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Robert Spencer: Why Is Donald Trump Doing This?


I have never met Donald Trump, and probably never will, but I have known him all my life. He was always part of the media landscape: the billionaire playboy, the scandals, Marla Maples, the bankruptcy, the comic grandiosity, the glamour – but ultimately, he seemed trivial. A rich man enjoying his riches. He didn’t have anything to do with me, or with the problems facing the nation and the free world that I was concerned about. But now, he is President of the United States, and the subject of a relentless vilification campaign from the Left, and the exponent of policies that the nation must adopt if it is simply to survive, and it is useful to step back and reflect on why Donald Trump has chosen this path.

In a wide-ranging 2004 interview in Playboy magazine, Trump demonstrates that his thinking has evolved a great deal since then: he calls John Kerry “a great guy…a very smart guy…highly underestimated.” But he also manifests the perceptiveness and acumen that has taken him this far, and that his detractors have never acknowledged. Of Iraq he says: “No way will there be a normal democratic government in that country, in my opinion. The same with Afghanistan. If anybody thinks Afghanistan will become a normal, wonderful democratic country where everybody walks in on a Tuesday and votes, it’s not going to happen.”

Indeed. And when asked if he thinks that Trump Tower and the other buildings that bear his name will still bear that name in 100 years, he answers: “No, I don’t think so…I don’t think any building will be here—and unless we have some very smart people ruling it, the world will not be the same place in a hundred years. The weapons are too powerful, too strong. Access to the weapons is getting too easy, so I think the landscape we’re looking at will not be the same unless we get smart people in office quickly….I know life is fragile, and if the world looks like this a hundred years from now, we’ll either be very lucky or have found unbelievably good leaders somewhere down the line.”

Finding “unbelievably good leaders” has been a preoccupation of Donald Trump for far longer than that. In a 1990 Playboy interview, he says: “I like George Bush very much and support him and always will. But I disagree with him when he talks of a kinder, gentler America. I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.” George H. W. Bush was not an “unbelievably good leader” by anyone’s standard, and even then Trump was being asked what he would do if he were President of the United States. After delineating some of the things he would do as President, Trump is asked: “Wait. If you believe that the public shares these views, and that you could do the job, why not consider running for President?” He answers: “I’d do the job as well as or better than anyone else. It’s my hope that George Bush can do a great job.”

The interviewer persists: “You categorically don’t want to be President?” Trump answers: “I don’t want to be President. I’m one hundred percent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.”

And here we are. Twenty-seven years later, the country has continued to go down the tubes, and Donald Trump is President of the United States. He didn’t have to do this. He is 70 years old, he is extraordinarily rich, and he could have lived a comfortable old age, hosting The Apprentice and enjoying the fruits of his labors at Mar-a-Lago. Instead, he has entered the political arena and become the object of the Left’s hatred and vilification on a scale that is shocking and unprecedented. I remember, even when I was a young Leftist in the early 1980s, being shocked at the vitriol that my comrades directed at Ronald Reagan. I didn’t like the man at the time, and I opposed his policies, but I didn’t have the vicious hatred for him that so many others did.

Yet that hatred was a mailed valentine compared to the frenzied rage that the Left is now directing toward Donald Trump. They vilify him, they vilify his wife and son, they fantasize about assassinating him, and maybe they eventually will – and why? Because he “saw this country continue to go down the tubes,” and determined to give up his life of comfort and ease and do something to turn this nation around. Donald Trump has proven himself to be, above all things, a patriot, a man who loves this nation enough to sacrifice himself for it, just as a soldier gives his life for the nation so that our children, and our children’s children, can live free.

He is the unlikeliest of men to have chosen to do this. But he has done it. And now he is suffering the relentless slings and arrows of the anti-American Leftists who are determined to destroy him for doing it. Any remaining patriots, whatever they think of the President of the United States, should recognize that this is happening, and understand that they owe a debt of gratitude to Donald Trump for being willing to make this sacrifice. He didn’t have to do it. He could have enjoyed a comfortable old age while America went down the tubes. Most of his former colleagues and associates are doing just that, while he struggles in Washington to turn things around, against an entrenched Leftist establishment that determined not to relinquish power.

