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[ August 21, 2017 ]


[ August 21, 2017 ]

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ANTIFA Submit False FBI Terror Tip to Destroy Conservative Couple’s Lives


My fiancé and I are under FBI investigation after ANTIFA made a false tip, claiming that I am a terrorist and our engagement is a sham.

In 2012, I was expelled from University for being “right wing”. This year, I hit national headlines when I triggered a university student on live television. I am also the Press Officer for Liberty GB – a political party in Britain run by Paul Weston, who was previously arrested for publicly quoting Winston Churchill.

You could say I am a provocateur with a big mouth, but certainly not a terrorist.

My fiancé is Martina Markota, a performance artist in New York City. After a decade of success in the industry, Martina publicly stated her conservative and libertarian views. ANTIFA immediately considered her a target, and began contacting her employers and coworkers.

Burlesque dancers and performance artists in her community heard about it, and immediately turned on her. They began a targeted campaign to get her fired and expelled from a community she had helped build. Suddenly, Martina was a “fascist” and “neo-Nazi” who didn’t deserve to be booked or hired ever again.

Figure 1 “Not interested in slander” – and yet this performer claims that Martina will gladly admit to being a “neo-Nazi”.

A community of radical leftists and “progressive” activists turned on Martina, pressuring her main employer to fire her, and her agent to stop booking her. Martina was fired and has not been booked for any work for over a month now. This means that both of us are suffering financially because of our political beliefs.

Since the inauguration, this community of performers have collaborated with ANTIFA to go one step further – their aim is to literally destroy our lives. As well as damaging Martina’s career, ANTIFA now appears to be hell bent on destroying our relationship.

On February 8th, we received a phone call from the FBI.

We were informed that they had received information that I was planning terrorist activity in the United States, and that our relationship was a sham to obtain a green card. Naturally, the FBI must take these tips seriously – however, it has meant that I have mysteriously been revoked access to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. I have used this program to enter the United States multiple times per year, for at least four years.

I have been reluctant to make this information public, as I hate to give these fascists any of my attention. I refuse, however, to sit idly by while these people do everything they can to destroy me.

ANTIFA has hit a new low. As well as going after decent peoples’ livelihoods, and physically attacking people in the street, they are now attempting to ban conservatives from the country, have me investigated for “terrorism” (which is clearly a ludicrous claim) and ruin our relationship.

Martina and I found each other because we both intend to lead a traditional, conservative life. We genuinely support Trump’s vision – we believe in returning to the values that really did make America great, and we just want to live a happy life and raise healthy children.

I am now faced with the very real possibility of hiring lawyers to solve this issue. I am unable to even visit Martina while we go through this. I just want to go to America to and meet her family.

Friends have suggested that we set up a fundraising campaign to help pay for any legal costs this will now require. If anybody is kind enough to consider helping us, you can do so via the WeSearchr fund by clicking here, or by clicking here to see how you can donate via Paypal.











  • Suresh

    Left/Liberals are just scumbag collaborator with jihadis.

    Obama, Hillary , most Dems , RINO’s have been working against American interests for a long time . And are nothing more than paid puppets of lobbyists for saudi/OIC and Iran too

    • Craig

      They are the ones who said “better red than dead”. So, their cowardice would allow them to accept chains and slavery but NOT stand and fight for freedom that others have died for.
      After I came back from Viet Nam, I have always treated the left as the enemy, which is, in fact, who they are.

      • Ray_Sears

        DITTO !

  • patriotusa2

    These insidious groups are popping up everywhere in this country and shouldn’t be permitted to exist!

  • kryan74

    why is his twitter handle blacked out? Post that crap. Let the world see who it is.

    • Jack Buckby

      It’s @jackbuckby:disqus

      • Craig

        No, the ass-clown that wrote the bad post on facebook.

        • Jack Buckby

          Oh I see. I actually blacked that out myself. There are many more that I could have included to, but I don’t want to see people harassed online. Though they probably deserve it, we are better people than them.

          • Tim Scott

            That attitude is what encourages them to do this kind of thing. Yes, we are better than them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t step on cockroaches when we find them. “Think of it as evolution in action.”

          • mztore

            Smart move. If they had gotten even one harassing e-mail, they would have claimed it was your fault and sue.

  • Speak the Truth

    @ President Trump:

    Please ensure that the person(s) who made this false report is required to reimburse the FBI for ALL costs associated with this investigation.

    • foundingfathersfollower

      ………..and pay all of this couples legal costs to defend themselves against these

  • Len Miskulin

    Its time to turn the tables and hunt those brain dead gestapo deviants down. With extreme prejudice.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Time to destroy the left using the weapons they are using to destroy everyone else. There is no point in taking the “high road” with these liars and assassins, it is time to strangle these swine in the mud, which will require getting a dirty. There is no other way, decent leads to martyrdom which accomplishes very little.

    • Craig

      I never take the “high road” with my enemies. They don’t deserve it and they certainly will not reciprocate. Go straight for the throat and do not let up.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What if the high road is at 52,000 feet and dropping daisy cutters?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The buddhists and Hindus of Afghanistain took the high road WRT muslums — now they’re all gone. Lebanese Christians took the high road WRT muslums and now they’re being ethnically cleansed by same.

