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The Left’s War on America: ACA, ANTI-TRUMP, BLM Protests – April Fools Day NYC


The unending Trump protests are part of the left’s strategy to overthrow our duly elected government. The left will not accept the will of the people.

April 1, 2017. A Three Event Day, it could have been a four, but that would be way too much “fun.” After the March For Health, the April Fools Parade and my afternoon jaunt with the BLM Commies, I had no regrets for having skipped the “Peoples Filibuster.”

FIRST up (for me) was the Noon-ish March For Health-NYC.

However, it was not at Trump Tower as expected.

Nope. I found them at Fifth Avenue and 58th, in front of the Apple Store. (A location the NYPD is using more and more) just as they were leaving their pen.

They were marching  across Central Park South to Central Park West (and 61st) (another location now preferred by the NYPD).

Had to run to catch them since this was no slow procession.

Nope. This was a FAST march past Central Park.

Once I caught up, found a few pithy signs, but you had to be QUICK to read or take a picture. Geez, this was one serious speed-walk march-for-your-health.


[see a few more signs in slide show]


Once at 61st, the March For Health had arranged speakers. But these speeches would surely hold no surprises.

Same ol’ Same ol’.

SO …. I headed back for the SECOND protest- aka -“Parade.” Billed as “The 32nd Annual April Fools Parade: “Make Russia Great Again.

Claiming to be the largest gathering of Trump Look-a-likes. Not by a LONG shot. This was the parade … with just a smattering of Trump masks.

It was pretty lame and tame, this FOOLS Day Parade.


Except for the TRUMP OUTHOUSE. That was a winner. Potty humor and the cameras went wild.

[See Slide show for a few more pictures]


Oh, yes, and there was an unexpected guest …. a familiar Trump supporter. With his Trump in 2020 flag held high, he greeted the “parade” as they arrived at Trump Tower.

Took a few more pictures, listened to the 2020 Trump-guy respond as the April Fools challenged his veracity and intelligence. (see excerpts in video)

Finally the APRIL FOOLS “Parade” marched slowly down Fifth Ave to Washington square; SLOWLY thanks to the awkwardly mobile outhouse.

Not expecting Washington Sq to be much more exciting , I went inside Trump Tower, scanned and approved, for a brief respite in our NYC “White House”

THEN – Next Stop – 2 pm as the Black Lives Matter and their Comrades-in-Red gathered in Herald Square. Today, they demanded an END to Trump and de Blasio’s War on Black People. (like this was a new topic of protest)

Found the ubiquitous NYC Soc/Commie/Leftists approaching from 32nd St.

Signs held high. Purveyors of Anarchy. Promoters of Racism.

FULL of unmasked hatred for our police and ICE

(Immigration Law is BAD)

And,of course, white people. If you are Black or Brown: Resist!

[VIDEO has a few of their racist chants and one brave American who tried to talk LOGIC]

They sure do hate Red Bill de Blasio. (More than Trump, perhaps?)

Like many Marxist-led protests this crowd was comprised of many 20-somethings. Reseeding their stock. (The guy in brown sweat-shirt TRIED to talk sense to them.)

Smugly snookered into shilling for violence in our streets. DEAF and BLIND to all logic. ABOLISH the NYPD! Yeah. That’s the ticket.

[Slide show  of a few more pictures]


Easter Weekend. Tax Day. Passover. It’s going to be another busy weekend. Like I said: They. Never. Stop.

++Pictures and video Property of Pamela Hall++

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  • Charles J. Kollman

    These protesters are progressive liberal socialists. They want the government to care for them and all must be free with no working for it. If these ass-holes would look across the pond they would learn socialism does not work. Now i am not talking out of my ass prof of evidence for this is the socialist State the capital for socialism The Soviet Union collapsed officially Dec 1991.

  • knightsstrength

    What a mess our people are in that will not give an elected President a fair go.

    The battle is world wide. What we must not forget it is Easter and Christ died for our freedom to anyone who accepts his grace.

    All these demonstrators should think before destroying Christianity in countries. What you lose is Christmas, Easter Holidays, and some also given extra days. Penality rates go, no Carol singing. People will lose business, even manufactures who benefit from supplying Christmas gifts, food, Easter Eggs and many will lose jibs, even in transport, tourism and many others

    While every one is battling, I still seek the truth to world events, and I go down many paths of discovery. Going back over issues time and time again learning new things, new words

    Had heard some time aho Vatican was trying to heal damages, also Othodox Churches tring to heal the devision. Then we have the Baptist and other churches all confusing. What ever there is no part for Islam, and one must understand the word Catholic that confusrd me the other day when we mention Catholic we think of Roman Catholic Church. In listening to the differences on Eastern and Oriental whem the word Catholic used, I backed away from Greek Orthodox. In short Catholic means universal. What we know as Catholic people should always use Roman.

    My foundation lies in Christ that he is the son of God who was there in the beginning. The Churches are divided on the question of the Trinity. Baptism, Forgiveness, as I learnt some of the Churches try and resolve issues. People should understand Christ ecisted before he became man, but ket you discover that from the Bible. Just like Ice, Water, Steam, they are the same in different form, take any one of those out it effects so much.

    There was a reason why God became Christ as man, was to bring the Word of God amongst us that was there in the beginning. To have the Word is God himself.

    Let you all get your head around that, and some of the below, but all honor Christ in prayer

    But learn about the differrnces in the Churches

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Black people are their own worst oppressors, they settle for welfare payments of peasants when they could be masters in their own house, but, that would require intelligence, something slaves do not have, same as work, another thing the “bread and ball games” class have sold for peanuts, the food of monkeys.

  • Gizmo

    De Blasio is against blacks? Hilarious. I’m surprised he wasn’t leading the BLM march.

    Nice report, Pamela Hall. Keep ’em comin’. 😃

  • bannedquran20

    Traitors, the lot of them.

  • Christian Gains

    NYC…the NEW septic tank of USA! Soon, they’ll flush the toilet, and drown D.C.!!!

    • Drew the Infidel

      They will need to flush twice. DC is uphill.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Notice two things here: 1) The usual leftist demands of “free” everything for everybody. Free, my ass,someone else has to pay for it, and 2) The commercially produced protest signs among the homemade ones. They are produced and distributed by leftist special interest groups, in this case international labor organizations (People Power Association) and racially charged BLM.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    They will accept the present administration or else.

  • satcatcher

    And we all can thank George Soros for funding all this hate.

  • sodacrackers2

    Is it possible for half of the world to go insane?

    • RayG1

      Naw! It’s about 40%. Liberals have always been in the minority, but they make about 85% of the noise.

      • sodacrackers2

        True that! 🙃

  • joe1429

    Cant wait until the trump admin cuts 700 mil this sept from libtard nyc

  • Merchantseamen

    Well………The health nuts are just lazy. They do not want to work they want someone else to provide all their healthcare. The second segment AprilFoolsDayParade says it all. The third ? BLM If you did not have such a screwed up culture (there I said it). Then people would not be afraid of you and give you the stink eye when there is more that 3 of you in a pack. I stink eye the muzzies the same way or any other group that has a “on the edge” culture including Ridge Running Rednecks. “And I are one of those.” Look it up if you don’t know what that is.

  • Black Opal

    Damn right. We never stop. Conservatives have no future here. 😊

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