But now America has a shot at survival as a free nation, and it is due in large part to Donald Trump. Few of us can say we have made a comparable sacrifice.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His latest book is The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Iran. Follow him on Twitter here. Like him on Facebook here.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Fred

    Trump 2020!

    Pamela Geller 2024!

    • luvourtroops

      And judge Jeanine VP

      • Warren

        Actually I think that Judge Jeanine should be on the supreme court.

  • jstol3

    We’re lucky to have him!

    • noindoctrination

      Not lucky, blessed. God does surely work in the affairs of men. Trump was born for such a time as this.

  • Ken Olson

    Well stated, Robert. I trust you can get back in the advisory position. The poĺlyanna Security advisor will kill the bid to ban the Muslim Brotherhood and the many subsets.

    • Suresh

      Left/liberal/RINO Loons including Media, college admins, politicians are in the saudi/OIC pocket to help advance their agenda of islamisation of EU/America.

      Here’s sample how Politicians on Iranian lobby payroll pushed through the Nuke deal

      First he must stop lobbyist of foreign govts buying media, politicians to stop this menace from getting worse.

      And make elections state funded . Give $1 milion to senators, $1 Billion and stop all corporate funding . It will remove the lobby puppet/ puppeteer game that goes on and that ends up costing the country 100’s of Billions in lost tax funds to please the lobbyists donors.
      And make it a punishable offence to accept funds from such entities. He has not thought on these lines so he does not understand why the media is running fake news to smear him. Its the lobbyists donors who are funding this racket.

    • felix1999

      Honestly I stopped going to his website because I was sick and tired of HIS TRUMP BASHING. I hope he has honestly changed his mind.

      • Ichabod Crain

        The “Trump bashing” thing was all about Trump’s reaction to the Draw Muhammad contest he and Pamela hosted. This drew a lot of flack for “bashing Muhammad” when in fact it was standing up for free speech. Trump didn’t get it, however, and criticized them for provoking Muslims. Both Robert and Pamela were naturally very disappointed with Trump at the time. It seems they have moved on now and forgiven him, but they haven’t forgotten.

    • Rob Porter

      Well said, Ken. Fantastic piece by Robert Spencer on Donald Trump, but what a sad commentary on the appalling state of contemporary America. To a foreigner the destructive hatred is astounding, but my best wishes go to Donald Trump because he is important not only to America but also the floundering dimwits in Canada, Western Europe and Australia who don’t possess the moral fibre or wisdom of a chicken.

  • Cullen Killian

    Thanks Robert for the article – well said and it’s sad how those who attack DJT – don’t understand what he is trying to do for the country and what he is sacrificing to do so.. thanks to you and Pamela.

    • Craig

      The left wants their communist America and they are not going to let American voters stand in their way.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Most leftists never evolve and free themselves from their “cage of bondage” to failed and false world-view. But some do, and we can be thankful to power of reason and capacity of free will to make right choice and retreat from the false path. Pres. Trump, in my opinion, belongs to that small minority. If only more enslaved leftists would choose proper path, the world would be a different place.

  • Brett

    Blah blah blah this article is stupid and I’m sad I wasted a minute reading it.

    • Tatonka

      Yeah, you may as well go back under your liberal rock.

    • David Sinclair

      Idiot! Go play in the traffic.

    • Craig

      Get back to sucking on your boyfriend, libtard.

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      What side of the fence do you fall on? A Cruz-bot or a deranged libturd?

      • david ramseur

        Why bring Cruz into this? I have nothing but immense respect for Cruz and support the overall job Trump is doing.

        • Joy Daniels Brower

          I was just answering Brett’s silly & nasty response to the entire article & premise. I was merely wondering what animated that response? Was he a Never-Trumper right-winger or was he just an angry libturd? And, of course, you were not in on the original response from Brett, so I was hardly calling you out on anything!

