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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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CHILLING ACCOUNT: Lives of Women in Sweden – women have vanished from the streets, conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration


Outspoken Katie Hopkins, English television personality and newspaper columnist, went to Sweden to see what she could see.

Reading through this, I couldn’t help think that Hopkins was attending one enormous funeral — for a country, for a culture, for freedom.

Where females fear to tread: KATIE HOPKINS reports from Sweden, the Scandi-lib paradise where terrified women have vanished from the streets and a conspiracy of silence and self-censorship on immigration buries the truth

By Katie Hopkins for MailOnline, 28 February 2017:

I didn’t come to Sweden for the riots. Or because of Trump. In fact, I was supposed to be here in December — before airline strikes stood in my way.

I came because I was asked. Repeatedly.

Swedish women reaching out by email, by letter, to quietly show me what has become of their country.

Dads writing that they were worried for their daughters, tweeting that Sweden is not the place people imagine it to be, that young girls are scared to go out at night.

A news feed filled with reports of the rape and assault of Sweden’s young women, some inexplicably streamed live on Facebook by the gang as they attacked.

Other reports filed quietly away in a box marked unmentionable: the rape of a 14-year-old child by an ‘unaccompanied minor’ immigrant who later bragged he was 45.

When Trump turned the world’s attention to Sweden by clumsily referring to the effects of mass-migration on what used to be seen as the most liberal country on earth, the country was ready and waiting to blow.

Katie Hopkins speaking to people at the scene outside Kista Police Station in Stockholm

He provided the touch-paper to the explosive mixture of thousands of bored young migrants who were born into fighting and have brought the battle with them.

Fuelled by the oxygen of publicity, they performed here last week in Rinkeby, nicknamed ‘Little Mogadishu’: looting, rioting, burning out cars.

While liberals countered with accusations of fake news, the right highlighted the chaos caused in this town where 90% of Rinkeby residents are foreign, mostly recently arrived.

Rape statistics were shared and widely interpreted: either Stockholm was ‘the rape capital of Europe’, or the increase in sexual assaults was a mere statistical anomaly and look, if you turn the graph on its side you will see the numbers are actually falling.

But in a world of polarised news, there still have to be some truths waiting to be told. Even if they are only observations from a single white female with no security and suffering protestor fatigue.

And I’ve found it all here in plain sight for anyone to see or hear – if they’re listening. If they can stop taking pictures of burned out cars or reinterpreting rape statistics to suit their agenda.

One young girl of 27 — let’s call her Lucy— is now terrified of going out alone. She lives near a busy shopping centre which draws migrants from no-go zones, and dreads her walk to work and home.

Katie speaks to 'Lucy', a young girl of 27 who leaves near a bridge under which men gather all day and night

Katie speaks to ‘Lucy’, a young girl of 27 who leaves near a bridge under which men gather all day and night

Under the bridge near her flat a gang of men gathers. All day and night. They have easy access to her up a stairwell. Like little billy goat gruff, she runs across, carrying her safety spray. Scared.

She knows the latest rape cases by heart, quotes them to me, the words tumbling out, a long line of horrible happenings. She is waiting for her turn to be added to the list.

She can’t tell her mum. She doesn’t want her to worry.

Her apartment was broken into last week in the middle of the day. The burglars took her laptop and her car keys, and later her car. The police told her they were too busy to come.

She doesn’t want her picture to be seen now. Not in case the migrants attack again, but because the feminists will come after her and hound her as a racist for speaking out. The migrant men scare her. But it is Swedish women who have silenced her.

I saw it in action when I ran to the scene of an unexploded hand grenade in a bin outside the police station of a no-go area of town, near a mosque. I asked the police who the target was.

They said they didn’t know. I asked the Muslim leader at the mosque. He said he thought it was the police.

Then two women grabbed me and told me not to make this about the mosque, not to make this a Muslim issue. This was about the police — nothing to do with migrants. I wondered if they weren’t missing the point. A bomb in a bin.

Within twelve hours of my landing in Sweden, an asylum centre was burned down, arson suspected; a hand grenade was planted in a bin, either for the police or the mosque; and another hand grenade exploding, injuring one in Malmö.

Whether this noisy stuff matters or not is open to debate. I’d argue this is madness. I am in utter disbelief that this is Sweden in the 21st century, a country idolised for its ultra-advanced ideals.

