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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

KIndergarten children “radicalized” in Belgium

Texas Pre-School Muslim Teacher Removed From Classroom After Tweeting ‘Kill Some Jews’


The Jew-hating Muslims among us. Ms. Salem, a teacher at The Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington, Texas, tweeted vicious, murderous posts from her now-disabled Twitter account. Remarks such as:  “kill some Jews,” and “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”

She is on leave “pending investigation.” Can you imagine a tweet saying “kill some Muslims”? The teacher would have been out for good immediately. Unemployable forever. That’s what needs to happen to this one. Imagine, this religious Nazi is teaching our children.

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Quran.

Has anyone checked her phone for calls to any JCCs?

Texas Pre-School Teacher Removed From Classroom After Twitter Calls to ‘Kill Some Jews’ Come to Light

By Lea Speyer, Algemeiner, February 22, 2017:

Nancy Salem. Photo: Facebook.

Nancy Salem. Photo: Facebook.

A pre-school teacher in Texas has been suspended from the classroom pending an investigation into her encouraging social media followers to “kill some Jews,” The Algemeiner has learned.

Nancy Salem, who teaches at The Children’s Courtyard in South Arlington, as The Algemeiner first reported, was among 24 anti-Israel activists at the University of Texas, Arlington (UTA), exposed by covert campus watchdog group Canary Mission for expressing racist and violent thoughts online.

Salem — a member of the UTA chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and a supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement — used her now-disabled Twitter account to post such remarks as: “How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough…HAHAHAHA.”

The Israeli Embassy in Ireland said it was “horrified” by the last-minute cancellation of a talk by Ambassador Ze’ev Boker at Trinity…

Since Canary Mission’s exposure of Salem’s social media behavior, the Children’s Courtyard’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments criticizing the institution and calling on parents to remove their children from the school.

In response, the school stated, “Our senior management team is working to address this matter. This in no way reflects the views of The Children’s Courtyard. We strive to provide an inclusive environment for all children, families and staff members. We also expect our employees to uphold standards of personal and professional conduct.”

The Algemeiner was unable to reach Salem for comment, as she has closed her social media pages and the school declined to share her contact information.

  • Bill Rowland

    That woman is a monster and needs to go back to whatever sand dune she crawled out of.

    • william couch

      IN A BODY BAG!!

      • edbo


        • keith

          Thats playing right into the hands of the muniperlators,SP? violence begets more violents and thats exactly what they want. keith

          • william couch

            !!!!! I’LL GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!!! 1917 Lee Infield SMLE .30 caliber !!!!

          • robert owen

            Does spelling beget spelling? God I hope so.

          • JC Bond

            Nuthing rong with his spelling. He used his alt-right spell chek.

          • Justice Delivered

            The golden rule, do onto others before they do onto you.

          • Paula Lowry

            Really, I thought it was do on to others, then split!😈

        • Steve

          Give her a donald trump parachute and a donald trump burka. Film it from a drone.

    • Bill Kay

      The real question is exactly why is our govt allowing these monsters into the USA in the first place those responsible for allowing these monsters in the country should be deported along with these zombies there is sedition in the ranks and must be eliminated at once !

      • keith

        The real answer in short, they want as much cayos as possible, fan the flames of racizem thats why Europe is in the shape its in soon to be followed by Canada and usa. keith

        • Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

          I do not believe it is racism, as it has nothing to do with the color of their skin! It has to do with radical Islamic beliefs! There are many Muslims in the US AND overseas who do not espouse rampant warfare and annihilation of those who refuse to acquiesce! Many of the Muslims in the US find the jihadists and their extremism abhorrent, and are equally desirous of the vetting put forth by President Trump!

          • Sunnydaze

            I have to disagree. Islamists are the snakes and Muslims and liberals are the grass. As long as you pretend there isn’t a problem with the vermin and you don’t call the exterminator they will continue to multiply.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Jihad is a central tenet of pi$$lum half wit — it was practiced by pi$$lum’s most holey and perfect prophet for profit.

        • Concetta

          The Mideast is like a hornet’s nest. There’s so many different factions, and conflicts over there.
          We really, really Shouldn’t be bringing that mess to the U.S.!

