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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

[ September 20, 2017 ]

UC Berkeley battling to shut down Milo’s Free Speech Week featuring Pamela Geller

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Deleting Popular Ex-Muslim’s Arabic Material Critizing Islam

[ September 20, 2017 ]

White Powder Sent to Israeli NYC Consulate for Second Time in Four Days

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Clinton Moved $800,000 From Her Campaign to Help Fund Antifa

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Australia: Devout Muslim butchered wife, mutilated her body, gouged her eye out

[ September 19, 2017 ]

Muslim leader and followers publish “dead or alive” wanted notice for President Trump

Trump Wants to Slash EPA Budget By 25 Percent


Reuters reported Friday on the 23-page proposal that includes reducing the EPA’s budget by $2 billion and cutting the number of employees by 20 percent, to make room for defense spending increases.

Under the proposal, which was sent to the EPA this week, grants to states for lead cleanup would be cut 30 percent to $9.8 million, according to the source, who read the document to Reuters.

Grants to help Native American tribes combat pollution would be cut 30 percent to $45.8 million. An EPA climate protection program on cutting emissions of greenhouse gases like methane that contribute to global warming would be cut 70 percent to $29 million.

The proposal would cut funding for the brownfields industrial site cleanup program by 42 percent to $14.7 million. It would also reduce funding for enforcing pollution laws by 11 percent to $153 million.

President Trump’s plan, which needs congressional approval, would leave the agency with 12,400 employees and reduce the budget from $8.1 billion to $6.1 billion for fiscal year 2018. The proposal would also cut 38 EPA programs….

  • Mark Steiner

    Excellent. The EPA needs to be slashed from the realm of political science and return to the practice of good science.

    The President has my vote in this matter for, as many have read, the EPA is less concerned about protecting the environment and more concerned about political activism for the Far Left.

    Planetary stewardship goes both ways. EPA failed its role in the area of stewardship.

    • felix1999

      You said it best!

  • wildjew

    I was slammed, even on this website for warning against this appointment:

    Why does (the Secretary of Defense) want the female John Kerry at a top Pentagon post?’

    • Ron Cole

      Le lurch may have boyfriends in low places.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        She may be sucking up to them.

    • aebe

      If it’s just to keep an eye on her , it would be cheaper to toss her into jail .
      Ms Winter Soldier ? ‘Tween him and the Whore , that’s too many .

  • Ron Cole

    President Trump should slash it by 100% and put a bounty on their sorry a$$es.
    I hope he “closes” most of the Feral Mini-series, and lets the States take care of these matters.
    The one sledge hammer for all approach is madness especially in environmental matters.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Define art the era’s mandate is, then give them a much reduced budget to fulfill it. There are too many phoney green environmentalist who have got rich at taxpayers expense by stating the obvious, spinning it as “studies”.

    • aebe

      Set the EPA to be an information hub for the states . Make no law or regulation , that’s for Congress . Won’t need but a large office , no need for a building of its own .

    • mike

      Do you ever get to New Hampshire?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        No, too far for my broom.

        • mike

          Too bad I would enjoy discourse with you over bread and wine

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Will have to make do with the forum, it works.

  • Rocinante44

    25% is a good start. i’d go for 25% annually, and give this power back to the states

    • Vann Boseman

      I strongly agree. There is no current need for an EPA at a national level. The continued existence of one disheartens those who really do care about the environment and is nothing more than a political front for far left policies.

    • spfg

      The more money you throw at the EPA the more inefficient they become. Worthless piles of garbage paperwork getting us nowhere and dragging down the efficiency of a program that has too many people but yet way too much red tape and inaction bogging down the system. Trump will put E back in efficiency by speeding up results…

      • curtis

        Kinda sounds like our entire system of Federal Government!

  • santashandler

    He should cut the EPA budget by 50%, if not entirely. The EPA and those it takes it’s marching orders from, would have us all out of our cars and on either bicycles, or commuter trains. And that would be just the beginning.

  • Cary Morris

    I like 50 percent better.

