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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

Officials from largest US Islamic charity promote anti-Semitism on social media

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barbie BOMB: ISIS Plot To Blow Up Aussie Plane With Barbie Doll Foiled

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Barcelona jihadi Younes Abouyaaqoub ‘shot dead’ by Spanish cops while wearing suicide vest after killing...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem — Was Blocked by Jewicidal...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

MGM Resorts International will match employees’ donations to “civil rights groups,” including Hamas-CAIR, SPLC, and...

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

[ August 21, 2017 ]

Terror in France: Muslim rams police car shouting “Allahu Akbar”

[ August 21, 2017 ]

France: Muslim strangles woman who lit a cigarette in front of his mosque

Media Matters: “Anonymous Fox News Article Echoes Smear Of Obama Appointee From Notoriously Anti-Muslim Activist Pamela Geller”


Yes, yes, the left-wing think tanks, a.k.a. the Soros hate machine, figured it out! A little Jewess in New York City is running the world.

Patterson’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood is well documented, especially by the Egyptian people.

And a hate-filled saboteur such as Nick Fernandez would never admit it, but I am no more “anti-Muslim” than foes of the Nazis were “anti-German.”

“Anonymous Fox News Article Echoes Smear Of Obama Appointee From Notoriously Anti-Muslim Activist Pamela Geller,” by Nick Fernandez, Media Matters, March 10, 2017:

Fox News ran an anonymous front page story on its website alleging that Secretary of Defense James Mattis “wants the Pentagon’s top civilian job to go to a one-time prominent supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.” A similar charge against the pick , former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson, appeared on notoriously anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller’s website six days earlier, alleging that Patterson was “instrumental in [President Barack] Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi regime in Egypt.”

Politico Reports That Mattis Wanted Patterson For Undersecretary Of Defense For Policy But Was “Running Into Resistance From White House Officials”

Politico: The Trump Administration Is “Voicing Concerns About” Patterson’s Work As U.S. Ambassador To Egypt And Is “Running Into Resistance From White House Officials.” According to a March 2 report from Politico’s Eliana Johnson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis was “running into resistance” to Patterson’s nomination “from White House officials.” According to Johnson, Patterson “came under fire for cultivating too close a relationship with the” democratically elected, now-former President Mohamed Morsi, “and White House officials are voicing concerns about those decisions now.” From Politico’s March 2 article:

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis wants to tap the former U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, as his undersecretary of defense for policy, but the Pentagon chief is running into resistance from White House officials, according to multiple sources familiar with the situation.

If nominated and confirmed, Patterson would hold the fourth most powerful position at the Pentagon – and would effectively be the top civilian in the Defense Department, since both Mattis and his deputy, Robert Work, were military officers.

As ambassador to Egypt between 2011 and 2013, Patterson worked closely with former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Islamist government. She came under fire for cultivating too close a relationship with the regime and for discouraging protests against it—and White House officials are voicing concerns about those decisions now. [Politico, 3/2/17]

Fox News Runs Anonymously Written Article Alleging Patterson Is “A Onetime Prominent Supporter” Of “The Muslim Brotherhood”

Fox News: Secretary Of Defense “Wants The Pentagon’s Top Civilian Job To Go To A Onetime Prominent Supporter Of Ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi And The Muslim Brotherhood.” According to an anonymously written article featured on the front page of, apparently “there is widespread concern, both at home and abroad, about” Patterson’s alleged “close ties to ousted [Egyptian President Mohamed] Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.” According to the article, “Patterson’s support of Morsi and his Islamist government” has apparently “rubbed off on President Trump and others within the White House at a time when the president is considering declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.” From the March 10 article:

President Trump’s defense secretary wants the Pentagon’s top civilian job to go to a onetime prominent supporter of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, a group Trump may designate as a terrorist organization.


While Patterson’s bona fides are not in question – she has served as an ambassador to Egypt, Pakistan, Colombia, El Salvador and the United Nations, along with being President Obama’s assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs – there is widespread concern, both at home and abroad, about her close ties to ousted Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Her poor standing among the Egyptian public seems to have rubbed off on President Trump and others within the White House at a time when the president is considering declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. [, 3/10/17]

Fox’s Article Echoes The Notoriously Anti-Muslim Activist Pamela Geller

Pamela Geller: “Is Mattis Nuts? As Ambassador To Egypt, Patterson Was Instrumental In Obama’s Backing Of The Muslim Brotherhood Morsi Regime.” On March 4, infamous anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller published a piece on her website asking whether Mattis is “nuts” for considering Patterson for undersecretary of defense for policy. Geller characterized Patterson as “instrumental in [President Barack] Obama’s backing of the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi regime in Egypt” and called her a “terror supporter.” [, 3/4/17]…

  • Crystal Waters

    Speak up Pamela. The world is starting to listen.