A cameraman for the Swedish equivalent of the BBC asked me why this had to be politicised at all; why couldn’t it just be that someone put an explosive device in a bin?

I looked at him and wondered which one of us was mad.

Later I went back to walk the no-go suburbs, ending up back in the centre of the town. A week earlier this place was torched and looted as the world looked on.

I wondered what was strange, besides the weird calm. And realised it was that I was the only woman in the place. Everyone else was young, African and male. Speaking Arabic. Hanging about, utterly without purpose.

Frustrated, I asked a few of them what they were doing, what was the point, what they would ever achieve by standing about. The mum in me was furious.

‘F*ck off, you white woman whore, go suck your mum,’ they replied, and proceeded to demonstrate what they did to their ‘little white girlfriends’.

The next morning, I went to a local women’s multi-faith centre to ask where they all were at night, why they stayed indoors, why, in a country proud of its equality, they were trapped inside?

I was ready to blame their religion, snarling at a regressive ideology which keeps women in the kitchen.

But that was only part of the story.

One lady explained: there is a strange moral code here in Rinkeby. You are much more exposed to crime if you are not a Muslim. These boys think they can take everything from a woman who is not wearing a hijab or at least covers her hair.

Another, Besse, told me: we don’t go out on the streets here after dark. It is too dangerous. I have lived here for 25 years and it has gotten worse and worse. The situation now is so tense that it is impossible for me to go to, say, the supermarket to get some milk.

Parwin, a Christian lady, blamed the mosques: it is because of all the things they are teaching in the mosque. They are Salafists there, just like Isis. They should close the mosque because that is where these kids have learned these bad things.

But one thing they all agree on is that they do not go out. They do not go out because they are scared — Muslim, Christian, young and old alike.

Just like Swedish Lucy, trapped in her home by fear.

Worried about by their children, too worried to tell their own mums.

I felt for these ladies, comfortable in each other’s company here, but horribly alone at home. Only four speak Swedish; the rest still rely on their Arabic tongue. Even after 25 years.

I left saddened. Saddened that in a country so proud of women’s rights, that leads the way on maternity and female equality, pockets of life like this exist.

Where women of all religions and colour are trapped in their home by fear.

Where young men are happy to tell me to my face that I am a white whore and make sexual gestures to show me my place.

Where the reason one women is scared to show her face is because the feminists will vilify her with racial slurs.

Where the public broadcaster wants me to accept a hand grenade in a bin is normal.

Standing in the queue for the bus, surrounded by these people, I can honestly say, I have never felt so alone.

  • SonOfSA

    So so sad! Hang the rapists! Bury him in a pig sty. Don’t allow them to make a martyr of him.

    • steve smith

      No, cut their “weapon” off! Then hang him in public for all the rest of those perverts to see; you rape – you’ll be shamed and hanged for all to see how useless you will be to the 72 virgins that you think are waiting for you!!
      They are scared to death of losing their “manhood”, particularly executed by a female!
      I can guarantee radical change in behavior – in a very short period of time!

      • SonOfSA

        In a way I do agree with you! Problem is we don’t want to go down to their level! (Reminds me of “when they go low … we go Hi…” Lower and Lower.) It is quite a thought however I’ve never thought of them loosing their “Junk” how they look at it with their 72 (Raisins) I mean virgins? I know we will be ‘sexless’ in heaven. Talking about 72 Virgins I’ve always wondered what a women jihadist gets… Can you picture the poor women’s face 1000 years on 71 ex-virgins just waiting with huge grins on their dials… while one is on the job so to say! I’d love to ask an islamist!

        • Michi Kaputnik

          That’s what Muslims count on. No matter what they do & how they do it. Nothing Terrible will be returned in kind! Europe is Weak! BTW that’s why in spite of everything the U.S. fights to keep their 2nd Amendment Right to own & bear arms…


        The process of chemical castration is not a mystery. Hell, even an overdose of salt peter could do it to you. Now who’s running the restaurants where islamists dine daily? What, you thought we did not know?

      • Kenek

        when moslem men are executed by a woman they do not go to heaven, they do not get their virgins. like the stink-pots they are, they go straight to hell where they can meet their profit, who by the way WAS KILLED BY A WOMAN!
        by their own twisted teachings their moslem profit went to hell like all the other women.

