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PHOTOS: EUROPE TERROR CACHE SEIZED 10,000-weapon arsenal including howitzers, machine guns, grenades


This is war. And the EU clowns and leftwing governments continue to paint a rosy picture of millions of Muslim refugees flooding Europe. But the worst is coming.  Rality is blowing up in their fleshy faces. Literally.

This is just the beginning.

Why did law enforcement keep this from the people? What other critical war news are they hiding? As one reader points out, there were enough weapons here to equip a division. “Many of the auto rifles look like FN-FALs to me, or Belgian made NATO rifles, .308 caliber. Yellow tipped shells look like heavy mortar shells minus fuzes. A close call. Almost lost Paris. Wonder how many more ammo dumps and factories are operating out there?”

TOOLS OF JIHAD Shocking police pictures reveal 10,000-weapon arsenal including howitzers, machine guns and grenades intended for the hands of terrorists in Europe

Police found the stash in Spain back in January but have only now released the terrifying images

By Danny Collins, The Sun, 15th March 2017:

POLICE last night revealed an arsenal of more than 10,000 weapons destined for the hands of terrorists and organised gangs around Europe.

A continent-wide operation stopped weapons including anti-aircraft guns, howitzers and grenades falling into the hands of extremists in France, Spain and Belgium.

Some were previously described as being powerful enough to “bring down an aircraft”.

A terrifying haul of more than 10,000 weapons has been revealed by continent-wide police force EuropolA terrifying haul of more than 10,000 weapons has been revealed by continent-wide police force Europol
Investigators reckons the haul was heading for the hands of organised crime gangs and terrorists throughout EuropeInvestigators reckons the haul was heading for the hands of organised crime gangs and terrorists throughout Europe
Among the haul were automatic weapons, machine guns, howitzers and grenadesAmong the haul were automatic weapons, machine guns, howitzers and grenades

Europol announced the vast haul in January but only now have Spanish police published images of the devastating arsenal.

Among the stash were 10,000 rifles, 400 howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, grenades, pistols and revolvers.

Spanish cops also found a factory in Bilbao maintaining and reactivating old guns so they could be re-used.

Much of the haul had been purchased at auctions, reactivated and then sold via a warehouse in Bilbao, northern SpainMuch of the haul had been purchased at auctions, reactivated and then sold via a warehouse in Bilbao, northern Spain
Police found the stash in January but have only now released the terrifying imagesPolice found the stash in January but have only now released the terrifying images

A probe into European gun runners was launched following an attack on Brussels’ Jewish Museum in May 2014.

The attacker Mehdi Nemmouche was later arrested in Marseille, France, while carrying a Kalashnikov.

Following the original raid, Spanish police tweeted: “These are the 12,000 weapons, some capable of bringing down aircraft, intercepted from organised crime.”

In November 2015, Islamic extremists wielding automatic rifles similar to those seized killed 130 people in attacks on Paris, including a bloody gun assault on the Bataclan theatre.

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  • OKsooner06

    Wow they’re going to take over Europe, while the Europeans watch them and praise them.

    • Croatia Calling

      Brain dead people live in Western Europe,not in Eastern Europe

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        That’s true, the Eastern Europeans learned the hard way, what it is like living under Soviet rule.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          They were also the tip of the sword for the last 1000 years. See also Vlad….

        • Len Miskulin

          No mate, eastern europeans, Croats, learned over centuries fighting ottoman mu,slimes who were trying to destroy them. Butchers bill was huge but they survived to fight another day.

      • aebe

        Be one hell of a turnaround , when the east puts up a wall to keep the west and its insanity out .

        • tony curti

          They won’t put up a wall – they’ll kill off western europeans and take it, plain and simple.

      • Rob Porter

        The are a huge number of brain dead people living in the U.S. and Canada. Just consider how many Americans are supporting the Hawaiian judges decision to block Donald Trump’s moratorium on Muslim migrants. Just consider how many brain dead Canadian are cheering this decision to thwart Trump. It matters not how many murderous Muslim jihadi attacks take place, they still support Muslims.

