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[ October 23, 2017 ]

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Sweden: Migrants Behead Woman, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It


Is it any wonder Iraq is safer than Sweden?

All that outrage when President Trump spoke candidly about the chaos in Sweden, but none of that same outrage directed at the invaders and destroyers.

The police arrived as they were straddling and stabbing a second person, police shot at him but missed. Unfortunately, the second victim was killed.

No outrage for that. But speak of it and the left-wing lapdogs will lop your head off (figuratively).


Ena offret i Hallonbergen fick halsen avskuren

Publicerad 8 mars 2017 kl 19.31

Inrikes. Dubbelmordet i Hallonbergen i tisdags ska ha utförts för att tysta ett vittne inför en rättegång. Ena offret, en kvinna, fick halsen avskuren, säger en poliskälla till Nyheter Idag.

Det var när polisen anlände till en bostad i Hallonbergen norr om Stockholm igår tisdag som en polis avfyrade sitt tjänstevapen för att avstyra ett mordförsök. Då satt en ung man gränsle över en 39-årig pappa i en familj och högg honom med kniv. Inne i bostaden fanns mamman – med halsen avskuren.

Det säger en källa inom Stockholmspolisen till Nyheter Idag.

Halspulsådern ska ha varit avskuren på båda sidor av halsen på kvinnan, enligt källan.

– Det var jävligt brutalt. Båda ihjälhuggna. Kvinnan i lägenheten hade halsen avskuren. När polis kom till plats sköt man mot en person. Han satt gränsle över mannen och högg med kniv, då sköt polisen mot honom men missade, säger källan.

Paret uppges ha varit föräldrar till små barn. Uppgifter i andra medier säger att mordet kan ha varit ett sätt att tysta ett vittne inför en mordrättegång. Ena föräldern ska ha varit vittne till ett annat mord som begåtts i Stockholmstrakten.

Fyra personer greps strax efter det brutala dubbelmordet i Hallonbergen. Två män, 20 och 21 år gamla, och två pojkar, 15 och 16 år gamla.15-åringen släpptes efter förhör då misstankarna mot honom försvagades. Nyheter Idag skriver att de misstänkta gärningsmännen var likgiltiga inför det som hänt. De ska ha varit så “påtända” att de rentav skrattade.

Enligt Aftonbladet har två av de som nu sitter anhållna figurerat i en annan mordutredning, mordet på en 25-åring i Stockholm tidigare i år.

– De som misstänks för dubbelmordet är goda vänner med de som sitter häktade för det andra mordet, säger en källa till Aftonbladet.

Sweden: Migrants Slice Woman’s Throat Open, Murder Husband, Then Laugh About It
Police chief asks for reinforcements after five murders in recent days
Paul Joseph Watson | – March 9, 2017:
Paul Watson has this translation:

Migrants in Sweden sliced open a woman’s throat, almost beheading her, then stabbed her husband to death before laughing at the heinous double murder they had just committed.

Police were called out to an incident in Hallonbergen in northern Stockholm, an area in which over 67% of the residents are foreign-born, with most coming from Lebanon, Syria and Eritrea.

When police arrived at the house they found a man sat on top of another man stabbing him to death, forcing one of the officers to shoot at the suspect. Inside the house, police discovered that a woman had already been brutally murdered.


The woman’s carotid artery was cut open on both sides of her neck, while other reports said that she had actually been decapitated.

The victims were parents to young children and had been targeted because they were eyewitnesses to another crime and were about to testify, according to reports.

“The reports state that there may be a link to an earlier murder in Stockholm, where one of the parents may have been a witness,” according to Nyheter Idag.

Four people were arrested for the double murder, including two young men aged 20 and 21 years old. The four suspects were of Middle Eastern or North African origin.

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  • Dan

    I believe that it is truly a sign of a degrading society to see heinous acts of violence such as this and others happening around the world! These acts of violence as tragic as they are will not stop until unjust judges and lawmakers stop claiming and making laws that protect the bad guys more then the good guys!

    • Erica Ling

      Dan, this is an ultra liberal society—and proud of it. The world has run mad when a chief of police can say of a vicious rapist “he is a victim, too.” We used to mock our social workers for this excusing of criminal behaviour–and it was their job.

