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[ January 16, 2018 ]

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Austria: Muslims Used University Hospital Prayer Room to Recruit for ISIS


Islamic prayer rooms being used to plot jihad. Is that extraordinary? Hardly. Extraordinary is the West’s fatal folly in accommodating this supremacist ideology by building Islamic prayer rooms in hospitals, airports, universities, and public schools, abridging our freedoms and imposing sharia restrictions on our free societies. How we toil to sharpen the blades of our executioners.

Austria: Muslims Used University Hospital Prayer Room to Recruit for ISIS

By Creeping Sharia, March 21, 2017:

Praising ISIS

Lower Austria: Prayer room in a hospital meeting point for jihadis

The Islamic prayer room in the university hospital of St. Pölten allegedly served as a meeting point for ISIS sympathizers on a regular basis. Three times per week, ISIS and the Jihad in Syria were advertised there. The group of terror suspects recently arrested in St. Pölten allegedly met there, too.

According to a Kurier report on Friday, there were also criminal plots hatched in the room, for example for robbing a weapons store. Karl Wurzer, a spokesman the State Prosecutor, can only verify that the suspects met and communicated with each other. The leader of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Roland Scherscher, says that they are “not pleased that information which endangers the investigations is being published.”

“Dozens of relevant Salafist books”

On March 6 five suspects were arrested. Four of them, along with a young man who was arrested the week after, are in investigative custody. Several digital media devices were secured during house searches, and, according to the daily newspaper, also “dozens of relevant Salafist books”.

19-year-old threatened “Infidels”

According to the report, at the beginning of the year there were indicators concerning a 19-year-old who was being increasingly radicalized, and who, along with two Chechens and one Macedonian, among others, made appearances at proselytizing missions on the street. The young man, who allegedly also threatened an “infidel” colleague, drew attention in a training center, which informed the police. In a WhatsApp group, the suspects allegedly exchanged photos from the terror militia, the report continues.

The Muslim Brotherhood-founded Muslim Students Association is imposing Islamic prayer rooms in universities and public high schools throughout the U.S. and Canada. There is a long and growing list of MSA terrorist alumni that spent significant amounts of time in those prayer rooms.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Interesting, but, as usual, nothing will be done, maybe shut it down for a couple of days, then quietly open it up again so as not to be called bigoted.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      I like your line, “you can’t help people who aren’t willing to help themselves.” I think it is pretty accurate in such cases.

    • Stephen Honig

      George Santayana said: If we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it. One day these liberal sacrificial lambs will walk to the gas chambers. The more they kiss their asses and welcome refugees, will die by the sword.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Stupidly, liberal socialists and democrats are incapable of believed anything but heir own lies. islam does not fool around , it clearly states what its intention are, do gooders do not believe it. The find out too late, that islam is a death cult, and they mean it.

        • Cai

          What do you think of the following Mahou, I have been thinking for sometime these stupidly liberal socialists need a label to counter the labels they ‘liberally’ apply to those who don’t share their bizarre thinking.

          islamomyopia = inability to see islamic doctrine until the product in the form of an islamic extremist is about to inflict a lethal form of violence on the sufferer (an islamomyopic) of islamomyopia.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Should be in the medical dictionary of abnormal violent mental conditions, a chapter on islam and muslims. Very descriptive.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I doubt it would ever come to that. For amoral lieberal scum all religions are the same, so why not convert to islum if has material advantages?

  • Michael Buley

    i love the ‘became radicalized.’ ha ha! like what happens? a magical moment when he realizes, oh, I’m a Muslim! I follow the koran! I murder infidels! I love that phrase, like some evil forces overcame him! lol … they’re Muslims, they follow the Koran, and they’re just getting a whole lot bolder about ‘coming out,’ to the demise of everyone around them! People apparently don’t read the Koran … don’t believe that anyone could REALLY follow its tenets. But isn’t that something, that they actually do …

    • movingwaters

      Good post. The thing that amazes me is that parents and/or grandparents do not read the Koran for themselves, and do not teach their children what is in this ideology that they are going to be exposed to in their daily lives. Granted, people are busy. But how in the world are children supposed to be okay when their parents are the blind leading the blind into the pit?

    • berserker

      One does not even have to read the Koran which is an esoteric text designed for war-making and hence full of deception. All one has to do is read about the life of Mohammed. That should suffice to understand the motivations of these savages.