      • Sunshine Kid

        History is replete with gentle people being wiped out by forked tongue devils. Ask the Native American how trust worked with them dealing with conquerers.

  • santashandler

    This is disgusting. Unfortunately, this will probably continue with other conservatives.

    Jack states:
    “On February 8th, we received a phone call from the FBI.
    We were informed that they had received information that I was
    planning terrorist activity in the United States, and that our
    relationship was a sham to obtain a green card.” Since when does the FBI, or any other law enforcement agency for that matter, TELL a person over the phone they are investigating them before they are even charged??? Wait, is this still America? The FBI could have cleared this matter up within a day or so without ever having contacted Jack. It is intimidation tactics, pure and simple. All the more reason the FBI director should go.

    • mztore

      You are absolutely correct… the IRS would call you and tell you that you need to pay your past due taxes? I think now. I still feel the FBI director should never been retained, but then again – – – “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”. Might that be why President Trump kept him on?

      • santashandler

        Trump might be stringing him along to what all he has.

  • Craig

    I would say Jack and Martina’s biggest problem is trying to be Americans in New York, a communist POS state and city. New York is a disease and needs to be treated as such.

  • az

    Here in Europe these radical left groups grow on trees. This is called “Character assassination”, one of the weapons of choice in their arsenal.
    When the authorities and political power play along with that, it’s a sure win for the leftards.
    They do that everything f****** day on national TVs to trash Trump and his policies. This is why I don’t watch political news anymore. I know they’re biased.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Not a new low, they have been doing that for a long time :)

  • Bill

    Antifa = domestic terrorists.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    They won’t be the last to be persecuted by the fascists of ANTIFA.

  • Tim Scott

    I’m a big believer in tit-for-tat. These people have set the rules of engagement. What we need (on the Right) is people who have the computer skills to track these people back to their true identities and create enough misery in their lives to discourage this sort of thing in the future.

    • Ray_Sears

      I proffer ” if you kick my dog, i’ll kill your cat ” to tit-for-tat, because i love to kill flies with a sledgehammer !

  • James Walker

    No decent liberal should support fascist filth like the AntiFirstAmendment parasites of the left. These people are truly the enemies of liberty with their sneaky lying skulking backstabbing tactics. They are nothing but a bunch of filthy cowards. Without a molecule of masculinity among the lot of them.

  • Christian Gains

    Well now…ANTIFA (which REALLY MEANS “ANTI-FACTS”), is going more cyber…hmmmm…Well, I’m thinking that they’re REALLY WELL PAID servants of a REALLY WELL HEELED power junkie, that REALLY WANTS to destroy…and that’s about it. They label other people “FASCISTS”, while IN FACT, they are “NAZI “BROWN SHIRT” replicators themselves!


    Their too “inspired” to realize that they’re NOTHING MORE THAN SAD “throw away pawns” of a 21st Century NEO-HITLER…Actually tho, I’ve not decide as yet, whether they’re simply dimwitted morons OR actually Soooo evil inspired, that they’re hopeless slaves to their “spirit helpers”, that their “MASTER” has sent them…either way, I’m concerned that they’ll succeed in their “QUEST” to “BAULKINIZE” America, and destroy it from within, as their “puppet handler” (and “head honcho” of the “SHADOW GOVT.”), desires them to….(AND! As his MASTER did with Yugoslavia, & Ukraine), so that he can victoriously hand this Continent over to his Muslim compatriots….and fulfill his “GLORIOUS LEGACY”….

    SAD isn’t it? You’d think that EVEN he could glean that the conclusion of WWII wasn’t a good ending for the GENUINE FASCIST DEMONS that were released….and that he’s manipulating back into service….

    Well,(as the intrepid one so oft declared): “Stupid IS as STUPID does!”….PATHETIC THO…

  • unemployed ex civil servant

    The authorities are mired in political correctness so they will side with ANTIFA communists every time.

  • B17G

    War to the knife.

  • movingwaters

    This couple first needs to ask Alex Jones to do a segment on Infowars concerning their plight. It will reach a huge audience, including some in government, intelligence services, and President Trump. I would do this even before hiring lawyers. Antifa and the other scum bullies love to keep their devious ways from the knowledge of the general public. Shine a great big light on them.

  • Jake_Arr

    Any time someone blacks out a name of a supposed twitter post as evidence, I label it as FAKE NEWS.

    • Jack Buckby

      We have tons of them. I blacked them out on purpose. If they get any mean tweets and cry to the police, they’ll point it to me, and then I’m in trouble.

      We are looking into legal action though, so might make names more public soon.

  • Black Opal

    Hooray for antifa! 😄

  • John Smith

    Left fascists have been doing this for some time now, especially in defense of muslims. These people are doing everything to destroy people’s lives short of actually physically attacking them…though in some cases they do.

    They need to be found out, rounded up and jailed. Churchill was right, the next wave of fascists will call themselves anti-fascists and this proves the case. I doubt this is going to ever wind down-eventually there will be a civil war between citizens and muslims aligned with fascist-leftists the way things are going.

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