      • Dan

        Absolutely! I totally agree!

  • brock marks

    islamist supremist control the media

    • TD

      They silence the european women who have been assaulted by radicals and criminal migrants.
      The Trump team should have these women testify in Congress.

      There are even Euro-Jewish victims of antisemitism that need to go to Congress and warn people about this new neo-nazism!
      We need more voices speaking out!

  • santashandler

    The police shot at the suspect, but missed. Um,….if they can’t even kill a suspect who is in the commission of a crime, Sweden has got real BIG problems. Why does Sweden even bother with a police force anyway. They keep apologizing for this scum and bringing more in.

    • Pray Hard

      The police there are cowards and probably missed purposely.

      • TD

        Not just cowards, but also corrupt. They cover-up and prosecute any police officer who speaks out about NO GO ZONES, migrant crime, radical islam.

        • TD

          TESTIFY in CONGRESS!
          European Police Officers who are silenced by their superiors for speaking out should testify in the American Congress and have all their expenses paid by organizations that support their cause!

          Any police officer, journalist, or victim should testify and have a voice here in America, when they have none in Europe.

          I hope the Trump team and GOP run with this idea!

        • Michael Garfinkel

          Still, a small price to pay, really, – a severed Swedish head here and there – so that Sweden can remain the “moral superpower” of the world.

        • foundingfathersfollower

          ….sounds more like you are talking about the Swedish Government who
          consists of a bunch of ineptitudes and corrupt officials.

        • Annais

          not corrupt, i mean theyr corrupt by YEARS of being leftist liberals bend on Mother Theresa complex…IM SO NICE I WANT TO HELP THE WORLD..they started taking political refugees since the 70s! theyr appeasing liberals

        • Degotoga

          Yeah, well they can always communicate the reality covertly like the Libatards who are leaking secrets about Trump etc. I think the problem is they need to get rid of the Girl Scouts and hire some real Police. Hang a bunch of politicians, so called Police officals, Mayors, Presidents etc Then start burning the Mussies at the stake like they used to do when they found other Satanist.

      • Juanita

        That could be or they could be afraid that they will not be backed by their superiors. If their bosses kowtow to Muslims, why should they expect to be backed when they do their jobs?

        Many German police officers have quit because they are so sick of the corrupt and cowardly police officials who are of course covering their hides because they will not be backed. it goes all the way up to Merkel.

      • Buddy

        Most likely would have been arrested by their leadership.

        Swedish deputy PM mocks Trump with all-female photo

        Swedish Prosecutor Refuses to Charge Migrant for Child Rape As Girl Got Pregnant Abroad

        Chronicling the demise of a country.

    • Craig

      Remember, Sweden is full of fancy boys, not too many men there.

      • foundingfathersfollower

        If you understand Swedish, please read There is a translation to
        English but not very good, but you get the gist.
        You will find quite a few “Vikings” there. Unfortunately not enough of them
        but the number is growing every day now.

        • Tm.


        • Ben__Gunn

          Screw the Vikings, they need some Cowboys.

          • E35II

            Now you’re talking, cowboys and muslims!

        • Degotoga

, doesn’t work or the Swedes are blocking it.

          • foundingfathersfollower

            I am reading avpixlat right now, from the US.
            Don’t know what the problem is where you are.
            I just saw a u-tube (on Avpixlat) where 3 policewomen and a
            security guard tried to capture a criminal, illegal immigrant, who is vandalizing cars, setting fires etc, and they are failing miserably. It is a comical fiasko. The police in Sweden are helpless.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        They like holding their ankles for muslum men.

    • shirley versace

      the Swedish police officer who failed to kill this attacker as he murdered another person… should be removed from field duty and possibly from the force altogether

      • Mamat Mamat

        The police officer will be punished or probably be removed from his job, not for failing to kill the criminal. But because he did opened fire on a Muslim who were just practicing their culture.

        • shirley versace

          sadly, what you say is the likely truth of the matter

          • Degotoga

            Do you know what “sad, sadly” etc means???? It means you don’t have the guts to call it like it is, your like that Swedish cop missing everything.

