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UK Sharia court: Muslim mother has to get PERMISSION from Islamic clerics to divorce her drug dealer husband


Where are the feminists? And why are these courts operating beyond the reach of British law? Is there no one left in Britain with a spine and a shred of genuine concern for women’s rights?

“The moment a Muslim mother is forced to ask the permission of Islamic clerics in a BRITISH Sharia court to divorce her drug dealer husband,” by Natalie Corner, Daily Mail, March 2, 2017:

As the number of Sharia courts operating behind closed doors – and beyond the reach of British law – continues to grow apace, a new documentary has exposed what really happens during the shadowy proceedings.

There are believed to be 85 Sharia courts in the UK, and last night Channel 4’s Extremely British Muslims aired footage captured inside Birmingham’s Central Mosque as a council dispensed its strict religious form of justice.

Viewers witnessed the struggle of mother-of-four Fatima, 33, as she sought permission to divorce the drug dealer husband she says has emotionally abused her throughout their 14 year marriage.

The Islamic court, which seeks to provide Muslims with resolutions to financial, familial and marital disputes according to the principles of their faith, granted Fatima’s request.

But that she was forced to plead her case at all is in stark contrast to the divorce process for Muslim men, who need only tell their spouse ‘I divorce you’ three times in order to free themselves of a marriage.

Under Islamic law, marriage is a legal bond and social contract between a man and a woman, but the marriages are not binding under UK law.

On Extremely British Muslims, Fatima had to explain exactly why she no longer wants to be with her other half to the three judges, one of whom was the only female Sharia Court judge in the country, Dr Amra Bone.

Fatima wished to be granted a divorce, and claimed she has been a victim of emotional abuse.

‘I’ve been on my own with the children, [with] no support from him and there was emotional abuse,’ she said.

She refused to take him back even after Dr Bone said that her husband was willing to change…..

‘There’s no love or trust and I fear him. I am 100 percent [convinced], there is no looking back’ she explained.

While she waited for an answer she explained that after a couple of months of marriage her husband ‘started to show his true colours’ and things soon spiralled ‘out of control’.

Fatima had gone against her parents’ wishes when she first married him and admitted she regrets rushing into the marriage.

The presiding judge Dr Amra Bone informed Fatima that her marriage has been dissolved and reflected on Fatima’s case.

‘This is a marriage of choice [as opposed to an arranged marriage]. The wife is discovering afterwards, he has been on drugs.

‘We think it’s very important for the family to play a role in finding out what the boy is like before anything happens, and in cases where they’ve already fallen in love it is in fact too late.’

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  • patriotusa2

    Would you look at this photos? Who walks around like that in a civilized society! These people are still living in ancient times with laws that would make the hounds of Hell rejoice!

    • Ari Chen

      To be honest, I don’t care for their women’s rights… unless they renounce Islam. They want Sharia, and they prefer to remain Muslim. If these women collectively do something against their abusive males, we might get half the problem solved.

      • patriotusa2

        As far as I’m concerned, some of these women are just as bad as the men.

      • Jim Larkin

        Don’t forget it’s a reign of terror. Muslim women have been told their entire lives that they’re useless and only here to serve the men. And if they rock the boat….well we all know what happens next

  • Really?

    American feminists have joined forces with the Islamic cult that treats women and children like dogs. Feminism is polital tool for the NWO.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is islam, accept it or die. The feminist movement are nothing but prayer mats for any muslim man to lay on while getting closer to the demon of islam through rape.

  • Muslims in the West are not asking for Sharia to be the law of the land. The Law of the land is the only law applicable and executable in affairs of the individuals.

    All they are seeking is to let Sharia be available as an alternative to resolve their spousal and
    contractual disputes between two individuals. That is their prerogative. Indeed, every human, no matter who it is, goes first to their family members and friends for seeking solutions to their problem some will go to their clergy (all religions) and some will appoint a mediator.

    When Muslims go to their clergy, he or she will look up similar situations in the past and guide the couple or business partners to find a solution, since the immigrant Muslims are familiar with the Sharia laws, they may accept it, and if they do, that is good for them.

    The problem is that of trust – when the parties agree to the terms per their Imam/clergy, and don’t abide by it, there is no way the aggrieved party can seek damages for the violations. This is what Muslims are asking, to make that binding.

    Indeed, it would be binding if they go to the judge and say, we have agreed to these terms and conditions per our religious conviction, and seek the judge to sign the order and the court order becomes executable.

    The judge looks to it as mediator resolved decision and signs it
    and it will become executable. The right wing Americans are downright stupid and
    making a bid deal about this, as if Sharia will become the law of the land.

    What Muslims have is Personal Sharia, that is a private relationship between the individual and God. How they pray, worship, fast, pay zakat, how they bury their individuals, marry per the requirement as a religious rite. All of that is a private matter and does not
    need any regulation or execution.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Personal Sharia”, LOL, right up until you parasitic vermin have the upper hand and political power, then it becomes Sharia for all and persecution of the unbeliever — just like muhamMAD desired.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Right. Then why does every western country have Muslim specific women’s refuge centres? And why is there a constant demand for more such centres?

  • ed

    Is that the wife or the husband….I can’t tell with those burlap sacks covering their heads…..

    • VoodooDollHillary

      wife-swapping parties are mass confusion

      • Toy Pupanbai

        Especially at going home time!

  • conan_drum

    Willing to change? He is a drug dealer for heaven’s sake. he is not likely to become an honest citizen even if anybody would employ him. Why is he not in jail anyway? He is not likely to stop abusing her emotionally or otherwise, that is who he (and many other Muslim males) is. Men are sovereign over women , it is in the Quran. Please Note. Sharia courts are not beyond the reach of British law as Corner claims. British law supersedes the sharia courts which can only make ‘rulings’ based on Quranic laws. Their only ‘official’ standing is among those Muslims who wish to submit to them Any Muslim woman who wants to appeal to UK law can do so. However community pressure, religious convictions, and years of indoctrination pressure them not to do so.

    • Watto

      ‘British law supersedes sharia courts?’

      Sharia ‘courts’ should not exist in Britain or any other civilised western society. The fact that these ‘courts’ are in our country is an affront to our democracy. The perpetrators or imams should be arrested immediately and tried for treason.

  • Simba

    This is the risk if a white woman falls for a Muslim man and marries in a mosque.They should all know the pitfalls.The cleric will sweet talk, coerce,bully,intimidate the poor victim since she does not know about this concept(?) of marriage,the marriage itself is not recognized legally in U.K.and probably in the Continent as well as North America and so regular laws about alimony don’t apply,the children can be snatched away from her to produce more Muslims.

    Rosemarie Sookhdeo of London has written a very good book -Stepping Into The Shadows” about these marriages.Though a bit biased,it should serve as a template.Let the Muslim women suffer,after all who told them to not ask for an equitable western style civil marriage?.No western woman should fall prey to this.That should be our aim.

  • VoodooDollHillary


    The running picture…wrapped her head up in cloth and a pair of glasses.

    How can anyone take these people seriously?

    • Toy Pupanbai

      If you don’t do it now, you will have to, in a few short years time!

  • Sunshine Kid
  • solange9

    Someone please tell her that NO, she does NOT! She lives under British law, NOT sharia.

  • Toy Pupanbai

    She doesn’t “Have To”.
    It is her choice to remain a prisoner!

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