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NYC March4Trump vs Anti-Trump Protest: Noisy Meetup — Happy Warriors vs Leftwing Hatemongers


The differences could not be more stark – dark versus enlightened. Happy versus angry. Good versus evil.

MARCH 4, 2017 was a busy day. March4Trump Rally at Trump Tower vs. Standing Rock Anti Trump leftists at the New York Public Library — 42nd st.

March4Trump Patriots gathered to Support Our President.

This is a Pro-America rally in support of our President and to show our American pride.
Wear your USA and Trump gear. Bring your American flags, signs and pride. This will be a peaceful rally.
Standing Rock Climate Leftist Loons and their Comrades-in-arms

This was a National Uprising anti-Trump March

Six days before the national Rise with Standing Rock mobilization in Washington, DC, march on Trump Tower (on 5th avenue) to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and its threat to the Standing Rock Sioux, their sacred lands and clean water. We will rally at 1:00 pm, then march at 2:00. The march will begin in front of the New York Public Library and go to Trump Tower and beyond.

Back to NYC. For me, it all began at 1 pm on 42nd St and Fifth Ave. at the N.Y. Public Library. March 4th for Standing Rock.  It was COLD. Windy and very cold. But no matter, there were many dedicated malcontents hanging and waiting for the protest march to Trump Tower.

The march to Trump Tower was set to start at about 2 pm. While waiting, there was lots of music. In spite of the cold, the musicians seemed to manage.

Including a familiar pro-Trump patriot.

Never dull, visually: Donald Puppets, expected.

And disenchanted, brain-washed millennials like this mother and her dutiful spawn.

Always, disappointed to see such sweet children sent down this path of globalist anti-Americanism.

The themes and complaints from the Leftists were many, as the slide show reveals:


Couldn’t walk with them — still dealing with my plantar churl — so bussed it to 56th street where I caught up with the March4Trump Rally.

Surprised to locate them at 57th street, a block from Trump Tower. The police had moved them further from the tower (and these are the GOOD guys!).

Scheduled from Noon to 3 pm, it was about 2:30, and they had a great group assembled. Diverse as always, NOT a group of WHITE supremacists. Never.

Considering the COLD, and CONTRARY to the odd media count of only 125, this late in the rally I saw a healthy turnout. The March4Trumpers still filled the block.

They were in the midst of  a SPIRITED exchange with some anti-Trump stragglers (who obviously had not gone to the library).

The police kindly reminded the anti-Trumpers (who politely resisted) that they must go to their assigned location at 55th and Fifth. SLOWLY they agreed to go back to 56th st., puppets and all.

From the NYPL on 42nd street, to 57th and Fifth, found a LOUD show of Support or Resistance (depending on whose side they were on) with signs, shouting and cheering.

It was a civilized exit EXCEPT for the rude finger-jabbing from this well dressed “lady.” She very much enjoyed flipping-off the PRO-Trumpers.




Becoming a bit shy once she saw my camera.

See Flickr side show of both sides at Trump Tower


Typically from the LEFT, their strolling musicians brought a bit of NOLA Mardi Gras to the scene. I must admit it was pleasing to the ear.

In conclusion, as I looked for media recaps, found this report from the NY Post. It mentions the separating of the opposing factions before I arrived.

Pro and anti-Trump rallies collide at Trump Tower – NY Post

Pro-Trump picketers and anti-Trump protesters collided in Midtown Saturday, but there was no clashing beyond competing chants.

About 125 President Trump fans, many wearing Trump masks, flocked to Trump Tower, where they chanted “Build that wall!” and “USA.” Some carried signs that read “If you don’t like him, leave,” and “Jail Obama & Soros.”

A faction of 50 protesters met the Trump supporters at noon at the Fifth Avenue intersection. To the tune of “Frosty the Snowman,” they sang, “Donnie the con man.” They held signs with pictures of Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin that read “Investigate the Bromance.”

Cops separated and dispersed both groups after an hour.