    • Pastor C

      Carry on, Pamela. You are one of our nation’s treasures!

      • john smith


    • john smith

      Great, if it were true.

  • Fern

    Never apologize for being right. ALL of Obama’s appointed hacks should be dismissed pronto! Is Mattis so old and senile that he doesn’t get that? We want change, old man! Dumbass!

    • Underzog

      I don’t trust, Mattis. It is too bad Pres. Trump appointed him.

      • Eu Wei Choi

        In a Business Suit ,?????
        Warrior SCHOLAR
        WHERE was he a SCHOLAR AT?

        • Pastor C

          If he survived Barry’s purging of his peers (in the military) that means, to me, he is already uniquely-disqualified from serving our nation (as Secretary of Defense); particularly when we most need courageous, insightful patriots who will tell the truth about Islam and courageously fight those who adhere to her demonic quests for worldwide supremacy.

      • Janet

        Me either. When I heard that he said ISIS is not Islamic and Islam is a religion of peace I thought here we go again!

        • Richard Canary

          Anyone who believes or states that Islam is a religion of peace is either ignorant of the facts or a sympathizer of Islam.

          Any sypathizer of Islam may as well be a Nazi or a blood-thirsty communist.

          • mztore

            Or has their head in the sand for too long.

        • Bill Kay

          If Gen Mattis truly said that he has to go he is either Senile / just plain stupid !

        • Duchess of Pork

          Mattis must retract that obviously false view. Perhaps when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is finally captured, General Mattis will take time to have a personal chat with him. al-Baghdadi, with his PhD in Islamic Studies, is very knowledgeable about Islam’s holy texts the Qur’an and aHadith and extremely precise with quotations from the text to support his ideological and military maneouvres.

  • Pray Hard

    Show me how to separate moslems from Islam and I’ll think about not being anti-moslem. In the meantime, death to Islam.

    • Underzog

      I pretty much agree with you. I do hole my tongue (byte marks) around here however because of Pamela.

  • Dave

    Notorious? That word alone makes their article biased, fake news, since it is really just the author’s opinion. (Or is there a national standards body that makes these calls?) How did you make it into Jesse James’ league?You made it to the Big Time. Keep up the good work.

  • Dwight

    All Obama appointees should be smeared. Frequently.

    • Unlicensed Gynecologist

      Every chance I get.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Doctor Ben Dover, is that you?

      • tatka150

        Are you the Director of the underground abortion clinic?

      • john smith

        with excrement

    • Mahou Shoujo

      With their own feces and that of there muslim masters.

    • Eu Wei Choi


    • aebe

      Have you given no thought for those who would have to clean that up ? Or how ?
      Afterthought!- If they were smeared thinly enough , they could be dried and sold as snack food at universities and other progressive haunts .

    • Rob Porter

      Mattis is turning out to be just another dead loss in addition to McMaster and others. What the devil has happened to the U.S. military, CIA, FBI, DOH, etc? They are now rotten to the core with many poor quality people inside. I don’t believe that their contaminated thinking began only 8 years ago when Obama became president. Robert Spenser of Jihad Watch educated in Islam many or the people from the military and those agencies before Barack Obama’s treasonous mob of liars had him replaced and all reference to Islam and jihad removed from training manuals, but do these people not think for themselves? Many months before a friend 6 or 7 years ago steered me to Jihad Watch and then Pamela Geller, I spent considerable time studying Islam’s savage history and without assistance of any sort came to appreciate that it was a rotten, brutal, depraved and evil ideology. Why can’t these men and women do similarly?

  • Ebayer

    Soros-funded, Anti-Christian, hate site, Media Matters…

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Ha ha ha ha !!!!
    Ha ha ha ha !!!!
    Ha ha ha ha !!!!
    Muslims butcher and rape on every continent, inside every host country, even their very own Islamic controlled sanctuaries,… and the problem is Pamela Geller’s website ?!!!
    OH MY GOD,… that’s rich !!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Ugly, mud fence ugly, take her for a rabies shot.

      • john smith

        Are you serious or just ignorant?

