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How the left-wing government created the UK’s jihadi breeding ground


In total, highly concentrated Muslim enclaves in the United Kingdom, occupying a few square miles of the city, have produced one out of ten jihadis convicted in Britain of jihad terror crimes, “challenging the prevailing liberal view that Muslim neighborhoods such as Sparkbrook are symbols of thriving multiculturalism.”

The leftwing Labour-controlled government on the Birmingham City council, Europe’s largest local authority, has been consistently accused of turning a blind eye to extremism.

Without their left-wing handmaidens in the West, Islamic supremacists could never have thwarted Western law and brought it to its knees. The left has always aligned with the totalitarian forces of the day — Communism, Fascism, the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis), Socialism, and now Islam.

How pandering PC Labour councillors helped create the UK’s jihadi breeding ground: One in ten convicted Islamic terrorists come from a tiny area of Birmingham. But the cause may be even more disturbing…

  • Sparkbrook in Birmingham has become synonymous with Islamic extremism
  • One in ten of all UK’s convicted Islamic terrorists have come from the area
  • Sparkbrook is more than 70 per cent Musli
  • Labour-controlled Birmingham City council accused of turning a blind eye

By Paul Bracchi For The Daily Mail, 20 March 2017:

Few people will have heard of Moinal Abedin. But he has a uniquely chilling CV. Abedin is widely acknowledged to be Britain’s first Al Qaeda- inspired terrorist.

In 2002, he was jailed for 20 years for turning a terrace house in Birmingham’s Sparkbrook district into a bomb-making factory.

Among the deadly haul was an industrial quantity of the chemical required for the high explosive HMTD, which was used in the July 7 attacks on London’s Tube and bus network in 2005.

The security services were convinced that Abedin, who had attended a terrorist training camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, was plotting to kill large numbers of people.

He was 25 at the time, married with two children, and working as a waiter, then a used-car salesman.

Moinal Abedin is 42 now and, according to someone who knows him, he has just completed his sentence and is back on the streets of Birmingham where his ‘career’ began.

During his time inside, Sparkbrook has become synonymous with Islamic extremism; one in ten of all Britain’s convicted Islamic terrorists, we now know, have come from Sparkbrook (population 30,000) and four adjoining council wards.

In total, these highly concentrated Muslim enclaves, occupying a few square miles of the city, have produced 26 of the country’s 269 known jihadis convicted in Britain of terror offences.

The disturbing statistic is contained in the most comprehensive study of terror convictions in the UK. The 1,000-page report, published earlier this month by security think-tank The Henry Jackson Society, challenges the prevailing liberal view that neighbourhoods such as Sparkbrook are symbols of thriving multiculturalism.

In truth, a parallel society exists in Sparkbrook. In the street where Moinal Abedin was once a familiar face, comprising 150 or so homes, we could find only one remaining white British household.

Most Muslims who live in what are effectively segregated communities do not turn out like Abedin. But it seems they are significantly more likely to if they live in Sparkbrook.

This is perhaps the key finding to emerge from the study.

The difference between Muslim communities in Birmingham and Leicester highlights this. Leicester, with a significant but more widely dispersed Muslim population, has bred only two convicted terrorists over the past two decades compared with the 26 from in and around Sparkbrook, which is more than 70 per cent Muslim.

But the sweeping social and demographic changes in the heart of Birmingham down the years are only part of the story.

The Labour-controlled administration on Birmingham City council, Europe’s largest local authority, has been consistently accused of turning a blind eye to extremism.

The council itself admitted in the aftermath of the Trojan Horse Scandal — when militant Muslims attempted to infiltrate state schools to impose an Islamic agenda — that it had shied away from the problem out of a ‘fear of being accused of racism’.

Others, including a former head forced out of her school by hardliners, are convinced there was another reason for the council’s inaction: that most Muslims and ethnic minorities in general tend to vote Labour.

This culture of acquiescence — and in some cases blatant pandering — has been exacerbated by many leading Muslim councillors. Only a couple of weeks ago, Waseem Zaffar, the council’s cabinet member for ‘transparency, openness and equality’, was forced to resign after pressurising a Catholic school to let a four-year-old girl wear an Islamic veil in class.

The school, which caters for Catholics and non-Catholics alike, had a uniform policy that banned headwear. He had not revealed that the girl was a relative of his. Councillor Zaffar, 35, said the policy breached the Equalities Act.

Mr Zaffar quit following the intervention of the Government’s integration tsar Dame Louise Casey, who wrote to the leader of the council condemning Mr Zaffar and questioning whether ‘sufficient lessons have been learnt’ from the Trojan Horse scandal, which culminated in an inquiry in 2014.

Some people, outside Birmingham, might question why Mr Zaffar was promoted to the cabinet in the first place, given his controversial past. He described Israel as a ‘terrorist state’ at a pro-Palestine demonstration, for example, yet still plays a hugely prominent role in local Labour politics.

