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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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Erdogan: European Headscarf Ban ‘Started a Clash Between the Cross and the Crescent’


“Where is the liberty of religion? They have commenced a struggle between the cross and crescent.”

Where is the liberty of religion in Turkey? Christians can go to jail for proselytizing, it’s virtually impossible to get permission to build a church, and the government has closed the only Orthodox seminary, slowly choking the Orthodox Church to death in its historic seat of Constantinople. Erdogan wouldn’t dream of granting full rights to Christians and other non-Muslims in Turkey. But he claims that steps that Europeans have taken to preserve their own culture and identity are starting a clash of civilizations. With Islamic supremacists, no matter what they themselves do, it’s always the kuffar’s fault.

“Erdogan: European Headscarf Ban ‘Started a Clash Between the Cross and the Crescent,’” by John Hayward, Breitbart, March 17, 2017:

In addition to his customary invective against European governments for refusing to allow his ministers to rally Turkish expatriates behind him, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that the EU’s new ban on headscarves in the workplace would launch “a struggle between the cross and the crescent.”

“Where is the liberty of religion? They have commenced a struggle between the cross and crescent. There is no other explanation than this. I am saying this clearly: Europe is heading toward the days just before World War II,” said Erdogan, as rendered by Hurriyet Daily News.

Euractiv transcribes Erdogan’s quote as, “The European Union’s court, the European Court of Justice, my esteemed brothers, have started a crusade struggle against the crescent,” which would be even more incendiary. Jihad and Islamist groups perpetually accuse Western powers of conducting another “crusade” against Muslims.

“Shame on the EU. Down with your European principles, values, and justice,” Erdogan told his supporters.

In a tirade on Wednesday, Erdogan said the “spirit of fascism is roaming the streets of Europe,” comparing the treatment of Muslims to how the Nazis treated Jews.

“The fear of the Turks is beginning to appear. The fear of Islam is beginning to appear. They are even afraid of the migrants looking for asylum. They fear everything which originates elsewhere; they are hostile to everything that is not from there,” he thundered.

Also speaking on Thursday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu predicted that “holy wars” would soon begin in Europe.

As translated by Hurriyet Daily News, Cavusoglu said:

Now the election is over in the Netherlands. … When you look at the many parties you see there is no difference between the social democrats and fascist [Geert] Wilders. All have the same mentality. Where will you go? Where are you taking Europe? You have begun to collapse Europe. You are dragging Europe into the abyss. Holy wars will soon begin in Europe.

“They killed each other 100 years ago because they were of different faiths, but they learned a lesson from this and set up the European Union and the Council of Europe,” Cavusoglu continued, prompting a bit of head-scratching from Hurriyet about exactly what he was driving at….

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  • rt

    Believe it or not, erdogan is helping us – Tremendously.

    By pushing it and overplaying his hand, repeatedly, he is forcefully waking up those that want to remain asleep.

    I hope and pray that he continues, and even intensifies. Thank you erdogan. Please keep it up!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The more that islam is discussed and discovered, the more people learn to despise the filth that islam is.

  • Suresh

    And this scumbag wanted to join EU ! To do exactly this – to Islamicisation of EU.

    Time for christians, jews, Buddists, hindus and all sane non muslims to unite against Left/liberal/Jihadi mafia.

    Left/liberal Loons including Media, college admins, politicians are in the saudi/OIC pocket to help advance their agenda of islamisation of EU/America.

    Can’t believe it ? Here’s how Politicians on Iranian lobby payroll pushed through the Nuke deal

    • Uncle Inkle

      It’s a travesty, to allow such criminal influence into government. There should be no question of coercion. I’m not surprised after reading that link Suresh, that Hilary Clinton had such a scumbag crook as her fundraiser! She is a filthy dirty crook herself.

      • Suresh

        you are right. The same Iranian Lobbyists was approached by Hillary and they Liberally funded her campaign.

        Iranians hate Trump because he refuses sell out America like other politicians and media !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is no struggle, the crescent will be relegated to its role of decoration of outhouse doors, where it will remain as a vent passing fecal odours.

    • Jackie Puppet

      It also means “Muzzies welcome here”. Of course there won’t be any rolls of toilet papers, as they do not have a use for it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The economy will disappear under islam as it destroys everything, including what it needs for its own life.

        • pipo

          muzzrats cannot sustain themselves, they have no creativity, no economy, no nothing. When the one’s who help them cannot help them any more they are lost. Basically it is burning your bridges. But still they believe pallah will help them.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            islam is the cult of death, when they destroy the very sustenance of their lives, they will attribute their deaths to the will of their “allah” . The total stupidity and suicidal murderous ignorance of islam is never considered a factor.