        • Mahou Shoujo


    • Eu Wei Choi

      The ABOVE is a PROFESSOR TEACHING American Students

      • john smith

        Sounds reasonable

    • Pastor C

      They just ‘can’t help themselves!’

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    notorious anti islam is common sense if you appreciate our freedoms .

    I admit , i,am notorious ANTI islam !

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Who gives a shiit that Morsi was democratically elected. So was Hitler.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      HOW RIGHT can you be

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sh!tler was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Q: What did the bartender say when a muslim, an African, and a former politician walked into a bar?
    A: What’ll it be, Mr. President?

  • Sharon Christian

    We WANT Patriotic ,Constitution loving Fighters .No more Giving these bastards an appointment .Better Fewer that You Trust .
    Then even letting a bunch of disloyal Muslim Dhimmicrats shitbirds .Two faced- Forked tongue… Mucking up the works .
    Absolutely If you have proof of this Turd backing The murdering Muslim brotherhood in Egypt .You will recall the Violence –
    THEY BURNED DOWN Almost 100 churches slaughtered Many Egyptians in there Grab at Power over the Egyptians. …
    The lot of them .ugh.
    Any former Obama lackey over here must GO.!

    • Sharon Christian

      A Coptic Orthodox Church leader says 52 churches have been attacked in 24 hours
      Bishop: “It’s about burning churches to initiate a response that spirals into greater violence..++++
      The God of Israel Is Real..
      Believe In His SON+


      • Nefarious420

        Too bad the coptic christians affiliate themselves with their Arab muslims that wish to wipe them off the planet in their common enemy Israel. Throughout history those that have attacked the jews have been erased from future history.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      You ARE RIGHT
      Nothing WRONG with SOME UNFILLED Jobs

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “Anonymous Fox News Article Echoes facts Of Obama Appointee From Notoriously intelligent and observant Jewish girl who has the lame stream media and islam filling their diapers”.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      “Yes, yes, the left-wing think tanks, a.k.a. the Soros hate machine, figured it out! A little Jewess in New York City is running the world”

      To THEM , Pamela is the WIZARDRESS. OF OZ

      • Mahou Shoujo

        A girl Jew assassinated mutgonad, police beat upon him, Pamela is carrying on the tradition of dealing with muslims the only practical way.

    • Duchess of Pork

      Lol, excellent. Perhaps add *pro-Sharia Obama appointee*? Just to demonstrate that we too can play the subtle smear game so beloved of the Left.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Absolutely, truth in advertising.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Leftists are best at smear campaigns, found that out the hard way :(

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why are democrat and other muslim sympathizers are never described as “The notoriously anti-sematic activist (insert name here)”.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      That is a Democratic practice Known as WILLFUL IGNORANCE
      Usually accompanied ,if on TV with smiling ,nodding, shaking head when FACED with a fact, but STILL SMILING
      Perhaps they sleep with a hanger in their mouths

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very likely, a smiling liar gets accepted better than a serious honest person.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Trudeau has certainly taken that tactic to heart — he and shillariah couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    • M. Marsares

      ‘Cuz it’s just not “way cool.”

  • bob434

    [[Yes, yes, the left-wing think tanks, a.k.a. the Soros hate machine,
    figured it out! A little Jewess in New York City is running the world.]]

    Now that you are runing he world, Can you appoint me to a post of say ‘Lazy Good for nothing Czar”? I need a job (as long as it doesn’t entail any actual work)

  • aebe

    Infamous , notorious . Wonder how they got those words into print , without becoming terminally triggered .
    There ought to be consequences for those who tried to deliver Egypt , and did give to the devil Libya and Syria , to terrorists . Losing her job is getting off far too easily .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights … Carry

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    All Germans were not Nazis. All muslums R f’ing muslums.

    • Drew the Infidel

      And not all muslimes are terrorists but all terrorists are muslimes.

  • Drew the Infidel

    When was the last time you ever saw Fox News lower its journalistic standards to the point of hanging its hat on a story with an anonymous source? Better yet, when was the first?

  • Pastor C

    Alinsky 101…need I say more? I didn’t think so.

    • Kathy Brown, Esq.

      Bingo Pastor!

      Just this Friday past I was giving my [Catholic School juniors and seniors] Am. Hist. class their 2d semester midterm.

      On the exam, I included two questions, one about islam, the other about Saul Alinsky. The questions were:
      1. ‘Before 9/11, no American History class would ever teach anything about islam. Since 9/11, we do. Why has that changed?
      2. ‘Before the presidency of Barack Obama, no American History class would devote any time whatsoever to teaching the theory of Communist Saul Alinsky. Why the change?’

