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Iran deal architect is now running Tehran policy at the State Department


More confusion in the Trump administration, a la the appointments of McMaster and Gorka. Sahar Nowrouzzadeh should be dismissed immediately. This shouldn’t even be an issue.

“Iran deal architect is now running Tehran policy at the State Department,” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, March 14, 2017:

A trusted Obama aide who once worked for an alleged Iranian regime lobbying group is one of the individuals in charge of Iran policy planning at the State Department under Secretary Rex Tillerson.

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, the Iran director for former President Obama’s National Security Council (NSC), has burrowed into the government under President Trump. She’s now in charge of Iran and the Persian Gulf region on the policy planning staff at the State Department.

To make matters worse, Nowrouzzadeh is a former employee of the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), a non-profit that is accused of being a lobbying group for the Iranian regime. NIAC’s current president, Trita Parsi, has long held close relationships with top officials in the Tehran dictatorship. In February, a group of over 100 prominent Iranian dissidents called for Congress to investigate NIAC’s ties to the Iranian regime.

One of Nowrouzzadeh’s primary duties under President Obama was to promote initiatives that pushed the Iran deal. As President Obama’s NSC director for Iran, Nowrouzzadeh sat in on high-level briefings along with President Obama, former VP Joe Biden, and former Secretary of State John Kerry, as top White House staff crafted false narratives on the Iran deal to sell to the American public.

According to the head of a state-run Iranian newspaper, Nowrouzzadeh was an essential element to pushing through the Iran deal. Editor-in-Chief Emad Abshenass said that she opened up a direct line of communication with the Iranian president’s brother. “She helped clear a number of contradictions and allowed the entire endeavor to succeed,” Abshenass said of her efforts….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    The question is starting to be asked “How stupid can the Republican administration get?” What is with all the recycled democrats? Is there insufficient evidence of incompetence, treason and outright stupidity by them, that the Republicans must duplicate the idiotic foreign diplomacy of the o’bimbo caliphate?

    • Suresh

      Left/liberal Loons including Media, college admins, politicians are in the saudi/OIC pocket to help advance their agenda of islamisation of EU/America.

      Here’s sample how Politicians on Iranian lobby payroll pushed through the Nuke deal

      • Fredrick Rehders

        President Trump nominated a very qualified person for Secretary of State. He has only been on the job a very short time, with a ton on his plate, with international trips, meeting and reorganizing the huge department that he now heads. His workload has to be prioritized and rest assured this person will not be overlooked. They may prefer to “keep their friends close and enemies closer”, to build the case, with the greatest penalty possible. I don’t know, just SWAG!

    • Speak the Truth

      This is a textbook case of conflict of interest, as well as divided loyalties. We all know the results.

  • Jerry Dobson

    Just more evidence that they need good people to help in vetting these appointments. Why hasn’t Spencer or Geller not been used in this manner?

  • Glen Benjamin

    I guess Trump regime starting to look like all the rest. Do nothing. First 30 countries refuse to accept back their illegal alien criminals. TRump administration still allowing people from those countries in while law on books that says visas can be revoked. Trump NOT addressing the issue. Now a pin OBama holdover involved in Trumps words the worst deal ever is still on staff. What us up with that?

    • Mark Steiner

      There has been some good, some not-so-good, coming from this Administration so far.

      • Ron Cole

        Mostly pleasant surprises.

    • Fredrick Rehders

      Some employees, prepare what they are hired to prepare. The former Muslim-In-Chief and his “swift boated” Secretary of State, actually are responsible for pulling the trigger on the lop-sided deal that delivered to the Iranians, Billions of dollars in untraceable cash on pallets, by private chartered plane, in the dead of night. What could possibly be wrong with that? What was it really about?

  • Mark Steiner

    From the beginning this writer has had serious doubts about Tillerson. Exxon/Mobil boss, internationalist leanings and statements about man-made climate change should have produced huge red flags. Worse, State has not changed since the new administration came in. State is as State does, and the whole corrupt Obama bunch must be routed out – just for starters. State also has entrenched bureaucrats who have no loyalty whatsoever to the United States of America and its continued existence as a sovereign nation.

  • john

    I asked when is President Trump going to clean Obama stooges out of government offices.

    • durabo

      He should have flushed the government toilet first thing on Saturday, 21 January. And FBI Director Comey should have been one of the first to go down the tube, BTW.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Mundus

    Can’t anyone get to Trump? Or head of homeland Security, or congressional member who could do something?
    I don’t get it. Get it out as news on FOXNEWS, aggressively.

  • katzkiner

    We deNazified Germany after WWII, we should deIslamify the
    US government after Barry.
    Muslims intend to end this nation.
    Who the hell has not got the memo by now?

  • Amethyst_2012

    Trump you had better have some very good reasons why you are letting these radicals into your government. I think the people will give you maybe 3 more months to show why you are doing this, and then if they don’t like what you show, they will turn on you. You do not appear to be cleaning the swamp.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where’s the stopper to drain the District of Criminals swamp again?

    • durabo

      Domicile of Crime?

    • Fredrick Rehders

      Uhhh, the Atlantic Ocean?

  • Ed Heavner

    Can’t gut the entire State Dept. with out replacements yet but Nowrouzzadeh day is coming. As for the Iranian Nuclear deal crafted in secrecy. Everyone already know Obama’s track record in support of Muslims beginning in his first term with his Apology Tour thru out the Middle East. After watching his luke warm and often conflicting support of Israel ending with his refusal to condem the latest report to the UN accusing Israel of imposing an apartheid regime on the Palestinian people. To me any secret deal created always has an underlying motif. Especially if portions of the now accepted Iran Deal by the US Government remain even more secret and locked up. This is my own personal opinion on this part. By Pres. Obama signing this Nuclear Deal with Iran it was done so as to take away any option from Israel to use a military strike against these reactors in the same fashion they did when Iraq was building nuclear reactors and when Syria was discovered to be building nuclear reactors.

  • leftout

    Fire her Ass !

    • Fredrick Rehders

      Or build a case and prosecute her!

  • Rob Porter

    Where the heck is David Horrowitz? I thought he was an unofficial advisor to Trump. And is there no one out there who has contact with Breitbart and through this Steve Bannon?

  • notme123

    If the administration can’t “vet” those who are close associates, how can they vet those invaders, I mean refugees properly? And who gave federal judges the authority to tell the president who can and cannot and how many can come into our country? A judge does not make law, he/she explains and enforces the law, which clearly states the president has this power. Therefore, these grandstander 0 flunkees need to step down, willingly or unwillingly as the are not fulfilling their oath to the people.
    The dems are so ruthless, they planted who knows how many people in strategic positions to infiltrate and bring down any administration that was not of their choosing. They had 8 yrs to accomplish this, and the results are shocking. The stupid repubs are so wrapped up in themselves that they are allowing this to happen, they are also traitors, not fulfilling their oaths.

  • 1PierreMontagne1

    We know what the Presidential Medal of Freedom Is
    President Trump need s to award a “Presidential Medal Of Slavery”
    I nominate Sahar Nowrouzzadeh to be the first recipient.

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