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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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Berkeley: Leftists riot AGAIN at anti-Trump protest, PEPPER-SPRAY elderly Trump supporter, police confiscate metal pipes, bats, bricks


These savages have utter contempt for the American democratic system, for the rule of law, and for anyone who doesn’t share their socialist, globalist, internationalist agenda. And they’re growing increasingly violent. Do Trump supporters’ lives matter?

“10 Arrested in Berkeley, Elderly Man Assaulted Following Violent Anti-Trump Protest,” by Charlie Nash, Breitbart, March 4, 2017:

Ten people were arrested in Berkeley, California on Saturday following an anti-Trump protest that sought to counter a march in support of President Trump.

“A total of 10 people were arrested, including five for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon and one for resisting arrest,” reported The Marin Independent Journal on Saturday. “Police reported items confiscated among the combatants were: ‘metal pipes, bats, 2x4s and pieces of wood. A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated.’”


“Some anti-Trump protesters threw things at Trump supporters. Berkeley police made occasional forays into the crowd, but mostly held back,” they continued. “Protesters spilled out into Martin Luther King Junior Way and were fighting in the middle of the street, and there were people punching each other on the sidewalks. Some people had bloody faces. One pro-Trump supporter was apparently sprayed in the face with Mace.”

Several attendees complained about the lack of intervention by police officers, a complaint that was also common during the anti-Milo Berkeley riot last month.

An elderly attendee wearing a MAGA hat was also pepper-sprayed, causing him to collapse on the floor.

“At least two people, with their faces covered up, could be seen on video trying to set fire to an American flag, while a photo on Twitter showed the bloody face of a man who wore a T-shirt that said ‘Trump is My President.’” added The LA Times….

  • Polk1970

    IF That senior DIES as a result of this BEATING ,THESE People are GUILTY of PRE MEDIDATED MURDER

    • Florian75

      He was pepper sprayed, not beaten. Nevertheless, I suppose pepper spray could cause a very serious reaction/complication for a person with a compromised respiratory system.

    • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

      Unjustifiably attack people with weapons, the gloves are off.

      Self defense and defense of others, threatened with imminent death or serious bodily injury is justified.

      Trayvon these thugs.

  • This is something that the left has in common with Islam.
    They are both fueled by intolerance and rage, insisting that all others must conform to their twisted belief systems.
    Violence and persecution are trademarks of every fascist organization, group, and mindset, and both apply to the left, just as much as they do with Islam.
    For those touting acceptance and inclusion, they tend to be the most judgmental and elitist in their mentality, becoming outright violent, petulant, and filled with rage, when they don’t get their way.
    Time for the leftists to learn the art of growing up in the real world.

    • Pray Hard

      Actually, it’s time for leftists to learn pain, real pain.

      • cm


        Unless the leftists experience pain…………they will not stop. And if they are not stopped, we will not have our civilization in the distant future. It must happen, and now.

    • the press critic 4u

      Lee Hicks,Damn good post.

      • Julian Farmer

        We have to go beyond “posting” comments now. When the “liberals” attack the elderly like this, it is an act of war. We are seeing the same in UK and Europe. The Police and Army will have to decide whose side they are on.

        • wilypagan

          Unfortunately it will not be our side. Military and police have been infiltrated.

          • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

            I’ve seen you post before. You are no Conservative. You are a Leftist.

            And truth be told, the military is coming out publicly on Trumps side.

            Our side.

          • wilypagan

            I am not a leftist. I am a nationalist who doesn’t buy the uniparty nonsense. I voted for Trump and I oppose open borders and government handouts to able bodied non-retired adults. If the military is on board with Trump, why did some idiot officer just issue a statement that the words “girl” and “boy” are prohibited language for enlistees? Do those words trigger you too, little boy Spottswoode?

          • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

            You are still the Leftist Pagan you’ve always been.

            And the Readership is well aware of the facts that Obama spent his entire term, firing good military leadership and perverting the military with the infusion of homosexuals and trannies.

            So, we are not surprised.

          • wilypagan

            Gays have often served with distinction in the military. I agree that Obama went over the top with social engineering re: sensitivity BS which should have no place in the military. Alexander the Great was gay.

          • Spottswoode, the Deplorable

            BS. Bradley Manning. And just about all the Cold War traitors and spies. Homosexuals.

            Until very recently, homosexuality was a red flag for security risks, as borne out by the Manning fiasco.

            Homosexuals are mentally ill and morally perverted, in addition to being heavily diseased.

            There is nothing good about homosexuality, and during most of my young adult life in the military, never saw an open homosexual. When discovered, they were run out on a Section 8 discharge.

            Besides that, Hoe moes are constantly lying and trying to turn folks hoe moe after they are dead (when they can’t defend themselves) and glom off their greatness.


            They even do this with cartoon characters — Sponge Bob (whose creator was aghast. SB is asexual, a child like SPONGE fer cryin out loud, or PopEye, and Minute Maid denied that as well).