  • Jackie Puppet

    The Environmental Pollution Agency deserves its 25% haircut, especially if it insists on enforcing such BS as puddles forming after a rainstorm can be classified as a temporary wetland.

  • joe1429

    Great News! EPA long time out of control

  • felix1999

    I’d be happy if he ELIMINATED the EPA and let the states deal with it.

  • Outstanding! President Trump also should release all that Ammo that Obama bought up for all these Alphabet Agencies that he was planning on using as his Brown Shirts! So happy to see the EPA be put in it’s place! Love to see McCarthy go to prison also!

  • conan_drum

    Cleaning up lead pollution should be paid for by big business as they were the polluters in the past. Take the car industry for example which fought against non leaded petrol for years. Businesses and industry made the mess
    Business should pay for cleaning up.

    • Vann Boseman

      Yes. This is an issue for the courts and/or the states. This is not a case for keeping and maintaining a national EPA. How much lead is too much? One thing for sure is that I have no confidence in the EPA to responsibly answer that question.

    • aebe

      Should , but either way we are the ones who will pay .

  • Drew the Infidel

    Given the EPA’s Soviet style treatment of private citizens, Trump should leave only a token amount in their budget to cover the administrator’s salary and little else. Remember the old ads about the Maytag repairman whiling away his time with nothing to do?

  • michaelofsydney

    He needs get the folk from the EPA to have a good hard long look at the damage Fukushima is doing and to give an honest assessment to the world. It is beyond catastrophic and the nightmare has only just begun. Protecting Americans from the worst nuclear disaster ever is as vital as military defence. The Pacific Ocean is being poisoned and the sea life will die. Think very hard about eating fish from the Pacific.

  • I would be much, much happier if Trump just abolished the EPA.and fired all its parasites. It has no legitimate existence or purpose.

  • Merlinever

    Trump doesn’t need to slash the budget of the EPA, he needs to get rid of it all together. Ditto for the ATF, the DHS, the TSA, the IRS and the Dept. of Education………that is if he was serious about draining the swamp.

  • Kenek

    If the EPA were more concerned about pollution and less concerned about CO2 (not a pollutant)
    the budget would have 4 billion a year all along.

  • VLParker

    Good. Mr. President, start by eliminating their SWAT team.

  • Joe1938

    “Slash” epa budget by 25%? That is all?! epa Should be slashed by no less than 75%! Better yet, eliminate this rouge agency.

  • Mary Seres

    How about 50% or even 75% or how about shut it down all together?

  • Mindy Robinson

    Cut their funding to 0, they are a tyrannical arm of the dem party, used to terrorize Americans into submission.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Andy_Lewis


  • Feston Bulbous

    The EPA started out as a good thing. But like so many government agencies that corrupt politicians (Owebama) used for their political ends–it turned into a monster. Stop feeding the monster.

  • curtis

    About damn time!

  • felix1999

    If you can’t ELIMINATE IT, then slash it by at least 50%!

  • aebe

    25% ought to be just a start . The EPA ought to serve as an information hub for state environmental organisations , no more , and the money not spent should be returned to the states . Try a 95% cut .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights … Carry

  • Robinske2

    The nation is 20 trillion in debt- mostly added during the Bush and Obama administrations. Peel back the layers of government added in the last 20 years and get rid of it. Keep going back until the government can operate without borrowing money. However- I would start with foreign aid. The billions given away hasn’t done any good and it can be argued it may be hurting these nations in the long.

    • Nefarious420

      Whatever Trump saves, will be paid out in secret service protection, and homeland security for everything Trump branded from here til forever. I just hope Trump stays good to Israel and America’s allies.

      Who really needs clean air and water anyways, look how good Flint Michigan did on their own poisoning their own people.

  • mike

    25% Every yr. till it’s gone. MAGA!


    The fact Roundup aka glyphosate is allowable is by itself; enough to completely discredit the EPA. The EPA allows GMO food production as well and for those reasons they are clearly incompetent and for sale to the highest bidder. If people want to protect the environment all they need to do is boycott anything and everything chemical which is not necessary to their lives.

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