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Vice President Pence Joins Jewish Prayer, Helps Clean Up VANDALIZED Jewish Cemetery in St Louis


How beautiful and genuine.

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Vice President Mike Pence makes unannounced visit to damaged gravestones in St. Louis Jewish cemetery. He gave a speech through a loudspeaker.

“I spoke words earlier today in St. Louis that were from the heart. There is no place in America for hatred, prejudice, or acts of violence, or anti-semitism. I must tell you that the people of Missouri are inspiring the nation by your love and care for this place and the Jewish community. I want to thank you for that inspiration. For showing the world what America is all about,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

Nearly 200 headstones that were damaged and toppled in the Chesed Shel Emeth Society cemetery in the St. Louis suburb of University City in Missouri. Members of the community have been left rattled.

This year alone, 54 Jewish community centers in 27 states and one Canadian province received dozens of bomb threats, according to the Jewish Community Center Association.

Vice President Mike Pence is in Fenton to tour a plant and talk about job growth. He commented on the act of vandalism in St. Louis.

“Monday morning America discovered that nearly 200 tombstones were toppled in a nearby Jewish cemetery. Speaking just yesterday President Trump called this, ‘a horrible and painful act.’ And so it was. That, along with other recent threats to Jewish Community Centers around the country. He declared it all a sad reminder of hate, prejudice and evil.

We condemn this vile act of vandalism and the people who perpetrated it in the strongest possible terms.

It has been inspiring to people all across this country to see the people of Missouri rally around the Jewish community with compassion. You have inspired this nation with your kindness and your generosity.

Three days ago my wife and daughter and I were overseas. We saw first hand what happens when hatred runs rampant in a society. We were near Munich Germany where we visited where the first Nazi concentration camps were constructed. We were accompanied by a survivor of Dachau. A 93-year-old man who said he arrived there as a 17-year-old boy. He told us of his hellish life as we walked through that memorial. He toiled as a slave while others around him were taken away one by one to never return. By the grace of God he survived.

Before he left, he spoke words that touched my heart, and I’ll always carry with me throughout my life. They resonate with me today. He spoke of his hellish existence in the waning days of the war. He looked up at me with a smile and said, ‘Then the Americans came.’

He spoke of the kindness of the American soldiers that liberated that camp. He pointed a finger at me and said, ‘When you go back you thank every one of those soldiers for what they did. Will you join me in applause for every man and woman who has worn the uniform of the United States of America.'”

Police are reviewing security camera tapes from the St. Louis area cemetery, but its director, Feigenbaum, said the footage has not provided any clues on who was behind he attack.

Crews are cleaning up the cemetery, straightening the headstones and assessing the damage.

The White House has denounced the spate of threats made against Jewish community centers around the country.

The response followed weeks of criticism that the Trump administration has not been forceful enough in denouncing the anti-Semitism that has occurred since his election.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    democrats playing dominos, they think it is fun to denigrate other cultures, democrats are getting to be a disgusting as the muslims that own them.

  • Mark Steiner

    From the article: “The response followed weeks of criticism that the Trump administration has not been forceful enough in denouncing the anti-Semitism that has occurred since his election.”

    The criticism is overdone. Any administration can do only so much. The Vice President provided a fair gesture to undo the damage done in St. Louis. Jewish groups complaining about the “oversight” need to expend energy to work – and identify – any far-left groups who increase miso-Judaism while impeding the Trump Administration efforts to return respect for law and order – thus making everyone in America, “safe”.

    • felix1999

      Some people are never satisfied or grateful.
      Did OBAMA EVER do anything for the Jews?
      Well the IRAN deal was done to DESTROY Israel.
      This vandalism was happening under Obama too!
      Not a peep out of Obama! But Obama was too busy stirring up RACE issues and backing black criminals.

      • Craig

        Yes, rat obama did do something to the Jews, he tried to overthrow their Prime Minister election with his soros goons and money.

      • Mark Steiner

        Correct. Obama was at war with Israel the entire time he was in office, and would not have blinked if Iran launched an IRBM at Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Fortunately, Israel has God and Iron Dome.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Don’t forget the Dolphin subs — supposedly the quietest ever made and fully capable of launching nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

    • Rob Porter

      I’m not an American, but will say that this incessant criticism of Trump on CNN – with pathetic ‘me too’ bleatings from CTV and CBC – is infantile and stupid. He’s been in office barely a month, but now must address every issue in one fell swoop. Absurd! In fact the constant criticism from the liberal/left is disgusting. Just very ugly, hate-filled, childish people!