He is the campaign chief for Labour’s candidate to become the first elected West Midlands metropolitan mayor in May, representing Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

The previous candidate — a veteran Muslim councillor called Muhammad Afzal — withdrew from the race following a series of controversies.

He lost support after branding David Cameron an Islamophobe and making inflammatory comments to a Muslim women’s group, when he claimed ‘domestic violence was happening mainly in the Christian community because they get drunk’.

His Labour colleagues at City Hall include a string of other hardline Muslim politicians. Among them, the councillor who once organised an election rally where the mainly Muslim men and women in the audience sat separately, on opposite sides of the hall; and another who was accused by a prospective female councillor of telling her she was ‘too white and Jewish’ to be selected.

  • There will never be an end to extremism and terrorism as long as Muslim children keep on attending state schools with non-Muslim teachers. Muslim children need state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. Muslim children must develop their cultural, spiritual and linguistic identities before they are exposed to wider world, otherwise, they would be lost in western jungle. It is a crime against humanity to send Muslim children to state schools with non-Muslim teachers.

    Why complain when it’s the French or British who first migrated into other lands enslaving those people? When it is a question on immigration, the feelings are so strong. I wonder why. Serves you right! Britain! When the British colonised the world, it was ok. But now when people from the former colonies and from other countries come to Britain, its not ok?

    During colonial days, British did not follow local customs or culture. They didn’t exactly “go native”. They even forced the native Americans and native Australian to adopt all the evils of their culture and customs. They are still the underdogs of American and Australian societies. At least Australian Prime Minister apologised to the natives for their evil deeds. Brits living in Spain and France don’t even bother learning the language of the new adopted country.Frankly suggesting that people don’t want to become “British” they should move elsewhere is extremely irritating. Immigrants are in UK because they are needed, it was never an act of charity. Without migration, British economy and society will bleed to death. British culture and customs will undoubtedly change as it has for millennium due to immigration. I am not quite sure why Brits would be worried about that.

    Children from minority groups, especially the Muslims, are exposed to the pressure of racism, multiculturalism and bullying. They suffer academically, culturally and linguistically: a high proportion of children of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are leaving British schools with low grades or with no qualification.

    The demand for state funded Muslim schools is nothing to do with integration or segregation. It is purely an educational issue. Muslim children must develop their cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities before they are exposed to wider world, otherwise, they would be lost in western jungle.

    Schools are a joke now days. Schools are destructive dens of iniquity these days! I dare say many parents are as fed up as I am with the current schooling education system. Good schools, and I mean good, not simply Ofsted rated good, are hard to come by. Decent teachers are like gold dust, many schools lack the passion needed for effective teaching. People are catching on to the fact that schools do not educate, they indoctrinate. This is why you have a government minister now railing against people educating their own kids. they do not want a thinking population who will see the corruption of government. They only want poorly informed barely thinking drones to carry our functions. thinkers are dangerous to them.

    British schooling is the home of institutional racism and native teachers are chicken racists. Muslim children have been victim of Paki bashing for the last 50 years. This is one of the main reason why I have been campaigning for state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers for the last 45 years. I set up the first Muslim school in 1981 in London. Now there are 188 Muslim schools and only 28 are state funded. I would like to see each and every Muslim child in a state funded Muslim school and I hope one day my dream would come true. Police are investigating a hate crime after two pigs heads were left outside a Muslim school in Lancashire.

    None of 7/7 bombers and British Muslim youths who are in Syria and Iraq are the product of Muslim schools. They are the product of British schooling which is the home of institutional racism with chicken racist native teachers. It is absurd to believe that Muslim schools, Imams and Masajid teach Muslim children anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-western views. It is dangerously deceptive and misleading to address text books and discuss them out of their historical, cultural and linguistic context. It is not wrong to teach children that Jews are committing the same cruelty in Palestine what German did to them before or during Second World War. It is not wrong to teach children that anti-social behaviour, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, sex before marriage, teenage pregnancies and abortions are western values and Islam is against all such sins. This does not mean that Muslim schools teach children to hate westerners, Jews and homosexuals.

    The demand for Muslim schools comes from parents who want their children a safe environment with an Islamic ethos. Parents see Muslim schools where children can develop their Islamic Identity where they won’t feel stigmatised for being Muslims and they can feel confident about their faith. Muslim schools are working to try to create a bridge between communities. There is a belief among ethnic minority parents that the British schooling does not adequately address their cultural needs. Failing to meet this need could result in feeling resentment among a group who already feel excluded. Setting up Muslim school is a defensive response. State schools with monolingual teachers are not capable to teach English to bilingual Muslim children. Bilingual teachers are needed to teach English to such children along with their mother tongue. According to a number of studies, a child will not learn a second language if his first language is ignored.