        • Toy Pupanbai

          “WAS KILLED BY A WOMAN!”.
          and, “he felt his aorta torn”, which was the sign that he was a False Profit”!

      • Toy Pupanbai

        I suggest an even deadlier weapon, offer no, “Benefits”?

  • Wiggz

    Europe is doomed. Self-inflicted immolation.

    • alex

      i agree. moslems will never ever change. if they are gay or trans they will always put allah first. remember this and all allah stands for and believes in. 2nd 3rd generation doesn’t matter it’s like it gets told tomoslem child at birth?!

  • Juan
  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden democratically voted to turn over control of the country to islam twenty or more years ago when they opened up the nation to all immigrants, no questions asked, welfare cash provided immediately. Now, the cultural enhancement that they want, they have got. Like typical socialists they assumed they knew everything, that everyone else would admire and seek to participate in their hallucination of utopia. Like all socialist fools, they made decision causing the iron law of unforeseen consequences to come solidly into effect. Now, what sweden sees is what sweden brought and paid for. It is a loss to civilization, let the parasites of islam eat the carrion of the swedish nation as it is dead, save at least on funeral expenses.

    • Dan Knight

      good summation Mahou …


      Recently I watched some mind numbing very long documentary series on what happened to Europe after WW2. Being only 40, I was not there. The interesting take away is that the war did not end with the signal the war was over, but rather the wars carried on in isolation here and there for many more years. It’s entirely too soon for Europe to think the blood spilled is forgotten. There is nothing wrong with cultural or national identity and Europeans had continued to fight over those ideals for years and years after the war. Proud to be white. Proud to be Christian. To each his own, take no quarter, and American first.

      • Gizzard

        That’s your sick opinion
        Mozzies won’t change only pretend to be another nationality and speak the lingo they pretend to be and faith
        We’re onto you

    • Toy Pupanbai

      And invited the Jews, (Who don’t want Multiculturalism for themselves!) through the Paideia organisation, to help them commit Cultural Suicide!

  • kim

    swedish women hide, all we will see are muslum women wearing their sheets and headbags. OMG swedish women hiding in their own country. Pathetic. and muslums cry “racist” if they don’t have an answer to a question about themselves, culture or trouble making ways..

    • birgit3

      that is what fascists do…they accuse others of the very thing they are.

      • felix1999

        That is what Obama did for 8 years and revving up to do more… paid protesters and spying on Trump with his moles…Obama will NOT allow Trump to normalize our country which means destroying his “legacy”. Trump will win but it will be a battle.

  • alex

    mozlmes want to be feared, they intimidate bully and manipulate. be careful world – they are more trecherous than a snake, they smile in a murderous way.

  • LibertyBelle

    Ironically there is a real psychological disorder named Stockholm Syndrome: feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor; identifying with your abuser. Making excuses for the abuser. Denying actual situation. Unable to leave the unhealthy situation.

  • JacksonPearson

    President Trump brought up Sweden’s Islamic violence problems and was immediately jumped on as not being true. Well that didn’t last very long whereas it’s been proven as false as the prophet Muhammad. The news, rapes and violence there told a different story where Trump was right…yet no apologies.
    No it doesn’t. Killing anyone will bring you closer to, and right into hell.

  • LibertyBelle

    Ironically most Swedes do not blame muslims for the increase in rape and violence. They tell the women to cover up, don’t go out alone at night, etc.They don’t realize they are victims, hostages of the immigrants. Stockholm Syndrome: feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I notice she doesn’t dare blame the f’ing muslums. She better get ready to bow down to her muslum masters.

  • santashandler

    Sweden has been such a liberal, open and accepting country for so long, that it is their culture to just look the other way. This time is different. While they look the other way, their country is being destroyed from within. Muslim apologists abound, combined with an overall apathetic mindset that it’ll all ‘go away’, will be Sweden’s doom.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden describes itself as a humanitarian super power, the world see it as socialist super stupid.

    • Michi Kaputnik

      The Men & Government of Sweden are Weak!

      • pipo

        Which men? The men who are wearing sandals with socks like in Germany. In Germany the Waffen SS wore uniforms made by Hugo Boss. In Sweden they have IKEA and all the rest is gone, no ABBA, no Pippi Longstocking, nothing left just burn the place down with the muzzrats.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The Waffen SS also killed unarmed women and children.