      I’m happy to report that I’ve since graded my [brilliant] students’ exams, and every single one of them knew the answer, which is: Now-alas!-both these hideous things, are RELEVANT.

      • Pastor C

        Counselor/Teacher, I am both amazed as well as impressed!

        There is, actually, a teacher/lawyer out there who actually teaches her students the truth about two of the most-pressing and seminal issues that adversely affect the life and future of our nation!

        Since I’m still in some measure of shock, over what you reported, I have a question. To your knowledge, how many of your colleagues teach what you teach?

        That you are even broaching the subjects, with your students, is almost mind-boggling to me! What a patriot!

        Please accept my heartfelt congratulations, also, on the fact that not only are you teaching the truth, your students are actually learning the truth! Wow!
        God bless you. May your tribe increase!

        • Kathy Brown, Esq.

          Pastor: Thank you for your kind words.

          What I teach my students is de rigeur in our schools. The vast majority of our parish families home school their kids, the better to keep them from the sewers aka ‘The Public School System’. We then have a regular school, 3 days a week, where I teach, along with others.

          We-and all the communities like us-are entirely self-supporting. So we teach NO Common Core, and our texts are from the Kolbe home-school company which supplies the [ever-expanding] home schoolers across the nation.

          But the Kolbe texts are just the jumping-off point. I designed my own curriculum this year, in concert with dozens of our teachers across our country. And ALL of us teaching Am. Hist. (the Founders, the Rev. War, the failed French Revolution, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights) decided-independently!-that of course we must add a large addendum to the aforementioned, that being islam and Alinsky.

          Our commitment is to continue the 1800 year tradition which is a classical Catholic education. So, we teach the truth.

          • Pastor C

            Such a rare find these days, in America. Unbelievably rare. How fortunate your students are! Continue the good work. Your students will thank you for it later (if not already)!

          • Kathy Brown, Esq.

            Alas Pastor! It IS ‘rare’, but happily our numbers grow daily. Catholic families were the first to start the home-school movement going back about 30 years or so. But since that time, many other communities, by no means all Catholic, have taken the plunge.

            You will find this interesting I think:

            This semester we got a new student, a young lady from Phoenix who’d been attending the public schools there. And her transformation has been incredible.

            When she first came to us she identified as ‘Mexican’ tho’ she is an American citizen. I asked her several questions to determine her knowledge of American History. She ‘knew’ plenty; all of it false. For example: She stated that the USA was a ‘bad’ country, because of ‘all the wars we start’. She then opined that we were: Racist, sexist, islamophobic and bigoted. When I asked her for her sources, she directed me to her history books used in the Phoenix public schools.

            I saw her books. They are execrable. That was not a surprise; but the utter lack of primary sources (“The Federalist”, “Debates on the Constitution”, “The Constitution of the USA”, “The Bill of Rights”, etc.) referenced in the texts, were. The students are never assigned readings from these sources, either.

            When Angie had completed a few of her assignments of the foregoing, along with hearing my lectures and viewing some youtubes (i.e., ) she was astounded. ‘I thought the Founders were war mongers!’, she said. ‘Cause they were all white men and they allowed slavery!’. I then assigned, from “The Debates on the Constitution” the heated arguments over slavery. She was astounded, again.

            This young woman is now at the top of her class, and her recent midterm was the longest one submitted! She wrote and wrote-and she got a 95%. I’m introducing [formal] debates in our class tomorrow, and I already know Angie will be one of the Captains. By the way: They requested training in formal debates, themselves!

            I love my ‘real job’ defending our 1st Amendment Pastor. But I adore teaching these young people our history, because I want the next generation to understand American magnificence.

          • Pastor C

            As someone with two degrees in history (undergraduate and graduate) I really appreciate your sharing this with me.

            Our nation is deeply-indebted to you (and others who do what you do), particularly when our public schools have so woefully-failed our children.

            I will always remember how, through your teaching, this young woman’s life was transformed, simply, by sharing with her the truth!

            I’ve always believed the most critical occupations, in the land, are preachers and teachers. Without us, no one is properly-prepared to do anything. Without the soul and the intellect functioning as God intended, people are ill-equipped to do whatever they want or feel they should do with their lives, to the detriment of the entire culture.

            God bless you, in all your efforts, as you continue to help and serve others.

          • Kathy Brown, Esq.

