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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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More than 17,000 Muslim terror suspects monitored in France in ONE MONTH


The scale is unimaginable, an army has landed in Europe.

And despite our warnings — for years — my colleagues and I were demonized, libeled and defamed — because of our warnings.

It is only a matter of time.

More than 17,000 terror suspects monitored in France in ONE MONTH

MORE than 17,000 terror suspects have been monitored by French authorities in the last month alone, new figures reveal.

By Patrick Christys, The Express, Apr 14, 2017:

This could pose a serious threat to Britain, with France just 20 miles (33km) away across the Channel and Islamic State militants known to be targeting London and other regions.

The French Senate announced the results of the “Prevention of Radicalism and Regional Authorities” report yesterday, showing 17,393 people have been listed as terror suspects since the beginning of March.

A total of 2,046 French citizens fled to Syria and Iraq to fight for terrorist groups in the Middle East, the report also shows – 249 of those are now believed to be dead.

A breakdown of the report shows 7,400 individuals were reported by the Security Chiefs of Staff, 5,346 by the public and 5,799 individuals were registered by police or gendarmerie.French authorities said they were not all being constantly monitored, rather some were scrutinised at regular intervals.

ISIS terrorists have been honing their sights on an attack on a ferry crossing the Channel, according to senior security sources, which has lead to an increase in armed guards at the Calais border.

They believe they can get terrorists into Britain via a ferry

Senior security source

The initial threat emerged last summer but, with the hot season fast approaching, it is possible the jihadis have reaffirmed their murderous desires.A senior security source, confirming the attacks had been planned last year, said: “The presence of the police and soldiers near Calais is very alarming – there’s nothing routine about it.
This could pose a serious threat to Britain, with France just 20 miles (33km) away
“Apparently they are at a high state of alert because there is a fear of jihadists getting on to a ferry headed for Britain and executing people on the ship.“It is also possible that ISIS may have been told security has in the past been reasonably lax so they believe they can get terrorists into Britain via a ferry.”

France’s attempts to guard against terror are in tatters after numerous deadly attacks, most notably the Nice and Paris atrocities, which killed more than 200 people combined.

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  • berserker

    An American immigration lawyer in a recent interview said that just because some people are being monitored that does not mean that they are terrorists. He then advocated for more immigration :)

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good idea, America needs more immigrants from the far east, as they have a work ethic, assimilate, only allow ones that are not muslims in.

  • Citizen 1949

    Just look at all the man power and money spent having to monitor these barbarians that could have been saved if the muslims had not been allowed to enter in the first place. Just look at the lives that could have been saved had they not been in the country. If a French citizen leaves to fight for ISIS take away their citizenship and don’t let them back in. Islam is not compatible with a civilized Western society, things can only end badly as they are now. It’s hard to have a muslim problem if you don’t have any muslims.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    One of the problems is subconscious projection. By such projection, French liberals perceive Muslims as being similar to themselves, sharing their humane values, not realizing that Islam inverts Judeo-Christian values, turning their followers into demons, lower even than the animals.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So what? Monitor, observe, then ignore and disregard any danger signs seen. This “monitoring” is an exercise in futility.

  • Ari

    In Finland the number is 350 terror suspects monitored by Finnish authorities, probably most of them muslims. (April 2017)
    An Al Jazeera TV news presenter in the picture.

  • NoTreading

    Monitored? There’s your problem. Try deporting.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    That’s it, just keep watching them. I’m sure they dare not do anything bad while the authorities are watching!!
    How pathetic Western governments have allowed themselves to become.

  • sportyone

    The situation is farcical. What are the resources required to monitor 17,000 lunatics who want to take your culture and society down? Anyone with even an inkling of what muslims are about could see that these people are the worst types you could invite into your country- but invited they have been and not in dribs & drabs, but via wholesale importation through hyper-flawed refugee programs. The leaders of Europe have a death wish for their people, to the point that they curb freedoms of speech so as to keep the flow of ‘refugees’ moving and their countries utterly annihilated in due course.

    • Shiela Shales

      sounds like whats happening in Canada.. Trudeau trying to kill Caadians

    • Diane

      They want all of us fighting each other all over the world so we kill each other and save them having to do it all. The New World Order wants to depopulate the earth from over 7 Billion down to 500 million people left. Google the Georgia Guidestones,

  • karl59

    Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.
    ——-Alexander the Great (356BC-323BC)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      It was Alexander’s father, Phillip who ended the great experiment into democracy in Athens.

  • Craig

    France did not shoot nor deport the terrorists. Oh, it’s France…………..

  • Dorrie

    They need to load those puppies onto a large ship, take it to the middle of the sea and push them overboard. I wonder how long they can tread water…

  • Fred Alexander

    Islam Must Be Banned
    Islam in all forms needs to be banned by law (as the crime ideology it is) and rejected if the world/humans want to survive in peace on this planet. Muslims contribution to society in recent and past years has been murder and mayhem, based on the life of Mohammed who if born today would be diagnosed as a sex addict, pedophile, delusional, narcissistic and having epileptic fits (sorry Mo. Allah was not trying to reach you.) Islam is the greatest killing machine in the history of mankind, bar none.

  • Hook

    Good bye France.
    You don’t deserve the country others fought for and liberated for you.

  • Janet

    This country needs Le Pen! She can try to undo some of the damage of the leftist loons and stop the Islamification of France. Another liberal leader and this country is doomed!

  • Alleged Comment

    Imagine that? In easier way is to REMOVE about 700 lying mentally-ill politicians and you can solve the problem better and easier that way.

  • France & Karma

    Le Pen makes excuses when she refused to acknowledge Frances role in sending Jews to the camps during the holocaust. France first shipped the Jews to the south and from there to the camps.

    France has a long history of anti-Semitsm that cannot be denied and most Jews who live in France do not admit they are Jewish because they are afraid and the anti-Jewish atmospher in France.

    France is getting what it deserves. lol

  • Diane

    Obama already has an army of Muslims here and they have training camps all over the country. Besides the ones that just walked over the Border, he was sneaking them in by the plane loads according to a couple pilots who quit their jobs because of it. They were given no information who their passengers were and they were not allowed to ask any questions. They were always rough looking Muslim men. They had to taxi straight to the hanger to unload the planes and there were buses lined up waiting. They were given American clothes and handed money then sent to the buses.

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