  • Dennis

    I applaud this article. In a nutshell, it identifies Trump as a realist who is willing to deal with the realities that this country, and the world, face. Spencer has said it accurately. History will prove Trump right and I hope that he continues his efforts to save our youth and future generations from the power mongers who infect the “swamp.”

    • Mr Paul Middleton

      Yes. Just hypothetically speaking, if Donald Trump didn’t do a single thing the US would still be better off for him having derailed to whatever degree, the America-hating lefty libtards. And of course he will certainly do far more than that because becoming POTUS was a philanthropic act for him, as Robert made clear.

    • Warren

      I voted against Hillary more than for President Trump. However we must do whatever we can to support President Trump and to destroy the Obama shadow government.

      • durabo

        Ditto. The blessing is that one of two highly unlikable characters LOST. I likened my vote for Trump to a dose of castor oil: unpalatable, but it led to a fine cathartic moment.

  • Sad but true.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    If they bring him down, it will be Republican traitors who will do it. I can see that now.

    • Warren

      If they bring him down I will get a rifle and join up with the rebel army.

      • What will spark it off?

        Many will join you. I’m just wondering what the spark is going to be that starts it. The left is playing a very dangerous game.

  • Pray Hard

    Amen to that.

  • yiyoya

    The idea that Trump is making a sacrifice is fatally wrong and shows why the world is on a crash course with the morality of altruism. Ayn Rand defines sacrifice accurately in this way – ” ‘Sacrifice’ is the surrender of a greater value for the sake of a lesser one or of a nonvalue. Thus, altruism gauges a man’s virtue by the degree to which he surrenders, renounces or betrays his values (since help to a stranger or an enemy is regarded as more virtuous, less “selfish,” than help to those one loves). The rational principle of conduct is the exact opposite: always act in accordance with the hierarchy of your values, and never sacrifice a greater value to a lesser one.

    This applies to all choices, including one’s actions toward other men. It requires that one possess a defined hierarchy of rational values (values chosen and validated by a rational standard). Without such a hierarchy, neither rational conduct nor considered value judgments nor moral choices are possible.”

    Donald Trump realizes that saving and restoring America is a greater and more urgent value to himself than retiring to Mar-A-Lago or hosting a tv show, after all it is America that made Mar-A-Lago, The Apprentice, and his fortune possible. He is behaving selfishly, in the rational, honorable, noble, and moral sense of the word, he is defending his greatest value, America, the greatest value to himself.

    It is G.W.Bush, Obama, and Merkel who are the selfless ones, ready, willing, and able to sacrifice, i.e., betray, reduce, surrender, renounce, or even destroy their countries for the sake of strangers and even enemies. Self-sacrifice or self-preservation, altruism or rational selfishness, that is the core of the world’s conflict, pick one or the other, you can’t have both.

    • Craig

      Moral hierarchy is a thing of the past, nearly. Few believe in a higher being. Few live buy any moral code. Few in the U.S. understand shame, few are selfless and those that are, are generally in the military. When you see a little pussy walking with his headphones on, or see them on in classes, you are seeing the end of the U.S.
      Remember, half of the U.S. supported sanders, a socialist (who was really a communist) or a communist, the baby-eating hillary. Useful idiots. Lenin must be so proud.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is occasionally hard to understand what President Trump is doing and why. No doubt he is making a few mistakes or choosing less than the best option. It is a tough job, some one has to do it. He has the right idea and direction, the problem is with the hired help in many cases, they are not looking at the big picture, as President Trump is, the minions are failing at their attempts to build fiefdoms, which fragments America.

  • stubb

    So why is Trump filling up his administration with worthless Islam-has-nothing-to-do-terrorism idiots and Obama retreads? He’s not going to get anything done with those fools around him.

    I agree that the raw hatred for Trump is unprecedented. Never in my life have I seen mainstream commentators and major celebrities publicly cursing a President, calling him and his family names, and wishing for his death. It’s surreal.