        • Hardrock

          Rob, the same stockpiling of arms is going on in Canada. A few years ago I was in a firearms course, out of eighteen attending at least three were Muslim. And one worked at a large well known outdoor store that sells firearms, ammunition, and even dies for hand loading. They are in my view doing the same thing world wide, preparing for violent Jihad, at some point soon there is going to be blood in our streets. I keep saying that 2017 is going to be a pivotal year in Canada for the rise of Islam. Everything seems to be in alignment for them, Trudeau, our closet Muslim is doing all he can to accommodate their Sharia objective, passing M103 for starters. Opening our borders to illegals in primarily Quebec and Manitoba. Putting our Royal Canadian Muslim Police to work helping to carry children and luggage over the border in their new job capacity of People Traffickers. Trump’s election to office was a bit of a let down but I don’t think it will impede the Islamic invasion. By the way, I did attend Ezra and Faith’s rally over the M103 in Toronto.

        • tony curti

          Deep the stupid runs……swallow their mothers should have…………..

    • And we are next!

    • Len Miskulin

      And they (MSM, politicians etc.) are certainly not going to tell us the truth about it.
      I even starting to wander about some of the “alternative” media and its censorship:

      It becomes very obvious when comment like this is deleted:

      “No career politician will EVER stand for what is
      right, only for self preservation and profit that can be made from it.

      May IS career politician. The only reason she is standing for “the will of
      the people” is because it benefits her. If she was genuine in her actions
      she WOULD NOT wear mu,slime scarf.”

      Comment was posted on breitbart at 1.oo pm uk time in response to following

      Marine Le Pen Criticises
      ‘Inconsistent’ Theresa May after UK PM Refuses to Meet Her

      There is nothing in my comment that is offensive (except to
      crooked politicians and truth haters perhaps), derogatory , inflamatory or
      whatever, just the statement of the fact. But, it was removed just few minutes
      after posting.

      Go figure.

      • tony curti

        Some of the first to go PERMANENTLY in my opinion when all hell breaks lose will be the MLM…jsut blow them out of existence.

    • tony curti

      Most of those idiots are so enamored or their “superior elitist ….(ahem) ‘thinking’ ” that they are blind to the obvious oblivion at their doorstep. Don’t tell me drugs, feminism and gov “education” toward “tolerance” didn’t play into this in a big way. That “oil crisis” back in the mid-’70’s, when OPEC wrestled control of world oil pricing away from the Texas Railroad Commission (don’t ask me why they put control of oil there – I have my suspicions but no facts) was the beginning of Western pol’s/educational insitituions being bought off and bought out by Mid-eastern oil wealth instead of western corruption. Wasn’t France doubly stupid for extending political asylum to Khomeini?? Anyone who thinks that having been a convenient tool for their plans up until now will save their heads in the future is just too stupid to evolve anyway.
      In this country, if you don’t think that outfits like La Raza and the Mexican, Columbian and Ecuadorian crime org’s won’t join forces with the mooshtard horde imho you are willfully naive. Add in the Bluds and the Crypts….this is a war against traditional white western european-american society. Any politician who favors the left will be nothing but a convenient slave to their purposes if they win, and should be taken out of office now. IT’s late in the game, and time is “a wastin’ “.

    • surjit kaila

      OKsooner06 …Just Google ” muslim demography ” and see Europe is well doomed .

      • tony curti

        someone commented on another blog that in ten – twenty years even if France does nothing they will be a voting plurality in Paris……trust me: …they aren’t going to wait that long. IF you check the annual CIA FACTBOOKS you can see that all islamic countries grow their populations at 4-20 times the rate of rest of the world. Then those wealthy nations export what they consider their social detritus to breed and consume social resources of the west, where they remain radicalizable. The pop growth is part of the jihad, as was OBama trying to force birth control on Jewish and Christian owned businesses. I Reiterate:Killemall………….

