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[ October 17, 2017 ]

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How the French Intelligentsia Fell in Love with a Pro-Jihad Anti-Semite


White people? “They must die as soon as possible.” Hitler? “Bring him on to kill the Jews.” Charlie Hebdo? “Charb, what I’d really like to do is shove some Laguiole knives up his…,” referring to the editor and cartoonist not long before he was killed. Marine Le Pen? “I would cut her throat.” The Jewish philosopher Alain Finkielkraut? “I would break the legs of this son of a bitch.” Bin Laden? “I miss him.” Mohammed Merah (the perpetrator of the Toulouse massacre at the Jewish school)? “I find his phrase ‘I love death as you love life’ of a surprising beauty.” Gays? “Long live the fags, long live AIDS under President Francois Hollande.”

Mehdi Meklat is not only the author of these obscene sentences; he is also the darling of French intelligensia. Meklat made his name as an author at Bondy Blog, the journalistic symbol of  multiculturalism, created in the heart of Paris suburbs. Every day Meklat’s site presents new statements that are turning it, according to Pascal Bruckner, into the “the Titanic of the Left.” It is a scandal that should destroy forever the double standards, hypocrisy and sanctimony of French liberals.

“Praise for Merah, threats, homophobia, hatred of France and anti-Semitism: why does the media protect @mehdi_meklat?,” tweeted Marion Marechal Le Pen, Ms. Le Pen’s niece and a rising star in the National Front. Finkielkraut responded in Le Figaro that “Mehdi and Badrou (his friend who coauthored many books) were the turbulent chouchous” — pets — “of the hate-filled left.”

French newspapers are deeply embarrassed. “Mehdi Meklat attained at full speed all of the levels of media notoriety: he appeared with Pascale Clark at France Inter, on Télérama, published books for the publisher Seuil, and Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira agreed to pose with him on the cover of Les Inrocks,” wrote the weekly Le Point. “Everywhere, everybody is scrambling to get a piece of them,” Le Monde wrote, referring to Meklat and Badrou. “For a while now, Harlem or Hollywood have been among the favorite destinations of Mehdi and Badrou.”

Even the French President, François Hollande, was a follower of Meklat on Twitter. The editor of Elle magazine, Marie-Françoise Colombani, was his “spiritual godmother,” public service radio gave him a column, the Cartier Foundation lauded him, and all the newspapers, from Libération to L’Obs, published his writings.

Bernard-Henri Lévy attacked “the indulgence of those who had made this man a kind of spokesman for the ‘alternative culture’ of the suburbs.” This is true not just of Meklat: in fact, the online magazine Bondy Blog has been praised by the world press, including the New York Times. The French government funded the blog, along with Yahoo, with $50,000. A year ago, the Washington Post ran an article about Meklat as “the millennial who want to change the narrative on Muslim comunities.”

Gilles Kepel in November accused Bondy Blog of being the house organ of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Jacques Julliard rightly called it “Islamo-gauchisme”: “How and why did a handful of left-wing intellectuals, very influential in the media and in the human rights movement, imposed a sanctuary for Islam upon the French public square? Yes, why did these intellectuals, for the most part agnostic and libertarian, suddenly develop a passion for the most closed religion, the most warlike and violent in the world?” Julliard has his explanation: “Because the intelligentsia has become, since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the true party of violence. Sartre deplored the fact that the French Revolution had not guillotined enough.” Now Sartre’s heirs condone and exculpate Meklat’s anti-Semitic, pro-ISIS and homophobic rhetoric.

Meklat and his associates were also the subjects of French movies. On September 30, 2014, at the movie theater André Malraux in Bondy, there was the first screening of Julien Dubois’ documentary, Bondy Blog, family portrait. President Hollande sat in in the front row. The site for which Meklat wrote 200 articles organized at the School of Journalism of Lille programs for poor families. On the Bondy Blog, Meklat published articles sympathetic to Islamic terrorists, such as one about Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the massacres of November 13, 2015: “Abaaoud, un visage qui vous veut du mal” (Abaaoud, a face that wants to harm you).

