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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Trump’s Afghanistan speech: mentioned “terrorists” 16 times but for 1st time left out word “Islamic”

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Unfit for Duty: Gorka and McMaster


One of the key issues that President Trump campaigned on (and won on) was finally addressing jihad and sharia in an honest and forthright manner. And while I have cringed a bit when I hear President Trump use the term “radical Islamic terrorism,” it is light years ahead of what President Obama or President Bush ever said. President Bush used the term “islamofacsist” once, and was beaten back so brutally by jihad-linked Islamic groups such as CAIR that he never said it again. Is that any way to win a war? And radical Islam is ….redundant.

Mike Flynn’s resignation was a major setback, but the selection of Hayward (who refused it) and then McMaster indicated that President Trump was caving to RINO establishment dhimmitude. McMaster claims using the watered down term “radical Islamic terrorism” is unhelpful — not because it is diluted, but because it isn’t accurate, because the terrorists are “un-Islamic.” Madness.

Sebastian Gorka peddles a false narrative as well. Speaking at CPAC this last weekend, Sebastian Gorka stated: “Zuhdi (Jasser) knows it better than anybody because he understands that this isn’t about poverty or lack of education. It’s about people who are fighting for the soul of Islam – not a war with Islam, but a war inside Islam; as King Abdullah, as General Sisi has said, for which version is going to win.”

This is absurd. First off, Jasser lives in his own Islam — considered heretical. He would be killed as a “hypocrite” and “apostate” under Islamic law. He’s been kicked out of his mosque twice. We have crossed swords before and battled about his fallacies here.
“There are Muslims across the world who share our values,” Jasser, himself a Muslim said. “We’re a diverse global population with ideas that span from fundamentalist, to orthodox, to liberal, to secular.” Gorka, citing the example of a Muslim Jordanian pilot who had been burned to death in a cage by ISIS a few years ago, agreed. “This idea that we’re at war with Islam is really fallacious,” he said. “Because what’s the religion of the guy in a cage who was burnt alive. He’s not a Baptist. He’s not a Hindu. He’s not an Episcopalian.”
Is Gorka for real? The Jordanian pilot was brutally murdered because he wasn’t Muslim enough. The ISIS opposes Jordan because they work with the US and have made peace with Israel — a shaky peace, but peace nonetheless.
I suspect that Trump’s new immigration policy with respect to Muslim migrants from jihad nations will be watered down to the point of irrelevancy.

Huge thanks here to Mr. John Guandolo for his much-needed analysis on these terrible appointments. Gaundolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who took a commission as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He served with 2d Battalion 2d Marines as an Infantry Platoon Commander in combat Operations Desert Shield/Storm. From 1991-1996, he served in 2d Force Reconnaissance Company as a Platoon Commander, Assistant Operations Officer, and the unit’s Airborne and Diving Officer. During this time, he also deployed to the Adriatic/Bosnia. He served for one year as the Unit Leader for the CINC’s In-Extremis Force, directly reporting to a Combatant Commander in a classified mission profile. Mr. Guandolo was a combat diver, military free-fall parachutist, and a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School.

Unfit for Duty

By John Guandolo, Understanding the Threat

The new National Security Advisor – Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster – and the Counter-Terrorism advisor to the President of the United States – Sebastian Gorka – both unequivocally state the “terrorist” threat America faces has nothing to do with “true” Islam.

Both men are catastrophically wrong and, therefore, are leading America down a disastrous road towards defeat.


The New York Times, Guardian, and CNN all report Lt General McMaster told members of the National Security Council Thursday he felt “radical Islamic terrorism” was an unhelpful way to describe terrorism because becoming a terrorist is actually “un-Islamic” in the first place.

In a talk he gave at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in May 2016, LtGen McMaster said, “There is a cycle going on where groups like ISIL, who use this irreligious ideology, you know, this perverted interpretation of religion to justify violence, they depend on ignorance and the ability to recruit vulnerable segments of populations to foment hatred, then use that hatred to justify violence against innocents.”

This is incoherent and factually wrong.  LtGen McMaster wrote a book entitled “Dereliction of Duty.”  He may want to look in the mirror to see if he is doing the same thing in this war he accused President Johnson of doing in Vietnam.

100% of all Islamic doctrine, from elementary, junior high, and high school Islamic text books as well as the highest authorities in Islamic jurisprudence, to include Al Azhar University in Egypt, all clearly and doctrinally state Islam is a “complete way of life (social, cultural, political, military, religious)” governed by sharia (Islamic Law).  100% of all sharia mandates jihad until the world is under Islamic rule, and 100% of sharia only defines “jihad” as warfare against non-Muslims.

“The duty of the Muslim citizen is to be loyal to the Islamic state.”

What Islam is All About  (most widely used junior high text book in U.S. Islamic schools)

The violence Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Boston bombers, the attackers in Paris, the Fort Lauderdale shooter, and all the jihadis we have faced over the past 20 years quote authoritative Islamic doctrine in support of what they do.  Al Qaeda and ISIS have never misquoted sharia in furtherance of their actions.

In the last 15 years it has been made clear – the more muslims study Islam and sharia, the more likely they are to support and participate in jihad.

So the questions remains…what the hell is Lieutenant General McMaster talking about because he is not talking truthfully about a real and present danger to these United States?  He is doing exactly what our enemy wants him to do – creating an imaginary target for us to chase while our real enemy prepares to defeat us.

Nearly 16 years after 9/11, the Global Islamic Movement has taken down nations, expanded its power, and defeated the United States in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because leaders like McMaster decided they were too busy to stop and learn the enemy threat doctrine – Sharia – and instead have been given a counterfactual understanding of our enemy by Islamic advisors who are all batting for the other team.

The President’s Counterterrorism advisor, Sebastian Gorka, is “over the moon” LtGen McMaster is the new National Security Advisor.  However, Gorka’s lack of honesty about the Islamic threat raises much more serious questions.

Some have been lulled into believing he is on the right track because he uttered the word “jihad” but defeating this enemy takes more than pretending to know what you are talking about.

Speaking at CPAC this past weekend, Gorka stated:  “Zuhdi (Jasser) knows it better than anybody because he understands that this isn’t about poverty or lack of education. It’s about people who are fighting for the soul of Islam – not a war with Islam, but a war inside Islam; as King Abdullah, as General Sisi has said, for which version is going to win.”

Utter nonsense.  There is one version of Islam and one Sharia.  To say otherwise is to be factually wrong, but also dangerous when national strategies are being built off that utter nonsense.

When one’s duties include national security responsibilities, one has a professional duty to know the enemy or do due diligence to know the enemy.  To fail to do so makes one professionally negligent in one’s duties.  When people die (Ft Lauderdale, Boston, Orlando, Ft Hood…) because a person is unprofessional in his/her duties it is called “criminal negligence” and doctors and lawyers go to jail for such behavior.

Several years ago at a town hall presentation hosted by Washington, D.C. radio station WMAL, Sebastian Gorka stated “99.9% of muslims do not support terrorism (jihad)” despite a mountain of evidence and polling data proving this comment untrue, and the fact the entire purpose of Islam is to wage jihad until the world is dominated by Islamic rule (sharia).

Dr. Gorka also writes in his book, Defeating Jihad, we are not at war with Islam (p.129) but our enemy is “the ideology of takfiri jihad” (p.123).

No muslim jihadi who fought on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else, nor any of the jihadis who have died in Europe in the United States attacking us nor the jihadis we have arrested have said they are “takfiri jihadis.”  They have said they are “Muslims” waging “Jihad in the cause of Allah” to “establish a caliphate under sharia.”

This is what Islamic doctrine commands them to do.

On page 144 of his book, Gorka ends with the call for the United States to spend billions of dollars supporting “Muslim reformers” in their “ideological war to delegitimize the message of holy war against the infidel and bolster modern interpretations of Islam.”  This demonstrates Sebastian Gorka is either completely free of any clue of Islamic doctrine or is intentionally lying about what Islam actually teaches.
Since these ideas and strategies to use “moderate Muslims” to ensure the “other version” of Islam wins are based in fantasy not reality, these policies will necessarily fail – and have failed the United States for 15 years.
Is that Dr. Gorka’s intention?  Does he not know that strategies to win a war must be based in the reality of who the enemy is?  Why would Sebastian Gorka put forth such and idea when he knows what he is saying is untrue?
Is it possible Dr. Gorka has remained strategically incoherent for 15 years during this global war?  Is he working on behalf of some outside entity to intentionally mislead the President of the United States, or is he is simply putting his paycheck ahead of the American people and his duty.
The United States will lose this war against the Global Islamic Movement if we do not clearly define the enemy and target the enemy.  We cannot hit a target we do not identify and cannot defeat an enemy we do not target.
Our warfighting doctrine calls for an analysis of our enemy based on how the enemy defines itself.  We begin our analysis there.  Something we have not done since 9/11/01.  If we did, our entire national security apparatus, including our military, would have been studying and teaching authoritative sharia and more of our soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen would be alive today because of it.
Keeping LtGen McMaster and Sebastian Gorka in their current positions will ensure America remains strategically incoherent and will guarantee our defeat in this war against the Global Islamic Movement.
As always, this war will be won or lost at the local level because our federal government is still failing us.
  • ✞Servant✞

    Yes… It’s sad. I do not know what is going on with Trump’s appointments, but it’s not good.

    • sodacrackers2

      Give him and his appointments a chance. They are facing a great evil, and it is not only Islam, but the global elite, who are more than willing to use Islam for their own nefarious purposes.

      • Fluff

        Exactly! Islam would not really be a threat were it not for it’s empowerment by these elites.

  • Mangler

    I agree, Flynn is a major loss. Whilst I am not surprised in McMaster, I am disappointed to learn this about Gorka.

    • Suresh

      Agree ! And what will you do with 3 million muslims living within America who follow the same idealogy, the koran, hadiths that ISIS follows ?

      Media , RINO’s, Left/Liberals do not have balls to speak against jihadis/sharia law and often paid to shill for islam.

      They will cover up jihadi attacks like this …….. or play down to please their saudi/OIC/soros paymaster .

      And they are clueless about saving their own women and children from jihadis

      Unless you make it illegal for Lobbyists from all muslim countries there will politicians, college admins, bureaucrats and Media who will shill for and help advance islam in America .. drip by drip.