  • Scott

    Remember….Chucky Schumer and his democrats wish to bring these people here.

    • paul

      Schumer…..a brainless, NWO stooge who’s as useless as tits on a bull……..and just as dangerous to American citizens as other NY liberal progressive political hacks (Cuomo, de Blasio, Gillibrand, Murphy, etc).

      • durabo

        Scummer, a Jew, would be one of the first to be beheaded by the IslamoTangos he wants to bring in.

    • joe1429

      Chucky the clown

    • Paul B

      …and some dumb a– judge in Hawaii.

      • tony curti

        Judgetard Kahuna??? A 2012 Obama appointee – -what else would you expect from such a pile of fly food? Maybe we should ask the judgetard for his birth certificate, just to spread the warm feelings…..

    • Len Miskulin

      Never mind that. At least you have your 2nd amendment. We in UK and the rest of Europe are totally screwed. An ordinary law abiding citizen has no chance of getting his/hers hands on a gun.

      • Alexander Del Giudice

        you guys can buy guns here and send it in pieces anywhere in the Europe do it slowly in couple years you will have an arsenal… you think drugs get there…..

        • Brightfuture

          and ammunition?

          • tony curti

            buy reloaders and learn to do it yourself……………

          • tony curti

            The last two time I was in Europe the only country that checked our passports was Spain. No other country checked or seemed to care where we went or what we carried.

        • Hardrock

          Sending anything across international borders, in particular anything to do with weapons. I would think the sniffer dogs the border patrols utilizes, would find any firearms parts that have been exposed to the firing of ammunition and of course ammunition would be even easier for them to detect. I’m sure some such items do make their way to the intended receiver, but those that are discovered would probably face charges of smuggling weapons. Truly, if it were easy, everybody would be importing guns from America.

      • Tm.

        @Len Miskulin… carefully and organize. Vote right. Remember that anyone can be resourceful.

      • tony curti

        It’s a little late, but who let that happen? And how many times does history have to repeat itself ?? Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – they all removed an armed citizenry before they ruled. Maybe try Switzerland??? But get moving. Hope the Swiss haven’t bought into the feminist crap like so much the rest of the West. Can’t believe anyone was naive enough to think this was going to end peacefully. KILL THEM ALL….the sooner the better.

        • Len Miskulin

          I’m 65. Nobody wants an old foggy. Passed my sell by date.

      • Tim Scott

        Might be time to stop abiding by those laws, eh?

        • Len Miskulin

          Queen, at her coronation swore on bible to uphold Lords law with “nothing added or removed”. Therefore, ALL the government laws and statutes are illegal acts. Unfortunately, sheeple do not see it. Additionally, she has broken her oat and is therefore an illegal usurper of the throne. Consequence of that is that all the british court which operate as “Her Majesties Courts”, therefore have no jurisdiction over the people. But let one try to challenge it…

        • tony curti

          I think it was Jefferson who said it: bad law begs no obedience (or something to that effect).

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Schumer must be being paid off in large quantities of muslum petrodollars.

      • tony curti

        That and Soros cash………
        .6 Top Republi-CONS on radical left George Soro’s payroll
        Senator John McCain, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio all received generous funding from George Soros in 2016, and McCain’s financial association with the globalist billionaire dates back to at least 2001, according to a new report by OpenSecrets. org.
        The non-profit, non-partisan research group based in Washington, D.C., that tracks the effects of money and lobbying on elections and public policy, revealed that while George Soros is responsible for funding Democrats and progressive causes, he has also bankrolled Senator John McCain and a small but select group of other Republicans.
        Unsurprisingly, all of the names revealed to receive funding from George Soros have a track record of opposition to President Trump.
        Joining Sen. John McCain, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio on the Soros payroll-of-shame are fellow Republicans John Kasich, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Carlos Curbelo (R-FL).
        As Senator McCain continues attacking the policies of President Trump, his long-standing, but little-known association with globalist billionaire George Soros is receiving new attention among his Republican critics.
        It has been revealed that McCain has been sucking on the Soros tit for over 15 years.
        In 2001, McCain founded the Alexandria, Va. – based Reform Institute as a vehicle to receive funding from George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Teresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides Foundation and several other prominent non-profit organizations. (McCain – a TRAITOR on the take for how many years now?!)
        McCain used the institute to promote his political agenda and provide remuneration to staff and key campaign operatives between elections.

