the finger-pointing and excuses continue.

“Chelsea Clinton Says Americans Were Too Sexist to Elect Her Mom,” by Emily Zanotti, Heat Street, April 18, 2017:

Chelsea Clinton likes cheddar cheese and Twitter and hates that America can’t come to grips with what the Clinton Foundation actually does. Oh, and her mother lost because voters are sexist.

Speaking to Variety magazine (she graces the cover in a white t-shirt, motorcycle jacket and a lot of Photoshop work), Clinton says she’s definitely not interested in running for office, but if she were, she’d have to contend with American voters who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge exactly how much she and her family have contributed to their lives.

The former First Daughter says she was “not surprised” at the blatant sexism she encountered on the campaign trail with her mom, Hillary Clinton, and warned the magazine that the country is “going backwards” on civil liberties (though, it seems, Donald Trump has yet to provide Chelsea with any specific examples).

She is also dismayed, she told Variety, that Americans don’t understand what the Clinton Foundation does—and that the organization got a bad rap during her mother’s campaign.

“The lies were absolutely frustrating because the facts didn’t seem sufficient to put them to rest. I think that was so odd about the whole experience—either the truth was insufficient or people just didn’t care,” Chelsea claims. She says she “wishes” more people would have looked at the “facts,” including the Foundation’s tax filings.

The problem is, Chelsea, they did, and found that donors to the Foundation were often transacting in a type of quid pro quo scheme that earned them face time with important Clinton aides at the State Department. Even the New York Times expressed concern that your mom was using the Foundation as part of a plan to charge countries for favorable Obama Administration foreign policy….

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  • fred m

    Yeah, without her dad where would Kim Jong Un be now?

    • Ron Cole

      Is not Ʞämrəd KGU on the KKK* Slush Fund Board (SFB)?

      * KKK” Klinton Krime Klan

    • TD

      Chelsea Clinton: Playing the “VAGINA CARD”, just like her mom!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Yep. card board box and paper tits.

      • Drew the Infidel

        What’s that smell?

        • Sage Nighthawk

          That rotten fish smell is Hillary! LMMFAO

          • Drew the Infidel

            Did you hear about the blind guy who passed them on the street and said, “Good morning, ladies”?

        • Rob Porter

          “Rotting cabbages, farts and urine”, as John Podesta wrote – and now ‘they’ say he didn’t.

      • Rob Porter

        I always considered ‘plain Jane’ Chelsea not very bright and now again we have the evidence.

        • Drew the Infidel

          Agreed. She is living proof that light travels faster than sound. She looks bright at first but when you hear the insipid things she says, such is not the case.

  • Ron Cole

    It was intelligence not bad taste that rejected it*.

    * it: $hrillery/huma/soros

  • Gene

    Oh well, I’m too sexist to listen to anything Chelsea or Hillary have to say.

    • TD

      Does she have any products she sells like Ivanka…so we can boycott them like the left does to ms. Trump?
      Is Chelsea even capable of making a product or running a business?

      • NickandLynds

        Short answer: no

      • Joe1938

        Doesn’t have to cause she works for the “foundation” that is full of American petro dollars.

  • Robinske2

    Yes- it can be argued that “The Deplorables” that united to vote against your mother did so because they didn’t like women. The truth is- we deplorables didn’t like your evil mother. Hillary was the most corrupt individual to ever run for President and shockingly won the popular vote. This is a bad sign for America- that so many Americans will willingly vote for corruption so long as the corrupt will deliver on socialism.

    • movingwaters

      Well said. I do think that if Hillary won the popular vote, it was only managed through voter fraud. Still, a huge percentage of low info women voted for her. I am a woman; just not low info.

      It’s truly scary that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea are such good friends. I would love to bend Chelsea’s ear over coffee for one hour. These people need to get out of their element.

    • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

      I agree with everything you said except about her winning the popular vote. I am convinced that Trump won the LEGAL popular vote.

      • Sage Nighthawk

        Many millions who voted for Hillary have been proven to be dead or Illegals that voted even though they are not citizens! BUT Trump won the popular vote from the legal voters in America!

        • Drew the Infidel

          Agreed. Here in TX, after the election, it was discovered that a legal resident alien had voted in the past eight elections without the benefit of citizenship. She was deported back to Mexico.

