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Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST SHOOTS AT FOUR COPS in Paris, KILLS ONE, Airport Evacuated


Is it any wonder that the majority of people in France are pessimistic about the nation’s security situation, with six in ten saying they no longer feel safe anywhere, according to an IFOP-FIDUCIAL poll?

A man shot dead at a Paris airport after grabbing a soldier’s gun was a “radicalised Muslim” on a terror watchlist, police say. The Muslim is believed to have shot at police officers during a road check in northern Paris on Saturday morning before heading to the airport.

One officer was hit in the face during the roadstop. The man then fled, threatening a motorist with a weapon to steal her car. Police say that car was later found close to the Orly Airport. (Standard)

And the response to all of this? We are constantly being told not to hurt Muslim feelings, that we must import millions of Muslim migrants, and above all we must abridge our precious freedoms in light of sharia restrictions. Further, we turn our prisons over to imams who convert violent, broken men to jihad. Prison have become hotbeds of jihad terror activity. This jihadi was “radicalized” in a French prison.

Terror suspect is shot dead at Paris Orly airport after snatching a soldier’s weapon and shooting at three police officers from a car just hours before Kate and William are due to meet terror victims

  • Man snatched gun and fled into a shop at the south terminal, where he was shot
  • Less than two hours earlier, it is believed he opened fire at three police officers
  • Initial reports claim he had served time in prison for drug trafficking, where he was radicalized
  • Witnesses recounted hearing ‘four or five’ shots, and the airport was evacuated
  • It comes at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the French capital

Dave Burke For Mailonline and Peter Allen In Paris for MailOnline, March 18, 2017:

A convicted criminal with links to radical Islam has been shot dead at Paris Orly airport after snatching a soldier’s gun and fleeing into a McDonald’s.

Less than two hours earlier, a female police officer had been shot in the head in a northern Paris suburb during a routine stop-and-search operation.

Police now believe the shooting in Stains, where three officers were shot at, was carried out by the 39-year-old man, who was later killed.

After fleeing the scene, the man stole a woman’s car at gunpoint.

Today’s incidents come as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Paris, where they have met with victims of terrorism.

The man killed at the airport had previously been jailed for drug trafficking and was radicalised in prison, according to reports in Paris.

He has not been formally identified, but was a homeless French national on the run from the authorities, according to police sources.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation into the shootings.

Travelers wait outside the Orly airport, south of Paris, which was evacuated this morning after a man was shot dead 

A man in a Renault Clio armed with a shotgun fired at police and fled shortly before 7am, and the vehicle was found in Vitry, in the south of the city, containing a bloody t-shirt.

The same man is believed to have grabbed the female soldier’s weapon at 8.30am at the airport, in the south of the French capital. He was shot dead by two of her colleagues.

Witnesses said he was pointing the weapon at soldiers when he was shot.

French Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux said the man shot dead at the airport is the same as the one who ‘is linked with car hijacking’ earlier in the morning in Paris suburb.

The man had previously served time in prison for armed robbery and drug trafficking, and had been radicalized in prison,Le Parisien reports.

Anti-terror police stormed the airport searching for possible accomplices and explosives, and authorities have warned the public to stay away. All flights to the airport have been diverted.

Passengers landing at Orly were kept on planes while the anti-terror operation is carried out. 

The airport was evacuated after the shooting, which happened at 8.30am today, less than two hours after the 39-year-old man had fired at three police officers on the opposite side of the city

French TV network BFMTV reports that a man attempted to grab the weapon of a solider in the airport’s southern terminal. The solider opened fire, killing the attacker.

A witness identified only as Dominque told the network: ‘The soldiers took aim at the man, who in turn pointed the gun he had seized at the two soldiers.’

Another man says on BFM that there was a group of three soldiers targeted, and they tried to calm the man who seized the weapon. Then the man said he heard two gunshots.

French national police tweeted: ‘Ongoing police operation, we recommend that you avoid the airport.’

Passenger Isabelle Raynaud said she was not being allowed to leave her plane as a result of the operation.

She wrote on Twitter: ‘Stuck in the plane to #orly we are prevented from disembarking. There have been shots…’

Large teams of police have descended on the airport following the shooting at 8.30am today

The airport – the second largest serving the French capital – was evacuated, as anti-terrorist police flooded into the area.

A police source said the suspect had been killed by troops taking part in Operation Sentinelle, a security initiative that has been in place since 2015, and involves some 7000 soldiers.