        I reiterate: Kill THem ALL…….this swamp is wide and deep.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Ugh, and I voted for McCain.

          • tony curti

            I hope you mean in 2008 and not the recent Sen. election…..

  • EB

    Not sure what to think of this. It proves that they are not all innocents once and for all. No doubt those that don’t want to see still won’t.
    Capturing the weapons delays the inevitable but that delay allows more and more foot soldiers into Europe (and elsewhere in the world). Does the haul make it better or worse?

  • chris m 73 (hawk eye)

    well i guess the band on fire arms has been lifted esxept for muslms! they dont want to afend them?

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      Your misspellings are quite clever.

  • Croatia Calling

    And the answer of European governments to this?Bring more muslim immigrants and more gun control

    • Devo432

      Merkel’s deal was revealed today: 200,000 (at least) Muslims admitted each year … for the NEXT 40 YEARS. She thinks they need the labor since Germans aren’t producing enough children.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Robots and other machines can more than make up for any labor shortage.

        • Croatia Calling

          Merkel,Schultz,Juncker and the rest of them don’t care.Our lives are cheap and they want more muslim killers

        • tony curti

          especially when the level of education of the people you are importing like ants is on a level of grade school.

      • Croatia Calling

        She is insane,no wonder they call her Todeskanzlerin (death-chancellor) and she expects that we in Eastern Europe are going to pay for her mistakes.Hell no we ain’t paying her or any others mistakes.

        • Why is she still in power?? The German people in general don’t seem to smart either.

          • aebe

            Last year , more than 80% of Germans thought ‘refugees’ were just the thing .

          • Paul B

            The same thing that made Germans susceptible to Hitler; makes them susceptible today to political correctness.

            PC groupthink is the downfall of all Europe.

        • tony curti

          she’s nothing but an old commie bag from way back.

      • katzkiner
        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Brandenburg Gate would be a good location for the Schmerkel festivities.

          • tony curti

            I’m wondering if the ovens in Auschwitz would still work…………….I know I know……..

        • tony curti

          her and rest of the electorate that kept her there.

      • aebe

        Germans need to try one of them ice water sitz baths . Idiots .

        • tony curti

          her’s should be liquid nitrogen…

      • Len Miskulin

        300.000 actually but it isn’t going to work as germany will be bankrupt within few years anyway.

      • surjit kaila

        Devo432 Just Google ” muslim demography ” Europe is doomed unless………?

  • chris m 73 (hawk eye)

    this is why we our for fathers added the 2nd!

  • Patti York

    just what the so called refugees need to “assimilate”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, just like the Borg.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Don’t be so islamophobic, it is common knowledge that islam is the religion of piece, this hardware is merely implements and tools of muslim piece makers.

    • katzkiner

      We have that much in a well stocked gun store in the USA except for howitzers, grenades ect.
      It is nothing to have several thousand weapons in a large gun store.
      Hell, I have bought a half dozen+ some years and many people buy a lot more than I.
      Sometimes you just want to learn to shoot something new.
      Sleep tight.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Personally I have never owned more than 30 rifles and 6 pistols at any given time. Which even for Canada is not much. Girl guns are sometime hard to come by, one must keep a few spare in the wardrobe.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Happiness is a warm gun…

          • Mahou Shoujo


    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Piece makers” another gem.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is another statement of fact.

