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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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Middlebury College: Left-Fascist Student Thugs Physically Assault Conservative Scholar, Professor Over Speech


As the left grows increasingly desperate, finally seeing a challenge to its political and cultural hegemony, it is growing more violent and thuggish. For years my colleagues in me have been shouted down, heckled, and physically menaced when we speak at colleges and universities. Now outright violence is rapidly becoming the norm. The totalitarian left is revealing its true anti-freedom colors.

“Leftist Students Physically Assault Conservative Scholar, Professor Over Speech,” by Scott Greer, Daily Caller, March 3, 2017:

American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray and a Middlebury College professor were both assaulted by left-wing demonstrators Thursday night following a disrupted talk by the conservative researcher at the Vermont-based school.

Murray was being escorted off university grounds by Middlebury professor Allison Stanger when the pair were greeted by an angry mob of around 30 demonstrators — some of whom were masked, the Vermont newsweekly Seven Days reported.

Stanger suffered neck injuries during the mob’s assault after she had her hair pulled while trying to get Murray in his car. She’s now having to wearing a neck brace after the assault.

Murray’s vehicle was attacked once he got inside of it, with protesters jumping up on the car and banging on its windows. The mob managed to place a cement-based stop sign in front of the car in an attempt to block it from moving, according to Seven Days….

“The demonstrators were trying to block Mr. Murray and Professor Stanger’s way out of the building and to the car,” Middlebury College spokesman Bill Burger told Seven Days. “It became a pushing and shoving match, with the officers trying to protect those two people from demonstrators — and it became violent.”Prior to the violence, Murray’s scheduled talk was disrupted by demonstrators who chanted and shouted for several minutes to prevent him from discussing his 2012 book, “Coming Apart,” and how its analysis of the white-working class explains the rise of Donald Trump.

Demonstrators considered Murray a “white supremacist” for co-writing the 1994 book, “The Bell Curve,” which connected genetics with socioeconomic outcomes….

Besides being attacked by a mob for his views, the Associated Press smeared the self-declared libertarian Murray as a “white nationalist” in its report of the incident, which he is not.

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  • One day and it is coming they will bite off more than they can chew and the war will on and we will never have to put up those little nazi students again

  • Suresh

    This will continue as long as they are allowed to do this and get away lightly. Only way to stop this is to give the Left/Jihadis the Iceland police treatment

    Left /Liberals will either cover up jihadi attacks like this …….. or play it down to please their saudi/OIC/soros paymaster .

  • webbie7

    I just love COmmunists. They always have to chant something that someone else wrote for them. They are perfect little NAZIS at Middlebury. WOW. I would send them all to work at McDonalds for a year before I would left them back into school

    • santashandler

      But……that would be an insult to the hard working people at McDonald’s because all those insane leftists would do is find a way to protest management and how they were being exploited on the job.

    • Hengist Pod

      They don’t belong in any school (skool). They should be denied access to any academic institution and the vote until they can show civility and most of all sense.

  • GuateNY

    The good thing is that this shows that the leftist libtards have already lost the argument.

    • JacksonPearson

      Losing an argument is OK, but hurting people is not.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    The left is trying to overthrow the government, as it has done many time in many countries. This is just part of it.

    • Hengist Pod

      They will sing a different tune when the American population turn on them! They are “brave in groups” but hysterical screeching cowards when they are faced down. If they succeed in overthrowing Trump, there will be a war like no other in history. They are on the wrong side of it too.

      • felix1999

        These are PAID protesters. If you LOOK at the audience it looks like mostly minorities. MANY students are NOT chanting and don’t seem to know what to do and just stand there.

      • Michele Coatta

        I think the libtard retards are so disconnected from reality they can’t keep two thoughts in their heads at the same time like they need safe places safety pins coloring books and we have Guns God and a hell of alot of Patriots lock and load the morons think they can run something

  • Juan
    The same in Spain

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There are laws against assault and committing offences while wearing a disguise, a few years in jail will be as good as an undergraduate degree for leftist imbeciles.

  • Glen Benjamin

    They just prove Murray is correct. So much for a college education. I have never seen a larger collection of morons paying big money to go to an awful school

  • santashandler

    Well, perhaps, the conservatives and libertarians ought to wage the same kind of campaign against the left at every leftist rally, parade, lecture, indoctrination seminar, etc. Harass them, keep them from walking across the street and into their cars. Shout profanities in their faces at every opportunity. What would happen then.

    • Erica Ling

      You would all get arrested. More subtlety needed. Presumably they post dates and times. Sabotage their microphones. Have a heavy metal session or brass band rehearsal within hearing . Caltrops under their tyres–leave no fingerprints. Blackout if after dark- power supply. Lots of ways to skin this cat. Think OSS or SEALS , not pit bull.

    • Merchantseamen

      WE all work plus I got some debt to get rid of.

  • Dave Quilty

    Imagine paying all that money and having your kid learn how to blindly chant slogans like some sort of brain washed moonbat. Talk about drinking the cool aid. How can anyone pay money to have their kid turned into a tool of communist? “Left leaning campus” the college president said, more like Marxist.

