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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

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A Day Without A Woman Strike with Sharia-Compliant Linda Sarsour (Part 2)


March 8, 2017. Noon. 59th and Fifth avenue. Part 1 link here. The crowd was jammed around the stage, from all sides — no elbow room, sightlines poor. A Day Without a Woman Strike. Obscenely popular.
Amidst a sea of Red and PINK, a lot of foolish women worshiping at the altar of sharia-loving feminazis like Linda Sarsour. SAD. Cameras on all sides struggling to get a shot of Sarsour, whose pursuit of public office, Brooklyn Borough President or even Mayor of New York City, looks more and more probable. They worship her. The Anti-Trump Women’s Movement Teams Up With Islamist Terrorist Linda Sarsour, Islamist apologist and activist, a supporter of shariah law. Catching her speech, recording it, was high on my bucket list. Sarsour always needs to be heard, not just seen.

Had a difficult time filming Sarsour, photographers crowded so tightly at the front of the stage, but what matters …  you hear every bloody word.

The gist is, Republicans — bad. Some men — always bad, like melanin-challenged Republicans, which makes, of course, America Bad. After a couple of other speakers, I moved on. Forgetting there was a ‘march’ on the books. I focused on the crowd. By now it had swelled from 59th to 58th and across the avenue into Grand Army Plaza.
I wound up missing phase two: THE MARCH. Around 1:30 the sharia-compliant feminazis marched arm-in-arm to Trump International Tower. Blocking the streets, were Sarsour and approximately 12 of her minions [see Womens March Team Bios].

They staged an arrest – see womens’ march twitter feed coming from INSIDE the paddy wagon. Hard times? Really? I think not.

(LINKS below of more arrest coverage)

Huff Po :  Organizers Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez and Linda Sarsour, co-chairs of January’s Women’s March on Washington, emerged from a police precinct exhausted but optimistic, greeted by a couple dozen activists who had waited to give them food and support. Police said 13 people were arrested. Also, Women’s March co-chair “Bob” Bland.

Free Beacon

The Fader

The Daily Wire

Back to the speakers portion of the protest/rally. I heard not a critical word from Sarsour or her comrade sisters-in-arms (such as Faiza Ali, who spoke as well) about the horrors of Sharia Law.


No one mentioned the INTERNATIONAL, GLOBAL abuses in ISLAMIC countries; heaped on women, children, homosexuals (lesbians) trans- genders


.. ..


Excerpted transcription from one video:

Hey, New York, whats-up? […. ] I stand before you as a girl from Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY. (cheers) […] Trump does not have respect for women but he also doesn’t know the POWER of women. Despite ATTEMPTS by Trump and Republicans to diminish women, we know our value and we know that America does not function without us. (cheers) We know that this GLOBE doesn’t function without us.

Two years ago when I visited Palestine, I had a woman tell me that women will be the leaders of the revolution because we’ve (??) half the population and  we ARE half the population. (cheers)

Today I strike for every woman, who like me, couldn’t pull together enough money to afford college and had to work a 9 to 5 job and a retail job. Or went in to massive debt because they had to pay to go to college.

I strike for every incarcerated (women) out there, because women are the fastest growing population behind bars and “enough is enough”.

I strike for every woman and every family torn apart by deportation. And for every (women) [??] that we are less than men.

I strike for trans-women who keep on being murdered on our streets and I. Have. Said. ENOUGH! There is a massive resistance movement that is growing. We are a part of it. But, we need to put our bodies on [??]

We need to stand, to stand-up for black women. We need to stand-up for Palestinian women. We need to stand-up for Southeast Asian women. We need to stand for ALL women. (CHEERS) Because equal pay is not just equal pay for white women (I love ya’ll) But, equal pay should be equal pay for ALL of us. And we should not go to sleep knowing that we can go home and [??]

So I leave you with this song. [Sarsour joins singing] “Ain’t gonna let know body turn us around. Turn us around. Turn us around. Ain’t gonna let nobody turn us around. We gonna keep on a-walkin’, keep on ta-alkin’, marchin’ on to Freedom Land.” Thank you, New York.

Nope. It’s all about this country. America: Bad. America, where Individualism Rules (for now) Even obscenity is OKAY. (for now)America,  a country where these privileged educated women can rant, without FEAR, about their imagined enemies. Spewing their fantastical version of abuse, while ignoring the real enemy of women, children AND men- of the free world: Islamic Global Terror . The  CRICKETS were very LOUD

IF ONLY- they understood and cherished the country they live in. Where their white privileged daughters will have the same GOOD life as their privileged mothers. (As long as there is No Sharia Law allowed here.)
The next Generation will suffer? WHY?








Fools and Tools, are free to be you and me. No HUMAN RIGHTS denied compliments of U.S. More signs to see in Flickr Slide Show


++Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++

  • Tm.

    What are these women talking about? Why are they preaching to the choir? We don’t stone women here or condone FGM or child marriages. We don’t uphold the notion of multiple wives and all the right hapnd has dominion over. We believe that beating women, wives, is NEVER acceptable.
    The blind lady holding up the sign, is it what I think it is. Something is missing on it, it is very apropos.
    Come on, would these women stand up for other women being tortured and abused in the countries that do that? Stand up for sisters in oppressed lands. NY, especially the city, is such an odd place. I’m trying to be polite.