            Back atcha Pastor. ‘W/o the soul and the intellect functioning as God intended, people are ill-equipped to do…’ ANYTHING GOOD.

            All we’ll do w/o that, is sin. So thank YOU for being one of the men of God-

  • M. Marsares

    “A little Jewess in New York City is running the world.”

    They’re right posthumously:

    Ayn Rand.

  • Mrs. Chief

    No obama people.

  • Ichabod Crain

    So I just posted a rebuttal on that site. It goes like this…

    his article is so funny. It smears Pamela Geller and offers an abundance of her statements and positions as “evidence” that she is, as the Leftists Southern Poverty Law Center Labeled Geller calls her “as “Probably The Best Known — And The Most Unhinged — Anti-Muslim Ideologue In The United States.”

    In the first place, The Southern Poverty Law Center has an agenda like any other organization, and that agenda does not include “objective truth”. They are a propaganda outlet for the likes of George Soros. They have a point of view, and it is not based on any attempt to arrive at objective truth. It is based on their agenda. It is pointless to quote them in every article that mentions people with a different point of view because it is meaningless.

    If you want to criticize or condemn people, you need to attack their arguments and statements. I know that is kind of old fashion these days of ad hominem attacks, but your article will have no credibility with any critical thinker until you actually attempt to rebut her arguments.

    So in fact you quoted Pamela Geller extensively here, but made no attempt whatsoever to critique her position. Probably because you can’t. It is likely you don’t have the knowledge, to begin with, or even basic research skills, since these days, everything is laid out there for you on the internet if you know how to use a search engine.

    Everything quoted from Pamela Geller above is absolutely true, by any objective measure of the truth, except for the statement that Geller is “anti-Muslim”. In fact, Geller is anti-Islam, and that is a big difference. She is against the religion of Islam. Geller is no more anti-Muslim then people who fought the Natzis were anti-German. Think about that for a moment.

    Most Muslims in America are peaceful, but 30,000 terrorist attacks around the world just since 9/11 attests to the fact that Islam is the only religion that advocates a vile, oppressive, supremacist ideology promoted and defended by violence. It is not “anti-Muslim” to point that out any more than it is “anti-German” to critcize the ideology of Natzism.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What you should think about, is the fact not all Germans (even in the military) were nazis but all muslums are still muslums.
      Where does the vile, violent, Jew hating ideology of islum live except in the minds of muslums? Who actualizes the sick, depraved creed that is islum?

  • ladywarrior

    “Media Matters” is itself a Soros funded group. That is well known and is one of the first “fake news” organizations.

  • Badger

    Pamela may be no more anti-muslim than foes of the Nazis were anti-German and she may well be sincere in saying that, and not simply writing with an eye to her audience, but I take a very different view. I most certainly AM anti-muslim because a muslim believes in and practices the contents of the koran, the hadiths and the suri and that makes him (or her) my mortal enemy.

    They are hell-bent on islamising the globe and imposing sharia and must be destroyed. Anyone who does not recognise the koran is the immutable word of allah cannot be a muslim and is ipso facto an apostate.

  • Charles X

    Media Matters For America is an anti-American subversive organization.

  • Charles X

    Left-wing assassin David Brock, founder of Media Matters For America, is an anti-American subversive.

  • john smith

    All liberals are anonymous. The truth hurts

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    They write “anti-muslim” as if it’s a bad thing.

  • Kathy Brown, Esq.

    My dear Pam!

    I had no idea you were the Mistress of the Universe! However: Since the cat’s now out of the bag, I have several requests:

    1. Could you please arrange for me to be the Deputy Assistant to AG Sessions?
    2. Could you please endow me, and the lawyers with whom I work in the area of 1st Amendment (college campuses), with a million dollars so we can expand our work? None of it will go to salary raises, but we do need about 25 more lawyers because we can’t hire enough to deal with all the violations.
    3. Could you please explain why, with all your power and influence, you’re so regularly MALIGNED, 24/7, by not only the mainstream media outlets; but also by ever far-left blogging lunatic?
    4. Finally: Given your power over the whole world, how come you haven’t eliminated the bloodthirsty muslims who have pronounced fatwas on your head? What are you? LAZY?

  • john smith

    Notorious–I think dedicated is the appropriate word.

  • tn_tea _ partyer_420

    She could be the means at which Trump gets proof Obama is undermining the constitution and America and bring him up on treason charges I would hate to think that Donald Trump is continuing the policy of Muslim appeasement. A person would have a better chance finding a unicorn than a peaceful Muslim

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