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[ September 24, 2017 ]

LIVESTREAM VIDEO: Berkeley Free Speech Rally

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News Coverage on Berkeley Free Speech March

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Photos/Video: Free Speech Rally at Berkeley #WeOvercame

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Breitbart News: Milo Announces Troll Academy Tour, Publishing Pamela Geller’s ‘Fatwa’ Under Dangerous Books

[ September 24, 2017 ]

WE WILL MARCH ON BERKELEY today despite cancellation #weshallovercome

[ September 24, 2017 ]

South Africa: Muslim twins plotted jihad attacks on Jewish institutions

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Austria: 4,364 asylum applicants vanish

[ September 24, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim boys gang-rape 12-year-old girl in Sydney park

[ September 23, 2017 ]

FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

YOUTUBE Suspends, Deletes Pamela Geller’s Account

Deranged: Glenn Beck COUNTERSUES Blaze’s #1 host Tomi Lahren as Tomi wins victory against Beck in court


What a nut. Is there anyone Glenn is not suing?

First, the increasingly unhinged Glenn Beck shoots himself in the foot, suspending his number-one TV host, Tomi Lahren, for a difference of opinion on a political issue. Now he is counter-suing her to stop her from talking about it. It’s the height of absurdity: Lahren is the only thing the limping Blaze TV had going for it.

Tomi Lahren won a small victory Monday, as a Dallas County judge ordered Glenn Beck and his conservative media firm The Blaze to let her post to her Facebook page, where she has 4.3 million followers.  (more here)

I am not surprised at this pathetic attempt to shut down his Blaze star. She was outshining him. Lahren, the popular star of Beck’s TheBlaze TV, became the target of Beck’s rage after anger she expressed support for a woman’s right to choose on The View last month. Beck fired her, and she’s become the object of his rage and hate machine ever since.

Beck has never been an honest merchant. Even at the height of his popularity, many of us had our reservations for good reason. Beck was notorious for stealing our work and passing it off as his own. So his continuing slide downward is not surprising.

Beck has stolen Lahren’s Facebook page and her four million plus followers. He will not allow her to work, and now he is suing to make sure she is not allowed her to speak, while calling her “profane” and “divisive.”

Lahren pleaded with Beck: “Let me go. Let me move on,” adding that she feels “lost” after having her show and social media stripped from her. Not to mention her millions of followers and supporters, including me, who feel her absence most acutely. If Lahren were on the left, her contract would have been bought out and she’d be comfortably ensconced in a network chair.

Beck’s “media empire” has been burning down for some time now, and it is Beck himself who has set fire to it.

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Glenn Beck And The Blaze Are Countersuing Tomi Lahren

Photo of Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, April 18 2017:

Glenn Beck and The Blaze are countersuing Tomi Lahren, according to court documents filed on Monday and obtained by legal website

The countersuit, which claims that The Blaze is still paying Lahren, asks the court to prohibit Lahren from “making any public appearances without TheBlaze’s prior approval,” from publicly commenting about The Blaze and from “disparaging, criticizing, ridiculing, or making any negative comments about TheBlaze, Beck, or any of its or his employees or family members, or anyone else known by Lahren to be a friend or other associate of Beck.”

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd

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  • Jaime Allred

    Beck is holding Tomi in indefinite Suspension because of his Hate, Jealousy, and Control. He insulted all of his Trump supporting audience – still calling them and Trump Nazi, Dictator etc.. He used profanity when Cruz commented on Glenn’s show that he was supporting Trump for POTUS. Can the Audience he Insulted on the Airways sue Beck for Creating the Hate of the Left, Divisiveness, Chaos, and Riots??? **Beck singlehandedly, gave the Leftists /Anarchists their Talking Points by inciting Hate on ALL THE SUNDAY SHOWS!

    • Sued for what? The courts can’t resolve every issue.

    • Lee Hileman


      • Michael Garfinkel

        OK, give the man a drink, for God’s sake. He needs it.

    • Dorrie

      Beck’s reason has NOTHING to do with “hate, jealousy and control”… she is a fluid NUT JOB and he was right to suspend her! She claims she’s conservative, but is just fine with abortion!