    • Joe1938

      Maybe crooked Hillary won the popular vote but look where the votes came from…

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. Call this Chelsea’s “deplorables moment”, just like “Lie-awatha” Warren’s slanderous remarks about us Trump voters yesterday.

  • Yes, I donated hundreds of dollars to Sarah Palin because I’m just so sexist against women in politics. Them and their periods and frilly underpants and stuff.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Sigh, Sarah Palin is more of a woman that all the clintons combined, defiantly more of a man than billy goat the stud duck.

      • Lamarr01

        What SEX is Hillary? She is possessed by demons, evil spirits, satanic forces, brain damage, psychotropic drugs, alcohol abuse and a peculiar mental illness. I would believe she is inhabited by an alien shape-shifter before I would say she a women.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          She does have the outward appearance of any combination of several real or allegedly mythical creatures, as she has o’bimbo’s testicles in her hand… hard to tell.

    • spfg

      Me too. Bought her book and waited in line for 10 hours to get her to sign it. I must be the worst sexist ever!!

      • sodacrackers2

        For a minute there, I thought you were talking about Hillary’s book! ::whew::

        • Rob Porter


  • G P

    No way chels, everyone could see that she couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    Anyone who constantly lies is eventually found out and then ignored.

    America can be proud they spotted this shameless liar.

    She put up with a rutting dog for years hoping that if she bided her time she’d have a shot at the highest office in the land. Imagine her despair on election night realizing she has wasted her entire adult life; I’m surprised she didn’t commit suicide.

    • The Grim Reaper

      It’s not too late.

  • gfmucci

    Wrong, Chilly. We we too discriminating to want to order a crap sandwich.

  • az

    Right. Being a crook and a islamofascist’s whore, had nothing to do it.
    The right vagina, with big ovaries, could have won this. But that woman couldn’t ever be found among leftards and Islam lovers.

  • wildjew

    Chelsea doesn’t seem to consider her mother has innocent American blood on her hands.

  • swmntman

    Chelsea: “…refuse to acknowledge exactly how much she and her family have contributed to their lives…” — ahhh, no sweetie — we know exactly how much you and your family have contributed to our lives.

    • NickandLynds

      I thought that comment about her family contributing to our lives was the most arrogant and entitled statement I have ever heard. Chelsea Clinton is truly clueless about her fellow countrymen.

    • spfg

      The truth of the matter is Donald Trump outsmarted and outmaneuvered her during the campaign and excited his base.What did Hillary do to excite her base? Ah well hmmm…

      • Joe1938

        “What difference does it make”!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Sweetie, Americans came to their senses and voted for someone that is not a muslim tool. Did you have you genitals mutilated the same time you got your democrat lobotomy?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Maybe it was a two-for-one deal!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Could be with o’bimbo care vaginal lobotomies and brain mutilations were affordable to democrats.

  • Jackie

    Oh and calling moderate women “a basket of deplorables” because they were not part of the wealthy elite in NY, LA for SF – pretty sexist. Eff off Chelsey Hubble.

  • Whiteeagle

    Ohhh !!! Is Her Mom A Woman ???

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Yeah Shillariah being a pathological liar wouldn’t have anything to do w/people rejecting her would it?

  • Pray Hard

    Chelsea can fellate Erdogan in a threesome with Merkel while Trudeau watches and sweats.
    If that’s too naughty, I can add May, Turnbull and Hollande watching just to dilute it a bit.

    • NickandLynds

      Too funny!

  • NickandLynds

    If she’s honest, she meant to say America is too smart to elect her mother.

  • Andy Chow

    Can we drop Chelsea? Just stop talking about her.

  • Duchess of Pork

    “Lies,” “truth” and “facts” were exactly what the American public voted on Chelsea. 8 years of subterfuge and failed foreign policy from an administration in which your mother played a senior role had everything to do with that.

  • Pray Hard

    Please don’t support Chelsea Clinton’s attention whoring.

  • Jackie Puppet

    I’m wondering what, if anything, Chelsea has ever contributed toward Americans (good or bad); we know her parents contributed greatly to the impending demise of America, and we know NBC contributed $600 (or was it $750) thousand to her for doing a few creampuff “reports”.