    • Erica Ling

      But being seen at all the ” right “demonstrations is de rigueur for today’s successful job applicant, rather like celebs to the Oscars. Goes on their CV. Education is so passe, dahhhling. So no mention of security or police, then ?

  • JacksonPearson

    This kind of leftist thuggery’s happening more and more, and this incident’s just another good case and point for conceal carry.

    • santashandler

      Glock 27?

    • Erica Ling

      Thought most states have open carry permits ?

  • Tim

    “Can you listen for one minute?”

    Liberal thugs: “NO!”

    Says it all right there.

  • santashandler

    So, the insane “accepting” college students chanted for half an hour for Murray to go and when he did, they tried to block his car? Does this make any sense? Folks, this is what colleges are doing to students today. Teaching them to do EXACTLY the things they are so loudly protesting against. And this is happening all across the country.

    • Merchantseamen

      The college administrations are the ones that should be protested by us. Ask no demand their resignations. Has to be a way.

  • spoiled cry babies.

    • Gordon TheGrumpus

      Wolfy said:
      “spoiled cry babies.”
      corrected version:
      spoiled soiled cry babies.” ;~)❱

  • joe1429

    The lefts ears cant bear the truth. Where are the riot police with the billy clubs, at the demonstrations??

  • felix1999

    I remember the Bell Curve. Read it sometime…
    Any student being VIOLENT and disruptive to an extreme needs to be EXPELLED or have FEDERAL money denied. This has to STOP.

    • pandainc

      One can only wonder if any of these ‘students’ have read it. Me dudo mucho.

  • bannedquran20

    You mean brownshirts

  • Alleged Comment

    The irony and hypocrisy is SO THICK in that room you can cut it with a knife.

    Exactly who is showing the hatred and lack of tolerance??

    Students FOOL of ignorance and parents should withdraw their kids form this school. They are not maturing there at all. Bottom dwellers??

    How ’bout future basement dwellers??

  • conan_drum

    They should be sent down from college until they can prove they will behave but of course you have your precious Freedom of Speech for them to hide behind

  • michaelofsydney

    We are fortunate to be getting glimpses of what is happening all over the developed world. One day, no doubt, they will shut us down too,as the internet is now in the hands of these morons masters. It would be naive to think they are not monitoring us and know who we are and where we are. My advice is to stay tuned, be prepared and to Pray to Jesus all the time. Strengthen your faith. 2017 is the year everything will change. It is 100 years since Our Blessed Lady appeared at Fatima. Hail Mary, full of Grace. She is our Mother and the Mother of God

  • Colleges and universities are no longer bastions of academic freedom that encourage the free expression of ideas – they are propaganda mills for the left-wing liberal narrative that produce illiterate, disinformed, out of control student cry bullies. Their unsuspecting parents are paying expensive tuitions for worthless degrees.

  • Student savages, brainwashed, ought to all be tossed out of the school.

  • Those protesting Murray’s speech at Middlebury have read neither The Bell Curve nor Coming Apart. I’ve read both! Frankly, the latter is one of the most important reads of our time — and has zero to do with race.

  • Carowal

    Charles Murray’s book, Coming Apart is a remarkable analysis of the post WWII white working-class. To my shock he was a Never Trump guy during the campaign. I’d really like to hear his response to this demonstration of leftist anarchy at Middlebury College. Somehow, I fear, he just might blame Trump for the sadly intrinsic anti-analysis of any issue that doesn’t fit in with the destruction of EVERYTHING that’s made America a once-great civilization, that’s been carefully cultivated since the 1960s. We are witnessing now what it was like during the fall of Rome.

  • notme123

    Paid for and rehearsed protest, I mean riot, this is not expressing free speech. How did they get in to begin with? Looks like all the attendees were protestors, how could that be except if it was planned to be that way. When ever I went to attend any kind of talk like this, there is a sign in sheet and I have to show ID. If they would do this at all these events maybe some of this would stop. Anonymity is there shield, take it away. Also should be done when a permit is taken out for street protests. Every attendee should have to sign up. If they are so proud of what they are doing why are they afraid to be identified.
    John 8:44

  • Ichabod Crain

    I would really have liked to heard Murray’s talk. I watched that video of the rude children shouting. They were behaving like animals on a farm. I was trying hard to understand what they were saying. I am pretty sure I heard them bleating “Four legs good, two legs bad” over and over again.

  • Ichabod Crain

    Charles Murray on populism, globalization, “The Bell Curve,” and American politics today
    Published on Sep 11, 2016
    The American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray discusses our current political moment.

    • Scorpio

      Thanks for the link. That was an hour well spent.

  • Protect Yourself !

    What are the carry laws in Vermont ?

  • Robert Batchelor

    We’re literally witnessing the Left reach the pinnacle of who they truly are—-the violent mob in the street. It’s like a magnet that pulls them to this point. This is the Left and we seem to be heading toward a showdown with this violent mob in the street. They need to be defeated. The sooner the better.

  • A perfect example of liberal moronic brats.

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