    • ladywarrior

      Hold your opinion till you find out everything. Obama’s underground Army could make anyone look guilty of anything.

      The only way the globalist Demon-crats can defeat us is if they make us lose faith…….don’t give them that victory.

  • Mrs. Chief

    Tell him. Notify President Trump & tell him!

  • Logan Hartanian

    Appointing these two points of view is actually a good thing. It allows President Trump to see two of the larger facets of this issue. Islam is at war with itself and insisting that Islam itself must be outlawed, means no more discussion is necessary. But we must discuss. At least, McMaster can be held to prove what “perverted interpretation” specifically means. This easy political out, normalized in the previous administration is actually an unacceptable response, unless the purveyor, can articulate exactly what it means. Perhaps McMaster will finally illuminate the rest of us, so the world will at long last, know.

    • Janet

      The trouble is that saying ISIS and all the other terrorist groups are not Islamic is untrue. They are following the Quran and other doctrine to the letter. These leaders of the west need to get it through their thick sculls before it’s too late. Where are all these so called moderates and peaceful Muslims when there’s a terror attack? You never hear a peep out of them. That’s because while they’re not actually commiting attacks themselves they don’t seem to mind at all when there is an attack. A lot of them celebrate and are happy about it. It’s like there’s a win for their side. That’s what it seems like to me anyway.

      • StandTall

        “saying ISIS and all the other terrorist groups are not Islamic is untrue”
        Totally agree.

        The question is really: why should we even pose this question? What is in for us? If there exist many versions of Islam, what is it to us? Why should we care? All versions are sufficiently dangerous to support an immigration and travel ban, and monitoring of mosques, etc. As France is discovering, Muslims can be normal citizens in one generation, but their kids and grandkids can go on a rampage.

      • Logan Hartanian

        You are correct. And if criminality in the United States does not convince us, war in Europe will. It may be, that it is just as hard for Muslims to shed Islam, as it is for the West to decide that Islam is evil, or needs a reformation, or deserves its own set of social controls. We weren’t raised to destroy in a wholesale manner, the beliefs of millions of people, but alas, the Islamic world does have this in their history. The road ahead is not certain, and the founding fathers, for whatever reason, seem to have ignored, that pre-Mohammedan Arabia, had a lot of similarity to the society they sought to create… geniuses… aside from the preface to the George Sale quran, how did we plan for this ?

  • Couranto

    Something about Gorka is off. Don’t know what it is but just get an odd vibe when I see him on Hannity. Seems more of a self promoter than anything.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Something screwy about letting Flynn go. I still think Trump (through Pence) bowed to pressure from establishment Republicans like McCain and his girlfriend Lindsey “Barney Fife” Graham. There seems to be tremendous pressure within Washington to accept the narrative of “Islam is the religion of peace”, and ISIS, Al-Qaida, et. al, are heretical. All objective students of Islam know differently, that virtually all Islamic scholars, from the leading Islamic University, Al-Azhar in Cairo and elsewhere, are in agreement with the interpretations of these so-called “radical” groups. Islam is the ‘religion’ of war, not peace.

    • Craig

      I agree. Something stinks and the smell is coming from Washington democrats. We must identify the anti-American democrats as enemies when we proclaim the islamic savages as enemies.

      • felix1999

        Trump needs to FIRE the Obama leftovers.

        • durabo

          Better yet, we need to run General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis for president in 2020, provided we still have a Republic.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Um, Mattis is the guy who believes in the muslum lie that is called the “two-state solution” for Israel.

        • ladywarrior

          Unfortunately, many “government employees” can’t be fired….by law But you can re-assign them…….say Ecuador….Nome Alaska……any disgusting place you can think of…..usually they quit when you do that. Or….change the law.

    • felix1999

      Not really. he did kind of lie by not speaking to Pence about it… Regardless, TRUMP is the Commander in Chief. Trump gets it. They will not be acting on their own. It is TRUMP that makes the final call.

      • ladywarrior

        Flynn actually told Pence he did not speak to the Russians about sanctions….when the leaked transcript came out …excuse me….”partial transcript”…..he did talk about the sanctions.
        By then Pence had already gone on the record and said Flynn didn’t talk about sanctions with the Russians. It made Pence look like the liar…..I believe Pence told Trump he could no longer trust Flynn…
        I still think there should have been the demand of a full transcript produced or nothing should have been done to Flynn until it was proof.

    • Amethyst_2012

      “… I still think Trump (through Pence) bowed to pressure…”
      This is the 5th time I am uneasy with something Pence has said or done.

    • Amethyst_2012

      Trump needs to start talking to and asking questions of different people. Wish Trump had 48 hours in a day. Cause that is what he needs to sift through all this b.s. At this point Trump is so inundated with information that he is not listening to his gut instincts. Trump, please involve your daughter or wife in some of these decisions. Women have that 6th sense. God Bless Trump and God Bless America.

    • ladywarrior

      All victims of Islam know different as well….People keep saying Islam is the religion of peace…that was started by the GOPe wank GW……the actual translation is: Submission.

      Anyone who doesn’t submit to Islam is an enemy of Islam and will be killed. It’s just that simple. Period.

      And don’t get me started on the traitorous McLame and Grahamnesty……

      • Erica Ling

        “Submission ” on two counts– of believers to the will of Allah (as translated by man ) AND submission of all others to the followers of Islam ( jiziyah tax and shariah law on dhimmis )

        • ladywarrior

          Spot on :0)

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is not good that denial is prominent in the resume’s of these advisors. They will continue in the destructive conventions of o’bimbo and the democrats.

    • Amethyst_2012

      You may be right.

    • mike

      I’m worried too but don’t give in to the dark-side, lol. Spring is coming.

  • Armaros

    You can’t openly talk anymore.

    Gorka was almost destroyed for his Islam stance.
    Read his book. Its good.

    He, as a Hungarian who comes from a family escaping communism, knows how one has to speak in an Orwellian reality.

    • Rob Porter

      Then ask yourself why he said this: “… not a war with Islam, but a war inside Islam”. That is ‘fake’ and erroneous information. If for example he is confining his thoughts to the war between Sunni and Shia and overlooking the broader fight with the Western non-Islam world, then Pamela is right to ask exactly where he stands.

      • Armaros

        He doesn’t want to be gone like Flynn.
        You learn from your mistakes (in this case, speaking honestly and openly)
        Do you want all of the cabinet to resign under this shadow dictatorship?

        Or do you want to trust some of these people, their instincts and intentions.
        I read Bannons writings and I can assure you, these guys are on the right side of things.

        It is fine to criticise anyone, including Seb Gorka or McMaster (who makes me also feel uneasy, esp how he came after Flynn) but we also need to appreciate what these people are facing here.
        An onslaught by the Fake News, the Muslim Bro allied GOP elements and the Seditionist Democrats under the command of Hussein Obama and Valery Jarret

        We are in the middle of a coup d’etat which is proceeding under the leadership of Barak Hussein Obama. An operation which begun as an intel operation against a political campaign, Trumps campaign. A sitting president spied on a campaign and then used the gathered data and fake BS to sabotage the subsequent admin.

        This is war. You don’t show all your cards nor all your moves in the first battle.

        We have the world against us. Their puppet, Hussein Obama is leading the charge. The Enemedia is the shock troops.

        Until they can purge the CIA and DOJ, and State of all these Muslim Brotherhood and Obama stooges who are conducting espionage against the elected president, you better stay in the bunker, in the trench and avoid frivolous injury. Not just Obama stooges but also the neocons (former Marxists who went Hilary in November) who are all over the CIA and State fearing that their 40 years of courtship with the IKWAN is in danger. As are their arms deals, pay offs and bribes !

        • Felix Quigley

          Armaros you are now claiming the Neocons are former Marxists…more fake news from Armaros

          You need to explain that.

          Whp exactly are you referring to in this weird claim or are you trying to divert the discussion from who is Gorka?

          • Armaros

            Neocons are former Marxists.

            Do your research.

            Neocons come from the Straussian School of the U of Chicago.
            Straussians were German Marxists (not communist but more like socialists) who came to America as Germany was becoming Nazi.

            They created a school of thought that America can “export” its revolutionary ideals by military force. Nation building, overthrowing dictators and install democracies. But ignoring the underlining cultural differences. In other words, utopia and delusion as Iraq has shown.

            These people backed Hilary in 2016 as they saw Trump as a “nativist” “Isolationist” who would refuse the idea of regime change and nation building, which was in Hilary’s plans vis avis Syria and she proved her “neocon” credentials in toppling Quadaffi.

            Did you not see their famous faces coming out against Trump in the campaign?

            Bill Kristol (son of Irving Kristol who was one of their luminaries) David Frum, Ron Radosh, Paul Wolfowitz, former Bush 43 staff and cabinet members. Of which many went after Trump.
            They also have members in the CFR (Council in Foreign Relations) which, if you look closer is filing the Trump cabinet and staff lists as we speak. These are whom Bannon refers to as “Globalists”.
            This is the other front in the war on Trump. This one may not want to topple him (though Neocons fill the pages of the Atlantic and Spec calling for just that) but turn his admin into what a Rubio of Jeb Admin would have looked at.
            Bill Kristol tweeted that he would prefer a “CIA deep state” to a “Trump State”. Openly calling for an Intel Agency Coup d’etat against Trump !
            David Frum called the Trump Presidency a Russian coup against the USA !

            Where were you?

            The people who are out to get Trump (and his people as some of the libel against Gorka the “nazi” was redistributed in Neocon pubs) , including some Republicans and so called conservatives are openly joining the sedition against the elected president of the USA. Because they have contempt for the people, whom they consider dumb, ignorant and uncouth.
            They’re tyrants.

    • Dorrie

      I read and and agree, Gorka is BRILLIANT! McMaster is a hold-over from the Zero administration and is a danger to America because of his idiotic stance!

      • Pastor C

        I, formerly, thought very highly of him; that is, until I read this article!

        Now, I am in complete agreement with this author who declares both McMaster and Gorka to be patently ‘unfit for duty’ based upon these new {to me} revelations.

        The masses, desperately, need to read this staggering and compelling information. Please forward this article to as many people as possible, along with other pertinent insightful articles Pamela shares in this forum.

        President Trump cannot make sane and sober decisions based upon patently false, ideologically-misleading and nonsensical information. He must be advised to frequent , daily, as well as for the good of the Republic.

