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UCLA pays profs $1,000 EACH to teach anti-Trump workshops


“Notably, Professor Reynaldo Macias, who served as Dean of Social Sciences after Obama’s election in 2008, acknowledged when speaking with The Bruin that he did not offer any workshops at the time on opposing the Obama administration.”

Of course he didn’t. UCLA, like other universities, is not really a university at all. It’s just a boot camp for leftist indoctrination. No doubt Macias and his colleagues lauded and praised Obama to the skies in their classes. But now that President Trump is working to make America great again, these haters and saboteurs are training their cadres for more violence and unrest.

“UCLA pays profs $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops,” by Anthony Gockowski, Campus Reform, February 14, 2017 (thanks to Paul):

The University of California at Los Angeles has paid at least six professors up to $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops during the Spring semester alone.

In addition, at least two similar workshops are already scheduled for the Winter semester, totaling 8 workshops altogether with $8,000 in taxpayer funds being doled out to their instructors.

While the workshops, sponsored by the “Dean’s fund for programs and teaching related to the 2016 presidential election,” purport to discuss “diverse viewpoints about the election and what it portends,” many seem to advocate for a decidedly anti-Trump agenda and none appear to offer a contrasting perspective.

One workshop, for instance, titled “Bullied by Trump’s Tweets? University Students on Edge,” will explore the reasons why “some students have come to feel increasingly marginalized and fearful during Trump’s presidency.”

“Who feels endangered by Trump’s tweets: people of color, under-served, undocumented, disabled, sexual minorities, older, working-class, and international students navigating changing regulations about personhood, citizenship, and border crossings?” a description for the workshop questions.According to an advertisement for the workshops obtained by The Daily Bruin, the classes will investigate the “different aspects of [Trump’s] administration,” with one workshop called “Communications, Science, and Authoritarianism, Then and Now” examining the “role of communications and science in societies trending toward authoritarianism” and asking students to “track and analyze the new administration.”

There will also be workshop on “Whitelash or Working Class Revolt? Making Sense of [the] Rise of Trump and New Populism,” which seeks to cultivate an understanding of the “rise of populism in [the] U.S. resulting in [the] rise of Trump [and] his popularity with white, working class men.”

Notably, Professor Reynaldo Macias, who served as Dean of Social Sciences after Obama’s election in 2008, acknowledged when speaking with The Bruin that he did not offer any workshops at the time on opposing the Obama administration.Now, however, Professor Laura Gomez, interim dean of social sciences, explained that she developed the aforementioned “dean’s fund” in order to persuade professors to participate, since they previously would not be compensated for teaching the seminar-style workshops as part of the Fiat Lux program, which was established in 2001 to facilitate discussions about topics that are not typically discussed in normal classes….

  • Suresh

    Obama. Hillary , most Dems , RINO’s have been working against American interests for a long time . And are nothing more than paid puppets of lobbyists for saudi/OIC and Iran too

    Time to focus on the enemy within America.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Defund universities that teach courses on sedition treason and criminal behaviour. No point in fooling around, if schools want to be stupid, they can do so with their own money.

  • Craig

    We have seen the unhinged, communist-loving leftists calling for killing Trump voters, along with Mr. Trump. Recently, we have seen colleges and universities having self-defense courses for their leftist morons to help them in their coming “revolution”.
    These POS leftists pull this crap in big cities, which are full of welfare parasites and useless individuals. Pull this crap in the west and see how it turns out. You will need dump trucks to haul away all the leftist bodies.

  • Andy_Lewis

    Thanks for the job tip, Pam. I’ll be flying out to CA today. (Hey, it beats flipping houses.)

  • The hate-filled stupidity of the Trump haters continues. “Showing their tails,” as my grandmother used to say.

  • santashandler

    And what do conservative professors get for ‘analyzing’ the Obama administration. Oh yeah, a locked gate. I feel sorry for the conservative students and professors at UCLA who are surrounded by this garbage on a minute by minute basis. When a place like UCLA makes garbage like this their entire focus, they have proven to the outside world this is a training/indoctrination center not unlike the kind a guy in Germany used about 80 years ago.

    • RayG1

      What conservative professors? The only tenured conservative professors are at private institutions. All liberal dominated colleges and universities deny conservative professor tenure as a matter of course! Conservative students learn to keep their mouths shut if they want to get passing grades.

  • spudmans1

    These effeminate male profs now probably sit down to urinate while the libtard female profs now stand while using the urinals. Now a days It would seem these institutions of higher learning are completely ass backwards!

  • Black Opal

    Good for UCLA. I hope more universities do this. 💜

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