          • felix1999

            Exactly. Their RELIGION oppresses everything. Conquering ADVANCED people and countries is something they NEED to do as well as TAXING them. Otherwise they are third world. The ELITE live off OIL money and the rest are ANGRY and IMPOVERISHED. The Muslim elite direct that ANGER towards the WEST as the common buggey man to keep peace in their hell hole.

      • tatka150

        It’s help EPA

    • Uncle Inkle

      Mahou! That is the funniest thing, amongst many, I’ve seen you write.

      • Uncle Inkle

        I will never look at the Turkish flag the same way ever again!, that’s a golden post Mahou. I’ve read many as Honkingoose.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Jeremy Steering

    At the bottom of his vitriol towards the EU is the fact that he knows Turkey will never be allowed to join, and it has never been seriously considered, because the two big players – Germany and France – have publicly said they would never allow it. Erdogan calls the EU “a Christian club”. When Angela Merkel was asked in an interview if Turkey would ever be given membership, she replied: “NO. AND ERDOGAN KNOW THIS.”

    • pipo

      Probably you are right! But muzzrats can have a club why not also Christians. But bear in mind that is why they are flooding into Europe many muzzrats. I am still surprised that the Turkish secular state allowed Erdogan to become a president. Where was the Turkish army who sworn the oath to Atataturk?

      • Uncle Inkle

        Muzzrats have a gang.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Ataturk was just another muslum hawse hole who had better PR. It was Ataturk who initiated the ethnic cleansing of Greeks from Turkey and yes, it was violent.

  • Rocinante44

    “started the sruggle”? no. it never ended, and never will as long is there is one muslim left on the planet. they are like crabgrass

  • Patrick

    Islam clashes with everything. Therefore keep it contained in the desolate sands of the east.

  • pipo

    Why the Turks do not shut up and put their heads in shame.

  • Tatonka

    I like that word “crusades”,.. cant wait for it to start!. KNOCK them muzzies back to their desert dunes and rock piles that gave rise to that fucked up cult.

  • Wherever izlam touches the earth death, destruction, fear and misery follow.
    If prove is needed, just look at pictures of cities in Syria and Iraq.

  • Chris Wolf

    President Trump declined a handshake with Merkel, as he certainly should, since there is no deal, no agreement, no shared vision.
    With that one act, in the bright light of his high profile opposition to the muslim invasion of the the United States AND Europe, Trump has driven a wedge between Merkel and her barely contained German Right opposition and likely inspired it to stepped up dissent.
    How does one become a brilliant tactician and computational genius? Ask Donald Trump.
    The best we can hope for now is to see every battle line drawn sharply and starkly at the interface of the clash of civilizations — Judeo-Christian and mohametan.
    And as great a leader and savior of Western Civilization and our American way of life Trump seems to be, he’s equally as much a threat to our existential enemies foreign and domestic. And we all need to pray every day for his continued safety and success.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    No, the “clash between the cross and the crescent” started 1400 years ago, with the origin of Islam and the rejection of Mohammad’s new ‘religion’ by both Jews and Christians. It continued with the bloody conquest of Anatolia (Turkey), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Hungary, Greece, the Slavic countries Spain, southern France etc., by the muslim hordes. This aggression was only briefly stayed with the Crusades, after 700 years Islam was pushed out of Spain, and it was thwarted at the gates of Vienna (twice), most recently on September 11 (no, not coincidence that 9/11/2001 was chosen for the twin towers attack).

    Erdogan is bad news, and Turkey does not belong in NATO.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Allah = Lucifer, Muhammad is his prophet, and Erdogan is his disciple.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Geopolitically, what it means is, Russia and China dominate the Eurasian landmass, with Muslims playing the role of softening up Europe.

  • felix1999

    The crescent will WIN in Europe if the U.S. stays out of it.
    Europe ASKED for this. It is THEIR war to fight. Sure air drop some gun to them since many countries in the EU disarmed their people but that is ALL.

  • Jim Fox

    “struggle between the cross and crescent.”

    Been going 1400 years. Nothing’s changed.

  • durabo

    Isn’t it ironic that the father of modem Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, banned the wering of the fez?

  • Stephen Honig

    Europe will be singing My Way. The end is near and Turkey is sending Muslims for the Final Solution in Europe.

  • Joseph111

    “Shame on the EU. Down with your European principles, values, and justice.”
    And there my friends is the true identity of islam ..any questions??

  • freebird

    Erdogan say´s : “Europäen Headscarf Ban started a clash between the cross and the crescent.”
    Thank you for declare us the war. It´s time that our stupid politicians have no excuse anymore.
    Go to hell Musel-sc*m.