        I, further, recommend that each of us who receive emails from the White House soliciting our opinions regarding the progress our president has made, since his election, copy and paste this article as our reply!

        We can ill-afford to conceal or disregard the truths concerning these two highly-ranked intelligence officers/advisors who are, obviously, offering ill-conceived and conflicting counsel to our new president.

        I had no doubt Gen. Flynn was up to the task. He even initiated an entire curriculum for students regarding the true nature of Islam and its devoted practitioners who, by ideological necessity, must become terrorists.

        if these woefully-ill-conceived appointments are not reversed, the very survival of our nation is in grave jeopardy!

        • DCW left coast

          Only one is correct . . . .
          After watching izzzzlam around the globe for decades now . . .
          Gorka gets it, McMaster tries to be Politically Correct . . . kind of like Sweden.

          • Pastor C

            Did you read this article? If so, please tell me how (based upon what you read about Dr. Gorka’s true beliefs) he is correct.

          • DCW left coast

            Well Pastor . . . I know a little about izzzzlam . . . so I think the author is trying to be pc. People like Jassar . . . who I have watched for years and like, always wind up dead when the moooslim population get to critical mass. If the population was kept below 2% in the USA . . . all would be well . . . but it won’t!
            My take is that Izzzzlam is the biggest danger on the planet today, if you don’t wake up to that fact then there is nothing I can say to help you.
            ISIS is merely imitating their prophet . . . doing exactly what MoooHAMed did when he took over Medina.

            Izzzlam is “FAKE” . . . ala is a Babalonian idol . . . there is ZERO connection with ala and the God of the Old Testament.

            Of all the acts of terror and AGGRESSION in the world today, Muhammadan Muslims have the pride of being the number one in at least 55 countries in the world on FOUR continents.

            Muhammadan Muslim law, called Sharia’, discriminates unreservedly against the following:
            a) All females (even be they the followers of Muhammad
            b) All Unbelievers/ Infidels/ Kuffar such as Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews etc
            c) All Homosexuals
            d) All sects of Muhammadan Muslims who do not follow their methods

            Muslims burn and destroy the holy places of other religious groups such as Churches, Buddhist temples, Hindu shrines and synagogues without remorse.

            Muhammadan Muslims show nothing but Utter Contempt for the beliefs, property and lives of all those who do not believe as they do

            Muhammadan Muslims massacre, mutilate, rape and destroy the lives and holy places of other Muhammadan Muslims who do not follow the same path.

            Muhammadan Muslims in the Western Democracies, while hiding behind their Freedoms of Speech and Belief, declare in public, in the media that they intend to turn the Christian Democracies into replicas of their Depraved belief systems

            Most Muhammadan Muslims in the world – the so called ‘Silent Majority’ – RARELY demonstrate against these inhumane, depraved and sickening acts and behaviour conducted daily in their name and in the name of ‘Islam’.

            One can understand and sympathize with those Muhammadan Muslims who live under Islamic governments and live in fear of being in the opposition, but those who live in Democracies have no excuse whatsoever in showing their disapproval, disgust and anger at those who are allegedly bringing Muhammadan Islam in Disrepute.

            It is one of the great ironies of history that it was Muhammad himself who said :
            “SILENCE MEANS CONSENT”, hence the silence of the followers of Muhammad in the West does mean that they CONSENT to what others are committing in their name and in the name of Muhammadan Islam.

            In fact and in reality, they have no choice since those that the media erroneously call ‘Islamic Radicals’ are actually the truest believers in the faith of Muhammadan Islam since they are only following what the Quran itself commands them to do in hundreds upon hundreds of verses:

            To force into Conversion, to Hate, to War, to Subjugate, to Slaughter, to Plunder, to Rape and to Enslave ALL those human beings who do not believe as they do. That is the remaining 80% of Humanity.

            If all the above items which any and all sane human beings are watching on TV, reading in the newspapers or listening to on the Radio DO NOT JUSTIFY being AFRAID of ISLAM, what will?

            Hence Fearing Islam & Muslims is totally RATIONAL while NOT fearing Islam & Muslims would be utterlyIRRATIONAL

            Therefore Islamophobia is an Oxymoron; a contradiction of terms.

            We will either get smart . . . or wind up like Europe . . .

          • Pastor C

            Anyone who knows me (and some of the people on this site have read my posts previously) understands that I am more than well aware of all you described.

            Here’s just one post I shared recently…

            The Brain-dead choice for National Security Advisor

            We are losing this war.

            And President Trump’s most recent disturbingly-desperate and brain-dead choice of still another ‘Islamic State is not Islamic’ nitwit from within our own military, of all places-who could have, just as easily served in a strategic, national intelligence position under the Muslim usurper-further proves my point.

            Anyone, out there, feel safer now?

            Anyone, no matter who appoints him/her, who is so compellingly naive, either willfully or otherwise, to believe the Islamic State is not Islamic has no business serving in the highly-sensitive and strategic capacity of National Security Advisor. It’s as simple as that!

            We have been losing this war, against Islamic terrorists, for more than 8 years due, specifically, to this kind of rank insanity perpetuated by the Barry/Hillary administration. Apparently, McMaster is a holdover.

            This ‘useful infidel’ (who sounds just like Barry, Hillary, Biden, Kerry and all other leftists who’re inflicted with the Ostrich Complex) will continue to blind us (at the highest levels of government) to the truth of Islamic ideology to the detriment of our nation.

            The very last thing America needs now, at this crucial and critical juncture (when hordes of Islamic terrorists have already infiltrated our borders and are posed and ready to strike, wreaking total mayhem upon our population, laying siege to every soft target they find) is to elevate someone to, of all places, the highest intelligence office in the land who is demonstrably clueless about the true nature of our enemies in their evil and maniacal quest to bring us all under total submission to the will of Allah and Sharia law.

          • DCW left coast

            Can’t disagree with anything you say . . .
            Many in America are like the proverbial Frog in the Pot . . . the water is getting warmer and few are noticing.
            Canada is in the process of passing a law that would make izzzlamaphobia a hate crime . . . that is friggin insane. But the PM of Canada Justin aka the drama teacher Trudough has a Saudi buddy Algebra who dragged him to a Wahhabi moosque last year . . . dressed Justin in the garb and got him kneeling on a prayer rug repeating the “Believer’s” prayer. What intelligent person does that?

            I suspect the larger cities in Canada are going to resemble many Euro cities before the decade is over. Many of the citizens of the USA are waking up . . . I suspect the ISIS plants will strike the softest targets . . . dhimmicrap cities in dhimmicrap states.

          • Pastor C

            ISIS, Al Queda, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hamas, Somalian and a varied assortment of foreign ‘refugees’ along with an untold, inestimable number of ‘lone wolves’…

            They are, literally, everywhere and the vast majority are, intentionally, unrecognizable and indistinguishable from the general population.

          • DCW left coast

            Living in a Conceal Carry State could be a huge advantage going forward.
            As a long time student of Bible prophesy . . . I know how this is all going to play out . . . probably sooner than later.

          • Dorrie

            I carry concealed and have done so for quite awhile.

          • Pastor C

            Correct…but, ultimately (as a ‘long time student of Bible prophesy’ understands), America does not appear on the landscape of history at the end, among many other less powerful nations…

            Therefore, something is going to happen, to us, that will either severely minimize our presence among the nations, or outright remove us entirely.

          • DCW left coast

            “America does not appear on the landscape of history at the end”
            True . . . could America’s trend today of looking more inward be a step in that direction?
            As Europe collapses, with anti-sematism growing over there . . . we live in interesting times for sure.

          • Bill Kay

            Our citizens are waking up well something needs to be done quicker than that , they have slept to long what we need are leaders that truly understand the true magnitude of this horrible insidious invasion that is taking place and understand the History of Islam , is it really possible that our elected officials are that STUPID that they don’t understand what is actually taking place here there is no excuse for stupidity and there are solutions for sedition if we truly are going to win this war against this plague that is coming upon us we need to strong on our enemies and strong on ourselves and give no quarter to those that would harm the USA !

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Your lucky, the US already has a city that looks like any muslum hellhole — Dearbornistan, Michigan and Minnesota already has Little Mogadishus.

          • Dorrie

            Yup! It’s a diabolical plan and it’s working quite well…

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The stealth jihad is much more damaging in the long run than acts of muslum terrorism. It’s your “good”, “peaceful” muslums who are subverting/infiltrating/co-opting your government at all levels (e.g. Dearbornistan, Michigan).

        • Rob Porter

          Pastor C, I tried emailing this article to the White House and it got blocked. Maybe too long.
          I will mail it to Trump and Pence – and then write blunt letters to both McMaster and Gorka telling them to shape up or ship out.

          • Pastor C

            Rob, true patriots (once they are made aware of the fact that there are people in highly-sensitive, advisory positions that are placing our nation’s security in jeopardy) will not, merely, sit around and do nothing while our very survival is at stake.

            You, sir, are to be highly commended for being proactive in seeking remedy to what has turned out to be a very pressing problem!

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks, Pastor, I just hate seeing these men ruin the country. I’ve already written very seriously and factually to both Trump and Pence and truly hope that at least one heeds my endeavours.

          • Pastor C

            I’ll most certainly be praying to that end. God bless you.

          • Merlinever

            Rob Porter: Telling people like McMaster and Gorka to “shape up or ship out” will only alert them to the fact that some are suspecting them of the evil they are involved in and give them the opportunity to fashion lies and misleading behavior to make it appear that they are mending their ways.
            Both Gorka, like Zuhdi Jasser, got themselves featured in documentaries on Islam in America that are billed as presenting the “real truth” about Islam.
            For Zuhdi Jasser, the documentary was entitled, The Third Jihad; Radical Islam’s Vision for America.
            For Gorka, the documentary was entitled, The Project.
            While both of these documentaries did contain a lot of factual information, they were for Jasser and Gorka, in reality, only vehicles to establish (falsely) Jasser and Gorka as reliable and trustworthy sources of information on Islam and its threat and, by doing so, put them in position to spread even more lies and misinformation as well as to undermine the efforts of those people working honestly for the security of our nation.
            Muslims and Islamic sympathizers are experts in the arts of obfuscation, prevarication, and deceit.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Interesting point of view, the most effective propaganda has some element of truth to it — which makes Jasser invaluable to the muslums and their agenda.

