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[ January 16, 2018 ]

Honor Killing: Muslim husband is found guilty of murdering his convert wife with claw hammer...

[ January 16, 2018 ]

“Act of Terrorism”: Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic assassinated in Kosovo

[ January 16, 2018 ]

UK terror trial: Muslim religious teacher headed jihad plot to attack Big Ben, Queen’s Guard,...

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: Hijab Hate Hoax … Again

[ January 16, 2018 ]

ADL Slams Benjamin Netanyahu for Deportations, Accusing They Betray ‘Jewish Values’

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Tunisia: Muslims throw Molotov cocktails at Jewish school

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Pope: It’s a sin if fear makes us hostile to migrants

[ January 16, 2018 ]

France: Antisemitic Letter Sent to Jewish Community: ‘We Will Burn You. Hitler Will Win’

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Raymond Ibrahim: ‘Oh You Cross-Worshippers, We’ll Kill You All’

[ January 16, 2018 ]

Trudeau doubles down on fake “Islamophobic” attack, calls it “a warning sign of increased intolerance”

Terror attack in Dusseldorf: AXE rampage in train station


An attacker wielding an axe went on a rampage in the central station in Dussledorf this evening. It is believed that several people were injured during the attack, and a victim was seen laying on the floor as paramedics rushed to their aid. One man has been arrested in relation to the incident after squads of anti-terror police swooped in on the scene.

Cops have arrested the suspect, but there are fears a second attacker may be at large.

Dusseldorf train station is reportedly on lockdown as cops flood into the area.

Anti-terror police have sealed off the station and trains have been ordered not to stop there.

BREAKING: ‘Man armed with axe goes on rampage’ in Dusseldorf train station

ANTI-TERROR police have swooped following reports of a man armed with an axe at Dusseldorf’s central train station sparking terror fears.

By Katie Mansfield, The Express, March 9, 2017:
Anti-terror police have been called following reports of an axe attack in Dusseldorf

Anti-terror police have cordoned off the station in Germany. Anti-terror police have been called following reports of an axe attack in Dusseldorf

Several people have been injured.

Trains have been stopped as police surround the scene.

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  • Just Straight Shooting

    The satanic muslims at it again… It won’t stop until they are eradicated from the face of the earth.

  • More of Merkel’s vile legacy.

    • RichieM

      Which the German people themselves refuse to do anything about!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        germans are far to stupid to realize what is going on, the official story is believed and promptly forgotten, to do otherwise is islamophobic.

        • RichieM

          Contempt for their passivity aside, is that really the situation? They’re morons then and are truly hopeless.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Looking at german action and reaction to crime in the streets, there is no other viable conclusion.

  • Rufus Cornpone

    Let me guess, an allah Akbar screeching mujibar…

    • J Ian

      No no no! (shhhhhhhhhhh) (white male )

  • berserker

    Don’t forget to hug a Muslim. After all there will now be a backlash against the poor followers of Muhammad. Also do not forget to consider all the lone wolves with mental problems who simply happened to be followers of the best human being, Mo.

    – Wir schaffen das!

  • peakpower

    Let me guess. And his name was…….. Mohammed.

  • Islam is the disease of the world, and terror is its chief symptom.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Gee, what could the religion of the attacker(s) be? Anyone want to place any bets?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Presbyterian, axes are their trademark.

      • munchenfez

        Norweian Amish?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Can’t trust them either, they tell the truth, which is very inconvenient as it does not fit either the socialist or islamic narrative. Rebels I say, the Amish are rebellious.

  • Sieg Sharpesworth

    Another attack by Swedish Grandmothers with knitting needles. I certainly could not be any good Muslims.

  • Bill

    I’m sure he just had mental issues

  • Trump can’t ban islam

    The man had mental issues, anyway muslims are being exported to every corner of the world. an islamic era is coming upon the world. islam will be part of your daily life. you will wake up every morning with the prettiest sound of earth for many, the muslims calling from their minarets. islam is in the west to stay…. you can run, but you can’t hide!

    • tray

      Correct. And you know why islam will prevail? Islam will prevail because the success of islam in the west is built upon the foundation of the west. Our own laws, our own mentality and our own constitution will be our downfall. And since these cannot be changed—at least in the current atmosphere—islam is bound to gain ascendancy over us.

      22nd century europe, would be an islamic europe. You can take it to the bank.

    • TryToThinkFirst

      Reality will usurp PC sooner rather than later, this will never happen.

  • luvourtroops

    No name given of the guy in custody……………………………….

  • RichieM

    Angela Merdkel strikes again!

  • Firo

    They say the man is mentally ill or at least confused. European. They say it’s no terror attack, but how do they know? That’s where he comes from. 5 are injured. If you don’t know German you can use an internet translator.

    • luvourtroops

      Yeah right, no terror attack. Germany is very Liberal, and will deny a terror attack as long as they can.

      • Firo

        Most people know by now, police, government and media are lying. Those are the manipulative instruments that are “liberal”. I would rather give it another name. That, what you call liberal in the US is the far left in Germany, called Die Linke. They are not in charge. The “Christian Party” is ruling the country, but you cannot compare them with either the Dems or the GOP. They are a mixture of both.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    More german islamophobia, merely an exercise programme for aspiring lumber jacks. People should know that athletes require space when they are working out.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    “Man”? No, muslim.

    “Mental issues”? Mental issues = Islam.

  • brock marks

    once again the main stream media claims it as “mental illness”

  • Davie Kerr

    With all due respect, is there any indication in the article to say that the attacker was a Muslim, or indeed was any particular colour, class, creed or religion? All I can see is that “An attacker wielding an axe went on a rampage”…

    • TryToThinkFirst

      With all due respect, if the attacker were a conservative white male, that would have been the headline and first sentence of the article.

      There is a reason why this information is being with held, it doesn’t fit the preferred narrative of the government or the media.

      They have released the fact that the attacker is from Kosovo, which is 95.6% Muslim.

      • Davie Kerr

        I’m only going by what’s in the article, so what am I supposed to infer? As I said above, all I can see in the article is that “An attacker wielding an axe went on a rampage”: unless the part about him being from Kosovo has been added since I last read the article, what else is there to tell me anything else about him?

  • Drew the Infidel

    Have you noticed that the “Asians”, “Yugoslavs”, and other random “Europeans” were not known to have this type of behavior as a cultural trait until the ragheads showed up?

  • TryToThinkFirst

    This terrorist hails from Kosovo which is 95,6% Muslim, so of course the official German position is mental illness rather than just another jihadist fulfilling the prophecy.

  • MindfulCitizen

    Well, it’s confirmed he is muslim because they said mental illness.

  • Ed

    Just ” train place” violence folks…nothin’ to see here…..

  • Craig Worrall

    Yeah love those Mooslims.

  • Ed

    The attacker, formerly from “his mother’s womb…”

  • LisaGraceBooks

    The photos used in this article have been “edited” “Photoshopped” to leave out all the blood. Go to to see the true horror of what was done. I don’t like “sanitized” versions as they eave details out the public should know, like who and why.

  • Na_na99

    Religion is evil and should be eradicated from every land. Even in countries where the majority are one religion, sectarianism is a problem. The quicker religion is seen as the evil it is, the more peace we will have. (Fun Fact: The GOD in religious texts kills more and asks for more killings than the demon/satan/devil in those same texts).

  • truthseeker53

    One’a Merkel’s poor “refugees”?

  • tkrepel

    Turns out the perpetrator is a mentally disturbed man from Kosovo, not an actual terrorist. But that doesn’t fit Ms. Geller’s anti-Muslim narrative, so she may never tell her readers that.

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