          • shirley versace

            I know what you mean… I’m not at all shy about admitting that feminism in the west (a Communist trope BTW) has resulted in this insanely emasculated culture… but I think the entire phenomenon is sad – perhaps tragic is a better word. It’s also unbelievably dangerous to the very survival of these countries…

        • foundingfathersfollower

          That’s right!

        • Ben__Gunn

          He will have to undergo weeks of sensitivity training.

    • conan_drum

      The report is a bit garbled anyway, It says ‘they’ were straddling the victim,and the police shot at ‘him’
      It also does not say that that anyone was arrested

      • santashandler

        Well, why would they arrest the guy. I mean, it was just a misunderstanding on the part of the police. You see, they just don’t ‘understand’ they are to leave the scum in a dirty night shirt alone.

        • E35II

          Yes, as barry would say, the police acted stupidly.

    • movingwaters

      I wondered about that, too. I hope Swedes aren’t so Progressive that the police aren’t trained to use their guns.

      • santashandler

        Well, how many shootings do Swedish police have in a year, five? They probably just aren’t as well trained as say, the police are in the U.S.

        • movingwaters

          very good point.

        • James Mccall

          I shoot on a range every week

          • santashandler

            It’s the American way…..

          • Degotoga

            I don’t shoot on a range I shoot on a washing machine.

        • Degotoga

          No excuses for inaptitude and lousey marksmanship,PLEASE

      • Annais

        when i lived in Stockholm, many many yrs ago, the cops didn even CARRY weapons…

        • movingwaters

          I think I read that decades ago, and had completely forgotten. The “Progressive” mentality blinds the sight of its host. Anyone that thinks you can make people “good” if you meet their physical needs just does not have any understanding of the sin nature, or of the damage that comes from brainwashing children into receiving anything other than the truth into their hearts and minds. And that instruction is given in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

      • Degotoga

        Probably on had one bullet like Barney Fife on Mayberry. LOL

    • Annais

      omg that’s what i thought too…so its obvious..if he had th proper weapon, he wouldn’t have missed! also, darn, he missed…and didn keep shooting? terrible

    • Juanita

      Either the policeman is totally inept or afraid to do his job.

      • santashandler

        Either way, the bad guy wins….

        • Juanita

          No argument there. As I said elsewhere, the problem is at the top. Non-enforcement flows downward.

          The attempts are being made here to. Notice how many instances of riots in which the police or security force is ordered to stand down.

          Also notice that no matter how obvious it is that criminal’s action requires poice response, if the thug is killed it is the policeman who comes under scrutiny. That is the case even if the perpetrator is shooting at the police. The only except seems to be if the policeman is hit or killed in the gun fight as well as the shooter.

          • santashandler

            Yes, absolutely. You know we are in Alice in Wonderland when, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, went public that ‘we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have served their time….’ What???

    • Penny1017

      Well, mistakes do happen, even with the best shots. However, I will agree that police are afraid of doing their job these days. They are afraid of being labeled as xenophobic, or intolerant. Here are some stats for you. If CNN will admit that, it must be pretty bad. Thanks to Obama’s race baiting. It’s become a white civilization problem these days. Whitie being inherently racist and all. Pity to the weak minded individuals that help propagate this liberal bullcrap.

  • Pray Hard

    Train daily in martial arts and firearms combat. Always carry iron.

  • James Mccall

    Cop needs more time on the range

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedish cops need to be put out to pasture, they are useless wastes of tax money. They do absolutely nothing. sweden is an islamic nation, where islamophobia is the only crime.

  • SJB

    Missing the suspect?? Sounds like some marksmanship training is in order. That being said–time to start throwing these “refugees” out if Sweden is to remain Sweden and not become Syria of the far North.

    Unfortunately for the CITIZENS of Sweden, the suicidal concern over political correctness on the part of their leaders may be the death knell for their nation..

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedes voter to invite muslims to colonize sweden to enhance its culture, all these fake news stories are, is an attempt to discredit the democratic will of swedeish voters.

  • peakpower

    If their of African orientation it’s racist to even report on it.