      Where Beck went wrong was giving her a voice to begin with. He should have vetted her more carefully.

      • Rob Porter

        Dorrie, Beck has degenerated into an imbecile who talks just too much illogical drivel. I used to watch his show and now regard him a pure fool. The man is unbalanced, his hatred of Trump reminiscent of CNN. They recently had him on to spout his tripe and they were birds of a feather.

        • Dorrie

          Rob … while that is no doubt correct, the fact remains that Lahren is NOT conservative on any level. Beck belongs to a major cult, so his devolving isn’t unexpected.

      • Grant Woodside

        What gives you the right to decide whether a woman you have never met and probably never will, has an abortion or not ?
        What if the pregnancy is due to a rape, repeated sexual abuse…
        You have no right whatsoever to decide what a woman may decide to do with her life…
        Pro-Choice is the only choice
        She is pregnant, not you
        You decide for yourself
        Others will decide for themselves

        • Dorrie

          How about listening a couple minutes to what Ben Shapiro says to that very same question, Grant. He says it much better than I can.

          THEN you can tell me why YOU are willing to stand idly by while the most innocent are butchered. Killing for convenience MUST be stopped!

          • Grant Woodside

            OK, I watched Shapiro, powerful argument against abortion
            Still did not change my mind
            Shapiro has no right to rule the life of any woman
            Nor do you, nor do I
            Not every woman believes in God as you do
            They do indeed “decide for themselves”
            I am not “siding” with anyone
            I have no right to decide
            Only they can “decide for themselves”
            Please consider that the majority of abortions
            Are not for convenience
            Thank you for your concern
            I assure you I will not be in the Lake of Fire

          • Dorrie

            Grant, YOU don’t have the right to defend MURDER!

            May God have mercy on you! ANYONE who is pro-abortion will not spend eternity in the presence of God!

          • Grant Woodside

            Dorrie, YOU do not have the right to tell me or my 15 year old cousin
            Who was brutally raped and impregnated by a 40 year old pervert
            That she committed a crime by having an abortion
            YOU do not even know her, YOU have no idea what you are talking about
            I and her family support her 1 million percent
            If your so called God has the power to send us
            To your Lake of Fire, we will gladly go there together
            I think otherwise though, perhaps you
            So holier than thou should prepare yourself

          • Dorrie

            If you believe abortion is ok, indeed you WILL be…

      • Jaime Allred

        You must be a Beck Sycophant. That’s okay, because I was one not long ago.

        • Dorrie

          Read what I said about him, Jaime. I’m not a “Sycophant” of ANYONE or FOR anyone. Your use of the English language and your understanding of English seems to be very weak.

  • STQ

    Is Pam Gellar a Social Liberal?

    • DemocracyRules

      Pamela Geller is an independent thinker. She is very articulate in her views. There is nothing secret about her political philosophy.

      By far, the most striking thing about Pamela is that her thinking, and her website, are very independent. She is completely opposed to Islamists, Islamic fundamentalism, the Koran, the spread of Islamic hatred, and the Islamic war against the West and Israel.

      She relentlessly covers stories on that topic, while other websites ignore them.

      Most other conservative websites are not very independent in their thinking. They could easily cut and paste from each other’s stories all day, and no one would notice.

      Pamela Geller is different.

      • warpmine

        Okay, you can pull your lips off her ass now., LOL!

    • warpmine

      Sounds like it.

    • Dean

      Pam is an admirer of Ayn Rand, who also supported abortion rights but also advocated capitalistic positions more radical and consistent than conservatives along with being a consistent advocate of American exceptionalism. Rand’s categorical rejection of the regressive left would also include Islamic ideology, just like Pam and her admirers like me. I suspect that Rand’s opinion about abortion does not involve late term but that was not defined to my knowledge. I haven’t read Pam’s position but she can defend Tomi for many good reasons without agreeing with her on abortion. She is socially hip including a wide variety of music and musicians without being a leftist. Beck on the other hand tries to combine seriously conflicting positions of conservatism, libertarianism, Rand’s objectivism with specific references to her philosophy and religiosity, and it frequently gets weird.

  • Henry Hawk

    Beck is off his med’s again! ha ha ha!

  • Fred

    Pamela Geller for President 2024!