‘It happened in the south terminal – it is being evacuated,’ said a source at the airport. ‘Passengers and staff are being moved out of the areas.’

France is currently under a state of emergency following a series of attacks by Islamic State and al-Qaeda operatives over the past two years.

Today’s incident comes on the second day of a visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Paris. They are currently staying at the British Ambassador’s residence by the British Embassy.

The Royal couple will attend the Invalides military monument later today to meet victims of terrorism.

Then they will attend this afternoon’s rugby international between France and Wales.

  • gfmucci

    “Radicalized” my azzz. This is what orthodox Islam teaches…it is part of their intimidation/terror jihad. It is integral in Islamic doctrine. And Europe invited millions. Crazy!

    • Richard

      Yes, true. Moderate Islam is a myth because The Book teaches conquest of the infidel through whatever means necessary. Muslims who do not participate in this goal are considered to be “unfaithful” and are also targets of the “true believers!”

      • TD

        “Moderate Islam is a myth ”
        Many so-called moderates like Keith Ellison or Mr. Zogby are “APOLOGISTS”; NOT “Reformers”.

        The apologists are usually Israel haters or blame America first type of people.
        True Islamic reformers are so few and almost never heard.

    • TD

      On the Trump Travel ban:
      DISCRIMINATING against Foreign Nationals is CONSTITUTIONAL!
      (i know that’s the most politically incorrect statement you can make, but it’s true and CONSTITUTIONAL).

      THE CONSTITUTION does not apply to foreigners, like Russian Oligarchs or Islamic nut-jobs from Yemen.
      If the constitution applied to them, then Russian citizens would be allowed to vote in American elections.

      And Trump is doing it for security reasons, not because someone worships a different God!
      I wish Europoe would realize this.

  • oic

    terror attacks in europe almost daily now

  • wildjew

    ‘9th Circuit judges in nasty feud over Trump travel ban’

    Jurists trade charges and counter-charges over ruling that kept block on executive order.

    By JOSH GERSTEIN 03/17/17 10:42 PM EDT

    • JacksonPearson

      This Monday morning, the Hawaii and Maryland federal judges should be sitting in front of congress and being charged with impeachment. They both usurped the Constitution and federal laws….

    • TD

      DISCRIMINATING against Foreign Nationals is CONSTITUTIONAL!
      (i know that’s the most politically incorrect statement you can make, but it’s true and CONSTITUTIONAL).

      THE CONSTITUTION does not apply to foreigners, like Russian Oligarchs or Islamic nut-jobs from Yemen.
      If the constitution applied to them, then Russian citizens would be allowed to vote in American elections.

      And Trump’s ban is for “security reasons”, not because someone worships a different god.

  • JacksonPearson

    Gee, I wonder what and who radicalized this Muslim???
    It appears Islam’s never the blame…

    • Mahou Shoujo

      To avoid radicalizing muslims, none should ever survive arrest to be sent to jail.

  • Garry Errill

    France, use some common sense, ‘Vote Le Pen’.

    • TD

      I really hope she wins.
      The French keep saying they don’t feel safe.
      It’s time to put their VOTE where their MOUTH is!

  • felix1999

    When they don’t release a NAME, you know it is a MUSLIM

    • Richard

      In the USA, the same is true, but if they report a culprit as a “youth” or “teen,” you can bet your bippy that perp is BLACK!

    • TD

      yeah. if he was white or far-right, you would have it plastered everywhere on the internet and tv.

  • Maranatha

    Too bad this didn’t happen during Merdel’s (merkel) visit to Donald.
    Le Figaro says is a muslim known to police.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    More french islamophobia, to begin with muslims only answer to shari’a law, as france has invited colonization by muslims for their valuable contributions to multiculturalism, islam is more french than france. As well, the french had no business sentencing him to jail, as drugs are acceptable to islam, alcohol and pork are not, he was thereby deprived of his basic rights as a muslim, it is fully understandable that he would take the islamic solution to an issue, by murdering someone as the is the only tool islam has for conflict resolution. The french should be made aware of the quote from the qur’an which is most applicable in this trivial event. As shari’a supersedes french law, “Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam”. This is a non event, the french unbelievers must be made aware of this.