    • Craig

      How pathetic and cowardly, what liberals have brought us down to.

  • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

    Absolutely sick. I get that gangs do evil stuff. If it had been Italian Mafia, they would have simply shot witnesses, but these Koranderthals have to go, barbarically, further….

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “migrants”, yeah muslum migrants. I’d say coming to the USA soon, but a f’ing muslum has already beheaded his wife in the Islamic Puppet States of America — for stating she wished to divorce his muslum monkey a$$.

    • Marinus Hoogedoorn

      He dit love her,so he send her to mislimhaven.

  • felix1999

    Sounds like the children were not there. They’d have murdered them too. What does it take to STOP letting these monsters in ANY country?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The swedes legislated the colonization of the country by islam decades ago, the law is there, it is merely being followed, progressive multiculturalism has made sweden a cultural super power, dontchknow.

    • M. Marsares

      There is no stopping Islamic colonization anymore. The institutions that protect Swedes are rotting away leaving the people and their culture defenceless.

    • Warren

      Probably vigilante justice.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Apparently the Swedish police need more target practice.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is all they are allowed to shoot, rubber bands at paper targets.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        lol, that’s funny. My second laugh of the day :)

        • Mahou Shoujo

          They miss.

      • tatka150

        and miss it as well.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What is the problem here? sweden is an islamic nation, these swedes have done nothing that is not sanctioned by the qur’an, which has replaced all legal documents in sweden. Fake news.

  • suqsid4

    Sweden has become a Shiite hole.

    • Deplorable Kulak

      If you’re Swedish you ain’t shiite.

      • Craig

        Oh, man..I stepped in some sheiite.

    • TD

      I tried Googling Finland and terror, or Denmark and terror, or Belgium and terror, or Australia and terror.
      And you get the same problem with radicalism.

      Netherlands and terror – also a problem.

      • Mr Paul Middleton

        Geert Wilders is the front runner for next month’s election in the Netherlands. If he wins, he will take the Netherlands out of the EU and stop the Islamic scum coming in. (I voted for Brexit for that sole reason).

    • Cleverfun

      Yeah, Sure…

      • Ruger 1

        Hey Troll… I Think You’re Lost… The HuffPo is that way!!! 🖕

    • tatka150

      How about Germany and France?

      • spudmans1

        France has already lost over 1 billion in the tourist trade in the last year

        • Daiseymae

          Who in the hell would even want to travel there?

          • Dorrie

            I’m betting this mess will destroy the travel industry in France! I don’t know anyone who would want to go there, even to the South of France!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The tourist industry is dying allah over Western Europe/Eurabia. If I want to see f’ing muslums I’ll go to Dearbornistan, Michigan not Belgium, Fwance, the United Kaliphate, Norway, Denmark, Swedenistan etc.

  • Deplorable_ Manhattaner

    The perpetrators will get mandatory 2 weeks of ” how to better integrate” course, and after they will stay in sweden because they might be in danger if they sent back to their country.
    They might even get free scholarships to the universities and free apartment if they claim they are ISIS soldiers

    • Craig

      Oh no, the Swedes put the muslims up in fancy upscale homes and resort homes. Only the very best for their muslim rapists and murderers.

      • santashandler

        The wait list for housing in Stockholm is 100 years. No joke.

    • tatka150

      They had a tough childhood. And all mental. These are key words to get away with murder

    • santashandler

      Now come on. They’ll get housing allowance, a monthly living allowance and free college education too.

  • aDeplorablehandout

    There is NOTHING WRONG in Sweden, our Deep State run media says so.

  • Craig

    So, the Swedes have bent over backwards for their muslim rapists and murderers. The Swedish women appear to adore the muzzies ( with all the Swede fancy boys, it does make a little sense).
    This will be chalked up to ‘mental illness’.
    So long Sweden, hello swedenistan.

    • tatka150

      Sweden boys are pale and blond. Nothing compares to the hot aggressive muzrats. Swedish feminists wants something for the change.

  • FlameonMe

    Worldwide civil war is already here……just slowly.

    • tatka150

      but surely.

    • spudmans1

      It is called the Crusades and they never really ended.