  • With the worthless leadership that Austria has, nothing will be done. It will make the papers one day, shut down for a day, reopen elsewhere. None of the western European Leaders have done a damn thing to protect their countries or their citizens, only bowed down to the ignorant Merkel’s Idiocy of allowing these animals to run rampant! The ONLY reason I am still over here is because of my family, someone has to protect them, and certainly cannot count on Austria’s, or Europe’s leadership to do it! I would trust President Orban of Hungary, but not any western Euro leaders, they are all wimps.

    • shirley versace

      the power of money – all these careerists in politics. There are two things to understand about them

      1. they actually know nothing of the civilisation that they purport to lead – they are historically and politically illiterate.

      2. They are “advised” by the special advisers within their party machinery. When they follow the advice they get positive press and media coverage and they get promoted. When they don’t follow the advice (Jorg Haider etc) then they get a hard time.

      That is all they know – they don’t actually understand any of it or the significance of their betrayal … they are really nothing more than a house pet who has been toilet trained

      • I truly wish the FPÖ would be elected to the Bundes Chancellor office. Love to see HC Strache as Bundes Chancellor. I was never crazy about Haider, but I really like Strache. I can’t vote in Austria, being an American Citizen, but my wife is Austrian, but she is more of an SPÖ fool, which causes some interesting conversations in my house, when the wife is SPÖ and the four daughters and I are FPÖ, lol! My oldest daughter worked for the FPÖ office in Burgenland for a while and attends all the gatherings. Myself, I am ready to pack it up and head back to Oklahoma, but not without my 12 grandkids, so I am pretty well stuck here. Oh well, at least I have a house in Hungary, my Safe Place if the Pigs of Islam get too bad. Victor Orban will blow the pigs away they try to come into Hungary, lol! God Bless you and yours, Shirley!

        • shirley versace

          thank you and let me return the blessing :) …keep up the great work with challenging peoples “received wisdom” – I know it’s not easy but the fact that you have raised 4 daughters who can think for themselves is really heartening to hear.

    • StandTall

      I wish the US police, FBI, etc. would be so effective at finding and arresting Jihadis. Granted, there are problems with the constitution.

    • freebird

      You are right with the leadership in Austria and EU.
      But if you look pricisely than you will see that the politicians have now the same speech level like the patriotic parties. Well, not all of corse but there are now many laws in place and coming what was two years before unthinkable.
      And Erdogan force our politicans to take side.
      Even when the truth what´s coming out is not beautiful, it´s better then the best lie like “Islam is peace”.

      • I truly wish someone would assassinate that pig, Erdogan!

  • felix1999

    Meanwhile K-12 schools and colleges are appeasing the “prayer room” request. Nothng but trouble brewing with this…

  • Kittee

    So tolerant, so innocent, modest, humble and pious, so ‘ spiritual’ is the Western-left’s fave ‘ religion’. ?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Similar to the way the Spanish Conquistadors were welcomed by the Aztecs (at first :)

    They were set up for the fall by their delusional belief systems.

  • knightsstrength

    Governments have to close down all these Muslim prayer places.

    What bugs me is the sudden increase of violence, by local youths, have they been radicalised

    You have to block Islam radicalising​ our youths. To me all Muslims as soon as they pick up the Koran are radicalised

  • Tm.

    They haven’t been there long, have they? Already the dissension, conflict, and violence starts. Austria should have voted right, but they did not. They should have organized, and voted right en masse, but they did not. It is comfortable to sit back and not get involved, but that really is not an option any longer. Do you know what you’ve done?
    Europe used to be a place people aspired to one day visit. What have you people done? You listened to the left. You allowed your governments to run with a ludicrous, nonsensical, utterly stupid agenda which culminated in the EU. Get out of the EU or suffer your fates. Better get out and vote correctly or you will see what you will see.
    Find yourselves. Who are you. France, Germany….you’re up, let us see what you do. Italy, you too.

    • berserker

      Take a look at the results of the recent election broken down by gender. Therein lies the answer for why the Right lost the election.
      – The same is the case in almost every country in the West.

  • An ill wind of self-destruction blowing across EU countries and reaching North America too.
    There are consequences for rejecting the one true living God.

  • joe1429

    What else is new?

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