      • Rob Porter

        Dorrie, you and Armaros need to re-read this article by Robert Spencer rather than ascribing BRILLIANCE to Gorka because it is not brilliant to do so. Regardless of what Gorka has written in the past, what he has stated of late is what is crucial and from what I’ve seen – and I hold Spencer in very high regard on Islam – Gorka is now talking through the back of his neck what amounts to dangerous drivel. I hope that very soon Trump comes to appreciate this.

        • Armaros

          You’re not getting my point.

          In this Enemedia Tyranny, one cannot speak openly.

          It is like living in a totalitarian state. You speak in codes, you speak to people you trust and you don’t reveal yourself, because as soon as you do, they come for you. Like they came for Gorka, a dozen articles alleging that he’s a secret Neo Nazi .

          We can talk openly but even this conversation, if taking place in Sweden or Germany would result in us facing consequences.
          I lived under communism for 14 years of my life. I understand how to speak, how to live when under a censor state.

          America, under Obama has become a dictatorship in the realm of exchange of ideas or speech about certain subjects. Once you deal with the Fake News Enemedia, Hollywood etc… You are essentially entering an Orwellian Marxist state where speech is monitored, policed and violators face the harshest of consequences, if in government, in media or other institutions infested with Cultural Marxist Dhimmis and Leftists.

          If Gorka came out and said Islam was the problem, there will be “videos” of him shitting on Russian hookers in a Moscow hotel reported on CNNBCBSABC and on the front pages of the Post and Times 24/7 for a whole cycle.

          John McCain and his asexual creepy friend Graham would be joining the Progressives in demanding his head.

          • Rob Porter

            Regardless of the enemedia tyranny, in Canada I’ve spoken, or rather, have tried to speak my mind. Newspapers won’t publish my comments on Islam, Muslims or anything that is ‘sensitive’ and might turn someone into a blubbering piece of protoplasm, but this is the Canadian media, mostly garbage, and contemporary Canada that doesn’t realize that it has set itself on a slippery slope.
            When they wouldn’t publish what I’ve written I simply told them that they are “gutless wonders”, “cowards” or whatever else occurs to me at the time. Strangely enough, in South Africa I spoke out against the racial policies of that time and over a ten years period barely a thing I wrote wasn’t published. I have contrasted this with Canada and know that its freedom of speech didn’t match that of ‘apartheid South Africa’ – which is, of course, more than pathetic. Then we have these farsical Canadian Human Rights Commissions, that should be an affront to any democracy, but they remain and stifle free speech. The LGBTQ mob and Muslims run to them when their ‘feelings’ have been hurt or pretend their feelings have been hurt. In reality they want to collect what someone is fined for ‘hurting their infantile feelings’.

            However, I do understand your comment about the Orwellian direction the Western world is going because I’ve used the same analogy. Here the government imposes programmes on schools and we’re told that we cannot opt out, and now they are trying to shut up criticism of Islam.

            In my estimation the best approach is that of Trump, in effect, ‘If you don’t like my view get stuffed!”

          • Felix Quigley


            You write:

            “You’re not getting my point.

            In this Enemedia Tyranny, one cannot speak openly.”

            Oh yes I do get your point very well. You lack guts and you have given up the fight on telling the truth before the battle has even truly begun.

            Go to hell (speak only for yourself) with your insidious nonsense

          • Armaros

            You lack brains and strategic thinking.
            Because you want to sacrifice cabinet members for statements which are logical and common sense.
            Then what?

            Replace them with CFR / DNC approved ones?

            That will help.

            Until this bugging and spying by Obama has been dealt with and cleaned up, speak wisely….. is what prudent advice calls for .

          • Mitchina

            I get it 100% – as Muzzies and leftists practice this to their core, we must pretend one thing to enact what we want on a gradual and infiltrating manner. Use their own Cult and Alinsky tactics to defeat them… that is the only way we win. Too many stupid re-educated people out there that thwart true efforts with their fragile sensibilities getting insulted on some illogical and hypocritical measurement of bigotry, racism and religious discrimination. Or they use their perfected evil attacks to personally destroy whomever is making change or getting the truth out. The useful idiots and true enemies of the country ignore the same from the other side and support a wicked ideology for the sake of what? Their twisted reality or belief system – all antithetical to our exceptionalism of America and what we stand for.

        • Dorrie

          Rob, I’ve listened to everything he has said recently, and see NOTHING about it that raises a red flag.

          • Rob Porter

            I’ve read Robert Spencer’s website for longer than Pamela Geller’s, read his books and gone to hear he and Pamela speak. He’s a very decent and responsible man, nothing hysterical or outlandish,so when he casts doubt on someone like he has Gorka, and can substantiate it, I take him seriously. If Gorka turns out just fine I’ll be pleased, but right now I’m troubled. I sent him and email, so will see if he responds with a “get stuffed” reply, or defends him position.

          • Dorrie

            I prefer reading and listening to Dr. Gorka, than someone’s erroneous opinion of him. There are always people who have negative things to say about ALL good people.

            As far as McMaster goes, he has already openly stated that ISIS isn’t Islamic and he has no business being in Trump’s Cabinet.

          • Felix Quigley


            “I prefer reading and listening to Dr. Gorka, than someone’s erroneous opinion of him. There are always people who have negative things to say about ALL good people.”

            Go to hell Dorrie.

            You are claiming that what is written about Gorka is “erraneous” meaning it is when you come down to it in these circles here a LIE!

            So you are not such a “good” or nice person after all.

            You are calling people liars. So prove that what is written about Gorka here is a lie.

            Just prove it or else keep your mouth shut.

          • Dorrie

            Thanks for your SWEET message, little Felix! But I’m not going to hell, I’m a daughter of the Most High and will spend eternity in His presence.

            I haven’t called anyone a liar, but many are most assuredly misinformed. And I’m VERY thankful that YOU can’t make me not speak the truth. Look in the mirror when you hiss your little nasty stuff. People like you seem to feel quite bold in being rude and hateful because you can hide behind your computer. Woooooooooo you’re so scary!

            I will pray for you…

          • Merlinever

            Dorrie: When, during his campaign, Trump was asked by a reporter if elected president would he defend our constitution from being replaced by sharia (Islamic law), his reply was, “I’m not going to get into that”. If that doesn’t raise a red flag for you, I don’t know what would.
            And there are a lot of other things Trump has said and done that should raise huge red flags such as, but not limited to, his 90 minute long closed door (read secret) meeting with Obama (the most openly criminal president in our history) at the end of which Trump shook Obama’s hand and, afterwards, said of him, “HE’S A VERY GOOD MAN”.

          • Dorrie

            I wasn’t talking about president Trump . . . whom I didn’t vote for, by the way . . . but as long as he upholds the Constitution, I won’t waste my time whining about him.

          • Felix Quigley


            So you didn’t vote for Trump. Did you abstain or vote for Hillary? If so (and both are the same) then you were risking a bloody dictatorship in America and thermo-nuclear war with Russia over the Assad issue which Obama and Clinton CLEARLY threatened.

          • Dorrie

            I wrote in my vote, little hater. I knew my candidate wouldn’t win, but as a child of God, I was unable to vote for someone who lived a life of debauchery.

            That being said, I am not whining because Trump won, I’m praying for him and hope he does good things for this country.

            I’m also praying for you and the hate you hold in your heart for people who stand for values and think differently than you.

          • Erica Ling

            If you check your previous presidents–many were esteemed as godly, educated, geniuses even, good family men—but rubbish as Presidents. May that not have been Trump’s reason for calling Obama “a very good man” ?

          • Dorrie

            Not likely. Obama isn’t a Godly man and the 2 girls who live with him and Michele were PLACED with them and do not have their DNA.

          • Erica Ling

            Notice you don’t deny he’s a genius, then ! I was speaking pf previous leaders, like Van Buren, McKinley, etc. Seriously, Trump speaks as a child, with no apparent thought as to how his words are interpreted by others. But surely no one expected him to spit on Obama or seriously accuses him of converting to Democratism ? and rejecting everything he claims to believe after one conversation with Beelzebub ?

          • Dorrie

            Obama isn’t a genius, he’s handled by people who are, however. And you’re right about the way Trump speaks – he has no filter on his tongue.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Trump shoots from the hip rather than lying from a teleprompter.

          • Dorrie

            His speech the other night to Congress was done with teleprompters.

          • Erica Ling

            must be the storm / site doing odd things to my post.

          • Dorrie


          • glnman

            Where do you find proof that Obamas “daughters” were placed/adopted? Try as I might I can’t find that info nor has anyone I’ve talked to. While I believe it’s true I’ve found no proof.

      • Delma Munoz

        ATTN: all you whom appear to be REAL AMERICANs, informed…and care: contact the WH…or Sessions..they have an on-line form…or get into a Pro Trump Pro USA group…send letter to WH …critical…EVIl…is at the forefront to Destroy the USA within…

    • Robert Kahlcke

      is he related to george soros ?

      • Armaros

        No but the coup d’etat against Trump is.

        Lets not feed them with ammo….

    • Rob Porter

      Why can’t you “openly talk anymore”? Within the context of this article and what it say about Gorka’s views, what do you mean?

      • Armaros

        What I mean is that we are in the middle of a coup d’etat, mounted against Trump by Hussein Obama and elements of the GOP who are married to the Muslim Bros. Like McCain and Graham.
        The CIA is filled with rogues, mostly Obamatons but also McMullen type creeps who are determined to take down the democratically elected government and replace it with a deep state regime.

        The media is on their side. As is the rest of the world. The EU, the UN and the WTO.
        We are at war. We don’t speak openly when the enemy is watching.

        The first priority is to establish the Trump Admin as the legitimate government of the USA.
        It is not yet complete. The Islamocrats are determined to continue their sedition and are using their allies in the CIA and STate, possibly DOJ (who leaked on Sessions) to sabotage this government and this president.

        This process has to run its course. Otherwise no operation against the Jihad could be safe from their leaks and sabotage. We are fighting the 2nd Civil War in America.
        As in the last one, the Democrats, after having lost to Lincoln, have launched an insurgency.
        After having lost the war, they launched the KKK.
        Until that is taken care of, there’s no point in discussing these details on the part of Admin officials if the only result they can achieve is more leaks, more Fake News Libel and more sabotage.

