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Muslim Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’


London is in chaos, Sweden is burning, France is in convulsing, Europe is sinking fast …. and the invading army is sending in fresh reinforcements, male, fit and military age.

Boat Migrants Landing in Italy ‘at a Pace Exceeding Anything We’ve Seen Before’

Breitbart London, March 22, 2017:

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates 20,484 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea since the beginning of 2017, with numbers likely to explode as the continent heads into spring.

These totals do not include 3,312 migrants picked up off Libya on the 19th of March who are currently en route to Italy, according to the text of the IOM’s report.

Including these migrants puts the number of Italian arrivals well ahead of the total for the first three months of 2015 (10,165) and the first three months of 2016 (18,777) – and March 2017 has over a week still to go.

“We have yet to complete March, and we are already racing at a pace of arrivals that has exceeded anything we’ve seen before in the Mediterranean,” IOM spokesman Joel Millman told Reuters.

“This is typical of spring, getting very busy, but it’s not typical to have the numbers be so high this early and the corresponding deaths that go with it.”

Millman estimated that drowning deaths for the period have increased to around 500, up from 159 last year.The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has previously confessed that its own activities, as well as the activities of vessels operated by pro-migration NGOs, seem to be responsible for this rising death toll.

“Dangerous crossings on unseaworthy and overloaded vessels were organised with the main purpose of being detected by EUNAVFOR Med/Frontex and NGO vessels,” the agency reported in its most recent risk analysis.

“Apparently, all parties involved in SAR operations in the Central Mediterranean unintentionally help criminals achieve their objectives at minimum cost, strengthen their business model by increasing the chances of success.”

Total crossings, it should be noted, are down, due to a €6 billion deal with Turkey having persuaded its Islamist government to reduce the number of migrants travelling to Greece via the so-called Aegean route.

These have been rising rapidly in recent days, however, as relations between Turkey and the European Union deteriorate.  Turkish interior minister Süleyman Soylu has even threatened to begin sending  15,000 migrants to Europe a month to “blow [its] mind”.

The European approach to the migrant crisis differs sharply from the Australian approach, which sees boats intercepted at sea and either turned back to their country of origin or escorted to offshore processing centres in third countries.

This has acted as a strong disincentive for illegal migrants, and it has now been well over 900 days since the last boat reached Australia.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who introduced the policy, has urged EU leaders to follow his country’s lead.

“Effective border protection is not for the squeamish, but it is absolutely necessary to save lives and to preserve nations,” he said. “The truly compassionate thing to do is: stop the boats and stop the deaths.”

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  • J Ian

    This is just the begining.

  • Suresh

    Left/Liberal loons tell coast guard to go and pick up these invaders from near Libyan coast so why will they not come in droves ?

    Give them the Iceland police treatment

    That is what these Left/Liberal crooks need along with the jihadi they support .

  • HaplessChild

    Sad, really.
    Such a beautiful country and GOOD people.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The cultural enhancement and social benefits derived from multiculturalism are stupendous. Other than it being more invading combatants, it’s all good.

    • Michael Buley

      yes, other than that minor point … it is just so all very good, indeed!

    • dad1927

      maybe they like being dead from multiculturalism before it becomes monoculture ……

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Please take away democrats, that would be good for everyone.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I remember that statement. Somehow I doubt she included her wealth or those of her wealthy benefactors (both foreign and domestic) in the equation.
        I can’t believe Trump didn’t dig this up against Shillariah. He should’ve shaken every damn skeleton out of the C-l-i-n-t-0-0-n Crime Family closet.

      • knightsstrength

        Hillary so dangerous
        Take things away on behalf of the Common Good

        Only means strip all ones freedom as Hitler did

  • Rog Stresman

    We don’t want them. We don’t need them. There is a huge potential for danger within them. The proud, nationalistic, sane countries of Central Europe like Hungary will not allow them to pass through on their way to the welfare paradise of Western Europe. So how long must we wait for mass deportations, by force if necessary?

    • It’s a comin’

      Until WE THE PEOPLE rise up with our arms and force it to happen. What we are witnessing is why we have a 2nd Amendment – for when the government is out of control. And it is definitely out of control when it comes to immigration policy.

