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After an Eight-Year Break, Hollywood Once Again Thinks It’s Cool To Depict the President Being Killed


The left’s hatred for America and all of its defenders grows more virulent and violent by the day. During the Bush years there were plenty of depictions of him being called, and no one cared. If anyone had dared such a thing during the Obama years, the whole weight of establishment media would have come down on him. But now? It’s just fine once again. That’s the left.

“Once More, It’s Cool To Depict POTUS Being Killed,” by Jim Treacher, Daily Caller, March 6, 2017:

After an eight-year break, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the entertainment industry are getting back to one of their favorite themes: fantasies about Republican presidents getting dead.

Back in 2006, a mockumentary called Death of a President depicted the assassination of George W. Bush. A couple of years before that, a novel called Checkpoint by Nicholson Baker consisted of conversations between two characters as they decide whether to assassinate Bush. Hell, even comic books got into the act. In a 2007 series called Black Summer, a near-omnipotent superhero named John Horus saves the world by — you guessed it — assassinating George Bush.

That’s because liberals are the good guys!

It wasn’t cool to depict such things when Obama was president, obviously, but now the trend is making a comeback. Alexa Moutevelis Coombs, Newsbusters:

In its newest episode, “Got Milk?” Fox’s post-apocalyptic comedy Last Man On Earth gave viewers a flashback to the time when the pandemic that has wiped out most of earth was just starting – and the show seemingly takes great delight in the current cabinet of Republicans dying in office…

What happened to President Trump? They never say. Then we see a funeral procession for Pence and everyone else in the presidential line of succession as they all die from the virus: Paul Ryan, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, Jeff Sessions, and Betsy DeVos.

Here’s the clip, with Kristen Wiig from the hit comedy Ghostbusters cast against type as a rich old white lady…

  • I’ve been around long-enough to have seen the waist-line of women’s pantaloons fall, rise and fall again.

    Perhaps, the period–no pun intended–associated with what’s acceptable or trendy with respect to killing the highest State employee is cyclical.

    • …and somehow coincides with which party holds the office.

      • …and somehow coincides with which party holds the office.

        Does “somehow” mean that you don’t believe that there is a relationship to the contemporaneous appearance of the two phenomena?

        Having asked that:

        v. i.

        1. To occupy the same place in space, as two equal triangles;

        2. To occur at the same time; to be contemporaneous;

        3. To correspond exactly; to agree; to concur;

        1. The condition of occupying the same place in space; as, the coincidence of circles, surfaces, etc.

        2. The condition or fact of happening at the same time; as, the coincidence of the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

        3. Exact correspondence in nature, character, result, circumstances, etc.; concurrence; agreement.

        In a word: Nonsense

    • JacksonPearson
      • That would be an improvement; 4 out 5 people would agree…

      • On second thought, it’s time to re-instate zero-tolerance for those DISQUSers who have “Deal with it” privacy settings. Congratulations to…..

        The New Kid On The Block (list)

        (May he/she/it rest in peace.)

    • YogicCowboy

      You get the (belated) prize for Most Disingenuous Post of the (Past) Day.

  • Gary Robinson

    While I agree with you in most cases ; isn’t this a freedom of speech issue ? .

    • Austurias

      Freedom of speech is fine, but we also have the freedom to call it out for what it is: a subtle hatred of decency and conservatism.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is anyone who is capable of actually getting off their ass and sustain movement for more than five minutes, that watches hollywood movies? These brain dead sponges live in the same world of sloppy fiction their zero’s in hollywood wallow in. It does keep the convenience store industry going, which is about all the social impact hollywood has today.

  • Lauren Brown

    It’s upsetting and offensive to the families of those depicted.

  • Lauren Brown

    Melania is trying to protect Barron from those left-wing scumbags.

  • JacksonPearson

    They can try to beat him, but President Donald Trump have to many Americans with him. No matter how many hate filled communists go down, we want the swamp drained…

  • Peter Joffe

    The stench of evil from Hollywood is overwhelming. Hardly a movie is made that does not have explicit sex, swearing and violence as a theme. When Star Wars ended the years of only the bad guys winning it was and still is a smashing success! How is that possible as it has no nude scenes, no swearing, no torture, no killing of children and no depictions of savage violence? The police were not the bad guys back then but now they are for trying to keep law and order. In my younger days it took weeks if not months to even get a ‘feel’ of your lady friend. Now it is one kiss and off come the clothes and the perverts are banging away like there is no tomorrow? Hollywood is the source of all moral loss and they presume to tell Republicans that they are backward. Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Superman, Transformers and others got where they are without nudity and foul language. Hollywood is corrupting our children and showing life, God and love to be worthless. If all that is good in the world is turned bad then what hope do we have for a happy clean future. Steve Seagal cannot produce a single movie without his mandatory but entirely unnecessary nude scene. I heard that there was a women’s conference of Virgins in LA that was held in a local telephone booth. There are no virtues any more and it is ‘cool’ to be bad. Today freedom of speech is used and a reason to cut down the good guys. Freedom of speech with out freedom to have morals cannot co exist. If anything describes Hollywood it is the following. If there is a word that describes peoples’ mind-sets today, it is the word tolerance. The thought behind tolerance is that right and wrong varies from situation to situation, in other words it’s all relative. What’s wrong for me may be right for you and vice versa. Tolerance teaches that all views are equally valid and there are no absolutes. The only absolute is that there are no absolutes. We tolerate everything except intolerance. As a result, we are killing truth and values have no value. Hollywood leads the charge of the lemmings into oblivion .

    • YogicCowboy

      I basically agree; however, I would stipulate:

      1) Tolerance is an abused word, just like liberalism; the Left subverts and perverts all it touches. They have had tolerance all along; now they demand not only approbation but preeminence. To tolerate it to allow the co-existence of something with which one disagrees.

      2) What you really are discussing is Moral relativism, which is not tolerance. It is a communist concept intended to help destroy Western Civilization and Biblical Christianity, which have been the twin bulwarks of true liberty in the world.

      3) It is not just Hollywood [The 40-Year Old Virgin] that trivializes chastity. I have observed far more tolerance and sympathy for homoerotic persons in the institutionalized church than for chaste, single heterosexual persons. No one celebrates chastity; it is more embarrassing to discuss than homoeroticism.

  • Alleged Comment

    Shouldn’t it be the FIRST USURPER killed?? The first one America ever had??

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is no laughing matter. In every society there is an unhinged element on which the mere power of suggestion is enough to drive them over the edge. Who can forget that President Ford had two attempts on his life, one in CA by one of the flaky Manson girls? Or Reagan being shot by John Hinckley, whose sole motivation was to impress Jodi Foster to “prove his devotion to her”?

  • James Stamulis

    How about a movie where the American people attack Hollywood wiping out all the leftist Communist scum that make up most of it? That is one i would watch over and over cheering all the way.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Obama’s infection from Charlie Sheen will someday take his life as well.
    Just a matter of time.

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