  • zaheer

    A few things America (Trump Admin) needs to do:
    1. Kick Turkey out of NATO;
    2. No more military aid to Turkey;
    3. No more arms sale to Turkey
    4. If Russia does something to Turkey, leave Russia alone
    5. No more military or financial aid to Pakistan
    6. Include Pakistan on the list of banned countries for new visas (not travel ban)
    8. Get out of UNO; kick UNO out of NY
    7. No more funding to UNO and its institutions like UNESCO
    9. No support to UN Refugee programs unless Muslim states first agree to take all Muslim refugees, asylum seekers
    10. Find ways to dishonor OIC block
    11. Build bridges with Russia, Israel, India.
    12. Solve Korea’s problem first; nuke it at the first aggressive action by North Korea;
    13. Next on the list: Iran. Disable/destroy nuclear programs of Iran, along with Pakistan.
    14. In any war between India and Pakistan, stay away from the conflict; sell no more weapons to either;
    15. if Israel is attacked, support Israel as much as you can diplomatically and otherwise;
    16 If Israel goes, so goes the western world – Europe and America – as well as India (Kashmir);
    17. Don’t send your soldiers abroad; you need not fight battles abroad
    18. Control immigration from all OIC member countries, unless they open their lands for refugees
    19. No more permits for mosques unless saudi arabia allows permission for building of church;
    20. Publicize through Alternate media any attack (destruction) of churches in islamic countries
    21. If you need immigrants, get non-Muslims from Asia or elsewhere
    22. Understand the concept of religious freedom: freedom of conscience is absolute; whatever you believe about God is sacrosanct but freedom to express / profess your religion in PUBLIC is limited;
    23. Remove government funding to all human rights tribunals
    24. So goes for civil rights movements
    25.No funding for religious organizations like Mennonite or other church organizations for refugee settlements
    26. No double citizenships; If a US citizen with Syrian or Iraqi etc passport travel to their old countries and gets detained there, it is not your problems; no apologies
    27. Increase time reqd for citizenship to seven years
    28. If an ‘alien’ (refugees etc) commits a crime, first offence forgiveness may be considered but a stern warning and explusion to where to (?)
    29. No American citizenship to people born to illegally present US residents;
    30. Control admission of foreign students to American universities in sensitive areas (nuclear for example)
    31. Research the role of Foreign students and national security
    32. No federal funding to Middle Eastern studies department at any American university or college
    33. All Muslim professors or apologist of Islam who write or speak on Islam while employed in non-Islamic departments (like physics i.e., in non-Islamic studies should have their pay deducted); how? do not know. It is not a federal matter but state or private matter
    34. No more prayer spaces in schools, colleges, universities or at workplaces
    35. No communal praying in public spaces period
    36. Monitor school curricula; equal amount of time for all religions (pro/con); not just rituals but also history of religion
    37 Freedom of expression; to discuss, appreciate and criticise any religion, its founder ot its tenets
    38 Freedom to change your religion; Islamic ban on change of religion should be challenged publicly, if necessary in courts
    39 Ban, remove all those passage from Koran that advocate killing of idol-worshippers or infidels;
    40 Publish a non-violent koran, Mecca Koran with pre-medina/ abrogated verses
    41 Study the Calcutta Petition about banning Koran that it incites violence
    42 Bring a strong test case against a anyone — Muslim or non-Muslim who advocates killing of a community (jews, hindus or not by name but generically infidels, dhimmies, but-prastas ie idol-worshippers
    43 If Islamic countries do allow idols in private homes of non-Muslims (they are either confiscated or people keeping their religious artefacts in their home are fined, jailed or kicked out of the country), America should reciprocate the same way; no more loud azaan/ adhan from mosque speakers

    to be continued…. help me improve this section

  • Grant Woodside

    If it ever does become a war
    We all know who will win
    It will never be Islam
    When there is no other option
    The peaceful, will do what is necessary
    As we have done many times before

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Another fine descendant of Fwench surrender monkeys.

  • Mindy Robinson

    A Holy War is coming, it’s just a matter of when. This Holy War will be led by Yeshua and He will defeat His enemies in an hour. Islam will be cast back into Hell.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Turkey’s ideology under Erdogan is a combination of Islamism and fascism. Erdogan is very much a Neo- Ottomanist. He dreams of Turkey carrying the flag of Islam at the expense of both Europe and the west. He has no genuine goodwill towards Europe or the west. The careful cultivation of grievance in relation to Europe and the west is ideologically driven and designed to put Europe on the defensive and to also extract concessions from it. As for a war between the Crescent and the Cross, well the Crescent has been at war with Jews and Christians since the birth of Islam. The Koran commands Muslims to fight unbelievers till they feel dominated.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Political Islam of which he is a representative of is a totalitarian ideology, he should know that.

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