      • Rog Stresman

        You are right. The tide is definitely turning in both Europe and the US, they are swinging to the right and electing politicians with anti-immigration policies. But is it too little, too late?

  • RD

    God help us all!

    • Really?

      God helps those who help themselves. Fight back now or die later. Your choice Europe. Your governments are leading you like lambs to the slaughter.

      • It’s up to us; govt can’t help

        Sadly, either WE THE PEOPLE must do the job our governments will not; or else we might also try electing dictators. Benevolent dictators. Someone who will use the military to put in prison all elected officials who are libtard traitors. Then, they can start dictating what happens – things like mass deportation. Don’t be mean and harm people – just deport them – give them a grubstake to start over with in the old country of their origin. If this type of decisive action isn’t taken, we will go bankrupt fighting amongst ourselves as we lose the war. After the dictator does what he said he’d do, elections can resume – and we can try democracy again but with a revised constitution and tighter immigration laws.

        • RD

          The soap box, the ballot box and the pill box, we went to the ballot box….

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    That’s due to those NGOs picking them up just off the coast of Libya and dumping them in Italy.

    Should establish a naval blockade and sink the NGO ships.

    • wilypagan

      Way past time to do that. I understand why Russia does not wish to allow the NGOs to operate in their country.

  • billinghamboy

    Another continent off my holiday list.

    • RD

      I know, always wanted to visit France, Italy, Germany, now forget it.

      • polishheaven


  • Jan Morrissy

    Stop it already!!!!!!!!!!!
    The world has gone mad and I need to take the dog for another ‘meditative’ walk in the rain :-/

    • rking111

      Its going to get worse we will have 8 years of this progressively getting worse. The only thing that will stop it is Christs return. Courtesy;

  • Really?

    This is an INVASION. An Act of War. Repell this invasion or prepare to die Europe. Wake the hell up.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    The Vatican has room,… for maybe 6 or 8 ……….well ‘vetted’ ones.

    • Croatia Calling

      Commie Pope,never liked him besides I am a RC.Ratzinger and Wojtila were better than this idiot from Argentina

      • rking111

        The book of Revelation chapters 17-19 talk about the universal church which is the Catholic church and says come out of her my people. Who said that? Jesus did! The pope is the false prophet. If you expect to get to Heaven I would do what the bible says. Don’t miss the boat! courtesy;

    • Mary

      For the benefit of those not in the know…please post the date he said this.

      • Michael Buley

        googled and found this: Basically saying we worship the same God. I don’t know. Allah seems a bit more vicious, hateful, brutal, and merciless, than the God of love I prefer to believe in and follow. The God I know doesn’t say to kill those who don’t believe as I do. A few other things, as well. But for starters ….

        • rking111

          There is only one God His name is Jesus Christ all other so called are fakes. Allah is from satin.

        • santashandler

          Imagine when all these terrorists get to the “gate” ready for the virgins and an eternity with Allah. When the devil pops out with an Allah mask and says, ‘surprise. It’s me, the devil. You’ve been working for me the whole time. You guys didn’t really believe all that about the virgin thing, did you? Wow, all of you are stupid.’

    • dad1927
      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, brilliant.

      • BurtMichaels

        Technically, the Bible was always written word (Mohammed referred to Jews as “The people of the Book”. The Koran was passed down as oral recitation, and collected into a cohesive writing by the Egyptians. Having done some reading on the Koran I know what it is and what it isn’t. It is the antithesis of The Holy Bible. Those who disagree just haven’t finished their homework.

    • dad1927

      Wasn’t he a convert to islam a while ago?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What a sick, disgusting man.

  • Michael Buley

    Many of whom are, I’m sure, primed for battle. Cars, knives, whatever they can use on whatever given day and in whatever location they choose. Virtual sitting ducks everywhere.

  • Uncle Inkle

    What a shame, such a lovely little fishing village infested with a sh it-tonne of nasty noggins.