  • Tm.

    One reaps what one sows. My patience with the Europeans is at an ebb. What they allowed, now they shall face it. In this world, someone must always be awake, watching. All cannot be asleep at the same time.
    What Europe was is now only in the memories, when they are gone, it will be dark.

    • StandTall

      same he in the US. Clinton got more votes than Trump, Trump’s ratings are falling, and Trump is unable to push through the travel ban. It looks like it is dead now, unless the Supreme Court steps in (outcome uncertain).

  • Michael Buley

    Well, they’ve made pretty clear that any and all methods are acceptable to accomplish their ends. But by all means, do not stop the flood of Muslims into Europe and the U.S.

  • VLParker

    I no longer give a damn what happens to the Dutch people. Only 20% of the Dutch voters today voted for liberty. Utter fools.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sad. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette: let them eat baklava!

      • durabo

        …or pita

        • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

          …or even falafel!

      • tony curti

        they’ll be eating camel “Stuff”.

    • StandTall

      also, Trump needs to get his house in order, otherwise we end up like the Netherlands. He needs to get rid of the lefty judges.
      The travel ban is now effectively dead. Unless it reaches the Supreme Court.

    • tony curti

      didn’t realize the turn out was so low………..guess to many were smoking legal in Amsterdam…

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Good work by the Spanish police.

    The terrorists are going to force European countries to the right, like back in Franco days, if they want to survive.

    • aebe

      Franco and fascism were of the left . But Europeans do need to go to the right .

  • Jess Wonderin

    Gosh, tf they released these pictures and the story a few days earlier, maybe Geert Wilders would’ve won. Hmmmm

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    Any tracing of the French/Belgian terrorist weapons? Sources?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You mean you can’t buy weapons like that at Walmart?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’m sure someone knows, but they aren’t telling. I wonder where the weapons were destined for? Many details seem to missing from this story, for example, who owned the warehouses? This smells like a muslum operation being covered up by law enforcement/enemedia.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    R those 120mm mortar rounds? Who doesn’t have a couple of those around the house for target practice?

    • katzkiner

      I had some friends who found one in an impact area on Fort Bragg NC and shot it with a .22.
      Special emphasis on had.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I wouldn’t want to be any where near a 120mm mortar round going off.

        • katzkiner

          They weren’t for long.
          Neither were the barn and tractor.

  • Andrew Pearce

    Why are you saying that this was hidden from the public? Because The Sun said so? Yet their own paper ran this story January 16th, The Mirror ran it January 15th, and all the stories show the same video, clearly marked “Twitter/Policia Nacional”, which leads me to believe the story was out on social media at that time too. Not what I’d call hidden at all, but I’ll agree that it wasn’t front page news.

    Also, while one of the papers mentions that the haul included “several canons”, nobody seems to have a picture of any, nor of any “Howitzers”, a Howitzer being, in my mind, a piece of field artillery. You know, a real cannon. No artillery shells pictured either. No grenades, although they are mentioned in the caption of one photo. Lots of mortar rounds, which look like inert training rounds to me, fully legal, but I’m no expert.

    Details aside, this was a major haul. Looks like the entire output of the small “re-mil” factory that repaired old “de-mil” broken old military surplus weapons. So who were the intended buyers, Basques, ISIS, euro crime gangs?

    • MrLogical

      Right. And, a lot of those rifles are WWII vintage (and perhaps even WWI) – many of which can be legally purchased from licensed firearm dealers in the U.S. And yes, a howitzer is a large field piece, ranging in calibers from 75mm to 300mm (and more). No mention of how many, and no pictures either. (I’m suspicious. “Fake news”?)

