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France’s Hollande says fight against populism and nationalism is final mission


Priorities. He isn’t making the fight against jihad his final mission. He isn’t making the fight against the rioters who are thrusting France into chaos his final mission. He isn’t making the no-go zones in France obey French law his final mission. No: he is determined to keep France on the path to suicide, making the ending of any resistance to its destruction his final mission.

And so he will be remembered as one of the destroyers of France.

“France’s Hollande says fight against populism is final mission,” AFP, March 27, 2017:

Singapore (AFP) – French President Francois Hollande said Monday the final mission of his term would be to ensure that “populism, nationalism and extremism cannot win” in the world and especially not in France.

Hollande’s term of office ends in mid-May and far-right politician Marine Le Pen is seen as one of the leading candidates to replace him.

In addition, Britain has voted to leave the European Union and the United States has elected populist President Donald Trump.

“I still have (work) to do to prevent populism, nationalism and extremism from prevailing, including in my own country,” Hollande told the prestigious Singapore Conference….

Hollande said the mission to reject populism was not just one for a president. Citizens and officials also had a responsibility to speak out.

“And as far as I am concerned, I will continue to speak as much as I can and to ensure that what I have done as president can have consequences,” he said without elaborating.

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  • Simon

    Well there you have it. This is the same nation-destroying mindset that Merkel, Obama, and May have. The idea here is to ensure that the nation is a borderless proposition state filled with diversity and enrichment from the Third World.

    • Generalpatern

      Which translates to “Sewer”

    • John Jakob

      dont forget to include trudeau in canada with merkel , etc .

  • Ed Heavner

    While people like French President Francois Hollande continues this fight against populism, nationalism and extremism is simply continuing to fill the graves that liberalism around the world have dug. After our countries are finally in the grave, it will be filled by the same Muslims who continue to practice populism, nationalism and extremism in the name of Islam.

  • Hook

    Luckily in the 2 world wars the allies WERE nationalist and saved the gutless French from the Nazis. Now days you don’t need much in the way of credentials to be a western leader. Just look at Hollande, May, Merkle and Obama for starters.

    • Generalpatern

      Malta leader is to put it mildly not on UK side in our exit from the awful bossy interfering eussr, yet we saved their ass in WW2
      Gratitude eh!

  • Thomas Williams

    Fighting against his own french countrymen patriotic pride, in their rich country’s culture and history is somehow socially ugly to this guy? So what kind of a sellout coward this louse is French President Francois Hollander?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    See ya, france, would’t wanna be ya. france is finished, within a year it will send muslims as its delegation to the european union to join with other muslims already there, they will appoint a caliph, the real war for islamic control of europe will then begin.

  • Simba

    If there is anything wrong with nationalism,why even have a flag,the anthem and the French language,let alone the armed forces?

    Unfortunately enough,even the nationals are voting heavily against the nationalist parties.Had they voted these romantic liberals out,their statements would have been exactly to the contrary.So I am not worried about these earthworms who pass off as politicians as much as the real danger of idiotic indigenous citizens joining the tribe of Left lunatics in welcoming a single large Islamic continent with a caliphate in Brussels.

  • “,,,,what I have done as president can have consequences….” Which can only be the further destruction of France at the hands of savages.

  • Kathy Robertson

    Yeah, it’ll have consequences all right…

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