    • felix1999

      The only contribution Islam make is terrorism, conquering others, terrorizing others and BUYING knowledge since they are fairly dumb LOW IQ people. It;s only the elites that get some sort of education

      This particular Muslim has to go by SECULAR laws. Guess he wasn’t to bright to figure that out. Didn’t he also spend time in prison?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        He is the victim of an islamophobic society, which imprisoned him, thereby corrupting his pure islamic innocence and forcing him to use the only recourse that islam has, murder.

        • felix1999

          Yeah, right!
          Islam is a MENTAL ILLNESS. They need to live with other mentally ill people in a Muslim country.

          • Jim Fox

            mental illness
            a condition which causes serious disorder in a person’s behaviour or thinking.

            Religions all fit this definition…

          • Bob Gemale

            so, uh, I bet you are a fan of some hokey rock band and/or football club? If any of us dare to downvote your fave pop gods video over on YouTube you get all full of jihad yourself? No? how are you any different than any Daesh loving creep?

          • Jim Fox

            WHAT do your incoherent ravings mean? Rock bands? football clubs? Pop gods on YT? Daesh loving creep?
            You’re an absolute fucking religious nutbag. Now get stuffed, idiot. Blocked, you belong in a padded cell in a straight jacket!

          • Bob Gemale

            “lol duh anyone doesn’t agree with me needs to die duh lol”

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Funny but Isaac Newton makes you like a member of the ably challenged, yet he still believed in G-d.

          • Jim Fox

            Yes, he did. He also believed in alchemy. Spent many years trying it.
            In those days, most scientists believed- Gregor Mendel (1822–1884) is known as the father of genetics. He proposed the key laws of genetics from this work on inheritance of traits in peas in 1866.
            Most science was paid for by the church, unless you had private wealth.
            Even so, it took 500 years for the Catholic church to admit Galileo Galilei was right about heliocentricity.
            Today very, very few scientists are religious- there will always be a few, like Francis Collins whose conversion supposedly resulted from seeing a waterfall frozen in 3 parts which he interpreted as proof of the “Trinity”.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’ve read Einstein also believed in a supreme being.

          • Jim Fox

            You haven’t read enough–
            Albert Einstein’s religious views have been widely studied and oftentimes misunderstood.[1] Einstein stated that he believed in the pantheistic God of Baruch Spinoza.[2] He did not believe in a personal God who concerns himself with fates and actions of human beings, a view which he described as naïve.[3] He clarified however that, “I am not an atheist”,[4] preferring to call himself an agnostic,[5] or a “religious nonbeliever.”[3] When asked if he believed in an afterlife, Einstein replied, “No. And one life is enough for me.”[6]

    • Richard

      Ha, ha. You have a point!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It seems to be quite obvious.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    One would think, during the first incident, that one officer should have been covering the other, so that even if the perp shot her, the second officer could have shot the perp.

    At the airport, first reports were that the perp had taken away the soldier’s gun, a big no-no, but later reports were that she kept control of her weapon.

  • felix1999

    Years ago, Chuck Colson warned us. Imans were converting blacks and other to ISLAM in U.S. prisons. May he rest in peace and he is RIGHT! Islam is a MENTAL ILLNESS. The more “devout” they become, they more mentally ill they get. It is a totally oppressive “religion”.

    • rooare

      Islam is much more than a “religion” it is an entire political system that is diametrically opposed to western values and culture. Islam uses our very freedoms to try and destroy those freedoms, it must be resisted in the strongest terms.

  • Jim Fox

    Does PG know something no-one else does?

    WHO was the policeman who was SHOT DEAD?? SHOTGUN? Reported elsewhere as ‘an air gun’.
    I wish she would stop her false news, this is not the first time she has not bothered to check her source, or made up attention-grabbing headlines that do her no credit.

    • Rhymes with Deloris

      Yeah, the officer was shot in the face but not killed. “I shot the police”: Chilling text message Paris Orly airport attacker sent to family after shooting officer

      • Jim Fox

        So you agree- “he was KILLED” is an outright falsehood. The rest is irrelevant to the truth.
        Pamella has my respect & admiration but I so wish she would refrain from untruths, and jumping to conclusions- as she did with the Canadian mosque attack which was not, in fact Islamic terror.
        That she did not have the good grace to immediately withdraw her error is disappointing.
        If she did, I did not see it…

  • santashandler

    The man had previously served time for armed robbery and kidnapping. And he wasn’t immediately thrown out of the country, why?

  • Tm.

    France has one chance to slow down the situation so that people with common sense can decide how to proceed. That one chance is the vote. The right vote. Marine Le Pen is the right vote.