        • Rob Porter

          As a matter of interest, over a few years I’ve occasionally corresponded with Melanie Phillips for whom I have an enormous amount of time.

          Shall we rather call this an attempted coup d’etat because I don’t get the impression that Trump is inclined to roll over, but he needs to hit back with serious and intrusive investigations against Obama and Clinton. The best form of defence is attack! Hopefully he will find grounds for putting them away, but this is not easy when, as I perceive it, the CIA and FBI has been so subverted during the Obama years. Trump needs a huge clean-out in the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security.

          Now evident, the CIA is rotting at the seams after 8 years of Obama. Some of its drop-outs are pathetic male specimens compared to proper men I saw while doing military service in South Africa. CIA and ex-CIA ‘men’ keep appearing on CNN and come across neutered specimens who you’ve got to wonder if their ‘mummy’ knows that they are out. That Philip Mudd who appears on CNN is just one, but there was another weedy specimen with Blitzer on CNN today – until I could no longer stand their pathetic discussion!

          We certainly live in peculiar times.

          • Armaros

            I wasn’t implying that Trump would roll over.

            What I am implying is that until people are vulnerable because holdovers and rogues are busy, playing a strategic game is advised. At least I am hopeful this is why these PC statements have come out of late. I worry a bit about McMaster, but not Gorka. He’s no Robert Spencer but he is still an expert on fighting the Jihadis.

            As for the agencies, I think you’re right, but see it in a limited space.
            Beyond that there’s the whole Trump thing of overturning current orders and states of play. Which entail large losses to some. Powerful “some”. This, inevitably brings a backlash and I sure hope they knew that going in. I almost assume, knowing a bit about Bannon.
            This is unprecedented stuff.

    • Felix Quigley

      Armaros…Listen fool you do mean “escaping from Stalinism” not “escaping from communism”…fool you obviously know NO history.

      • Armaros

        Stalinism was just a more morbid form of communism.

        All communism is evil and tyrannical. Stalinism is communism with a personality cult like N Korea for example….or the USSR under Stalin…. The USSR under Lenin or Kruschev was just as dangerous and an enemy as the one under Stalin (which was our ally incidentally)

  • dennis

    While I am in complete agreement with the article written by Mr. Gunadolo above, I look at the problem we face from another angle. My assessment has nothing to do with whether this is, or is not, a so-called war within Islam between those who are moderates and reject Jihad, and those who believe that Jihad is the only way for those who believe in Islam; I see the problem from the perspective of those who would commit murder and mayhem on non-Muslims because they believe that is their duty as a follower of Islam. Call their conduct what you wish, but the reality is that if they have their way, this country and the rest of the world will see more and more 9-11’s of even more destructive results. The way I look at the frightening prospects, I see those murderous believers simply as the enemy, an enemy that must be defeated before they can cause us more misery. They are the enemy as was the Nazi’s, Fascist’s, Communist’s, North Korean’s, Iran, etc., and those who would cause us great harm. An enemy is an enemy no what you call them. History has taught us that when faced with an armed and deadly enemy, we must destroy that enemy. History is repeating itself today again! To call them “terrorists” is only a measure of identification. To call them “radical” is also only a measure of identification. To call them ” Islamic radical terrorists” is another way to identify who our enemies are. The point is what is to be done about directly defeating and destroying those who are so identified, not whether we can ever simply press a button and somehow get into the conflict philosophically with an expectation that we can ever change the fundamental understanding that enables us to characterize these people as the enemy. All this nonsense that is being proposed by the talking heads is just simply nonsense. We can identify the enemy and wherever that enemy is found it needs to be destroyed. That is the only realistic approach available to us. Let us see what kind of conduct and action is taken by our new leaders, as I expect they have no choice but face off with those identified as the enemy and end the scourge.

    • Amethyst_2012

      Obama, being a muslim, is also using Taqquiya on all DemonRATS, all Americans, and everyone in his private army. He and they are the enemy. Trump has a very big job to do.

    • StandTall

      totally agree. This discussion on what is and what is not Islam is not important to us. Muslims have shown to be sufficiently dangerous to warrant immigration stop, travel ban and monitoring (if they are already in the US).

    • Erica Ling

      Sounds simple in theory.But of the examples given, only the Communists are comparable, in that they were embedded in the citizenry in significant numbers.. From 1949-66, with enforced registration of members, unions closed if they did not renounce, barring of federal jobs to known communists and stringent prosecution under the McCarran and Smith Acts, and SUPPORT from the majority of the country, some control was achieved. But Muslims, good, bad, and unknown, have impressive infrastructure, a whole political party– some 50 % of the population to run interference and apologise for them, including a POTUS for 8 long years.They are already a highly vocal part of local, state and federal government. and have special provision to protect them under your own constitution. Good luck with identifying and dealing with them. We shall be taking lessons from you.

      • Dennis

        I, like any right and reasonable thinking person, do not want a ‘bloodbath’ to develop, but your reply is naïve. Those identified as our enemy are leaving us non-Muslims and/or non-believers, with no choice. If we continue to do nothing, which is what the last administration did over the last eight years, we will “sink.” We did not want WWII, but when the enemy was identified we struck them down. Obviously, we are capable of determining who that enemy is, and to protect ourselves we need to be ready, willing and able to strike them down. I see no other choice with the enemy that I am referring to. We will never be able to change the teaching of Islam, as no philosophical answer is available to convince those among the enemy who are bent on destroying all of us non-Islamic believers or non believers. Therefore, we actually have no choice but to destroy those who would destroy us. Today, Iran is next to attack our kind, as would North Korea, and I wonder whether you and people who think like you would continue to sit on your hands and essentially do nothing, as seems to be the way you look at things. The Communists were defeated without bloodshed, but can you see us able to stop the present enemies out there without standing up to them and beating them into submission thru conflict? I see no other resolution.

        • Erica Ling

          Right, the enemy without ! But people like me, who sit on our hands, are more worried about the enemy within. An external, physical threat usually unites the country in resolve. The reality, both here, the US, everywhere is that 50% of our natives are engaged in aiding and abetting the enemy to destroy our countries from within. The Democrats are an example. Yes, Trump is not ideal POTUS material, but he is POTUS and do you believe the violent opposition to him and his policies arise spontaneously from American philanthropy and love for the less fortunate ? No way. While you wave wooden swords of rhetoric at your computer, another Muslim is demanding more changes in the laws, more protection and subterfuge in the name of liberalism , for values which are not always in sync. with ours. Bombs and tanks are not the easiest way to destroy a culture. They know this. So tell me, o warrior, how do you identify the enemy within ?

          • Dennis

            I certainly appreciate your concerns, as they are real. when you talk about the ‘enemy within” our own borders, I would agree that is requiring a different approach, although if this country continues to sit on its hands as did Obama and the Democrats and liberal media, and we continue to fail to “identify” the enemy that now live within our border, and do what we can to keep them out, violence is around the corner here in the states. Many of those within the belief system that is Islam, have not and cannot accept what being American is all about. Many will simply be unable to assimilate and place their Americanism first and foremost, as immigrants did in prior generations. I get that. Those who do not recognize, and avoid that reality are contributing immensely to our potential increasing problems within our own borders. Clearly, your concerns are well founded. We need to separate anything called religion from government as our Constitution recognized and requires. We need to make certain that no religion is allowed to become paramount and force upon any American its beliefs over all others. That would require us to monitor and satisfy ourselves that nowhere within our borders is anyone being allowed to preach or promote their beliefs of domination and subjugation, as that is totally un-American. As to the enemy that we identify as soldiers of the army of radical Islamic believers, we must destroy them wherever we find them.

          • Midniterider

            Dennis,your points are very well thought out and intelligent.I,too give this EXISTENTIAL CRISIS of civilization much consideration.
            In my opinion islam MUST be delegitimized and recognized NOT as a “religion” but as a socieo-political system of domination,the same as the Nazis were.All too many Germans fell under Hitlers spell and for all intents and purposes they worshipped Hitler as some kind of god or demi-god,similar to the mindless drones of mohammed the lying,thieving,murdering babyraper mohammed blind devotion to a stark raving criminal drug addict lunatic that goes on every day these days….
            Just because so many were held in a delusional thrall to a FALSE BELIEF as the Germans were in the 30s and early 40s and worshipped the lying,power hungry tyrant,a “religion”.a legitimate “religion” was never recognized by the planet at large,but,if they were given over a thousand years to do it in,like islam has,who knows,and given that time,would it,could it be considered to be a “legitimate” religion?????
            If it was possible for so many to be deluded by AH then it is also well within the realm of possibility that 1/4 of the planets population may also be just as deluded by islam,especially when taken into the context that many in those countries are illiterate,of low intelligence and in many cases inbred and sequestered into ethnically divided territories where everybody wants to be killing a bunch of others who don’t quite believe the same lies as they do.
            The world has a tendency of putting a bandaid on a bullethole and calling it a repair.It’s human nature to take the EZ way out of problems instead of facing them head-on and dealing with them to a PERMANENT RESOLUTION that won’t come back on our children or grandchildren.
            There MUST be a “Hard Line” taken in this crisis and a hard,NO compromise solution executed.
            THEY started this round and for the sake of our heirs to this Country and Freedom,”We the People” MUST see this thru to the end,and finish this,as I said before,”Existential Crisis”or see our children and their children herded to the cattle cars or murdered in the streets.
            It time to grow a backbone and stand up to satans henchmen toe to toe and put them down once and for all time.
            You are absolutely correct that the descriptives,while not meaningless tend to confuse the issue.I see really no difference,a rose by any other name is still a rose,and so is a muslim,when viewed in the context of it NOT being an actual “religion”.
            Semper Fi
            contains 13%pork grease
            One Shot-One Soul

          • Dennis

            I also have stated on many occasions that Islam as is practiced by the “enemies” out there is a political concept and not a “religion” as right and reasonable people would define that term. It is, like all the other ‘ism’s” a concept of domination and subjugation, not a philosophy of good neighborliness, humility and good consciousness.

          • Erica Ling

            First you have to convince Islam’s supporters to switch sides.. Not Muslims–the ideological , intellectual, enlightened , naïve dreamers of the lion and lamb lying side by side– our fellow citizens.Of course we could simply bomb them or slaughter them as well. Their choice. Natural selection.