    • StandTall

      are the Basques (ETA) still active? I don’t think so. Anyhow, this looks like a haul from old ETA stock to be distributed to South American gangs operating in Spain, and terrorists. Problem is, gangs mostly kill each other, but terrorists kill innocents.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The Basques, like the IRA have been superseded. Their concerns about Spain and/or a “free” Ireland are irrelevant in the face of islum that will subsume them all.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wouldn’t mind having a 105mm howitzer or even one of the old 75mm pack howitzers — along w/some ammo, preferably prox-fused.

  • Lisa Askwit

    Wish this had come out right BEFORE the Netherlands elections.

    • katzkiner

      With all the truck attacks, ax attacks, the Paris nightclub attacks, Charlie attacks if Europeans aren’t awake to the dangers of muslim immigration

  • Mal M

    Instead the slogan “refugees are welcome”. It should be “refugees with gun are welcome”.

  • Logic PrObe

    Purchased at auctions?

  • Lia

    Grateful that this lot was indeed found. Thank G-d!

  • joe1429

    They waging a war from the inside, while the dumb eu cops still got a billy club and outdated pistol

  • Alleged Comment

    THIS is what they found. What about the ones NOT found and may be in their base camps, er Mosques PLUS sleeper cells all over in government building and if you make them military in your bases.

    THIS is a wake UP call to the ENTIRE Europe and a GOOD excuse to tell all Moslems to leave your soil NOW.

    But you won’t do it won’t you? No you won’t. You’ll just go on with life till you get SHOT and BEHEADED.

  • katzkiner

    When you put your pretty children out like this every rapist & pedophile in the world comes running.
    Throw in free housing, food, medical, education and then you are surprised the whole 3rd world stampedes north.
    Are Whites stupid or what?
    Do you realize how this plays in the lands of the burka?

  • aebe

    Organised crime ? How about organised by islamitic terrorists ? And Europe will continue to feed itself to the fire , even in the face of such evidence .
    The UK has over a million islamites . This on an island that folks thought was getting too crowded at least as far back as Rome’s first invasion .

  • Juan

    Thanks to the Spanish police who unfortunately have years of experience with ETA assassins and other terrorist groups.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    When Israel re-captured the Temple Mount from the muslum hawse holes during the Six Days War it took DAYS to remove all the explosives and ordnance found in the mosques on top.

  • santashandler

    That’s a lot of weapons. So, where did the money come from to buy all those weapons…….

    • katzkiner

      Ever hear of a place called Saudi Arabia?
      They are building hundreds of mosques across Europe and the USA also.
      You can’t have a decent jihad without weapons.

      • santashandler

        Yes. I would also say, the Saudi’s are not the only source of money for these weapons.

      • Florian75

        Perhaps the dictionary should list “armory” as one of the synonyms for “Mosque”.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Jan Favre

    The Westerners who have abandoned their Judaeo-Christian roots end up with no value to fight for and just live the hedonistic aspect of cultural Marxism with no will to found a family and have children, hence the dramatically declining demography. Should one of the Western European country fall into Sharia, one has to consider it as the judgement of God, similarly God took away the land of Israel from the Jews for forsaking Torah. It remains to the US patriots to fight the war started by progressive Liberals, win and save America. Unfortunately in German, the alternative party AfD hosts a bunch of Holocaust deniers, which will definitely loose the chance to be successful.

  • bannedquran20

    Good looking out but would that be enough to stop the muslim zombies in the EU??!!

  • Karl

    Oh gee, this might explain the immigrant population being male fighting aged men. (sarcasm)

  • Simba

    The message is simply this–Europeans,assimilate with us or we will assassinate you.

  • durabo

    N on-crew-served weapons should be distributed in Spain, Belgium, Sweden Germany, Netherlands, UK, etc. to people who have served in the military, in order to form national militias to resist Islamism.

  • John Deer

    If there is one such stash, there for sure would be other stashes across Europe.!! How many in Germany, Sweden, Greece, all those Liberals that Love the Islamists.!!! USA, be warned, you have plenty as well.! It is time to raid MOSQUES and Islamist VIP Homes or every Islamists home, with explosive and Ammo Trained dogs to speed up arrests.!!