            First and foremost, homosexuals LIE to everyone about everything. Maybe it’s a survival instinct become habit, by being in a closet and lying to everyone about who they are or are not.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    MSM generally spins the headlines so it looks like Trump supporters are responsible for the violence.

  • Pray Hard

    If a leftist throws a rock at you, what do you do? You catch it and throw it back twice as hard.
    If a leftist tries to hit you with a stick, what do you do? You avoid and or deflect the strike, take control of the weapon and use it against the leftist.
    Within every attack is the solution to the attack.
    Train daily in martial arts and firearms combat.

    • wilypagan

      Geez, what about those of us who just want to go to work, come home, and live a peaceful life. What is this? Sparta?

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    we need to start demasking these people.. taking their pictures and posting them for all to see…its time to get some of their ass’s

  • Tm.

    The “university” needs to expel the violent students, or students who did not adhere to civilized etiquette, which is expected at protests. The Trump supporters need to sue. They were attacked, they were humiliated, they were injured. They may even develop something like PTSD? If this occurred on university grounds, especially while classes in session, then sue the school. The ACLU should represent the injured people. This is America, and last I heard, people have a right to support whomever they wish for office. The left is terrifying people so that they are afraid to express themselves. Freedom of speech is under attack. Attaking an elderly person’s vile. Vile bullies!

    • Julian Farmer

      Most of these “students” were nothing of the kind. We see the same in UK. Suddenly the “Antifas” claim they are represent a whole town, as in “Luton United” as they did with EDL. The truth is that the “Antifas” are small in numbers and pig ignorant grievance mongers (mummy didn’t buy their latest trainers). A decent showing of ordinary people will soon see them run! We need to rid ourselves of fear and intimidate them. As I said they make a lot of noise and make it look there are more than there are.Soem months ago I noted English faces and voices in the first appearances of these Communistic pervert scum and their “hoodies”- all from “Hope Not Hate” UK- all Socialist Workers’ Party. These are paid up agitators. The Met Police London have files on these oiks – reams of them.

      • Julian Farmer

        These English Antifas were in US to set up their network and groups in US. I recpgnised the same faces and voices. They are behind the BLM etc and the pro -Moslem nonsense. America wake up!

        • wilypagan

          Return the favor. Support

      • Tm.

        People should be told if the protestors are students or paid agitators. If they are paid, who is paying them? It would be relatively simple to find out, why doesn’t media assist for once? Where are our security people. I still say sue, and press charges. People are being intimidated and hurry, physically and emotionally. These ARE attacks on freedom of speech, where is the ACLU, or are people of the “right” not covered by their representation?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Those arrested deserve a fair public trial, then a nice private cell in jail for a few years where they and write their idiot’s manifesto.

    • wilypagan

      I think a fixed Gatling gun in Berkeley would do the trick and would, in the long run, save taxpayer dollars.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    ” police confiscate metal pipes, bats, bricks …. ”
    With no arrest made ?!
    San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee giving orders to police to ‘stand down’ ?

    • Julian Farmer

      Yes, as they do in UK…

  • Johndoe

    That loser who pepper sprayed an elderly man will be caught and will learn the folly of their way behind bars. Respect your elders!

  • Janet

    This is totally out of hand! These cowards also punched a woman in the face and knocked her to the ground. They cover their faces because they’re no better than the KKK! How long are they going to keep this crap up? As long as Sorros is providing the funds I guess. And then that cow Lynch makes her little video calling for blood in the streets? Outrageous! I’ve had about enough of these pea brained stupid idiots who can’t even think for themselves. They’re products of the left like their crazy liberal professors brainwashed them to be. A lot of them didn’t even vote! What are the Democrats hoping for someone to get killed? MSM needs to quit calling them protesters. They are violent rioters and they’re out to hurt someone!

  • Fred-qwerty

    In the interests of self-preservation, I severely limit the amount of time I spend on any highway named after Martin Luther King. MLK espoused nonviolence, but many of the people living near areas named after him don’t.

  • bannedquran20

    sounds more like brownshirts and muslim zombies mentality.

  • papa doug

    Every rioter should be banned from the college if they are students and every rioter who does damage and violence get arrested and receive the maximum sentence including work restitution! If we stop coddling these people maybe they will stop creating havoc!

  • bcbingram

    I do not know which ‘law officers’ were there but I do NOT believe the it was Sheriffs who usually
    do NOT shy away from protecting citizens.
    Ill look at some Youtube and report back

  • debar

    Anyone who engages in violence or looting should be met with the same…..A bullet to the head…….Let this happen a handful of times and it will stop……..

  • unboundried

    The Trumpanzees started a fight. Why are they surprised that somebody showed up to fight it?

    • Blucross

      Another paid demo shill, to afraid to use real name or show face…..SHILL, enemy of freedom.

  • karl59

    These leftists are the 21st century Nazi brown shirts.

  • joe1429

    Are the police there to WATCH the violence against the trump supporters?? They should all be fired!!

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