      • Rob Porter

        So you in fact think we can simply continue with inadequate action while Muslims undermine society? Good luck with your rolling over and playing dead. I’d rather weed them out, call in strategies to beat them and then give them a choice like French King Louis the 14th of France did with the Protestant Huguenots, gave them a choice of either convert, emigrate, or lose your head – in the guillotine.

        • Erica Ling

          You are hearing voices, Rob. I never said that. I was asking Dennis how he would fight an embedded enemy, supported by half the nation. A physical fight against Iran, North Korea, etc would be simply intelligence, strategy and weaponry. But the US has just ditched a President who seemed hell-bent on weakening the country for 8 years and vows to continue. Any action President Trump takes, will be dogged, obstructed, and prevented by hostile judiciary, states and media. The threat of 20 states to secede would be a worry, but 32 filed petitions to secede when Obama was re elected ! The link I gave clearly shows the percentage of support for jihad among US Muslims according to polls. And they are supported by the Democrats Frankly, Sharia and blasphemy laws insidiously sneaking in worry me more than lunatic Kim Yong Un.

          • Dorrie

            I agree with you, Erica. And, more than 50 U.S. courts have ruled on the side of Sharia in the past 6 years. That should STUN anyone who thinks Islam is peaceful!

            Not ONLY that, but NO law school in the U.S. offers classes in U.S. Constitution! Not ONE! But when I was in the 8th grade (back when the earth’s crust was still cooling), I had to study and understand the Constitution! Now, NO public schools teach it anywhere in the U.S.! America’s youth are totally IGNORANT of our Constitution – as are OBVIOUSLY, many of our judges!

          • Erica Ling

            Exactly. We have that problem with our history. We have to apologise for being us.We have some 85 Sharia courts which are claimed as “advisory” under UK law, but in fact prevent women from seeking justice in our courts, and advise men to follow Sharia rather than civil law. Massive M.E. investment means large historic buildings in the capital have been taken over and run by Sharia. One will be rented back by our parliament while Westminster is repaired. (No alcohol) The Treasury wants to sell more. Their grannies are probably next on the block, they have sold off practically everything else, including our independence and self respect. Easy to shoot the enemy. Try disentangling and compensating the lawyers and their clients to buy back your nation ! And discouraging knowledge of your rights (constitution ) is the first step to autocracy.

          • Dorrie

            If you’re in the UK, you probably know that a Muslim was elected Mayor of London. There must be a ton of Muslim voters to manage that – or a ton of ignorant Brits!

          • Erica Ling

            Do we know! ! A petition to impeach Sadiq Khan as London Mayor has reached 75, 658. He advocates taking London out of the UK in reaction against Brexit– the first step to complete Islamisation. We have over 3 million Muslims ,5.4 % of the population, of which1 million live in London-hence Khan. Of the rest, 40 % are “ignorant Brits “–air headed elite, globalists, liberals, and our Stalin-admiring, Jihadist supporting ,anti-Semitic “opposition party ” Any clearer what we are up against ?

    • Amethyst_2012

      Remember in the Old Testament God said to kill them all, even the women and children. We are at first taken aback at reading that. God said to kill them all cause he knew what was in their heart and in their teachings since birth.

    • Rob Porter

      Agree, Two years ago the Nigerian government after six years of failure to defeat Boko Haram, invited in South African mercenaries who in 3 1/2 months with just a few hundred men accomplished what the army had failed to achieve. With trackers they worked out where Boko haram was moving and then waiting for them in what the chief mercenary called ‘killing blocks’, then drove the Boko Haram murderers into these where they were annihilated. No prisoners! Now that is the way to fight Muslims.

  • Craig

    I have never heard Mr. Gorka say a good word about islam. With all the fake news going around trying to destroy everyone in Trump’s cabinet, I will withhold judgement.

    • Janet

      Me either. I’ve watched him on Hannity many times and thought he sounded real knowledgeable. Not sure what to think now.

      • Amethyst_2012

        Gorka and McMaster = taqquiya???

        • Dorrie

          NO. McMaster makes it clear that he believes ISIS isn’t Islamic. Dr. Gorka knows they are and knows how to beat them!

        • DCW left coast

          ISIS = followers of the Prophet !
          Rest of izzzzlam = taqquiya !

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Little Green Footballs used to oppose islum, but the owner of that domain name flip-flopped suddenly and for the worse. The tentacles of islum are long and well funded.

          • Amethyst_2012


          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Gorka could have had a very well funded flip-flop WRT his position on islum.

    • felix1999

      I have seen VERY good interviews with Gorka.
      I don’t see him as a push over or ignorant on islam…
      I KNOW what i saw and head him say. I am tired to FAKE NEWS. Gorka is okay. I don’t know much about the other one.

      • Dorrie

        Dr. Gorka is BRILLIANT. I read his book about fighting radical Islam. I’ve also listened to many of his interviews. McMaster, however, has openly stated that ISIS isn’t Islamic, which makes him a huge danger to America!

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. Too many try to ascribe their personality to being the equivalent of Trump’s. If they would read only his “Art of the Deal” and “Time To Get Tough” they would be surprised how much of what he says are long-held beliefs and not convenient campaign oratory, even as lacking in finesse as some of it may be. To say that McMaster, Gorka, or anyone else will moderate or affect Trump’s views shows a lack of an understanding about the man the man.

    • farflung


      • durabo

        Their head-rags are EXCELLENT aiming points for my counter-sniper rifle…

        • Bill Kay

          Keep it cocked .

          • Bill Kay

            Quote General Curtiss Le May If you kill enough of them they will stop fighting .

    • ladywarrior

      You know…me too. I’m confused. Every time I hear Mr. Gorka talk he is solidly against Islam in any form…..this article is the opposite of what I’ve heard Gorka speak about.

      I also read Michael Youssef’s books…..JESUS, JIHAD, AND PEACE. He is a former Muslim from the Middle East who escaped, became a Christian,came to America, and founded THE CHURCH OF THE APOSTLES in Georgia. He also preaches on television. His books are inexpensive on Amazon.

      He is awesome. his books tell you everything you need to know about Muslims and how/who in America are cooperating with them. I learned from his book that many of our banks here pay a “tithe” to Muslim leaders for the “privilege” of handling their money. He gives a list of those banks.

      While the book is about 3 years old now he gave a list of those in Government who are Muslim…..Hussein Obama packed our government, military, and intel with many of them…..the list is probably a lot longer now.

      There is so much fake news now it’s hard to believe anything. My primary concern at this point is the safety of President Trump. I pray for him every day.

    • Rob Porter

      Well then, Google his address, it’s easy to locate, and ask him instead of just ‘withholding judgement’. It strikes me that if he hasn’t yet absorbed that Islam is in perpetual war with ‘infidels’ until sharia and Islam reign supreme, then in this respect he is dangerously ignorant, ‘dangerously’ so because he is misleading the less informed about Islam and its goals.

    • Pastor C

      Neither have I. I used to think very highly of him, until I read this article!

      Are you calling this author (who revealed what he really said about Islam) a liar? Are you saying he did not say what he was reported to have said?

    • jim

      So apparently kill all the unbelievers isn’t the inspiration for people who call themselves Musilms killing all the unbelievers…problem solved then this a joke.?

  • felix1999

    Trump is between a rock and a hard place.
    Trump understands Islam. I have no doubt, Flynn, Ben Carson, personal friends have informed him. Often during rallies he mentioned friends in Germany. They’d tell him how WONDERFUL it was there. NOW they are LEAVING. Trump gets it! It would be CRAZY for Trump to come out against ALL MUSLIMS. We have freedom of religion here. So he works around it with “radical Islam”. Just as he could NOT endorse Ms. Geller’s mockery of allah through her drawing contest. He had to distance himself from that. BOTH will do what they are TOLD by Trump.

  • steve

    I don’t think Pam is correct about Gorka, he clearly sees Islam as a problem. Even within Judaism, which also is a single religion, there are both orthodox and reform interpretations. That is all he is saying, that within Islam, which is a single religion, there are those who would see in it the seeds of supremacism and totalitarianism, and those who don’t take such a fascist view of it.

    • VLParker

      Those who do not take the fascist view of islam are not practicing true islam as founded by mohammad. And from a national security point of view, which is supposed to be Gorka’s area of expertise, they are irrelevant. They hold no power within the Islamic community. Furthermore, concentrating on them is dangerous because it gives the false impression that it is only the terrorist who are enemies of America. Europe is full of non-terrorist muslims, so-called moderates, that give safe harbor and cover to the rape gangs, that march down the streets of London chanting “UK, go to hell” , that gather en masse in the streets to block traffic and pray in a display of Islamic supremacism.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What a load of bollocks. All muslum states, all 57 of them, enforce islamic blasphemy and heresy laws — the cornerstones of sharia. Furthermore, all these states, even the muslum slave states, are members of the all muslum OIC that is trying to enforce islamic blasphemy and heresy laws worldwide. If there were any “reformed” muslums why aren’t there any free, democratic muslum states?


    While the White wash house is busy searching for the “soul”, holy grail or essence of Islam, they fail to find the essence of human rights.
    America must act accountably & prosecute the Barack Hussein Obama- & Bush administration for funneling arms, money to & providing cover to Islam. Boko Haram was supported by Barack Hussein Obama who promotes them as having “legitimate concerns”, Islamistisis was armed. Money was given to Iran, Fatah, Egyptian Islam groups & Islam worldwide.
    Meanwhile non-Muslims live in fear worldwide & Africans some castrated are enslaved from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania.
    Don’t save Islam. Save sanity, lives, human rights.
    First we must make a change in the thinking & that starts with removing the pro-Islamic censorship from Wikipedia, Facebook, education-system, media.
    We live in a worldwide tyranny where dogmas of lies are forced upon us which claim that Islam & capitalism are good & just & God true & reality.
    But the truth is: Islam & capitalism is not good & just & God is most probably a lie.
    We must start to think globally & be value-orientated as profound as we can.
    It’s a shame that we don’t get money while big tax-money is given to tyrants who want us to think Islam would be just & peaceful.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Capitalism is not good”? Really? What would you propose as an alternative comrade?