  • HENCHMAN 0804

    You might not think Islam is at war with you, Muslims sure in the hell are at war with you.

  • michaelofsydney

    Will this make CNN? Either way, we are at the tick tock stage of massive world wide assaults. The POTUS is impotent. The idiot Dutch would not even vote for Geert Wilders. The UN own the internet. Muslims are everywhere. Their will be chaos on a massive scale. This has been planned for decades. In 1981 in Washington DC, I was told of up to a 1000 of Iranian taxi drivers in that city. Sure,we must do what we can to resist, but one day, when war breaks out…..when the net is down……what will happen to you? I speak of your soul. Jesus is Lord. Pray. And do not forget that 2017 is the 100th Anniversary of the apparition of Our Blessed Mother at Fatima. Pray that Holy Mary will intercede for you before Her Divine Son Jesus.

  • Robert Walker

    There a link to the news agency that reported this?Without one I have to express serious doubts about this story.

  • Danny Marchell

    simple train and give the weapons to volunteers to root out the terrorists and wipe them out.

  • Keith1941

    I hope the next attack, and there will be, takes place in one of these gated communities occupied by these open border idiots.

  • GR Arnold

    They were either plotting to overthrow a national guvmint or they were starting their own gun club. While I don’t doubt some of the Euro guvmints need to be replaced I don’t think this is for the “refugees’ to do. Interesting …

  • Chris Wolf

    We need to use enhanced interrogation techniques on obama to learn where he put the terror caches in our country.

  • Tommy Sgro

    And US government want to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights . They want to make us sitting ducks so people can rely on the government for help and support to justify the billions of $s that would be needed to fund such resources. It all comes down to the mighty dollar which in turn is the root of all evil .

  • RayG1

    This reminds me of our border patrol intercepting a couple of shipping containers full of weapons and ammunition at the border last year. The question then (and now) is: How many shipments got through? With the Clinton’s open border “Nafta” scheme, the bad guys have had more than 24 years to stash weapons. It gives credibility to the claim that Obama has a 30,000 man army stashed away somewhere in the United States. The same rationale goes for Europe! How many weapons stashes remain undiscovered? How close are we to that very real “point of no return”? We also have 24+ years of hiring liberal “One World Government” pukes at all levels of government. This has proven to be especially bad in the judicial sector.

  • rking111

    Coming to America if we don’t get rid of these liberal idiots.
    TJOB 38 Muslim migration;

    An in your face bible prophecy and no one is saying a word!

    An event in human history as worthy of knowing as the parting of the Red sea for the Jews to cross over is happening before your eyes and no one is even mentioning it! WHY?

    Allowing Muslims to migrate anywhere other than a Muslim country is a big mistake. Most people do not read the bible so here is what you need to know about Muslims and Islam.
    Most people are not aware of what is taking place historically with the Muslim migration. If you would go to KJV Revelation 6 and read the whole chapter you will find these highlights. KJV Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a PALE HORSE: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and HELL followed with him. And power was given unto THEM over the fourth part of the earth, to KILL with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
    9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain (beheaded) for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:
    Black horse = Capitalism, White horse = Catholicism, Red horse = Communism, PALE HORSE = ISLAM. I can’t imagine a pastor not telling their congregations what is happening. Deafening silence is all you hear.
    God placed these prophecies so that we would not be ignorant of the times we are living in. I am telling you this and perhaps you will open the door to further study of the scriptures that will impact your lives in these end of the age years. Are you comfortable with subjecting your family to these savages? If we lock the door this madness will not come to America. Just take a look at Dearborn, MI.

    Personally I wish no harm to come to my family or yours and will do whatever necessary to combat this. How about you?
    All of the candidates save one “Trump” have stated we need to bring more of these Islamists to our shores.


    • IzlamIsTyranny

      So, are you saying Yeshua was the world’s first Communist comrade?