    • VLParker

      When I first saw the headline that’s what I thought the article was about. Why is Trump naming a bunch of Islamic apologists to the Cabinet and advisor positions? He definitely needs to surround himself with better people than he’s got now.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst


  • jack cade

    Muslims will be removed from the USA, one way or the other. Best to limit their numbers now, to minimize the carnage later.

    • spfg

      I hope Donald will create laws that make it very difficult for Muslims to practise their religion and put restrictions on their faith. In order to do that you must first categorize the religion of Islam to where it does not have the protection of other faiths and also eliminate its ability to set itself apart from other religions through its supremacist ideology. The Koran must be designate as a book of hate and be subject to scrutiny and vilification from other faiths…People need to rise up and demand a removal of this book from all public libraries and bookstores and also castigate it as an obscene book with a designated rating similar to that as a say movie….

  • RosiePoe

    And he’s not taking a salary. If it were Obama not taking a salary it would have been shouted from the rooftops on a daily basis. They give him no credit.

    • DVult

      Obama not taking a salary would be on the same level of likelihood as Mooch leaving any uneaten lobster at the buffet.

  • old003


  • felix1999

    Why is this even “news”?

    Robert Spencer is no fan of Trump. The most obvious things escape him. HE constantly posts Trump bashing articles. Both Pam and Robert were Cruz fans and Robert in particular was and still nitpicks whenever he can.

    The most OBVIOUS escapes him – it is CUSTOMARY to NOT BASH others in the business world. Trump will often say so and so is a nice guy or gal even if they are monsters. Do you normally BASH people or try to be tactful and diplomatic?

    I am hopeful that he REALLY DOES UNDERSTAND the sacrifice Trump has made for US. He didn’t need to do this. He has put aside his business career for this. Unlike Cruz, he is not a career politician in it for the money and fame. Trump is doing this for YOU, his children and our country at large. I guarantee you NO ONE ELSE HAS THE BALLS to do what he is doing. Even if we don’t agree with ALL he does, we need to SUPPORT him.

    • david ramseur

      Cruz is not in it for money or fame. And he also has the balls to do what is necessary. Why to you feel the need to throw him under the bus? BTW, Spencer and Geller have not been bashing Trump, it’s weird you are taking their objective analysis so personally. What do you think of the nomination of Gen McMaster? Trump has been doing an overall good job. Spencer, Geller, and patriots like myself have been supporting him. Though he has not been perfect and it is a good thing to speak out on mistakes that are made. This is for his benefit as well as our own.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Too praiseworthy of Trump, whilst I prefer him as president to the witch Hillary. Spencer gets caught up in the same delusions as everybody else, no one man or woman for that matter as POTUS can save America from itself. It is a messianic delusion, never happened, never will. The forces of the social unconscious, the mindsets of mass populations, the zeitigeist is not shaped by one man, or changed by one man, not the POTUS, and not a janitor. It is the big man theory of history, and it is false. But keep believing, if you will you will..

    • TrumpIsRightAgain

      I disagree. Sometimes one man or woman can make a difference. Look at Thomas Edison. We DO matter.

      • steelraptor from Saturn

        And Isaac Newton. That’s science. Not the ugly affairs of politics and related.

        The Left still control America, the courts, the media, the universities. What’s changed?

        • TrumpIsRightAgain

          I agree with you that it’s tough to change the zeitgeist of the times, but eventually it does change, and what changes it? Sometimes an individual. Not by actually changing things, but by changing the zeitgeist. Look at Trump’s rallies. That was the change we needed. Who knows what will come of it?

    • david ramseur

      Politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from philosophy. Education is the rampart.

  • TrumpIsRightAgain

    I agree with this completely. And I think many of us on the Trump train from the beginning have always understood exactly where Trump was coming from –frustrated at how the country was being led, knowing he could do what needed to be done but hoping someone else in the political field could do the job they claimed was their “life work”, only to realize after 27 years that no-one on either side of the aisle had showed up, or was likely ever going to show up, and America as we know it was about to disappear. So, reluctantly, at the age of 70, for his grandchildren, for Americans, he ran against 16 contenders and body slammed each one of them, then went on to win 31 states in a landslide. And even now we know deep down that none of the other Republican contenders would have been able to take the outrageous slings and arrows the Democratic machinery is shooting out, and still keep going.