    • ed

      Send in the Marine (s) !!!

  • Lauren Brown

    We are back to daily terrorist attacks in Europe.

    It’s a shame Geert didn’t win. Those extra babies the Turkish minister say European muslims should have are future voters.

    • Jim Fox

      Geert could not win. He knew this well in advance. The dutch electoral system prevents outright winners, preferring enforced coalitions. The most votes a Party can get is never enough to form Government on its own. Despair not- he will be a formidable force against the Lib-Green Leftist- whatever alliance, which will never be a united front. With 27[?] Parties having seats in Parliament, it is a real bunfight.
      His party gained 5 seat while the winner lost 8.

    • TD

      ISIS was CELEBRATING the Dutch Elections!

      And after the terrorist attacks at the Paris airport, ISIS now thinks they are on a roll.. recruiting more and more people because of their so-called victories!
      Turkish nationalists also tweeting victory and enbolding radicals.

  • George Schmid

    6 out of 10 feel unsafe in their country ….. yikes, sorry folks but a crime against the peoples in France is happening

  • Acacia The Vet

    Another Sand Migger dead.God bless the police Officer that bagged Akmed!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 10
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 112
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 18
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 37
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 11
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 17
    Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST ……… kills 143
    ……….. When is WATCHING Muslim TERRORIST going to END ???!!!
    ……….. How many more humans need to die at the hands of these animals ?!!

    • Logic PrObe

      They like to watch…………

  • pipo

    Probably I will not be well loved with this but I feel sorry for the guy. He acted out of desperation. It was his last move on earth and he knew it.

  • Bob Gemale

    armed only with a banana….

  • karl59

    Denial is more than a river in Egypt

  • ties

    he wanted to come to America but Trump rejected him before the stupid judge stop Trumps order

  • sandbox

    Can we at least place electronic ankle bracelet on radical islamists who are on the terror watch list?

    • They have to be charged with crimes first. BTW, on a related note, I also have noticed that attacks on police in the USA have been mis-classified as BLM attacks rather than by converts to radical Islam.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      All muslums are “moderate”…until they’re not.

  • Arvelo Outdoors


    • gia

      This is a great video I have watched it many times and forwarded to the people I know who support Muslim invasion of America.

  • Jimmy Lang

    LOL at the title of “SHOOTS AT FOUR COPS in Paris, KILLS ONE” HAHAHAHA

    Either you don’t deserve to be a reporter for your terrible grammatical errors, or you’re just awful at clickbait… please read a real article LOL…

  • conan_drum

    From what I read here I have now heard three different versions of this incident and they contradict each other in important details. No wonder people are worried about ‘fake’ news

  • Annie

    Who shot the police woman in the head less than two hours earlier –
    and what happened to her?

  • James Stamulis

    It is so obvious the goal behind bringing in millions of Muslim invaders is to destroy the western countries heritage as they breed like bunnies so these globalists can usher in their demonic NWO! It is up to the people to revolt and repel the invaders as well as the traitors who brought them in!

  • gia

    Not safe in airport waiting to board. Not safe getting off plane. Not safe in parking lots not safe on the streets. Not safe within large groups of people gathered for an occasion. Not safe on a bus or train or while waiting for one If your a female your not safe going to work or doing errands and You can No longer dress as you please but need to cover up as much of your body as possible even in stifleing heat or risk sexual assaults. Police cant really keep you safe either because they too are be coming victims. Your money you work for is being given away to strangers who want to kill you or at least terrify you into thinking so.
    Your country is gone it no longer belongs to you
    Your pretty much finished if you live in Europe! It’s as bad as the Nazi takeover so many years ago but this time it’s every non Muslim that faces death . Maybe even worse then Nazi takeover at least back then the government was not aiding the invaders.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The French held mass executions of Nazi collaborators after WW2 — some of them extra-judicially.

      • gia

        Yes and I remember seeing pics of civilians going after female Nazi collaboraters by humiliating them and shaving their hair.

  • Logic PrObe

    The only way the French are going to save themselves is by voting for Le Pen.

  • ToxicThistle

    Any Moslem on a Terrorist Watch List should be immediately executed. Why let this trash go free to kill someone. How many Moslem scum balls on a TWL were free to kill others? ALL OF THEM. Enough is enough. Shoot ’em as soon as you know who and where they are. Put these Moslem fckers down like the rabid dogs they are. Screw their feelings. Fck PC and Multiculturalism and diversity.

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