      • FlameonMe

        The muslims invaded Spain all the way to central FRANCE before being pushed back into Africa. That was also a Crusade. The Muslims did not even exist until six centuries after Christ, then they invaded Persia and Israel etc, which were Christian lands, and began raping and robbing Christian pilgrims also. The Crusades were an overdue DEFENSIVE reaction to the invasions of Muslims. That there is conflict today is just because of JIHAD. It’s Jihad that did not end, and now we are dealing with “creeping Sharia” and “Stealth Jihad” and this too – onvious “Hijra” migration which is really a purposeful INVASION.

        In fact, it was Muslims responsible for the long suffering of the “Dark Ages”, burning ancient libraries, cutting off trade routes to Europe and pirates in the Med. They have been like a horde of hungry locusts ever since. The only times when western civilisation has ever prospered was when we FOUGHT BACK.


        • Dorrie

          That’s all absolutely true. A great book about the crusades is “God’s Battalions”

  • GandalfsTrouserpress

    The RofP resembles MS-13

  • Warren

    When those migrants come here, we need to turn to vigilante justice if the police and courts will do nothing.

  • Ayna

    I’m past feeling empathy for (rich western) countries importing barbarians, enabled by their voters.

    Sounds harsh?
    I agree.

  • MindfulCitizen

    Sweden has already dug its grave.

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    all over the world women are suffering because of obama
    from the rapefugee invasion of Europe,
    the genocide of Christians in the ME
    and even trans-weirdo’s in the women’s washroom

  • jbjence

    Interesting. No other news sources except infowars covered this story. Zero! Please provide credible information that this incident really happened. Or are you saying that all worldwide news organizations are conspiring to keep this incredible horrific crime hidden from the public? Really?Ridiculous 😂

    • Dana

      Why not go to the source link from the story? It is here for you:

      It is in Swedish, but you can translate it using google translate to see that it talks about this very story.

      Here is another local one:

      So, local news, but nowhere outside of that area. Wonder why?

      • jbjence

        A double murder with beheading by immigrants in Sweden. And that’s the international response? That’s it? Nothing on Breitbart? No other right wing news network? No tweets by Donald Trump? Nothing on Fox? No?

        Fake News!

        • Dana

          Yup. The same way that all of the violence in France and other places in Europe never get reported by main stream media here. It’s your head. If you want to bury it in the sand, that’s your problem.

          • jbjence

            Oh, you consider Breitbart Mainstream? Wow, you must be super radical then. Hahaha. Please Dana, let someone else take over the Job as right wing propaganda minister. You clearly don’t have what it takes to argue with a snowflake 😂

          • Dana

            Wow. You have such a desire to insult me, that you lied about how I consider Breitbart to be mainstream. I never mentioned that or even implied it. You are such a clever fellow.

            Obviously, you can’t hold a conversation without attacking someone. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’m finished dealing with you on this subject.

            Feel free to come up with additional “fake” insults, I’m not going to reply.

          • jbjence

            No, no desire to insult you. Your statements are sufficiently insulting. On the contrary you are insulting me. You are insulting my intelligence

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Better find your safe space snowflake — before you melt.

          • jbjence

            Thank you very much for your concern. No worries. I’m from the Alpine region ✌️

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            By way of Pakistain or Bangladesh no doubt.

          • jbjence

            An Analogy: How would you feel if foreigners would operate websites that spread fake news articles that claim that in your hometown black people are hunted down the street everyday and at least every other day there would be mass lynchings.

            You would live in that city and you never heard of it.

            Then you would confront these foreigners to tell them, that this is not true and they would tell you, that you are a victim of a conspiracy of your government and the media.

            Let that sink in. This is how I feel when I read articles and comments on websites like this one.

            Thank you for your time and understanding

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Funny how you don’t have any sympathy for the victims of islamic terrorism Syed.

          • Annie

            Dana – I googled “Brutal murder in Hallonbergen, Sweden” and
            found many sources for the story. You are correct about it.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Why don’t you go blow a camel for allah?