  • Robert…..well said…….President Trump may be America’s last chance to survive…..and I pray God it does……

  • Julian Farmer


  • Joy Daniels Brower

    I used to follow Jihad Watch many years ago, but somehow it got lost in the maze of other websites I follow (and I have always followed Pam Geller). Well, I learned two things reading this particular posting: Namely, Spencer has been a Never/Trumper and used to be a card-carrying leftist int he early 80s. Thankfully, he’s done a 180 about leftist politics; and now, also thankfully, he’s slowly coming around to supporting Trump and what he represents – and what he can do, God willing! Keep it up, Robert! We always need your voice on OUR side!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I didn’t like Reagan back then either — but in comparison to most of the recent presidents of late, I’m liking him a lot more.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The left is composed of gutless opportunists. They are like scared cattle, who see a glimmer of daylight and then attempt to charge through it. Unfortunately for them, Trump is perceptive enough to see this and picking a fight with him is right up his alley. He won’t back down until hell turns blue.

  • knightsstrength

    Thumbs up Donald

  • anthony edwards

    It is truly terrifying to consider what the leftist-Islamic fascists have done, are doing, and plan yet to do ..

    Trump is our last chance .. I know the guy is not perfect but he is the only one brave enough, strong enough and smart enough to take on the slime attempting to destroy our world!

    We need to unite under his banner as much as possible, despite some disagreements, and ..ROLL … i.e., destroy all leftist-Islamic fascists!!!

    • knightsstrength

      Last humam help, but we still should​ pray

  • Robert Wilkerson,III

    The Legislative branch is going to dither about w/ the islamo-fascist issue until it becomes a ‘clear and present danger’ to the safety and sovereignty of the nation. Then it’ll be up to the people to patrol and eliminate the threat. The muslims’ll never face off in a 1:1 fight. They are too cowardly to do that. They will have to be pulled out of their holes and shot in the streets as they vainly proclaim their new found apostasy.

  • Lenn

    Great article by mr. Spencer! As always! I hope that Trump will succeed, and that the Leftists one day will stand with open mouths and be ashamed of themselves.


    He’s your only hope U S A, just look at the state of us in Europe. We have a huge battle on our hands or worse on our children’s hands against entitled islam enforcing sharia and our craven political class with their heads in the sand.
    If France rejects Le Pen it will be the first battle in an all out civil war, because Macron is a E U puppet who love islam.

  • Mara319

    Thank you, Mr. Spencer. I agree with you 100%. It’s painful to watch the left do its worst day after day trying to take down our President. But with God, nothing is impossible. Mr. Trump is therefore in my daily prayers. God bless all of us.

  • Pastor C

    Robert’s excellent critique explains the reason why anyone who takes prayer seriously, should remember him daily before God. All odds are against him. He’s even, for the first time in American history, drawn the public ire of demonic forces who vow his utter destruction. That fact, in itself, should verify Who was responsible for his miraculous election. God was and is.

    Since God is greater and more powerful than Satan, we should not fear about his future. However, unless praying people rend the heavens on his behalf, and that of our nation, the days ahead will be immensely-more challenging than any we could have ever imagined.

  • Curtis Wood

    “he calls John Kerry “a great guy…a very smart guy…” – I think Trump just says stuff to fill in the interview. Not a complaint, just an observation that he is easy with compliments.

  • NotTheMama

    I appreciate Spencer recognizing that “America has a shot at survival as a free nation” because of Trump’s sacrifice to run and be President. I agreed with Pamela and Robert’s criticism of Trump with the draw Mo incident but that is overshadowed by the effort being put forth by The Donald.

  • pandainc

    Good article, Mr. Spencer. Mr. President, PLEASE be careful. There are bad guys and nut cases that would be happy to do you and your family lots of damage. Praying for both of you and for Pam G.

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