++  Also, found a video dealing with that relocation of the March4Trumpers ++

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Pro-Trump Rally at Trump Tower

Happening Now: We're live from a pro-Trump rally at Trump Tower in NYC where people are supporting the "America First Agenda.”

Posted by BuzzFeed News on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Another day on the streets of Manhattan. The Left never rests. Neither should we.
March on. March on.

++Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall++ [e[except where designated]p>

  • Deon Rademeyer

    The liberal left needs to settle down. Trump won, anď he is now #MAGA. Your violent protests are just shooting you in the foot. It is high time you guys get charged with domestic terrorism. Maybe we should petition mr Trump to move in that direction.

  • Lauren Brown

    The signs say the same old thing as before. Come on lefties, those drugs you take should be making you more creative. Think of some new slogans.

    • Suresh

      These Left/Liberal loons are aiding Muslim jihadis takeover America.

      And result is there to see as the fake “refugees” don’t even spare the aid workers who help them to settle in america

      While the media does not want to cover these stories or play it down to keep the masses ignorant

    • felix1999

      Speaking of over used phrases that are ancient,
      how about this one
      I cringe at that one…

  • pdxnag

    The Islamist army that has been prepositioned will simply be told “go.” There seems to be no reason to delay the next chapter.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    At least this was a passably non violent protest, a bit of a rarefy from the democrat. Noticed that the usual anti oil pin heads are out, as usual wearing synthetic clothes, imported by oil fuelled container ships, and arriving at the protest via oil powered transportation. Why do they not use canoes? They can’t drink oil but can paddle a canoe on water.

  • Frankly
  • Deplorable Kulak

    Escape From New York: wall it off and make it a maximum security prison. No food, fuel, or manufactured item in. No snowflakes out. Lay odds as to how long they survive.

  • puhiawa

    I am going to say that the pussy hat is made from a synthetic yarn from oil. Definitely not wool.

    • Collin R. Hinrichs

      I thought it made her look more like some kind of weird progressive Pokémon character-Shreekat-chu!

  • puhiawa

    For a bit of humor, I would have turned on the old lady in the fur coat and in my best Donald Sutherland imitation (Invasion Of The Body Snatchers) shout “FUR” “FUR”

  • felix1999

    These protest marches serve no purpose and are waste of time.
    Then again, lefites have lots of time to waste and probably PAID.

    • Rob Porter

      Nevertheless, it’s so good to see pro-Trumpers out. It’s really important at this time when the Left is so active, hate-filled and lying – like CNN does every day. They are really pathetic to watch; the same old variations on the same hate-filled theme.

  • Karen

    I LOVE how the lamestream media always has to ‘fudge the numbers’ against the Pro Trumpers and the protesters!!! WE ALWAYS REIGN!!! TRUMP USA!

  • PolynikesII

    The Left is hate. Revenge is its pastime. Genocide is its legacy.

  • solange9

    I like Trump but simply cannot agree with this pipeline policy. Pipelines are a danger to our environment. I support the Native Americans in this, who had far more decorum than those representing the “left.” These Native Americans are doing this for future generations, looking ahead, which is more than I can say for most of the rest of the world. The fight against the pipeline is not just their fight. It is OUR fight, a fight against corporatism and globalism, as well as a fight to protect our environment and to perhaps force a new direction in future, clean and sustainable energies. This is NOT just about Native Americans. This affects us all. This is all our struggle. This is a snapshot of the bigger picture. This is about OUR water and OUR environment.. It is also about lost and regained spirituality. This is the true reckoning, the human awakening, together, brothers and sisters……”I’m not only living for me. I’m living for my children, my grandchildren. I’ll be able to say to them that I fought for you, that I laid down my life for you, that I loved you so much that I stood against all odds, and I fought for your life,” ~ Jasilyn Charger, Standing Rock Sioux, standing against the oil pipeline

  • Merchantseamen

    I saw one lady holding a sign and a cigarette. Bet you she dropped it right on the side when done. Just an observation. I guess she was all for the anti smoking in public that doomberg sent down many years ago.

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