    A lot of us just can’t stand Hillary because she’s a


  • Freethinker02

    Classic victimhood. Obama did the same thing. People couldn’t possibly abhor him because he has bad values. Oh, no. People abhorred him because he was (half) black.

  • Speak the Truth

    Instead of lecturing American voters about baseless accusations, Chelsea should lecture her mom about paying her male aides far more than her female aides.

  • Kiss It, Chelsea!

    Wonder if Chelsea is aware that her Daddy had to drop his trousers and have the cops take photos of his man-part as evidence in a sexual assault investigation? She may have been too young to know about it.
    She may not have been told that the deformity described by those he assaulted was confirmed by those photos.
    Classy lineage, Babe. Not.

  • Kiss It, Chelsea!!!

    I voted against her because of the Russians.

  • Borgward

    Yeah, sure Chelsea
    It wasn’t because the voters were too intelligent.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Just sexist ? C’mon Hubbell’s daughter, you can do better than that !!!

  • mackykam

    Hillary and sex in the same sentence? Calling Janet Reno…

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • HENCHMAN 0804

    The way she handled the emails was enough for me not to vote for her and that she is a Clinton.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    democrats are too stupid to attract American votes. Now that they are the official party of islam in America, they will attract less.

  • MM

    Benghazi was where she ordered Stevens to be killed and a Jewish female reporter was gang raped. But those lives aren’t lgbtq so why mention them, right?

  • Mary Seres

    What a joke, she literally has to say something like that after what her “supposed father” has done over the years, and in the White House as well.
    You should tell you mother to bring the dishes back to the WH. Chelsea, your looking more and more like Web Hubble these days.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Stupid statements such as this are how blonde jokes get started. Think about this: What fraction of the Trump agenda, accomplished in the first 100 days of his administration, would have been completed under a Clinton regime? The US has been lacking energetic leadership for far too long and having a President who may or may not be physically fit to defy the laws of gravity and get out of bed each morning is not the answer.

  • The Profit MoeHamHead

    I love it when Libtards continue to insult Americans and think they can with impunity.
    Obama was right. Elections have consequences and so do comments like from this horse face.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Chelsea was an ugly child and she’s an even more ugly adult. With that said, Chelsea is wrong, I don’t hate her mom because she has thick ankles like a lumberjack or a face like a prune and wears pant suits the size of a tent, I hate her mom because she represents everything destructive about the Democommie party that wishes to destroy this Republic.

    I took an oath when I was 18 years old to ” Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign, and DOMESTIC.” Hillary Clinton is an enemy of this Republic and our Constitution.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • durabo

    I would have gladly voted for an American version of French candidate Marine le Pen!

  • Mike

    If she is the daughter of Bill and Hill, she sure missed out on the intelligence gene transfer.

  • wpjokari

    the usual “bigot, racist, homophobe” multiculti P.C. slander to scare, intimidate and suppress conservatives (and whites).

  • Sage Nighthawk

    I wonder if Chelsea Hubble knows that her mother and Bill had her real father killed. Does she even know that her biological father is Webster Hubble? And is she also a pedophile like her mother & Bill Clinton and has she been to the Child Island? One thing is for sure, Chelsea has been indoctrinated by Hillary & Bill & she is a moron!

  • Joe1938
  • SK

    Just keep alienating the majority of Americans. It’s helpful.

  • Ruger 1

    Um.. Sorry there Chelse…But the Reason We American’s Didn’t Vote for Your Mother is that She Is a Lying, Murdering POS who Doesn’t care about Anyone or Anything Except Lining Her Own pocket and Has Sold Out this Country with Your Raping Pedophile Father and Both of Them Should be Tried for Treason and Hung Until They are Dead!!!!!! So if You want to know why the American People Didn’t Vote for Her…. That’s the Reason!!!!!!

  • spudmans1

    Is there no end to these disillusioned liberal egos? Their utter gall is simply incredible.

  • Stephen Honig

    Chelsea. When the truth hurts, you look for lies.

  • A chip off the old block – can’t see the truth and always blaming others.

  • crbynum

    Chelsea, please tell us one thing you or your mother have done for America.

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