  • VLParker

    I have been uneasy with Gorka for quite awhile. After watching the CPAC panel which he was on I knew that he was either being intentionally disingenuous or that he is clueless. At CPAC he let Jasser and Mike Waltz spew their drivel without challenge and he even agreed with some of it. He constantly says we are not at war with islam. He is constantly talking about working with our sunni allies. We don’t have any sunni allies. An ally is a long term friend with goals in common to US goals. There is not a muslim country on earth that has goals in common with US goals. Trump needs to get rid of Gorka and McMaster the disaster. And he needs to start firing and prosecuting the leakers or he is going to have an ineffectual presidency. He needs to totally ignore the Democrat party antics. They are totally without power. His big problem are the RINOs who are aiding the Democrats on this Russia nonsense. We need to remember who they are and vote them out in 2018.

    • Amethyst_2012

      Sounds to me like Gorka and McMaster have converted to Islam. We have heard lines like theirs before and it turned out they had converted. Remember Taqquiya.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Oxymoron — A rhetorical figure in which an epigrammatic effect is created by the conjunction of incongruous or contradictory terms; for example, “a moderate Muslim.”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Or “moderate” nazi.

  • Virginia Coverdale

    Pamela have no fear about Gorka. If you read his book he pulls NO punches. He understands the threat and he knows its Islamic. He knows what Islam is. McMaster I don’t know. However what seems to be a common thread by many who do get the threat but don’t admit “Its Islam stupid” believe they can actually reform Islam to a degree…Jazeer is trying to do that as well. WE all know they are considered apostates but most of the American people who are ignorant want to know why they know at least one “very nice Muslim”. We can’t kill 1.6 billion people obviously so the goal is to drive a wedge between those who haven’t even ever really read the Quran and never follow it but call themselves Muslim.. and true Islam. I can’t believe Gorka who wrote a book like this is soft stepping. Someone somewhere decided divide and conquer was effective. From where I sit your in the face approach is one I am more aligned with. However now that we have woken so many up to the threat we now have to actually put in a plan to win. It can’t all be militarily. Even Flynn described in his book how to destroy an ism. There is a bit of a game being played, that does not mean the game players don’t have a plan and don’t understand the enormity of the threat. Don’t worry too much. We have the best team we could have asked for to fix this. Give them a chance. Right now they are taking out so many ISIS members and the news isnt’ even reporting it. After that threat we’ll be onto deportations of Syrians and they will keep chipping away and chipping away. We all knew there was no EASY solution.

  • Fred8512

    Too bad these supposed intelligent men do not understand islame; it needs tone removed from Planet Earth by every means available.

    President Trump needs to correct them, or dump them.

  • StandTall

    If there exist many versions of Islam, what is it to us? Why should we care? All versions are sufficiently dangerous to support an immigration and travel ban, and monitoring of mosques, etc. As France is discovering, Muslims can be normal citizens in one generation, but their kids and grandkids become terrorists.

    Also, it is obvious that Muslims haven’t contributed to humanity in the last 1000 years (all they seem to be concerned with is themselves and Islam). There is no reason to accept them as immigrants.

  • When it comes to combating Islam — and yes, we ARE at war with Islam, because Islam declared war on us years and years ago — Trump is beginning to disappoint me. It’s practically the only realm he’s falling flat on. But he must know that the Dems and the Secret State have set up a shooting gallery of all his important nominees and mean to bring them and him down. The latest is Sessions, who should have told his interrogators to shoe a goose, instead of recusing himself. On who’s recommendation was that? Trump should go all out to identify, fire, and even prosecute the moles. He’s shown no evidence of doing that.

    • sodacrackers2

      Trump is actually capable of learning and listening unlike the previous pres.

  • RightWay2Truth

    That is a shame. We can have no apologists for islam. Erdogan made it clear what islam is. Islam (satans cult) is not only a supposed religion but a form of government. Therefore, islam should not be classified as a religion. I agree with you Pam. I find non-believers have no capacity to understand the evil of islam. I am a born again, fundamental Christian. I believe the bible in the same manner a muslim would believe in the koran. Therefore we should take muslims and their hate for what it is and treat is as such. CONTAIN – ELIMINATE – RE-EDUCATE.

  • Watto

    Unfortunately the west seems to be obsessed with employing ‘intellectual’ generals and fighters. When the allies were fighting the Germans and the Japanese we didn’t examine their philosophies and ask ‘are there good Germans or good Japanese?’ – we simply bombed them to rubble.Then we spent vast amounts of money re-structuring their societies to suit us. This war, and it is a war, will simply be won by eradicating Islam from the face of the earth. Also we didn’t allow thousands of Germans or Japanese into our countries to bomb us and murder us. The Americans put all Japanese into camps. We are apologetic about this now but at the time it was felt to be a sensible idea. We should always apologise for mistakes but let’s do it AFTER we’ve won.

    • StandTall

      in principle a good idea, and I agree with what you say. But consider this: Germany could be bombed. Can every Muslim state be bombed? Germany had a democratic tradition ready to be tapped into for re-construction. Does this exist in Muslim states? No (see Iraq). Germany became an economic world power after the war within 15 years, and now outperforms almost every state. Germans were educated, had the best universities, technology, etc. at the beginning of last century, which then we inherited (e.g. rocket technology). No chance of this happening with Muslim states; they would remain poor; their people are uneducated and have nothing to sell that anyone else would pay for. They haven’t produced anything useful in the last 1000 years. Except maybe camels. And lastly, Germany had about 50-60 million inhabitants, some or many of which had recognized the folly of Nazis and/or accepted defeat. There’s 1.2 Billion Muslims, some or many of which die for their beliefs, and would never ever recognize the folly. Your plan sounds extremely expensive and with very little chance of success.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        “Can every muslim state be bombed?” You bet their ass they can be. MOABS will make short work of their infrastructure and means to make war. As for the terrorists already embedded in western style democracies? Mass executions.

  • I am not sure why there is so much confusion about Islam, Islamism, and Islam’s intentions. The entire debate about Islam hinges on an understanding of sharia law. Muslims who embrace our secular laws and freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution pose no threat to America. Muslims who embrace sharia law and seek to impose it upon America pose a serious threat. Defeating Islamism requires separating the political ideology from the religious ideology which is impossible because Islam is purposefully designed to be ONE indivisible lifestyle. The United States was founded upon the concept of religious freedom which necessarily separates church and state. Every Islamic country in the world is a theocracy which necessarily combines mosque and state. Politicians who believe that Islamic violence is a consequence of being poor and hungry completely misinterpret Islamism. Islam is a socio-political supremacist misogynist homophobic expansionist ideology that seeks world dominion and the imposition of sharia law. Islamists are religious zealots who form the military tip of Islam’s poisonous spear which is why saying that ISIS is not Islamic is idiotic. ANY Muslim who wants to live under sharia law can live in any one of the many Muslim countries in the world ruled by sharia law. The problem for the West is that Islam is expansionist and exhorts its devotees to expand Islam and impose sharia law worldwide. In this regard migrating to Western countries to transform and subject them to sharia law becomes a religious duty. Sharia law is an existential threat to the West because it seeks submission not assimilation. Sharia law is entirely incompatible with our secular Constitution and the pluralism and individual freedoms that our Constitution guarantees. The United States of America must protect its borders against any and all individuals wishing to impose sharia law in America. If Gorka and McMaster do not understand this they need to hear Trump say: YOU’RE FIRED!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sharia is part and parcel of islum. You can no more separate sharia from islum than you can separate Jesus Christ from Christianity. Wake up and smell the coffee, wake up and smell the jihad.

      • Yes, you are quite right that sharia is part of Islam but there are many Christians and Jews who were born Christians and Jews who identify themselves as Christians and Jews but who do not practice Christianity or Judaism in a traditional sense. All I am saying is that every Muslim is not a jihadist – there are those who pick and choose which portions of Islam they adhere to just like Christians and Jews. The difference between Muslims who pose a threat to America and those who do not pose a threat is a matter of whether they embrace sharia law or not. There is no place for sharia in America. Period.

  • Gordon Miller

    McMaster’s appointment is clearly a mistake. I don’t know what the President was thinking when he appointed him. Does this mean that he shares McMaster’s view of Islam? I certainly hope not.
    As to Gorka, I think the jury is still out. He does well as a guest on Fox, and I have never been upset by anything he has said.
    With respect to the correct term to collectively describe our foe, I believe “Islamic terrorism” says it all. I think it is proper to use the phrase”Muslim terrorist” to describe the individual wreaking havoc in the name of Allah.

  • KitCarson

    never likes Seb, and my respect for the Academy came up a notch. ( 2/2 1972.)

  • Gnomercy

    It’s not Radical Islam, it’s Fundamentalist Islam – islam in its purest form.

  • Richard Canary

    Trump’s entire administration needs to be educated by John Guandolo’s trainers, available here:

    ( ). I have written into the White House’s website, but I have no faith that it will get any attention. Islam is a difficult ideology to understand. Their koran is not at all like the Christian Bible.

    Anyone serving in the miltary or civilian national security fields must be required to understand the “official” Islamic doctrines, especially in the subjects of jihad and warfare.

    I am a novice, a plain old Christian citizen, but I have read the koran and some of “Reliance of the Traveller”, as well as some of the haditha, but that would be a tiny portion of what is needed for an America Christian to have studied in order to be qualified for the jobs that McMaster and Gorka have been given.

    If they do not know and believe what Guandolo’s people teach, they are both totally unqualified for their jobs… period.

    Please get informed. Support Pamela Geller and John Guandolo in every way you can. America is fighting for our survival, and yes, Trump is our best hope now, but he has made very big mistakes with these two appointments. We must all support those who have the means to get public opinion to move in the right direction.

  • Dorrie

    Actually, Pam, Dr. Gorka is BRILLIANT regarding fighting Islam! McMaster, on the other hand, claims that ISIS isn’t Islamic and the fact that Trump chose him to take Flynn’s place is a puzzlement! He definitely is unfit!

  • DCW left coast

    How could a group of adherents to a cause . . . imitating the the actions of their prophet . . . be anything but izzzzlamic? They are doing EXACTLY as their leader did in the 7th century . . .
    What is dangerous is the ones who infiltrate democratic countries . . . and when there numbers are large enough they move to take control . . . kind of like MoooHAMed in Medina !

  • Robert Kahlcke

    McMaster has to go forthwith, he’s another closet muslim, the same as John Brennan.
    President Trump, I respectfully request McMaster be “FIRED”

    • Erica Ling

      I know nothing about your selection processes, but surely the leanings of people like McMasters were already known to many, could be investigated, or even found by POTUS as he twitters away ? Or does he not read other people’s postings ? Talk about an own goal !