    • Tm.

      >>>should state, “The blond lady”

      • Delilah

        By the way-You should be able to edit your original post which was very good.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      For them if you refuse to pay for their free “on demand” abortion it is enough to condemn you as “abuser” of their “rights.” “Rights” my ass! Twisted (in mind) freaks!

      • Craig

        Abortion is their blood sacrifice to their “religion”…liberal ideology.

    • Craig

      If you are used to seeing them cut out, I guess you draw them that way. Minus…..

  • Mahou Shoujo


  • Grain

    What is going on with this right now? Are the women still on strike?

    I’ve been out drinking all day and want my dinner.

  • felix1999

    Islam promotes and requires all they claim they are against.
    Dumbness beyond belief!

  • Don Vito

    Spoiled rotten and pampered little snow flakes. You won’t see any other women on the planet acting this way. Too much time on their hands. Here’s a wake up call with teeth: when you’ve finally destroyed your men folk can you guess what happens to YOU then? It won’t be pretty what men of the 3rd world are going to do to your dumb *sses.

    • Fern

      It’s about time somebody said that. Bravo!

  • Craig

    I have been married 44 years to the same great woman. She was armed security at a nuclear facility, then a Deputy Sheriff. My really great wife DID NOT go to these stupid, anti-American BS “women’s” marches. Some women are not mindless puppets. Some women do not take orders from communists.

  • JacksonPearson

    So what was gained by all of this nonsense. Just wondering if these uneducated moronic housewives know what they’re getting into by supporting an Islamic turd like Linda Sarsour? Or that Islam is 6th century slavery invented by a faux prophet? Didn’t think so…

  • Duchess of Pork

    Do keep up ladies. Girls attained their fundamental human rights when women pushed for and received full legal equality (including equal pay) in the latter half of last century. Time to move on and exercise your human responsibilities by making the most of the opportunities afforded.

  • Duchess of Pork

    Let me join in your crusade, let me also sing the call to freedom Ms Sarsour. We need to stand for all women. We need to stand for Israeli women. You agree, yes?

  • Dorrie

    Amazing how they spew everything except protecting their OWN unborn females!

  • Amethyst_2012

    Perceived rights.
    Perceived injustices.
    These women are all marching and striking because of PERCEIVED ideas. They need to understand what the word perceived means. Perhaps they could look up the meaning of that word.
    Then they should go to the dictionary and look up the word REALITY.

  • Mundus

    There has to be a concerted campaign to educate this country about Islam/Sharia. It must start now, really. Pam, you ,Robert, and a few others cannot do it alone. There are other ways to get the word out, exposing the truth.
    Anyone who tries to shut it down has something to hide. That should be a refrain right from the beginning.

  • Logic PrObe

    Have they even heard of Sharia?
    (I don’t think they’re gonna like it)

    • Keith

      That would mean they would have to read and learn. Why would they want to do that it is so much easier to listen hate filled people like Linda Sarsour whom lie through their back teeth.

  • santashandler

    A man shows his penis (not defending it) and he’s a low-life pervert. A woman shows a graphic image of a vagina in a public square and it’s avant garde.

  • Toby

    This woman promotes Sharia which does not recognize rights for women.

  • Hook

    Just proves you don’t have to be blonde to be dumb.

  • Halal Porky

    Gee, was wondering if all these women have had their FGM done yet? Does Linda Sarsour have a clitoris? Perhaps Linds should have brought a rusty razor blade to this event and demonstrated on a few females.

  • Halal Porky


    • deepkimchi

      Once. Why do you think she’s so pissed off?

    • Dorrie

      It’s doubtful.

    • rickyoo

      Who cares, but she does have a filthy big mouth and someone needs to shut this bitch up.

    • santashandler

      Does Linda Soursewer even have a soul?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    What’s with all the vaginas for gods sake?. Do these women know what its like to an ISIS sex slave or being married off to an old man or having FGM while your mother holds you down and partying after. These women need an all expenses paid holiday to an ISIS stronghold so they can be real victims.

    • Craig

      At least it would be an eye-opener for them.

  • LKou
  • Ed Maher

    Linda Sarsour forgot to discuss the rights of women in her religion. An ideology that she believes and is a part of, in which women basically have little or no rights in certain circumstance’s in the Korans text or their hadiths!

    • Joe Schmoe

      She assured those dumb hoes that under Shariah they wouldn’t have to pay interest on their credit cards

  • rickyoo

    I would love to see these women go to a Muslim country and protest about women’s rights and inequality. I wonder how many would make it back again.

  • Joe Schmoe

    If an oil driling braindead leftist cuck like Diblasio can win, why not her?

  • Joe Schmoe
    • santashandler

      It is also a deep offense to anyone who served to defend that flag……

  • Halal Porky

    Linda Sarsour is a lesbian.

  • Halal Porky

    Linda Sarsour is a lesbian. If she goes back to her cave or rick of origin, she eill be stoned.

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