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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Muslim Threatens to Shoot Members of London, Ontario Mosque


A Muslim issued death threats at a mosque in Ontario and threatened to shoot its members. You won’t hear much about this news story because the perpetrator was Muslim. But had he been non-Muslim, it would be world news — splashed across every newspaper and broadcast news outlet. We have been whipped into submission, have we not?

Add this latest attack to the long list of Muslims attacking mosques in concert with Muslim faked hate crimes.

It makes one wonder what the motive really was behind the Quebec shooting and why there is a gag order and publication ban on the court proceedings.

Police arrest man who allegedly threatened to shoot members of London, Ont., mosque

Man arrested for uttering death threats at London Muslim Mosque

Norman De Bono, Postmedia Network | March 20, 2017:

A 24-year-old Muslim man was in police custody Sunday after a threatened shooting at the London Muslim Mosque.

The mosque was disrupted after noon prayers by a man whom police say uttered threats when asked to leave.

“Shortly after 1:30 p.m. we received 911 calls from members of the London Mosque indicating there was a male there who had threatened to shoot members of the mosque,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Scrivens.

“It was of extreme concern. We dispatched multiple officers who arrived there shortly thereafter and we were able to arrest a man.”

No firearm was found.

“He was threatening to come back and shoot members of the mosque,” said Scrivens.

Police aren’t sure why the threat was made. More than 15 officers arrived at the mosque.

Sources close to the mosque, who declined to be identified, dismissed any suggestion of racial or religious violence, saying a man asked for and was given food, but things escalated when he asked for money but wasn’t given any.

No charges had been laid, but the suspect was arrested on suspicion of “uttering threats of causing death,” said Scrivens. Police aren’t looking for anyone else.

“We are now convinced this was an unarmed person,” said Nawaz Tahir, a spokesperson for the mosque.

No increase in mosque security is planned.

“We are in that environment, we have security around the mosque, police assist us regularly with security protocol,” said Tahir.

A Jan. 30 shooting attack on a mosque in Quebec City killed six people dead and wounded 19, making police vigilant whenever they receive a call related to a mosque.

“Given our current climate, in our society, this causes concern,” said Scrivens.

The investigation continues.

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  • Maranatha

    I read this news on Ontario TV channel CP24.
    They of course said only that ”a man was apprehended”.
    Let’s keep in mind that Trudeau is around,….
    London is a city where the police cruisers have the legend ”We Serve” in English ,….an arabic.
    Not even in French for a ”bilingual”province.

    • felix1999

      Was the suspect labeled “mentally ill” too?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Just another fake muslim attention attempt. No one cares, even he shot a few, it is not as though they are hard to replace.

    • lato_sensu

      using that ‘nail’ gun again you are

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Me, nail anything? What an unusual concept.

        • lato_sensu

          why? you are ‘on the money’ with your comments and with the electric powered nail gun —

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Generally I prefer pneumatic.

          • lato_sensu

            that is what we be “hot air driven”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It is said, I resemble that remark.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • harbidoll

      pajama party.

    • rh2

      What a lovely pic of Canada’s premier Muslim (lover?) sharing some delicacies with his best buds. Shite for brains eating shite “food”! . . .

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is getting bad when even muslims are worried about getting shot by muslims, which is normal in islam.

    • DVult

      I thought they loved death.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Apparently some are less affectionate than others about it.

        • DVult

          Obviously apostates.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Apostasy is curable, a dose of martyrdom will fix that.

          • moraywatson

            Bingo! You would think threatening to kill people would be kind of a big deal. Threatening them in a mosque, should be code red! Yet the police are bewildered as to a motivation for the threats. But the obvious answer is that the young muslim man made his threats pursuant to his sharia based rights to be a judge, jury and executioner of apostates. Meanwhile we are all supposed to stand around and think this is just a little misunderstanding amongst muslims.

            Putting bacon on the door handle of a mosque gets you put in jail (where the poor sod died). But uttering death threats in a mosque while muslim doesn’t even get your name in the paper!

          • moraywatson

            Update: Charges, including uttering death threats, have been laid. Culprit named as Omid Ghaffouri, aged 24.

  • lato_sensu to much camel peeeee

  • There is a factor that the western civilization ignores; it is that there are two distinct group of Muslim that compete to fulfill the end time Islamic prophecy. Both want to be in charge for the establishment of a new Caliphate the Mahdi as the Supreme ruler over the whole world. The two dominant forms of Islam are Sunnis and Shia (Shiites). Sunnis are Arab Muslim, and Shia (Shiites) are non-Arab Muslim. When the Islamic prophet Muhammad died in the year 632, it lead into a dispute over the succession to Muhammad as a caliph of the Islamic community to become the Great Mahdi. The countries with the majority Muslim Sunnis are North Africa including Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Countries with majority Shia (Shiites) are Iraq, Iran. Both sect believe that to achieve the cause to bring about the Mahdi, chaos and havocs must be spread across the whole world.”

  • felix1999

    Muslims can not tolerate non-believers or Muslims of a different sect. They bring ALL that baggage with them. Muslims offer NOTHING of value in the western world. Nothing!

    • moraywatson

      Islam offers nothing, and takes everything.

  • harbidoll

    did they remove their shoes before entering?

  • santashandler

    Now, don’t worry, folks. This is just a case of a Manchurion candidate being ‘improperly programmed.’ After some ‘adjusting’ he’ll be ready to ‘carry out his duties’ in a couple of days. Stay tuned.

  • Annie Pickett

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the the first person charged under Canada’s new sharia-compliant islamophobic laws was a muslim. Ha!

  • Grant Woodside

    Sunni Muslims make up about 85-90% of the approximate 1.5 billion
    90% of which live in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia
    Iran and other Muslim countries, mostly Shia, make up the other 10%
    They hate each other, something about the true heir of Muhammad
    I could be wrong about this, I think Ali, a son of Muhammad
    The Shia think is the rightful whatever one
    The Sunni believe there is only Muhammad
    And what he said, did, agreed to or condemned
    I’m thinking some, maybe more than reported
    Crimes against Muslims are Muslim vs Muslim
    Beyond the real and faked ones
    I am not Irish and did not appropriate their culture
    On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day
    Certainly hope Beyonce BLMTO fans did not either

  • Maranatha

    In another news:
    CP24 –Toronto news channel– said yesterday:
    ”Residents of Emerson, Manitoba becoming annoyed with some of the refuge-seekers attitudes”
    Is that a beginning??

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