    I have been engaged in Jihad in the field of education for the last 47 years so that each and every Muslim child should be in a state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. I would like to see Muslim children developing Cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities so that they could keep themselves away from western barbarity of anti-social behaviour, binge drinking, drug addiction, teen age pregnancies and abortion and lot of other evils but people like you do not want to see Muslim children in Muslim schools in the name of integration. Now you have seen the result in the form of sexual grooming of young children which is a common occurrence in your culture. I set up the first Muslim school in 1981 in London. Now there are 188 Muslim schools and only 28 are state funded. I would like to see each and every Muslim child in a state funded Muslim school with Muslim teachers. I hope one day my dream would come true.

    There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society. Muslim schools are attractive to Muslim parents because they have better discipline and teaching Islamic values. Children like discipline, structure and boundaries. Bilingual Muslim children need Bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods, who understand their needs and demands.

    Muslim community has adopted all the goodies of British society but at the same time they need Masajid, state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers, halal meat, sharia laws, Time off on every Friday afternoon to attend the Masjid, two official religious holidays per years and Muslim cemeteries.

    In education, there should be a choice and at present it is denied to the Muslim community. In the late 80s and early 90s, when I floated the idea of Muslim community schools, I was declared a “school hijacker” by an editorial in the Newham Recorder newspaper in East London. This clearly shows that the British media does not believe in choice and diversity in the field of education and has no respect for those who are different. Muslim schools, in spite of meagre resources, have excelled to a further extent this year, with couple of schools achieving 100% A-C grades for five or more GCSEs. They beat well resourced state and independent schools in Birmingham and Hackney. Muslim schools are doing better because a majority of the teachers are Muslim. The pupils are not exposed to the pressures of racism, multiculturalism and bullying.

    Speaking French or English does not promote integration into French, British, American and Australian societies, and broaden opportunities. English speaking Muslim youths are angry, frustrated and extremist, thanks to state schools with monolingual non-Muslim teachers and English language. English language is not only a lingua franca but also lingua frankensteinia. Human right are also covers linguistic right. Cultural and linguistic genocide are very common. British schooling is murdering community languages like Arabic, Urdu and others. English is today the world killer language. Linguistic genocide is a crime against humanity and British schooling is guilty of committing this crime. Language is not just a language. It defines one’s culture, identity and consciousness. It defines how we think, communicate and express ourselves. The fact is the most South Asian Muslims have come to know Islam by way of Urdu, the children’s alienation from the language that connects them the heritage of their parents and grandparents is disturbing. As a matter of fact, one has to get to know his mother tongue well if one is to master any other language.

    Stop treating foreigners like garbage and they will stop ruining your precious country. Why did you let them in in the first place if you didn’t want them here? They left everything in their countries because of your promises. Are you so anxious to please that you can’t say “no”? I would love to see you go to a foreign land where you don’t have any friends, you don’t even know anyone and you don’t speak the language, and start from scratch. I would just LOVE to watch you do that. Let them integrate and stop segregating them. What I want is people
    being nice to each other. I don’t care about race.

  • Poppey

    For readers of this renowned site across the world, it may prove useful if they understand one or two things about those five wards in Birmingham.

    Successive British governments of every stripe have seen fit to facilitate the situation, for local political advantage where in effect the conditions prevailing in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, { a city British Airways have refused to fly to for years } have been replicated in England’s second city. Muslims are “disadvantaged”.

    Further more, the wards in question are crawling with Muslims from Pakistan and Kashmir, two of the most extreme and terror prone places in the whole of South Asia, for good measure those residents are also numbered among the worst perpetrators of child sexual exploitation against underage white British girls in the whole UK.

    Add in the “Trojan Horse School” issue, the “fetch brides” issue and and the “Prevent” issue the Council says is “problematic” in execution, and you have a ready made seething with hatred camp of frustrated young muslim males just gagging to go on Jihad – anywhere INSIDE the UK.

    I await with interest whatever initiative HMG sees fit to employ in order to drain that particular swamp they themselves have created because Birmingham is far from being the only or worst case.

    If you seek a civil war or home grown Islamic terrorism in your country Birmingham like other places run by the hard left around the world shows the way.

  • David Sinclair

    My late wife parked just off Stratford Road in Sparkbrook once and an old man approached her and said ” Lady, don’t park here, it is too dangerous”

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Leftists and Muslims are both parasites, feeding on the same civilization they are trying to destroy, which helps explain why the Left tolerates Islam.

  • harbidoll

    He could be talking about his wife, who for some reason never excepted him. lol So now he must never pander or support. He must persuade but if she doesnt listen, he must fight, even kill. At least they are consistent!. (like charity, violence begins in the home).

  • Dorrie

    Looks like PARVO is growing another eye in the middle of it’s forehead!

  • Steve

    We sense this crap has been going on for some time undercover with reports of this or that leaking out now and then. We are getting a taste of it here in this country as we speak. Hopefully now with more technology and perhaps a few patriots left we can expose the truth.

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