      • Public_Citizen

        If that is your understanding of the principles taught in the Bible then you need to reread [or perhaps actually read for the first time] the principles of Mosaic Law as laid down in the first five chapters of the Old Testament, amplified by the prophets, and illustrated and exemplified by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.
        You clearly have grasped the wrong end of the stick.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Capitalism is the worst way to manage an economy — except for all the rest.

          • Public_Citizen

            So I guess in real life you are known as Non Sequiturs Are Us.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            How do you figure the “black horse” symbolizes capitalism?

          • Public_Citizen

            Why don’t you ask the person who actually made the assertion instead of putting up yet another non sequitur?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            That was the only objection I had to rking111’s post. There was no concept of capitalism in the 1st century A.D. no such word or concept existed.

          • Public_Citizen

            I repeat:
            Why don’t you ask the person who actually made the assertion?

  • Chet

    WOW! Now that’s what one would call hitting the jackpot for sure!

  • JCL154

    Lets face it, if its happening in the EU, its happening here. Our border security sucks!

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Hmm, I see some US issue weapons in there. I wonder if any of these came from Hillary’s Army, she started up in Benghazi?

  • cerberus

    And lefties become hysterical at the prospect of even a limited restriction on the flow of Islamists into the US. Weird.

  • 762x51FMJ

    Those cannon shells can be rigged with cell phones to make IED’s

    No wonder that 7.62x51FMJ ammo has been sold out, and 500 round battle packs unavailable. The Muslims are buying it all up and storing it in mosques.

    The cheap berdan primed plastic cased AK-ammo 762×39 is only accurate to 400 yards. This is because the AK bullet tumbles and is an unstable round.

    The FN-FAL and HK-91 (Spanish C.E.T.M.E) use the same ammo as the M14, and is linked together for the M60 machine gun. Is accurate up to 1200 Meters.

  • Dukie

    Pass them out to your citizens!! They’re gonna need um!! Against the Primitive Perverted Pedophiles!!

  • Warren Gacsi


    • Public_Citizen

      Ad-Block and similar are your friends here.

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Public_Citizen

    I prognosticated over two years ago that this was going to happen.
    This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    How long was this “factory” in operation?

    How many more are out there that haven’t been discovered yet?
    How many shipping containers full of this kind of tactical level arms and ammunition are pre-positioned all over Europe [and the USA]?

  • Jay

    Isn’t this “hate speech” in Europe?

  • Jack Holan

    Yes I translated the numbers the German Defense Dept was releasing and also using a 1% Jihadist figure for those whom have invaded Europe. There was the incident at the end of 2014, beginning of 2015 that Greek authorites discovered 5000 rifles destined for Jihadists. They have developed specialization as demonstrated in the attack on Paris with Front People to rent cars, others fo secure safe=houses, etc

  • OK… who of those responsible for this are hanging outside the building on live stream video… with pig parts dangling along?

  • Lysy

    Gun control, works? Really….?

    • Jack Holan

      France and Germany have the most strict gun laws in Europe. Proof positive it doesn’t work. Chicago had a 100% ban of Firearms under Mayor Daley, that worked, didn’t it? Yet he had the gall to write a separation clause in his retirement plan to the tune of $2.5 mm/year a 6-Chicago policeman detail 24/7 for life. No guns for the peasant but an Army for the King.

  • RiverFred

    Here is the problem- Liberal loving Muslims think a turd is a tootsie roll. It has ruined America and will ruin Canada, just look at Europe. Fortunately many of us understand the problem – Islam 101: The intolerance of others and the glorification of violence as martyrdom. The book ” It’s All About Muhammad” by F. W. Burleigh should be required reading for all.

  • Merchantseamen

    Just think of European streets running with blood from those weapons. If those bad guys have any training at all they will clean sweep. American Streets?? Just as bad as the big cities have been disarmed for 40 years. Chicago may be an exception. The southern boys may have something to say about it tho.

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