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King Abdullah of Jordan: “The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy”


Erdogan is working to conquer and Islamize Europe, with the willing help of his stooges, in the EU, most notably Angela Merkel.

“The King of Jordan claims Turkish President has a hand in terrorism,” by Oskar Aanmoen, Royal Central, March 26, 2017:

The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “believes in a radical Islamic solution to the problems in the region and the fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy, and Turkey keeps getting a slap on the hand, but they get off the hook”, writes His Majesty King Abdullah of Jordan in a leaked memo.

It is the British newspaper, The Guardian who published the memo from King Abdullah. The memo is around one-year-old, and much has happened since the King of Jordan claimed that Turkey sends terrorists to Europe as part of state policy. Jordanian embassies in London and Washington did not comment on the leaks.

The leaked memo indicates the US lawmakers were personally briefed by His Majesty King Abdullah in January 2016 about plans for Jordan’s special forces to operate in Libya alongside with British SAS-troops. The memo also states that His Majesty met with US congressional leaders which include John McCain and speaker, Paul Ryan.

Six years of fighting in Syria have dramatically affected the Kingdom of Jordan, which has taken in more than 630,000 Syrian refugees, and His Majesty has repeatedly called for decisive action to end the conflict. His Majesty the King has said, “The problem is bigger than the Islamic State, this is a third world war, and this is Christians, Jews working with Muslims against outlaws.”…

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Erdogan knows how to play the stooges, suckers, liberals, socialists and democrats, he has them dancing to his tune. The only result will be the unstable violence of the middle east has now expanded into western europe, where it is welcomed by suicidal europeans who are so disinterested in life that they prefer islam.

  • Kittee

    Abdullah is rightly concerned. A weak Europe/West he knows puts his country in eventual danger too.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      But would that be his country he’s concerned about or his own monarchy?

      • Kittee

        Doesn’t really matter does it. He knows as a Muslim which side his bread is buttered.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Gee King Abdullah, why don’t you tell us kafir al najjis how your muslum theocracy bans Jews from ever being citizens — as evidenced by your own constitution?

  • Poppey

    A few much needed points about this young man, like his father, King Abdullah was educated at the Sandhurst Military Academy in England, his mother was English, Toni Gardener was her name, I remember her marriage to his father.

    Both men are/were survivors in that part of the world, political and military, neither would have survived without the support of their natives, the local tribesmen. The influence of the British has ensured a large measure of peaceful co-operation between Jordan and Israel which led in time to a peace treaty, this is the dividend of protecting a pro western leader surrounded by his many political and theocratic enemies. It pleases Israel to supply fresh water to Jordan and it’s worth remembering that as far as I know, Hamas or the others are not allowed to fire rockets into Israel from there or build tunnels under the border. I’m sure Israel is grateful for this.

    The very fact that his kingdom has taken in over 600,000 refugees while the Saudi’s have taken non should be worth a nod from his detractors in America, he is also aiding the fight against ISIS and has been for some time.

    This might come as news to some on here, but not everyone in the near East should be considered a “wog”.
    IF his house and Kingdom should fall, Israel WOULD be surrounded and a truly important moderating pro Western influence out there would be lost for good.

    Turkey and Erdogan the West can afford to lose, a Turk remains a Turk, Jordan and Abdullah remain an asset.

    • He is one of the few voices of Reason and Intelligence within the Mideast.

      • Cai

        ‘He is one of the few voices of Reason and Intelligence within the Mideast.’

        Interesting what 50% British Genetics can produce!!

    • GeorgeRomero

      Thank you for your information and wisdom

  • Ari

    Hard talk. The governments know much more than the media will ever tell us.

    “The fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy”
    A Greek TV news presenter in the picture.

    • Simba

      She does look scared.

  • I would love to live long enough to read Obama, HiLIARy, and Erdogan’s obituaries and it would be fantastic if they went to print in the very near future.

    • foundingfathersfollower

      …….I wouldn’t mind reading george soros obituary………….

  • santashandler

    If Jordan has taken in “630,000” refugess and the rest of Europe has taken in millions, how many are left in Syria, 200? Why doesn’t Abdullah deal with Erdogan himself if he thinks he’s behind all that.

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