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Arizona Dem On Female Republican: ‘I Wanted To PUNCH HER In The THROAT!’


This savage epitomizes the left and the Democrat Party today: authoritarian, thuggish, inclined to violence, unable and unwilling to engage those whom he hates intellectually. He should be forced to resign immediately. Arizona Democrat leaders, if they had any integrity at all, should force him out. But they almost certainly won’t.

“Arizona Dem On Female Republican: ‘I Wanted To Punch Her In The Throat!,’” by Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, April 14, 2017:

A Democratic state representative in Arizona said he wanted to inflict violence on a female colleague in the state Senate because she sponsored legislation expanding the state’s school voucher program.

“I wanted to punch her in the throat!” Rep. Jesus Rubalcava wrote on Facebook about state Sen. Debbie Lesko, whose legislation was signed into law last week by Gov. Doug Ducey.

“As a survivor of domestic violence from a previous marriage, Representative Rubalcava’s Facebook post saying ‘I wanted to punch her in the throat’ was very disturbing and totally inappropriate especially since he is an elementary school teacher and legislator,” Lesko said in a statement to the Arizona Republic. “I hope in the future that he debates issues based on their merit in a civil manner.”

Rubalcava has since deleted the post, although screenshots of it were captured by local news organizations. He later apologized on the House floor for the comment, citing the fact that he was raised by a single mom, according to the Republic….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Did he want to punch his mother in the throat too, because the raised him that way? Another democrat fool caught in the spew that characterizes the violent islamic overtones of the democrat.

    • Cai

      And he is using the usual islamic cloak of victimhood – sickening pathetic wimp!!!

      • J Ian

        They are all the same: Feminists, Islamists, Fascists, Communists, etc.

    • J Ian

      If there was a father in that home, this would have never happend. But? Women got what they wanted. Generations of children, who have no respect for authority. Today, women have no respect for men. I put up with these Bitches every day in business. If your a man, your viewed as scum.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The only men that are viewed as scum are those who act like scum. A man will rise above adversity, if he is, in fact, a man.

        • J Ian

          Not when your up against a raging Narcissistic sociopathic wench – pure evil –

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are exceptions to every rule.

  • Jackie Puppet

    His mom should never have named him Jesus, because nobody can live up to Him.

    • St. Michael Defend Us

      His want is oddly Islamic for a man with his name.
      … (Umar) found the Prophet sitting sad and silent with his wives around him. … (Umar) decided to say something which would make the Prophet laugh, so he said, “Messenger of God, I wish you had seen the daughter of Kharija when she asked me for extra money and I got up and slapped her on the neck.” God’s messenger laughed and said, “They are around me as you see asking for extra money.” Abu Bakr then got up, went to A’isha and slapped her on the neck, and Umar did the same to Hafsa. (Mishkat Al-Masabih: vol. 2, p. 690; Muslim: bk. 9, no. 3506, Siddiqui)

      • SmithWinston6478


  • elton perkinsino

    Deport that ass…

  • Ellen

    Being raised by a single mom gives him permission to express violence toward women? Sorry – that’s not a good reason. Actually, there is NO good reason.

    • Karen M

      The single mom has nothing to do with it. The hispaniard culture he comes from probably does.

      • Jennifer McDavies

        Right and he wants to keep the gringo goodies coming. He is a Mexican indian, btw.

        • Commieobamie

          He’s a libTARD commie SLIME, and that’s a race (NOT!).

        • Joseph111

          FYI – the Mexican people are a combination of native Americans and the Spanish people who colonized them.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. I taught school with an Hispanic woman who divorced her Hispanic husband for domestic violence. She and her son had to sleep on the hallway floor as protection from his drive-by shootings during the divorce. It became final and he later was imprisoned for murdering his white girlfriend.

    • J Ian

      There are plenty of reasons. But, disagreeing on legislation is not one of them

  • Mark Steiner

    From the article: “He should be forced to resign immediately. Arizona Democrat leaders, if they had any integrity at all, should force him out. But they almost certainly won’t.”

    This is Arizona today. Illegals and far-left Californians inundating this once conservative state. Demographics have shifted radically to the Left in the last 10 years. The electorate also re-elected unstable John McCain. Senator Jeff Flake was pilloried for 2 1/2 hours by an unruly mob in Mesa a few nights ago. When people like this so-called demoncrat are elected into the State House, well – when will those who performed the ballot-box perversions either recall or take a righteous stand to eliminate this character in future elections? Never …

    A society far from God increases its perversions as the clock ticks.

    • Rocinante44

      i was born in the land of barry goldwater in the 1950’s and grew up there. i left there 40 years ago, and when i go back for visits, i’m in a foreign country. some nut-job mexican (are his mom and he even legal?) like this would have never made it to the state legislature in the state I grew up in. and let me say, many of adults who left their stamp on me when i was growing up were wonderful men who had been born in mexico but who would have been insulted to have someone refer to them as mexicans; they were americans. The spoke spanish at home and loved their culture, but they knew they’d left behind a toilet of a country called mexico for a much better life in america

  • Phil McKracken

    What does being raised by a single mom have to do with his violent aggression towards women?