      • Mark Steiner

        I work with some of them, Rob. They are far left, reactionary, can’t get enough of NPR, BBC and Howard Stern.

    • Dravaa

      Yes, it’s likely FAR-LEFT or MUSLIM haters damaging Jewish cemeteries and phoning in bomb threats to JCCs, not the “far-right” groups supposedly ’emboldened’ by Trump’s presidency Dem supporters mistakenly imagine it to be. Maybe there are a few of them as outliers in the mix, who knows? But this assault against Jewish JCCs and cemeteries is far more likely to be coming from Muslims/leftists who DO have a 21st c. history of this sort of thing in America. In Seattle the son of Pakistani Muslims stormed a random JCC yelling “I am a Muslim! And I’m upset about Israel!” and began shooting everyone he could see, killing the Director.

      • Mark Steiner

        True. And, by and large Trump supporters and Christians would, out of principle, avoid such displays of destruction against Jews and anyone else.

  • He looked up at me with a smile and said, ‘Then the Americans came.’

    He spoke of the kindness of the American soldiers that liberated that camp. He pointed a finger at me and said, ‘When you go back you thank every one of those soldiers for what they did. Will you join me in applause for every man and woman who has worn the uniform of the United States of America.’”


    • felix1999

      That was very heart warming. That is the America I am proud of. President Trump wants to bring back THAT America.

      • Craig

        Yes, Mr. Trump does do that.

  • Sufferfortribe

    Now that’s a VP that makes me proud to be an American.

    • IzlamIsTyranny


  • Eyal

    Destroying cemeteries. Such an act of cruelty and stupidity… Those people are already dead but I guess for some this is not enough.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The f’ing muslums have regularly vandalized Jewish cemeteries across Israel. Muck all fuslims, death to muslum collaborators.

      • Craig

        This is designed to inflict pain…nothing more.
        Muslims and their high school stooges have done this. There was a big attack all across the nation when rat obama became president in 2008 and many large cemetery sculptures were destroyed. I guess they were “punishing” the rich as they said they would do at the DNC convention in 2007.

      • joe1429

        Was in Ukraine a few years back, and there are numerous places where they have apartment bulidings, with small plaques, outside in the front, commemoratinfg the jewish cemetaries that were underneath. The Germans during ww2, removed the headstones, and built right over them

  • felix1999

    Bet ya the vandals were MUSLIMS.
    Yes, that was a great generation.
    Hopefully President Trump will restore our military.

  • knightsstrength

    Good on Pence

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Ditto, it’s unprecedented. As soon as the muslum perps are found I’ll be waiting for the inevitable cries of “nothing to do with islam”.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where the f*(k is US law enforcement? Too busy investigating baconator “terrorist attacks” against mosques? Too busy covering up islamic honor killings?

  • J Butterfield

    Muslims raised almost 113 thousand dollars, still 25 days collecting to go.

    Campaign organized by Linda Sarsour of MPower Change and Tarek El-Messidi of CelebrateMercy. Proceeds will go directly to the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery in light of the recent damage. Any remaining funds – after the cemetery is restored – will be allocated to repair any other vandalized Jewish centers.

    • Dravaa

      A mere PR move on their behalf (and how much of that money actually came from Muslims or did it come from leftist Jews and deBlasio supporters?) BECAUSE if Muslims would stop preaching Jew-hatred in their mosques most of the vandalism of Jewish cemeteries and bomb threats to JCC’s and defacements of Jewish places would not be happening in the first place.
      Why was a Muslim woman hijabi surreptitiously filming the entrance of a yeshiva in New York City? Why did a Muslim in Seattle, the son of a prominent Imam, storm a JCC yelling “I am a Muslim! And I’m upset about Israel!” and begin shooting everyone he could see, KILLING the Executive Director?

      • J Butterfield

        Thank you for your reply.

  • jjeffs63

    While it still COULD wind up that the perps here were NOT muslim, there is a direct correlation with anti-semitic attacks and harrassment of Jews on college campuses and the ever increasing number of muzzies being brought over on scolarships funded by you and me.
    Funny how the same people attacking President Trump for his “too little too late” condemnation, are the ones clamoring for MORE muslim immigration.

  • Merlinever

    I’d be much more impressed if Pence had NOT traveled to Europe and stated, contrary to Trump’s position, that he was in full support of the European Union.

  • joker

    That was the most secure graveyard.

  • Extirpates

    VP Pence knows that actions speak much louder than words. Good for him!!!!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Let Lady Gag eat urinal cake…

  • joe1429

    God bless you, Vice President Pence!!!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Do you want to personally thank V.P. Pence? Here’s where to do so:

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