  • Lysy

    Why are they bringing them ashore in Italy!? I can understand ‘saving’ people on high seas but Libya’s coast is as much of the dryland as Italy!

  • rking111

    London is in chaos, Sweden is burning, France is in convulsing, Europe is sinking fast …. and the invading army is sending in fresh reinforcements, male, fit and military age. And the Lord will be coming back soon. I’m believing in about 8 years.

    If Europe had read and paid attention to their bibles they could have prevented the tragedy now taking place in Europe. America is next and is now in Islam’s crosshairs.

    This is an in your face bible prophecy written some 2000 years ago and no one is saying a word! This is proof of the accuracy of the bible and a great witnessing tool.

    An event in human history as worthy of knowing as the parting of the Red sea for the Hebrews to cross over is happening before your eyes and no one is even mentioning it! WHY?

    Allowing Muslims to migrate anywhere other than a Muslim country is a big mistake. Most people do not read the bible so here is what you need to know about Muslims and Islam.
    Most people are not aware of what is taking place historically with the Muslim migration. If you would go to KJV Revelation 6 and read the whole chapter you will find these highlights. KJV Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a PALE HORSE: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and HELL followed with him. And power was given unto “THEM” over the fourth part of the earth, to KILL with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
    9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain (beheaded) for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
    Black horse = Capitalism, White horse = Catholicism, Red horse = Communism, PALE HORSE = ISLAM. I can’t imagine a pastor not telling their congregations what is happening. Deafening silence is all you hear.
    God placed these prophecies so that we would not be ignorant of the times we are living in. I am telling you this and perhaps you will open the door to further study of the scriptures that will impact your lives in these end of the age years. Are you comfortable with subjecting your family to these savages? If we lock the door this madness may not come to America.

    Personally I wish no harm to come to my family or yours and will do whatever necessary to combat this. How about you?


    • santashandler

      It’s all true…

      • rking111

        There is much more to all of this than most can imagine. We are in the time when Christ will return. I believe this year Trump and (the art of the deal) will somehow get a treaty made this fall between the Palestinians and Israel thus starting the last 7 years Daniel 9:27. (I originally thought this treaty would happen by war.) 3.5 years later America will be in a war that we will win ( a major American city will be lost in this war ) but lose over the last 3.5 years due to our debt. Christ returns at the last trump which is 7 years after the treaty is signed to get his church. Proof and much more at

      • RD

        So true. Did you know Japan does not allow Muslims in their country? Very very few are there. Smart people. We should be like them, its not racism, it is simply hey you guys wont fit in here, so just do not come. Thanks for asking.

        • santashandler

          Interesting idea. And no one is protesting Japan’s policy on that.

  • mmazzi

    Send them all to the Vatican. Tear down your wall, FAKE POPE!!!

  • peakpower

    Invasions require a military response. Wake up morons. And more deaths would be good.

  • santashandler

    Well, not to worry. I’m sure all the recent Muslim migrants to Italy will bring with them a desire to assimilate, a love of their adopted culture and a strong work ethic. Because that’s what they are all about, right?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where are the descendants of Rome (that’s classical Rome, not the Rome of the Vatican) now?

  • IzzatSo

    I love the independent Aussies. Keep up the good fight, Pamela.

  • knightsstrength

    Amazing the flood comes through Italy, the heart of Catholic Church
    It helps cement that the Catholics helped form Islam just after Constantine the Traditor to rid all opposition to Catholicism.

    There is only two beliefs feel they are all being Catholics and Ismam

    Muslims should move into the Vatican

  • Abigail Shehata

    They have orders to invade the world by overpopulation, and guess who pays for that ?? It’s the west countries that welcome them and then they try to inforce their sharia law into the hosting countries instead of abiding by the lands’ law, they fulfill their religion teaching,?even it’s evil teaching and immoral

  • Abigail Shehata

    The question is: can anyone come with a gangster teaching and immorality to pass it as a religion and be accepted without looking at the human values of this teachings and match it with this of all standards of human rights and humanity and morals in general?

  • Richard Harris

    Dear Italy, All I can say is WHY WHY WHY are you doing this??? What’s wrong with you?

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