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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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WATCH FULL VIDEO President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu Joint Press Conference Today “A New Era”


For those of us who endured eight years of antisemitism and attacks against the Jewish state by President Obama, this was a glorious moment. This marks a turning point — we have embarked on a glorious new era in US/Israel relations.

President Trump began the press conference by speaking about the Iranian threat. “One of the worst deals I’ve ever seen is the Iran deal. My administration has already imposed new sanctions on Iran, and I will do more to prevent Iran from ever developing, I mean ever, a nuclear weapon.”

He praised the US military assistance to Israel as necessary.

Speaking about the peace process, Trump said: “It is the parties themselves who must directly negotiate such an agreement,” and that both sides would have make compromises to achieve peace.

Trump did not commit to the two state solution, saying that he would be happy with any agreement Israel and the PA reach.

Trump told Netanyahu “I’d like to see you hold back on settlements a little bit.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu attacked the PA for its incitement, the salaries it pays to the murderers of Israelis and even Americans, and its denial of Jewish history and Jewish rights. “If anyone believes that I, as the Prime Minister of Israel, [who is] responsible for the security of my country, would blindly walk into a Palestinian terrorist state, which seeks the destruction of my country, they are gravely mistaken.”

‘We have a friend in the White House’

Israeli reaction: Coalition politicians welcomed President Trump’s warm approach to Israel and described the summit meeting as ‘the end of two-state epoch’.
Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett described it as “A new era. After 24 years, the Palestinian flag has been removed from the flagpost and exchanged for the Israeli flag.”

Science Minister Ofir Akunis said: “Today, after the Trump-Netanyahu meeting, the mistaken and dangerous concept of establishing a Palestinian terror state in the heart of Israel was finally discarded. Even President Trump understands that the “two-state” idea would not bring peace to the Middle East and that other solutions must be found to achieve peace. This is an important day for lovers of the land of Israel.”

The Young Likud members welcomed Netanyahu’s uncompromising stance on Israel’s security. “At this time we should not be involved in establishing a Palestinian state but rather in strengthening Israel’s security in light of the various regional threats and in maintaining the growth of communities throughout the land of Israel.

“We also thank President Trump for his deep friendship and support for the State of Israel. Finally a president respects Israel as a sovereign state which can make its own decisions about what is good for it.

“The state of Israel need not apologize for returning to “Judea, the birthplace of the Jewish nation”, nor does it need to apologize for maintaining its strong stance on security.

“Thank you, Prime Minister Netanyahu and thank you, President Trump.”

Minister Ayoob Kara(Likud) described the Netanyahu -Trump summit as a “dream come true. The Israeli spring is beginning in the Middle East as if Obama never existed. Agreements about the Iranian threat, no pressure on Israel on the Palestinian issue. A very good start.”

Samarian regional council head Yossi Dagan said that “the conference we made in the Knesset proved itself, I always said that its all in the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu and whatever he says to the administration is what will count. We believe there is no reason he will not return with good news to Israel.”

Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant said that Trump’s speech was “historic, as he said ‘we will not allow Iran ever to have nuclear weapons. The Palestinians teach a lot of hate, they must stop and recognize Israel’ -those are his words. We ha

  • Patti York

    Bibi will school Trump on the issue of “settlements”. I see this as a VERY strong sign for Israel.

    • Mark Steiner

      He must stop calling them “settlements”.

  • Trump a Genuine Friend

    Benjamin Netanyahu looks happy and relaxed.
    President Trump is a genuine friend to Israel and he respects Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Finally Bibi doesn’t have to take any more abuse from Obama. Obama used and abused Bibi and Israel.
    The future looks brighter and lighter already. Thank G-d.
    Am Israel Chai!


    Time to ban the hate-inciting Islamic TV-channels in Israel, free the people out of the mosques & ban Islam.
    Trump should fire James Mattis & hire Benjamin Netanyahu.
    Israel is a much better partner then Russia, as Israel is not against Israel & not against the English language.
    This is about peace globally.
    We must free the Biafra-leader imprisoned in Nigeria. We can’t tolerate such treatment of sovereign people.
    The same goes for Africans enslaved from Saudi Arabia to Mauritania, UAE to new north-Sudan & all others suppressed by Islam.
    We have technology. We must bring freedom.
    Time for a new era globally. Ban Islam. Save lives.

  • Walt Parkman

    Trump said that he’d like to see the US embassy move to Jerusalem and said his administration is studying the issue closely. This is very cool.

    • Mark Steiner

      Good. Let’s get that embassy movin’ into Jerusalem pronto, li’l doggie!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is time for civilization to retake the territory lost under the axis powers of democrat, islam and socialism. The absurdity of multicultural political correctness attained the pinnacle of stupidity under sheik o’bimbo. Israel is where civilization will restart in the middle east. 1 Kings 10 – 2
    “Arriving at Jerusalem with a very great caravan–with camels carrying spices, large quantities of gold, and precious stones–she came to Solomon and talked with him about all that she had on her mind”. islam will pay tribute to Israel.