          • Kenek

            but they never killed anyone who was “innocent” much like moslems have never killed anyone who is “innocent”. the koran tells us so.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are no men in sweden, the government is beyond weak, it is insipidly stupid.

      • Toy Pupanbai

  • suqsid4

    Sweden is a country of cowards that disregards respect for its daughters. Shame on you, Sweden.

    • Kenek

      their “daughters” are feminists who enabled and are still support the moslem invasion.
      collaborators deserve no sympathy, even if they are female.

  • WadeBaker

    Citizens allowed to carry firearms could probably clean this up in a few weeks. I guess they’re too enlightened for all that.

    • robscottw

      No handguns in Sweden. The people are disarmed.

      • WadeBaker

        I assumed so, or the problem would never have achieved this level.

      • pipo

        But if necessarry we can supply Sweden with arm in order to defend themselves.

  • Oracle9

    Meanwhile the Western media attack the messengers. The Swedish government, by actively suppressing this information and refusing to gather details on perpetrators is the one agency responsible for this breakdown of their society. Until a few more Swedes choose not to remain blind to the problem, it will not improve.

  • James Stamulis

    What a shame for Sweden was such a beautiful country with a wonderful people and heritage. The liberal mindset destroys the host always.

  • Dan Knight

    i.e. Sweden is like a Mexican barrio or a black ghetto here in the States. … Crime rates far higher than anything reported. Murders and kidnapping go unsolved – if they’re even investigated. Almost everyone is a victim of some sort of crime – while the “Victims” are criminals. And everyone blames the “racists” rather than tackling the problem.

  • Dan Knight

    Stockholm Syndrome (courtesy of Google) …

    Most experts, however, agree that Stockholm syndrome has three central characteristics:

    The hostages have negative feelings about the police or other authorities.
    The hostages have positive feelings toward their captor(s).
    The captors develop positive feelings toward the hostages.

    • Dan Knight

      Sweden of course is an entire nation with “Stockholm Syndrome,” but they do not suffer due to Islam – they suffer due to communism, socialism, Leftism, Liberalism, or whichever label fits bets.”

      If Stockholm syndrome has three central characteristics, Liberal Victim Syndrome should have:

      1. The drones have negative feelings about Western Civilization including the Rule of Law, Science, Art, History, Technology, Prosperity, and Progress – not to mention low crime rates and high participation by those not born in the aristocracy.

      2. The drones have positive feelings towards criminals, barbarians, thieves, slavers, rapists, liars, and the violent.

      3. The Leftists develop positive feelings toward their drones.

      … rewriting it this way – we can see that Point 3 is inaccurate. The aggressor virtually never develops positive feelings towards hostages, but instead develops greater contempt for them and for their lives.

      Also – Stockholm syndrome points to why the Normals bow to the Crazies – especially when the Crazies have the power of violence to intimidate the Normals. .

  • bannedquran20

    Sweden just rolled over in the dirty gutter and died.

  • Michi Kaputnik

    All I want to know is, Where are the Men who were born there? Why are they allowing this to happen. Or are they Cowards Goose Stepping in line with the Swedish Government that has their heads up their own Arses?

    • Kenek

      “Where are the Men who were born there?”
      the swedish feminazis cut their nuts off a couple of generations ago.

  • robscottw

    Only civil war, and massive ethnic cleansing, can save Europe now.

    Sad, the thing liberals (supposedly) hate the most – war – has to be the result if the West wants to survive.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Military coups might work as well, but regardless millions are going to have to die.


    This was an excellent article. The new and proper description for migration is this; Importing ignorance. Save one today they take your home. Then tomorrow there is two more. You can’t solve ignorance by removing one of the ignorant persons and re locating them. Why women don’t slash rapists with knives across the throat and face remains a mystery to me. My wife is required to always carry a knife on her person, and I check to make sure she never forgets. I won’t always be there, but she’s rather good at slash and parry at this point. Why don’t I hear stories of women whom pretend to be victims but then turn and kill the rapists instead? None of this makes sense, how could an entire culture of persons be pacifists? We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Better to die fighting. Sweedish ladies are welcome to migrate to the USA, the last stand for Christianity.

  • Pamela Olson

    Merkel and all the EU elites allowed this to happen!! They ‘WANT” this to happen. The faster they can change out the demographic of the normal EU resident from whatever Caucasian country they reside or come from; this is what the EU wants for you and your women!! WAKE UP Western Europe!! Wake up NOW before they take not only your wives, your daughters, your sisters, but come for you with knives and bombs in the hopes of blowing you all outta history!! WAKE UP and get out of the EU and send these demons back to their hell hole asap!!