          • jbjence

            Why should I? I neither care about camels nor Allah. I care about the truth, only. If this crime really happend it is a terrible crime and no excuse possible. But this piece of news is so fake, that only imbeciles or people who’s brain is entirely eaten up by hate would believe this actually happened 😂

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If you blow a camel you can get your healthy daily requirement of halal camel urine.

          • jbjence

            Let me ask you this: How would you feel, if foreigners who never ever even set foot in your country would spread hate-filled lies about your country everyday. You live there and you say: “What the heck are these people even talking about?” I live in Munich, the city with the highest ratio of foreigners and refugees in Germany. I have a three year old blonde daughter and never ever had a problem with a refugee and don’t know one person personally who ever did

      • jbjence

        If this were true, there would be thousands of tweets by anti-immigrant activists in a matter of minutes after the statement by Swedish police. There is not one. It is Zero. This is the dumbest piece of fake news I ever saw. Embarrassing, truly

  • Apothis

    The second coming of the keystone cops.


    Come on Sweden make a stand for gods sake. The rabid scum you imported are literally killing and raping you on the streets daily and laughing at you.

  • SamN

    The World needs to rid itself of all colors but WHITE, and even lots of them need to be gone too! All people of color need to be gone from this world, PERMANENTLY AND FOREVER!! THEY ARE IGNORANT TRASH, THEY ALWAYS WILL BE!

    • Dana

      islam is the problem, you idiot. There are plenty of white people who I can not stand (I am white) and there are plenty of people of various colors (non-muslims) who are great, admirable people.

      I will defend them to the end. You need to rethink your position.

  • Christian Gains

    It’s IMPERATIVE for Sweden, (or, better, the SWEDISH PEOPLE), to throw off the mist of confusion that they’re daily being infused with through their Politicians Socialism, and their Media’s culpability to maintain a vagueness & lack of clarity, (termed “political correctness”, and allow their eyes, & minds to be opened, that they can truly SEE & COMPREHEND that they’re being manipulated by charletons!

    The very concept of “multi-culturalism” is flawed, at the very core; in that, the Muslim belief system TEACHES “NO ASSIMILATION, ONLY DOMINATION!”.

    This is WHY these Muslims do such heinous acts, and then LAUGH about it, because their Political doctrine TEACHES THEM from childhood NEVER, NEVER assimilate…ALWAYS, ALWAYS, seek to dominate!

    They’re very declaration, (shout), “ALLAHU AKBAR!”, (shouted after such horror), is roughly translated: “there is no god but ALLAH”, (who was, in FACT, an demonic IDOL, worshiped in Mesopotamia, several 1000 years ago, which! Mohammed incorporated as there god! (the Bedouins that he gathered as “disciples” were TOTALLY ignorant of either the Bible, OR the “allah Mystery religion”, and so they WILLINGLY followed Mohammed’s directions, and saw him as a Prophet.

    (btw – you might be interested to learn that Mohammed got his “start” as a young man, sleeping in a cave, which he enjoyed visiting. The story goes that, he was awoken by a “spirit” that spoke to him…he was so frightened by it, that he fled to his home, & told his wife that “the devil spoke to me!” {btw, THAT was “allah” speaking!}…Mohammed later returned to the cave, and began to listen to, and obey, his “spiritual “mentor”, and from THAT relationship, [with a demon named “allah”], Mohammed put together a doctrine that eventually evolved into what we now know as “ISLAM”!)

    AND! (another pertinent point of reference): “ISIS”, [aka “IS”], is ACTUALLY the MOST OBEDIENT body of Muslim believers in the world today! The reality is that, WHAT they do, on a regular basis, (beheadings, rape of non-Muslim women AND men, cutting off hands & limbs for offenses, and wholesale salughtering of enemy forces), is ALL CLEARLY declared in their doctrines, (the Qu’ran, Hadith, and the Surras — the 3 “HOLY BOOKS”, [Histories and doctrinaire], of their belief system). and demanded to be obeyed, with the threat of death if they disobeyed! A common tenant of Satanic worship!

    Another tid bit: ISLAM is NOT primarily a Religion! It is PRIMARILY a POLITICAL DOCTRINE, [with GLOBAL DOMINATION as it’s SOLE, & ULTIMATE goal!] with suedo-religious aspects, (which are TOTALLY subject to the POLITICAL doctrine and strategy).