    Tomi Lahren VP!

    BECK to the nut house!

  • US.Patriot1776


    Andrew Breitbart: Glenn Beck “Screwed the Pooch”

  • Thomas Williams

    Glenn Beck needs this media controversy to stay in the TV Radio business and getting your attention by hook or crook.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    glen beck is a bit of dissipating flatulence in the winds of change. He is going to loose, then get really sued to the point that he will be only employable as a clown appearing at kid’s birthday parties.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Not my kid.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You are right, he isn’t all that funny.

  • Richard

    When Tom Leykis went off the air he still had two years left on his exclusive contract with Sony. A lot of his callers asked if he was going to start a new show and he explained to each and every one that his contract with Sony was exclusive and that they were paying him a LOT of money to not work. In effect his contract precluded him from going on the air for anybody else. He was quite comfortable with that, he bought a ranch in Santa Barbara and obliged his contract while the dough continued to roll in.

    Tomi’s contract sounds similarly exclusive to Leykis’s. The article is good in that it includes Beck’s suit in total. But what the reader really needs to see to decide for themselves if it is Tomi or Beck who should prevail is the contract between them.

    • Dean

      that was Tom’s choice and if Beck had remained silent and just kept Tomi off the air, she may have had no choice except to honor the contract, but the court does intervene when the terms of a contract are used to abuse and injure one party and she was being defamed and demeaned without having an opportunity to respond. Beck went from claiming to accept differences of opinion to attacking her to appease his conservative audience while using the contract to silence her. He is using contractual rights to silence his opposition just as he complains the regressive left uses their devices to silence their opposition, and his conduct has turned her difference of opinion into justifiable and serious opposition from her. Because of his abuse of what he thought were his contractual rights. she will be relieved of the contractual restrictions and allowed to terminate the contract and lose any financial contractual benefits remaining. Allowing her to use his social media property surprises me, it must involve recognizing some vested temporary property interests by reason of her past usage allowed by him, but i need to read the reasoning and case law, but once again his abusive conduct plays a part in that unusual order.

  • barrydonnelly

    Maybe if he started drinking Jack Daniels again it would unscramble his brain ( if it’s possible !)

  • warpmine

    Hey Pamela. Get your head out of your ass and breath!

  • Ray

    I don’t like Beck at all but why is there so much support for the fake conservative, pro baby killer, Tommi Lahren. I used to like her but that was before she showed her true self on “the view”. Why not support a real women and true conservative, Lauren Southern.

    • Lee Hileman


    • Udo Walter

      Ray what is a real women ? Real conservative women should be “Barefoot and pregnant” a figure of speech most commonly associated with the idea that women should not work outside the home and should have many children during their reproductive years. It has several other meanings as well. Ray are you a real man ? Get a life. 2017

      • Ray

        Hey, undo walter, Your mentality is showing through. Why don’t you GROW UP and GET A LIFE. Typical liberal. When all else fails-attack their manhood. Well, at least you are in the right party.

        • Udo Walter

          Hey Ray, got you going ,don’t I, be cool.

    • Dorrie

      Because people think that butchering the unborn is OK! And Lahren is one of them! She isn’t a conservative on any level!

      • Ray

        Hi Dorrie, Love your comment. Some people think it is OK to stop a beating heart. How about theirs first. I can’t imagine the black people that follow Oprah and the rest of the black left. They should read the truth about Margaret Sanger. But this is typical of most liberals. To lazy to investigate and learn something. Have a good day!

        • Dorrie

          Thanks, Ray. I wonder the same thing about people who think Oprah is so great – she believes there are many ways to God, however, so that alone puts her in the category of Pagan.

  • I used to watch and listen to Beck all the time, loved him, but then he went complete Loony Tunes and became someone totally different, full of hate and jealousy. I do hope he gets his life together, but I won’t bother listening to him ever again. Love Tomi and listen to her every chance I get! He Glenn, Jealousy comes from Satan, you have let him back into your life again.

  • Alleged Comment

    BECK lost it a long time ago. I knew he was losing it when he wouldn’t criticize the sodomite Negro from Kenya. I lost interest in him there.

    And what’s with the baby beard?