    • Dean

      Trump is more than just a shift in Administrative policies regarding Israel. He has walked a mile away from the last couple decades of American ambivalence and Obama’s duplicity regarding Israeli and Palestinian jihadists positions. However, his public statements regarding his son-in-law achieving a peace agreement is disheartening if it is more than just PR. However expecting that Trump will fully understand that the choice is between civilization and savages that are utterly incapable of self-government and a productive economy is a little bit too optimistic for me to expect despite wanting nothing less.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Trump’s comments about “settlements” in Judea and Samaria turned my stomach.

        • Dean

          Either he was trying for some PR before Kirshner’s impossible agreement talks or he depends on what he hears from the media. And unlike the wishful thinkers that believe he has modified the 2 state solution that has dominated our approach for 3 decades, he said he is open to a one state solution “if” both sides agree, which is meaningless. Nevertheless he is marching back from years of bad policies and may get it straight. However only Obama turned my stomach on just about every relevant policy. Trump is still refreshing in comparison..

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Whatever the reason promulgating a lie isn’t ever to be respected. The lie in the instant case being that Israeli “settlements” are somehow an impediment to “peace” w/the f’ing muslums.

  • I was lucky-enough to see it live and it was great, and each had a funny barb toward the other, it was….well, as Ms. Geller has noted…like Christmas. Perhaps, they can join forces and “take down” the clown formerly known as “The Current Executive”. You know, the guy with big ears?

  • Mark Steiner

    Well, I am thankful Mr. Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu met – it is certainly refreshing to see an American leader and a leader of Israel enjoy a discussion without contention or despicable behavior often displayed by Obama to the PM.

    However, this sourpuss writer adds caution: Mr. Trump needs to come out point-blank and declare there will be no Two-State, Road Map to Peace, or Oslo Accord matters left on the table. The land of Israel, including Judea-Samaria, belongs to Israel. If you live anywhere in Israel, you are subject to the laws of that nation and if you don’t like it, find another country. New (and much needed) construction in J-S and elsewhere are NOT settlements!

    Mr. Netanyahu need to get away from the internationalist/NWO influence that has handcuffed him, and kept his country from possessing the land that is rightfully for the Jewish people.

    Maybe it was expecting more than is realistic at this point in the Trump Administration.

    Want more? Check with Yoni Tidi (Yoni the Blogger) on at 12:00 noon Arizona time this Sunday. Yoni will not mince words. Tune in.

  • Patrick

    The unity of spirit between Trump and Netanyahu is heartwarming and a powerful force for good and righteousness for these troubled times we are living in. The maligning of Israel, Trump, and his cabinet is shamefully disgusting. Obama’s shadow government consisting of his operatives and bureaucrats embedded in our government are busy subverting the will of the people and everything Trump is attempting to do to secure our nation. The main-steam media is in cahoots with the left and attacks trump and his administration 24/7. This must stop!

  • Alleged Comment

    The negro’s head must be exploding like in the Arnold Schwarzen*gger movie Total Recall.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Yassir Arafat is not turning over in his grave. He is spinning. Enjoy the exercise, a**hole!

  • Marc

    A Two Citizenships Solution vs. a Jewish-Arab State :

    A two states solution is meaningless without changing citizenship of Israeli Arabs .
    Israeli Arabs obtained Israeli citizenship illegally and against international law.
    Unfortunately, Israel long ago became a bi-national , it’s an incubator for Arab people.
    Jews will not survive in a bi-national state.
    Israel must stop to impose Israeli citizenship to the hostile nation.

    Immediately after the establishment of a new Arab state west of the Jordan River (or return Jordanian control ), the Arabs of Haifa, Nazareth, Lod, Galilee, Negev, Jerusalem etc. must become citizens of their new state.
    If the Jews do not want to continue to live in a bi-national state, and within a generation become a minority in Israel, they must prepare for a referendum (as in Scotland) based on the UN resolution to divide Palestine for Jews and Arabs.

    Fatah-Hamas government requires land free of Jews.
    Therefore, Israeli demands are legitimate and forced:
    1. To divide National Insurance for Jews and Arabs, by forming the funds from taxes collected separately from Jews and Arabs.
    2. To employ only the Arabs, who will replace Israeli citizenship to the status of Israel’s residents.
    3. Deductions from wages ( income tax and health tax) of Arab residents to transfer to the Palestinian Authority , of course along with responsibility for health, education , jobs and pensions to all Arabs who wish to remain in Israel.

    It’s possible to separate from the Arabs by the law, as the Irish and the British, as the Czechs and the Slovaks or as the Greeks and the Turks in Cyprus .
    First to separate economically and then geographically.
    Palestinian citizenship to the Arabs, Israeli citizenship to the Jews.
    Two Nations – Two States – Two Citizenships !

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      40% of Cyprus has been ethnically cleansed of non-muslims by Turkish f’ing muslums, because their invasion and annexation of Cyprus wasn’t without consequence for the unbeliever in pi$$lum.

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