    WAKE UP EUROPE!!! You’re being invaded & conqured, due to your Politicians’ LOVE OF MONEY, POWER & GLORY”….(note Luke 4: 5 – 8, [esply. verses 5 – 6}!!! THAT is who rules Earth!!!

  • 762x51FMJ

    I heard the woman tried to raise her hands to stop the attack..
    She had defensive hand wounds and shows proof she is guilty of Islamophobia…

    .. Islam is like a crocodile..who showed up at your dinner table.. and If you throw him the entire roast it will keep him well fed and happy for awhile, But in the end it is you he wants to consume..

  • brian crawford

    if you miss then you keep shooting till the punks are dead, easy enough, right?

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Ha ha ha. Islamic sense of humor.

  • Dorrie

    Yet Swedish officials claim they don’t have a terrorist crime problem. Ugh … they’re DONE!

  • Tm.

    You won’t read about this on mainstream media. Can you imagine that?
    So the police missed the shot? Perhaps need to train better. They should have shot to kill both or all the perpetrators.
    I suppose they don’t have the death penalty in Sweden? What happened to the Swedish anyway? How did they let it come to this? One wrong vote at a time?
    I wouldn’t set foot in Sweden or most of Europe. Too bad, should have thought about it, should have done something about it. I suppose it’s never too late.
    I have long felt that liberalism takes the “man” out of “men” by enforcing their PC ideology.
    I hope the world wakes up. France, Germany, Italy, wake up. Elections coming up. Don’t do yourselves like Austria. And get out of the EU. Demolish Schengen. EU destroyed your continent.

  • Stephen Honig

    Why did God unleash evil? We will never know.

    • Dorrie

      He didn’t. He gave Adam & Eve a choice and told them not to eat the fruit of a certain tree. They disobeyed and that opened the world to evil. It’s all about free will.

  • karl59

    Arrest these heathen savages, lock them in chains, put them in a plane, then when the plane is over the ocean, throw them into into the water. Then see how much they laugh!

  • spudmans1

    This kind of violence necessitates public hangings of the perpetrators smack dab in front of these filthy stinking muslim “communities”. The only thing these savage people understand is violence so take it back to them and rub their snotty noses in it. It worked in Tripoli 2 centuries ago and it will work again. Too bad it has to come to this but it is what it is.

  • dosadoe

    Beowulf would frown on such crimes committed by the Muslim Grendel and would retaliate! Meanwhile the Swedish authorities pretend nothing happened and excuse such brutality from their welcomed “refugees”!

    • Dorrie

      Of course! And has anyone seen any reporter in the U.S. do a story on female genital mutilation in this country? It happens here every day and the press ignores the horror of it!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Beowulf, the Old English hero. Wasn’t that myth just one unique to the British isles?

  • Earl Tower

    It sounds that Sweden needs to do some major soul searching as a nation, and start taking major steps to fix their crime problem.

  • Daiseymae

    Sweden is also responsible for the murder of this couple.

  • Harvey Jones

    Who runs Sweden, a bunch of castrato’s?

  • knightsstrength

    Every Muslim needs to be pushed into a hell hole and covered over

    I am tired of us going around in circles as they slaughter us, and they let out of jail with get out of jail card like nothing has happened.

  • Ruprecht Emersom

    it won’t get any better just worse. they need to line up every muslim and march them into the sea

  • Jay Dillon

    This murder should be avenged against the murderers family or friends. And the Moslems should all be incarcerated or deported immediately.

  • Milo

    That’s religion for ya!

  • E35II

    The leftists are suicidal. But they will take us all down with them. Alah akbar.

  • Erun E

    “sat on top of another man stabbing him to death, forcing one of the officers to shoot at the suspect”- stop it. How’s it it being a f****ng “suspect” when he was surprised at the very act of the crime itself ? ?, it’s; “one of the officers shoot at the murderer”. Do you see the difference? -By the way, why just one of them fired at the murderer, intead of frying it up allthogether ? ?

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