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Beck is awfully hard to watch – recently, as a guest on CNN, Beck told Anderson that he, Anderson Cooper, was the only honest voice on cable news.

      • Dorrie

        Got a link?

        • Michael Garfinkel

          No. I saw it on TV live about three weeks ago…

          • Dorrie

            By “going down”, please explain what that means to you.

      • Alleged Comment


        • Michael Garfinkel

          Yes, it happened.

          • Dorrie

            Again, please explain what “going down” means to you. Since you’re ignoring my question, I have a strong sense that you have NO idea what you’re talking about.


  • Drew the Infidel

    Fox News dumped Beck’s ass for good reason and just cause. Can anyone forget how his afternoon program degenerated into those ridiculous and monotonous locker room type “chalk talks”? I have sent emails to Fox News encouraging them to hire Tomi ASAP in the hope it produces results.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • Dorrie

      Nobody reads your all-caps post, sweet cheeks.

  • James Stamulis

    Glen Beck is a phony POS that has been working for the deep state for years and Andrew Brietbart saw through him before Obama had him murdered.

  • Dorrie

    I don’t know how Lehren could have won. She’s a total loonie bin! She calls her self a “Constitutional” … not ConstitutionalIST! She also claims to be a conservative, but is pro-abortion. Beck is right to give her the boot! I applaud him!

  • Pamela Olson

    Truth, facts and a contract is something Beck has long forgotten, and replaced these things with hyperbole, constant Never Trump-ism, and of course, he want and need for a messiah president who will bring the UsA under some sort of Christian theocracy. *smh. He’s gone to far in asking a court to silence a private citizen from critizing him or his supposed news network/program. I doubt he’ll get much more then a non discloser agreement as he pays out Tomi again and again for breech of contract, and if he’s not careful, harassment! The man has lost his way and his mind. Sad too…he was, WAS, a bright beacon for many and had some very good shows the provided history and context under the Obama administration. I knew he had changed as I listened to him rail on and on once Trump annouced and Beck lost his mind. Granted, I had stopped watching him regularly before that…but that incident, that wild eyed, screaming, face red, tear filled rant did it in for me and I never looked back. shame…truly a shame. May he learn his lesson, buck up, clean up his act and return to what he knows best, reviving his dying brand and his integrity.

  • John Snow

    I have no sympathy for any fool that supports the murder,dissection and sale of infants in the womb.Additionally she claims that if you are against abortion you cannot be a conservative. She has lost it drinking the lefts pro abortion kool aid. I hope Beck shuts her down and cleans out her bank account along with silencing her until her contract is up.

    • Dorrie

      Yep, I agree completely! She’s a lunatic wolf and isn’t even hiding in sheep’s clothing! She obviously has an I.Q. of right around 70.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Beck is almost done, does he have any viewers?

  • Steve

    What a vain person. Granted he has talent that got him where he is but he cannot stand it when anyone steals the limelight. He really began to lose it with Trump this past year when at some meeting – I believe it was Iowa – Trump arrived and all the media left Beck to talk to Trump.

  • Sunshine Kid

    His case has one big flaw: He FIRED her. Therefore, he cannot prohibit her working elsewhere, as HE broke the contract by the termination of her job.

  • expelled americans

    You don’t have to like Glenn Beck, but I am shocked and disturbed at the lengths Pamela Geller is going to defend Tomi Lahren for being pro baby killing.

  • MichaelB204

    The counterclaim reads coherently, logically, and presents a good case. Perhaps Beck’s greatest learning here will be about trusting beautiful women. It appears that his contract agreements should guard him well. This case highlights women’s plight in life by the details given: When a woman gives her body to a man she is also giving her body to a child for at least 9 months and she has no right to withdraw that commitment by murdering the child. When a man impregnates a woman his commitment should be a percentage of his income for the next 18 years and 9 months. The lack of embracing responsibility in family relations by our society is only exceeded by our elected officials in their lack of integrity. I have pondered how parental identification and responsibility could be enforced. A tangent concept is assessing family members some percentage of income to pay for incarceration. I observe that one of the more useful things government could do would be to keep family statistics and encourage family responsibility. I believe that honoring one’s parents and family is the most truly “politically correct” thing to do.

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