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[ January 16, 2018 ]

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[ January 16, 2018 ]

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[ January 16, 2018 ]

Pope: It’s a sin if fear makes us hostile to migrants

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[ January 16, 2018 ]

Raymond Ibrahim: ‘Oh You Cross-Worshippers, We’ll Kill You All’

Popular Muslim preacher Zakir Naik’s NGO involved with ISIS recruitment


Given the trajectory of current events, the next terror attack could be used as justification for restricting the Internet. ISIS has been very successful in using social media to recruit fighters, even among women.

But before this all turns into a government agency, like the TSA, which only gives the illusion of doing something about jihad, consider that the data says the Internet is not the determining factor in radicalization.

In almost every case, the determining factor in making the step to becoming a jihadi was contact with a person.  A face-to-face encounter appears to be crucial in this process.

 “The internet has not been shown to be an actual instigator of radicalization in 99% of the jihadist biographies. To be sure, the internet acts as an accelerator of the process of radicalization in the sense that it makes necessary information (ie technical information) accessible to those who have decided for jihad. However, the internet alone does not provide the defining moment. An individual does not become an attacker simply because he sits in front of his computer and watches how a bomb is constructed. In almost every case of jihadist attacks, there are detectable contacts to a group and/or a spiritual leader or leading operational figure that were more important than internet use.”

“Political Islam: When Faith Turns Out to Be Politics” by Christine Schirrmacher

“Most often the vehicles for exposure to Salafi/Wahhabi interpretations of Islam include family ties or old friendships, social networks, religious movements like the Tablighi Jamaat, political movements like the Muslim Brotherhood, or extremist-like discussions in halal butcher shops, cafes, gyms, student associations, study groups, non-governmental organizations and, most importantly, the Internet. “

NYPD Report Radicalization in the West

Finding a way to neutralizing the influence of these “jihadi midwives” is going to be one of the challenges of this century. Such a technology might have prevented the 22 Indian men from being seduced by Arshi Qureshi into becoming tools for the Islamic State.

As far as the Internet goes, all the warning signs were there online: Zair Naik, the Islamic Research Foundation, Dawood Ibrahim, D-Gang. This was something to stay away from. Don’t shut down the Internet. Instead, use it to expose and discredit people such as Arshi Qureshi, who are a vital link in the jihad pipeline.

IRF man influenced my son, he joined ISIS: Majeed’s mom

Rebecca Samervel | TNN | Mar 12, 2017, 01.27 AM IST

MUMBAI: The Zakir Naik-led Islamic Research Foundation’s Arshi Qureshi had a huge impact on youths in Kerala who joined ISIS in Syria, read statements in the chargesheet filed against him as well as absconding accused Abdul Rashid.

A copy of the chargesheet, filed last month before special judge V V Patil, was handed over on Friday to incarcerated accused Qureshi, a manager with Islamic Research Foundation. He is accused of instigating the group along with Rashid, who was employed with a Kerala school. Qureshi was arrested in the city in August 2016.

The chargesheet includes a statement by the mother of Ashfaque Majeed, one of the youths who fled the country to join ISIS in 2016 with his wife and daughter. Ashfaque’s father, who runs a lodge in Mumbai, had filed a complaint for alleged radicalization of his son by four accused, including Qureshi and Rashid. “Arshi works for IRF, he knows a lot about the right principles of Islam,” Majeed allegedly told his family.

In her statement to the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Majeed’s mother said that whenever he used to speak to his friends—some of whom went with him to join ISIS—he would tell them to seek advice from “Arshi bhai”.

Zakir Naik’s Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan connection – Underworld don funded his NGO through hawala

By Zee Media Bureau |

New Delhi: In a major revelation, it has come to the fore that Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim used to fund Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

According to Zakir Naik’s chief financial officer (CFO) Aamir Gazdar,”Dawood Ibrahim has funded Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation.”, according to Zee Media.

Revealing big details about funding of Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation, Aamir Gazdar said,”the said funding by Dawood Ibrahim used to take place through a mediator –  Sultan Ahmed.”

The Enforcement Directorate had arrested Gazdar (48) on Feb 16 for alleged money laundering.

ED officials said they suspected that Gazdar handled funds and transactions worth Rs 200 crore on behalf of Naik and his NGO.

These important details have now revealed Zakir Naik’s Pakistan and Dawood connection.

Authorities are investigating other details too.

Earlier, on Feb 17, a special court for Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) cases in Mumbai had remanded Aamir Gazdar, a close aide of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, in the custody of Enforcement Directorate.