    • Cai

      Just his victimhood excuse!!

  • NewsdogH2017

    The Dems are a Corrupt Globalist owned Party, They no longer represent America ! (Just ask 卐George Soros )

  • Rocinante44

    “teacher”? get your kids out the government school. that a hate-filled mexican woman-beater like this would ever be allowed into any classroom is disgusting

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    Coming from a brown squat monster, I expected nothing less.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Macho Man, likes to prove his manhood by beating up on helpless women.

  • berserker

    Rep. Jesus Rubalcava

    – The guy is named Jesus and called for violence. Time to change it to Mohammed and gently beat women with sticks.

  • Commieobamie

    He’s a feminist commie.

  • Craig

    Yes, we see the democrat fascist saying what he really thinks, for once. ESAD, POS democrat.

  • suqsid4

    Typical Democrat thug.

  • The godless Democrats have no Ladies or Gentlemen among them, only Gutter Slug Leeches. God is exposing Democrats for the violent, mindless scum that they have always been, but only now coming to view. When you Mock God, you will feel HIS wrath, as the satanic DemonCraps are now feeling.

  • Janet

    Democrats really have no class at all! They showed their true colors when they refused to stand and honor a dead Navy Seal and his widow. Talk about ignorant! After that anything else they do is no surprise. All you can expect from a pig is a grunt!

  • Alleged Comment

    Figures – A Demoncrap.

  • Willik

    Another ‘brave’ liberal advocating violence against a woman. He hasn’t the guts to approach a man with the same threat.

    Arm the woman then let him make the same threat once again. She’ll probably blow his nether regions into the ether.

    • jim

      Isn’t AZ a no permit concealed carry state? I would think it a bad idea to go around punching women. “In the throat”? A fatal strike which would justify a fatal response. Two in the boiler room, one in the brain(less)case

    • Cai

      What a delightful mental picture that creates :-)

  • Joseph111

    this man needs to be removed from office for his ethical violations – he forgets that the district he represents includes both republicans and democrats, and ostracizing one group of constituents is in violation of the Arizona constitution.

  • Robert Batchelor

    As usual, a liberal is caught stating exactly how they feel and they’re forced to apologize—not because they want to but because they got caught. All liberals, lefties, Democrats—they’re all despicable and need to be defeated.

  • Fred8512

    Lying thug POS.

  • reggiec

    The left has almost completely taken over public education in their effort to indoctrinate our kids with Progressive, marxist ideology. Anything that removes our kids from their indoctrination mills, they believe, must be fought against and destroyed.
    Rep. Jesus Rubalcava’s statement is a perfect example of how adamant they are in preventing concerned parents from removing their kids from public school indoctrination.

  • GI Joe

    I am ashamed that this sorry excuse for a man is a representative in the Arizona state legislature. I left my native California because ITS legislature had gone utterly insane, in collusion with the governor. This CLEARLY violent scum sucker should be investigated by the ethics committee and, if (more likely when) sufficient evidence is found, he should be impeached and, upon conviction, removed permanently from public office. The political environment is volatile and violent enough without the people’s representatives loosing their minds too.

    And what a miserable excuse he tried to hide behind. There are a LOT of men raised by single mothers that are not violent. And yet he blames his violent fantasy on his lack of a father? What a piece of crap this thug is to do such a thing. He’s hiding behind his mother’s apron while blaming her for his rotten mind.

  • notme123

    He should be arrested. He publicly threatened her.

    • Alleged Comment

      If he was white he would be arrested and made a public mockery of by every MSM news outlet.

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    Come the Mid-Term elections in 2018, The corrals at the Senate and House in DC are going to be lonely environments if you wear the Democrat brand! Yippy Yi Oh Kai A!

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    I hear that the Democrats are trying to smuggle Assad out of Syria and declare him Leader of the Democrat National Committee. He has done such a great job of murdering his own countrymen, the Democrats want him here to do the same to Conservative Republicans! That way the Democrats might have a chance at winning the next presidency.

  • J Ian

    Notice the last part of the comment. “He was raised by a single mother” -I have always stated, that once you remove the father from the home, or diminish is authority in the home, the children become disoriented, and cannot distinguish between right and wrong. Feminism is cancer.

  • joe1429

    If reversed, the repub would be forced to resign

  • Merchantseamen

    Always with the excuses. A coward in the most basic terms. She should walk right up to him in front of God and everyone and call him out. If he stutters or comes up with some flimsy “I was raised by a single mother” B. S. she should call him a coward flip her hair and turn and walk away. You go girl. We must call these clowns out for what they are.

  • hal8196

    The left must always blame someone else for their bad behavior.

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