“Claude Askolovitch, the Obs, Les Inrocks, Libération … these people are defending the indefensible,” said Philippe Val, the former editor of Charlie Hebdo. No anti-racist association has even lifted a finger against Meklat, although they are always ready to bring to court writers and journalists who criticize Islam. The French media relativize to protect their baby, never asking him to apologize. Pascale Clark, who has hosted for years Meklat in his radio show, praised his “intelligence and humanity,” while Xavier de la Porte on France Culture accused himself: “There must be something in Meklat too complicated for us to understand.”

Oh no, they understand him all too well. That is why Mehdi Meklat embarrasses the shameful truffles of France. This is the real “fake news.”

Giulio Meotti, cultural editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author. He is the author of three books: A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism (Encounter Books); J’Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel (Mantua Books), and La fine dell’Europa, about the Christian and demographic decline in Europe. He is a columnist at Arutz Sheva and his writings have appeared in publications including the Wall Street Journal, FrontPage, Commentary, and The Geller Report.

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  • Suresh

    France / EU Left/Liberals are destroying their country and so stupid they do not even understand their stupidity.

    And Its Left/Liberals especially Women who welcome these jihadi scums in western societies and get raped in return

  • Mary

    With the president in the front row…..that really says it all.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The french were never renowned for intelligence, this is keeping with their arrogant minimal intelligence, that they describe, to the great amusement of earth, as “intelligentsia” when it is blatantly obvious as abject stupidity, with a gaulish accent, improperly prepared, served on a garbage can lid.

    • old003

      Inspector Clouseau disagrees.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What does he know? He’s french.

        • Ron Cole

          Frogs eat flies and other nasty stuff – with sauce.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, the first time I went to a fancy french restaurant, I thought, from the ambience, that we were on the wharf, perusing the menu at a bait stand.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            So fugu OK, escargot not?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Whatever you like, eating at many restaurants is extremely risky. At one time I used to like a glass of “Southern Comfort” after dinner, occasionally have been served “sudden discomfort” one must be careful.

    • 1e2c3a4w5

      Au contraire, the French have long been renowned for their intelligence (or perhaps I should say their intellectualism). Perhaps not so much for their common sense.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Look at france, look at greece, and a few others who talk a fancy philosophy, but can’t run a country with any degree of competence. Have beens hat aren’t anything.

      • Michele Coatta

        The French are pussies plain and simple they rolled over not once but twice (WW1 & WW2) let and helped the Germans kill Jews spineless and now they have rolled over for Islam at the expense once again of French Jews and the detriment of women and children and unarmed citizens. discusting

    • Logic PrObe

      I posted before I read this.

    • pipo

      Ollala, the French are super intelligent they invented perfume in order not to wash themselves. On a footnote, the French have the best scholars on pislam however nobody listens to them. They are great in fashion and in ruining their country. And they have the best army in the world: French Foreign Legion. Ollala wash your mouth out with soap made in Paris. If still available? (sarc)

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Ze freeenche they are ze… how you say in eeengeeelish… buffoons. Zuh only teeing zee freeeenche invent of any use is the bidet. For ze freeenche mens to gargle with.

  • Logic PrObe

    intelligentsia………………… that French for stupid?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Exclusively stupid.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • France is Dirty & Disgusting

    France has a history steeped in antisemitism and I have a friend who is a dentist in France and he never tells anyone he is Jewish.

    It is disgusting that this gross President Holland sat in the front row for this bigot and movie about Bondy Blog.

    France is disgraceful, dirty and disgusting place.

    France is now a dirty place, with terrorism and enclaves of Muslims planning their next terrorist attack.

    France is sickening and apparently it has forgot all about Ilan Halimi a beautiful young french Jewish man who was tortured for 24 days then murdered by Muslims in France.

    You couldn’t pay me to go to France.

    France will get what it deserves, terrorists and ghettos.

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