“Enforcement Directorate custody granted till February 22,” said the judge P R Bhavke.

The ED, while seeking the custody, said Naik completely controlled his (now banned) NGO, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), and various other trusts he set up.

“Apart from IRF, Naik was also running various trusts in India as well as abroad, and he was in complete control over such instrumentalities which are being run by him in close cahoots with his confidante trustees Mohammed Naik (his brother) and Gazdar,” the ED’s remand application said.

Naik established certain dummy companies in India and abroad?

The agency also said that Naik established certain dummy companies in India and abroad and they were used to camouflage the diversion of funds received by him through illegal activities like giving provocative speeches.

‘Gazdar was director in at least six companies’

Among the several entities established by Naik for this purpose, Gazdar was director in at least six companies — Universal Broadcasting Corporation, Lords Production (both in UK), Harmony Media, Longlast Constructions, Majestic Perfumes and Alpha Lubricants (all in Mumbai).

Harmony Media was used to produce videos of provocative speeches and these videos were exported to Dubai for telecasting, the ED said.

Gazdar had marble business with a turnover of Rs 30 lakh per annum, it said.

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  • santashandler

    Gee, what a surprise. A religious leader involved with recruiting for ISIS. I like how, in the photo above, the police just hold the man’s hand on the way to jail. LIke they are on their way to camp, or something.

    • Suresh

      He is under trial and not flight risk .

      Hard core criminals are taken in hand cuffs.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    islam does not distinguish between private, public, government and religion, it is all under the control of the imams and other islamic hierarchy. Which means that lies are told at every level of society.

  • No Fear

    I find this news particularly satisfying.

    • Suresh

      Indian High court rejected stay on ban on these jihadi scumbags.

      And we have Left/liberal Loony judges in America who want to bring in more of these criminal jihadis into America by subverting Trump’s attempt to
      protect Americans !

      And result is there to see as the fake “refugees” don’t even spare the aid workers who help them to settle in america

      While the media does not want to cover these stories or play it down to keep the masses ignorant

      • Simba

        There are more Left loonies in India these days who enjoy being beaten up by the other Students’ Union and feel virtuous since masochism is a prime condition they suffer from.

        • Suresh

          No, They provoke , attack then when they get beaten up go crying to media by calling nationalist “goons” !

          Its part of their strategy.

          • Simba

            Since the Constitution was framed in the late 1940s,when the independence was due,there was romance in the air.No one could foresee what can happen 70 years later.Dr.Ambedkar did opine about a clear cut division of nations and getting all Muslims out of India,Chacha Nehru,the Cambridge educated Leftist ( passing off as democratic secularist) opposed the same.Look at what a mess he has created in Kashmir and the Indus Water Treaty issue.The separatism in Kshmir has always been about control of the rivers most of which originate in Indian Kashmir.Once their control is wrought,even river-dependent States like Punjab can be weaned away from India.

          • Suresh

            No point blaming others. If sardar patel sat on his butt blaming nehru , Andra pradesh would still be under Nizam !

          • Simba

            The Constitution,I forgot to mention,didn’t adequately define what constitutes anti-nationalism and sedition.Read Shashi Tharoor’s An Era Of Darkness.He actually supports the Left Unions at JNU.

          • Suresh

            who gives a damn about Left/tharoor ?!

          • Simba

            Agree totally.However,these articulate blokes create such negative image of India everywhere that people believe them.We have many modern day Jaichands.

          • Suresh

            Don’t govt have enough funds or ppl to counter so called negative image ? Look at china , they break every international law and they rebut and shut up those who protest.

          • Simba

            Govt.sure has funds but they are totally inadequate compared to what the traitors get from abroad–both west and east.The current Govt.has dedicated people but hardly any articulate persons who can debate and demolish the opponent.Ram Madhav couldn’t argue on the British channel with Mehdi Hasan,who is a hardline Islamic PIO.We need more people like M..Akbar.They have unfortunately that talent deficit.They can argue well only in Hindi.

            China opened its economy and sine it’s a single Party system,could bulldoze its way.They are not confronted by even the U.S. Every nation thinks twice.They have a strangle hold over many nations through trade as well.Note how many properties in U.K. are purchased by them.They are hard working and better behaved compared to our people(a sad fact).80% of respect is fear.All fear the dragon and not a somnambulistic elephant.

          • Suresh

            just empty bullshit. Pak spends $1 – 2 Million / year to get Billions in funding. Its called smart investing. And we buy $10 – 15Billion in military equipment and we do not get pro india policy ? It just shows incompetence of our babus and politicians.