  • Will Norholm

    I hate to say it but you can’t reason with these people. Once they become habituated they become possessed by demons. As a Christian I believe in going about this in a peaceful way, but these people are possessed animals. I am Norwegian, and my family migrated away from Scandinavia a long time ago. I am glad I don’t live there. I believe when most of the Christians left Europe it had a very negative impact on all of Europe. This is when many country’s over there became Socialist. Socialism is anti Christian by nature. I believe most of Europe is now 5% or less Christian by population percentages. The bible does warns us that when people reject God they open themselves up to these things. Socialist ideals led to both world wars. Instead of rejecting those terrible ideas most European countries doubled down on their Socialist ideas. Hence the mess they’re in now! Heck they invited these people into their own country, and now they won’t stand up against them because of their own political correctness. This is exactly what happened when Hitler came to power. The German people didn’t have the freedom to stand up to him and fight him! If I lived over there I can see myself losing it. I don’t know why people don’t band together and fight their own government and kick these people out of their country. Oh yeah, most of them don’t own guns! They decided to give up their rights to create a better society. This is the Socialist way! I’m related to some of the meanest Vikings that ever lived. William the Conquerer, and Rollo. The true Vikings left that country along time ago and became Christians. I hope you people over there wake up and turn to God. You need to do it now or you will lose all.

  • denise smith

    Swedish police chief Peter Ågren account for not reporting the sexual abuses in August 2015 was:, we do not dare to say how things really are because we believe it will play into the hands of the (Sweden Democrats).

  • Kenek

    “young girls are scared to go out at night.”
    but this is exactly what their liberal/feminist mothers want for their family. What is the problem, by consistently progressive attitudes they are getting exactly what they have been asking for, progressive treatment by their new moslem masters. Stop whining and accept the fruits of your policies.
    What were moslem women doing at the meet, collecting names and addresses for their sons to use when they want a “rape night” out with their buddies? moslem women advocate FOR the enslavement of dirty white kufar women. (Yes their koran calls the non-believers dirty, just inderneath feces and urine on the list, every moslem child knows this.)
    According to the koran it is impossible to rape a slave, they are property. Never trust a moslem, especially a moslem female.

  • TempestWeaver

    Marine Le pen must win.

  • Bill

    And the sad thing is, most of these young women are probably progressive/socialists

  • Bill

    Liberalism is truly suicide for the West

  • Agni

    India have around 20 % muslim population while in crime muslims are indulged by more than or around 50% in all types of crime including rapes and the most popular 16 december 2012 rape.Muslim invaded india but they are now taken as equal citizen.but they are last only arab idolizer and want arabs to rule the world.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’ll bet Israel, which also has about 20% muslum population has similar crime statistics for muslums — but they’re better at covering it up.

  • Agni

    Islam is not religion but military strategy by arabs

  • Lodesman

    Muslims do as Muslims are. This behaviour is to be expected. Where the problem lies is with cultural Marxist enablers who control governments through indoctrination, threats, blackmail and bribery of elected and appointed officials. It is not an exaggeration to conclude that the State is rotten to its core when it cannot even protect its little female children. As to adults

  • Angel Gullo

    That’s what you get when you stop thinking for yourselves, and allow people into leadership positions that think for you and pass the legislation allowing monsters into your realm. I bet they are wishing they had a President Trump right about now.

  • Toy Pupanbai

    Sweden is past the tipping point.
    The amazing economy for so many years, will collapse and it wont be pretty when the money runs out.
    Street Interviews:
    Swedish women believe that the abuse/rape problem is due to the nature of ALL men!
    That there was no problem before they were over run with migrants, somehow makes no sense to them.
    They are mentally compromised?

  • peakpower

    This article is ridiculous. CNN told me there is no problem in Europe with muslims. And it’s racist to say muslims are anything but peaceful. Don’t confuse me with facts. If muslims want to rape and kill it’s only because that’s their culture. To not except that is white privilege and xenophobia. I mean….like…….whatever. Racists……

  • dba_deplorable_trader

    Where are the men? Sipping their soy lattes, growing moobs and shrinking testicles?

  • Greg K. Liebig Sr.











    AMEN !!

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