  • Diane Sori

    I have the same concerns as does Pamela and Robert Spencer about both men for if one does NOT recognize who the true enemy is…if one does NOT say out loud who the enemy is…that enemy CANNOT be truly defeated. And I’ll go one step further…if one cannot admit that islam is the enemy…the entirety of islam…than there will be NO reformation of islam and more of we infidel will continue to be killed as mandated by the anything but holy qur’an.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      How would you go about reforming the evil that is islam? Remove all the Jew hate and calls for jihad and misogyny and what are you left with? A handbook of aphorisms. If Islum hasn’t reformed itself after over a thousand years what make you think it will now, when it’s clearly spreading allah over the world like cancer?

  • Maranatha

    What?…..still Obomit in charge??

    • Dorrie

      Obama has a “shadow government” and his little Muslim handler, Valerie Jarrett, is once again living with him.


    Pam, you are 100% correct. I have already sent a message to President Trump about why McMaster is NFG. (I didn’t know about Gorka until I read your article.)

    • Dorrie

      The article was just that – an article of someone’s OPINION, not fact. Dr. Gorka is a leader in the field of dealing with Islam. And people who come against him and lie about him are just trying to line their own pockets. McMaster is another subject altogether. He said openly that ISIS isn’t Islamic. Therefore, he has no business advising Trump!

  • Ragaman

    There are some loyal, brilliant junior ranking general/flag officers that should be promoted–as well as–Colonel/Captain to higher command level. Unfortunately, there are presently, too many general/flag officers at the top, who are “conflicted” with their loyalties to the nation and their commander-in-chief.

    The main issue with Mr. Gorka’s statement is his view of the issues and challenges with modern Islam. Overall, I respect much of Mr. Gorka’s opinions and narratives regarding Islamic terrorism; however, unless we (the US and the West) embrace the problem that the enemy is at the root of the tree and not the leaves, we are doomed.

  • Felix Quigley

    “The Koran and the Mussulman legislation emanating from it reduce the geography and ethnography of the various peoples to the simple and convenient distinction of two nations and of two countries; those of the Faithful and of the Infidels. The Infidel is “harby,” i.e., the enemy [NOTE: harb is an Arabic word for war]. Islamism proscribes the nation of the Infidels, constituting a state of permanent hostility between the Mussulman and the unbeliever.”

    Karl Marx the founder of scientific socialism, that is COMMUNISM, was very clear that there was no “peaceful Islam”, no Islam as a “religion of peace”, no “radical Islam” with the implication that there is a non-radical meaning to Islam – a non-war or non-warlike Islam.

    How and why did Karl Marx and his friend Engels take this position? It is because they were not outside of the human experience meaning culture. They came from it. They based their work and works on the old British empirical methods of Bacon which gave rise to the English Cromwellian Revolution that created a Republic in England, later to be reversed to create the Great English Compromise under King Billy (Battle of the Boyne stuff)

    What was this empirical method that Marx took from Bacon and others? It was simply assemble your facts and base your conclusions on those facts.

    How do we see those facts? How do we assemble such facts? By means of our five senses. There is not a sixth sense as the utter reactionary and total conman David Icke claims continually and spreads his poison into places like Infowars.

    Why is this important today? It is because we are surrounded by Ickean conmen who practice their magic at all kinds of differing levels. President Trump is part of this sorcery when he (encouraged by the likes of Michael Savage) engages in this sorcery by hiring McMaster and this other guy Gorka – the latter is probably a relic of the Russian Whites. Jews all beware of these types that emanate from the Russian Whites…not pretty.

    What does this all mean? Simply that Trump has begun caving in to the dominant ideology that exists in America and the world. This ideology teaches that there are “nice” people and “not nice” people and that these categories are unrelated to ideology.

    What this “clever” stratagem leaves out is that human beings are driven by ideologies. Trump has used this method, essentially pragmatism which entails a dislike of theory and concentration on “getting things done”, and in such circumstances as this pragmatism is fatal… pragmatism gets so far then runs into difficulties then falls down totally! He disregards Islam and he disregards the scientific work of Marx and Bat Ye’or and if he continues to do this on the issue of Islam then Islam will win. The big issue and danger from Islam is the demographics and not this or the other terror attack such as 9-11 and it is from this reality that the Fascist Left (such as Icke in turn the foundation for such as Black Lives Matter etcetera) and others have diverted from in the past two decades.

  • OhioHomeowner

    Thank you for stating clearly what the danger is. “Mike Flynn’s resignation was a major setback, but the selection of Hayward (who refused it) and then McMaster indicated that President Trump was caving to RINO establishment dhimmitude. McMaster claims using the watered down term “radical Islamic terrorism” is unhelpful — not because it is diluted, but because it isn’t accurate, because the terrorists are “un-Islamic.” Madness. Sebastian Gorka peddles a false narrative as well.”

    • Dorrie

      The terrorists are VERY Islamic! They’re doing exactly what their hideous prophet taught and what the Quran instructs.

      Dr. Gorka is one who knows how to deal with them and stop the “Madness”! You seem to be peddling a VERY false narrative…

  • ramrodd

    THIS is hate; all from the Qur’an.”

    The eternal, unchanging words of Allah:

    Q 2:193 “And kill them [unbelievers] wherever you find them.”
    Q 2:216 “Fighting is prescribed for you.”
    Q 8:12 “I will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore
    strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

    Q 9:5 “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and
    besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”
    Q 9:123 “O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you
    and let them find in you hardness.”
    Q 4:73 “So, when you meet those who disbelieve smite at their necks till when
    you have killed them and wounded many of them.”

    Q 5:14 : “We [Muslims] estranged them [Christians] with enmity and HATRED
    between one and the other, TO THE DAY OF JUDGMENT.”

  • ramrodd

    If you are a politically-correct bliss-ninny with a coexist bumper sticker slapped on the back of your Subaru, and you don’t have the slightest clue what the following ten words mean, then this essay is not meant for you. You are excused.

    dawah, dhimmi, hijra, jizya, kafir, shaheed, shariah, takfir, taqiyya, ummah

    But if you are a national security professional, senior military officer or political leader involved in any aspect of the “Global War On Terror,” AKA “Countering Violent Extremism,” these are ten words that should already be a part of your working vocabulary. If you can’t readily discuss their meaning, significance, and relationships, then you are worse than a fool, you are disgrace to your office and a danger to your country.

  • ramrodd

    There is no such thing as Moderate or Radical Muslims, only Apostate ones, and there is no peace in the Religion of Islam, only a cult of death and ruination….we had better stop this practice of surrendering ourselves to our sensitivities and start acting on our rights to Self Preservation, because we are at war with Islam and despite what you are told, there is no such thing as a MODERATE nor Peaceful Islam…

    If you are a Muslim that Practices Quranic, Sharia Law, than you are Devout Muslim. You’re Not a Radical nor have you Radicalized Islam, and you certainly didn’t Hijack the Islamic Faith, You Are in fact a DEVOUT Muslim to your Quran and a loyal follower of your prophet Muhammad.

    If You are a Muslim that does not adhere to Quranic Law than you’re an Apostate and many are irresponsibly and dangerously labeling them as MODERATES, of which, they are not. Matter of fact, they are even more dangerous because their actions are the most hidden.

  • ramrodd

    Pamela Geller: There are No Lone Wolves in Jihad.. Millions of Muslims all around the world are following the same playbook — the Quran — and the same ideology — Islam..
    but the Media wont ever tell you that, it wouldnt fit in with their pro-jihad propaganda offensive..

  • JCLincoln

    All muslims support the final goal of Islam which is to dominate the whole world for Allah. Whether by active terrorism or by supporting their Imams who send their money to terrorist groups. There is a difference between the active terrorists and the ones who support them. The first are called ‘murderers’, the second are called, ‘accomplices’.

  • Mitchina

    Exactly how does a gvt eliminate 1.2 BILLION Islamic believers – 22% of the world – from their faith? Exactly what are other proposals for defeating this ideology that? As much as I despise the cult ideology – many are not jihadists and do believe they follow the “better parts” of the faith. Yeah, every faith has their fair share of idiots as well, either believe or get out or create a new one. That last one is the most rational and doable option, while killing as many radical violent believers as we can. It is a large and complicated issue and America just needs to take care of America at this point. Watch the ones we have closely, stop more from coming in and let all other kill themselves off or the other sympathetic countries can learn a valuable lesson. Either way, once again the Jews definitely lose in this re-education. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the same outcome.

  • Pathfinder0100

    I just do not understand what it is about Islam and the Koran that makes it impossible for so-called intelligent people in the West to understand?? Do you?? Where’s Mahou when she is needed?? ;>)

  • Arcadia P

    Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer are the true hero’s that we need to pay attention to. I would like to say that they have always been consistent in there reporting the real clear news regarding the Islamic threat. They are engaged in going into the public sphere with their lives in jeopardy. I would say that someone who lays there lives down for their friends are true shepherds. My measure today of who to believe are those who do not waiver and stay on target, and are not all over the place. When anyone chooses to attack either of these two then you need to give full attention for a house divided against itself will not stand. Why is it that when the s—t really hits the fan then they invite Robert or Pamela? Why is it that Pamela and Spencer have been dubed the alt right? Why is it that no one will debate Robert in the arena of Islam? Why do Jewish and Christian organizations refuse to allow these two to speak and inform us as to the threat and cave as soon as they are contacted by CAIR or any other Islamic organization? Why? Because they are afraid of the Truth.

  • donojibway

    I don’t see Gorka as that bad. He has been a regular guest on Fox, and comes down hard on Sharia Law and jihad. He is making the case that most Muslims don’t support terrorism, and that there is a viable (but oppressed) Islam reform movement in America. That may be true but based on polls way too high a percentage of Muslims see the killing of innocents in the pursuit of spreading Islam as acceptable. We do not want to fight a war with all of Islam, roughly 1.7 billion people. But I would go as far as Japan and keep them out of America. No Muslim refugees, and the ones who are here already either renounce jihad and Sharia law or go back to a country where those primitive, unConstitutional, oppressive rules are allowed. I don’t see that as unreasonable, anyone who can think logically should recognize that individual liberty (America, both genders included) is not compatible with Sharia law.

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