            Take MEA , the job in America is equal to Secretary of state and they push for trade with all countries . what does our MEA do ? Like head admin clerk she looks after giving VISA/passport or occasionally helping get indians out of other countries. These issues can be handled by her junior and she along with commerce minister should be working with other countries to boost trade besides isolating pakistan .

            But we continue to give MFN status with pukistan and then expect others to declare pukistan as terror state ! just shows incompetence.

            Look at china how they effectively isolated dalai lama and made him worse than osama bin laden inspite him not advocating violent means.

    • Simba

      Now no western nation should preach the Indian Govt. about tolerance and humanitarian values,like they did when Mr.Modi came to power.Even the Kashmir loonies have declared their morbid activism as Islamic and for the Sharia rule.So now the Indian Govt.should be given all moral support while destroying this in Kashmir if the western powers are destroying them in Iraq.

      • Suresh

        Modi has got no spine to act. He is only good at big bhasans

        • Simba

          He is very much under pressure,Suresh.He needs some to defeat the others.With the number of Muslims( 90 -92 % of them ex-Hindus,indigenous and so tricky) so high he can’t do much.He is opposed by the Leftists but he needs them in Nepal to keep the leadership there friendly and not China-leaning.Any correct action in Kashmir and there is a stern warning from U.N.,U.S.,U.K.,EU ,and of course the Middle East.Very tricky situation and yet he is managing pretty well.Just recall the intolerance nonsense that began immediately after he assumed power.Even the likes of Narayan Murthy and Kiran Shaw had criticized him with political support.There is again a considerable anti-Indian lobby which is well entrenched.The Literary festivals are a fine and obvious example of that.No person who presents Indian history for what it was,or presents excellent work by Sanskrit scholars are humiliated and never invited again.Wendy Doniger was invited over the Skype or a similar modality–all intentionally done to insult and humiliate Hindus and systematically break their self esteem in the name of alternate/contrarian viewpoint.

          • Suresh

            After winning UP he has no excuse. UN , Arab countries won’t interfere , they want to sell oil and india is top 2 importers.

            If human rights or EU interferes tell them to take the scumbag jihadis and watch them shut up.

            Even indira gandhi was attacked by international media , after winning the war she went all over and defended her decision.

            That is what real leader does.

            Pak, china are killing jihadis by the dozen, who gives a damn!
            If anyone dares they rebuff them.

          • Simba

            Let’s hope you are proved right.Who wants anything to the contrary? Regards,

  • vercingetorix

    “…….political islam, when faith turns out to be political…”
    I have been preaching this for years now: islam is per se political! Trying to differentiate between “politcal islam” and ” religious islam”, is stupid, unhistorical and constitues a denial of one core element of islam, which is precisely political. Islam would not be islam if you took out the political part of it, it would collapse like an old card game! Demanding a secular islam is forbidden in muslim countries and could have grave consequences if you did it anyway. In some countries you could be put to death for that.
    How can we fight an enemy if we are not even able to understand where it’s ideology comes from?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    I imagine being locked up for years in a jail in India would be quite a punishment.

  • Uncle Inkle

    So happy to see INDIA take these pus-maggots seriously. The U.S or Australia would be worried about the bastard’s rights and there would a flash mob of fuc-wit-antifa leftists outside the courthouse whining about how we should be more tolerant and respectful, after all…diversity is our gweatest stwength and a vawiety of opinions and viewpoints is culturally enwiching.

  • Speak the Truth

    Yet another NGO with direct terrorist connections. I have no doubt that American taxpayers were somehow supporting these terrorists, thanks to extortion and redistribution of our hard-earned money. All the while, we have to budget, prioritize, and make do without necessities.

  • Simba

    All wrong connections will be found.However,had it not been for the ISIS connection,all the world leaders would have lectured the current Indian Govt. on tolerance,as they did when the Govt.came to power.

    Now even Kashmir separatists have slowly begun showing the true undercurrent of their’s just as well.Now the world should support India brutally suppress the morons who can’t get a single virgin here in this world and so are promised 72 in the after world,from where no resident creep has sent as much as an email to confirm these beliefs.

  • Simba

    All undesirable people flock together to create hell on earth and don’t die soon since even the hell does not want them

  • Stephen Honig

    I don’t trust any Muslim, especially a cult preacher.

  • az

    I don’t know why India still puts up with this guy and hasn’t hang him already. He’s proven countless times he’s a trouble maker and hate preacher towards hindus.
    I guess PC is a worldwide pandemic.

  • These imams may claim to speak for God, but many of them speak only for terror.

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