          • keith

            Agreed, we shouldnt be bringing that mess here. Who is making these decsions for us and europe, canada? I believe it is the power of the shadow governments, meaning those that control the real power. They caused all the wars in the middle east, first 911, then everything after that. this gives us an idea just how bad their real plans are for all of us are. God help us all, keith

      • D2003

        Bill Kay, with all due respect, do you truly believe there are no monsters in the US? Well just like there are crazies who are Christian, and Protestant, and Catholic (obviously), there are also, believe it or not, crazies who claim to be Muslim. Now, they aren’t practicing or devout, I can tell you that. But look at the numbers. What is the percentage of Muslims in the US? Do we have an alarmingly high number or even moderate number of Muslims committing crimes in comparison to other religious affiliations? I just don’t get, how people don’t seem to understand that there are crazy people from every faction and affiliation. Now this lady, while repulsive, or maybe just immature and stupid, does not represent Islam. Another thing, is that we may not have any idea what this person has suffered. I can guarantee you, that people who lost somebody in 9/11 may very well feel that we as a country didn’t make whoever suffer enough. Do people say that we should have killed more Muslims? I bet they do. And is this acceptable?

        • Sigelitedark

          You’re an apologist for a wicked blood ideology that you apparently have not studied. Whereas one could cite multiple passages from the Quran about killing infidels, please cite any New Testament passages calling for the death of non-believers upon which the Christians whom you attempt to conflate into your drivel base their belief system on. Perhaps you’d like to show us the latest beheading at the hands of a Christian? There are much statistical data showing a disproportionately high number of crimes committed by Muslims here and throughout the world; however, you are apparently willfully ignorant of them. Go ahead and keep feeding the crocodile hoping to get eaten last.

          • Treadingjello

            Usually now is when someone throws in the “But..but….the Crusades….!” B.S. So before that happens, let’s keep the discussion to the last century, shall we??

        • outshegoes

          GIVE ME A BREAK…………………………..d2003. AWWWW, so compassionate of you. She knows right from wrong. Lose the bs.

        • robert owen

          I see what you mean. It’s useless. Let them all in.

        • Craig Ritsema

          So what saying Christians, protestants and Catholics kill more people every year than muslims? Cause more unrest, protest and cause more violence every year than muslums? Do you really think this teacher doesn’t represent Islam? We don’t what this teacher suffered, really? REALLY? She suffering from racism and hatred. She is a domestic terrorist and needs to be deported. Of course you could be a nice guy and take her in.

          • Sunnydaze

            My only concern is that if deported (If she’s not a US citizen) then she becomes a hero to the Islamists. I say send her to Gitmo for a couple of years and then tell everyone how cooperative she’s been.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “Does not represent Islam”? Really cupcake? Tell that to:
          1. the Jews who used to live in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Egypt and the rest of N. Africa
          2. the 4000 Jews slaughtered by muslums in Grenada, Spain

        • Mike Pope

          The Islamic belief dictates violence hatred towards all non Muslims & it is a sickness some of which is due to inbreeding & the weakness Muslims have to see the BS involved with the Quran & Sharia Law Do they want to assimilate no they do not come here like Latino’s Asian or European Countries they accept the American Culture these Creatures who believe in the Quran have 2 definite goals Re-Populate the Western World with Muslims then Convert it from Christian to Islamic all anybody with an ounce of a brain has to do is look at what is going on especially when Muslims like Keith Ellison & Kamela Harris get into office & with Pro Sharia Law Politicians like Loretta Sanchez & Maxine Waters who are Muslim supporters Case & point trying to evict a Pig Farmer in texas Who’s Family had been there for close to 200 Years because they are against Pigs & Pork then you have the ones in the Meat Packing Plant who caused production halts because these Idiots have to pray 5 times a Day.

        • DontLikeWimps


        • Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

          You had best do some deeper study regarding Islam! Radical Islamists or Jihadists follow the letter of the law in the reading and following of the Koran. Have you read it? Or even heard an overview of what it says? If not, you need to learn more than you obviously know before making such mind-blowing statements regarding the difference between Radicals of any religion!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Please point out just ONE f’ing muslum who has publicly denounced the rabid Jew hate found in all the holey books of Pi$$lum. Just ONE.

        • GODSWIZARD

          You are clueless on so many, many different levels. Both your wilful ignorance and your self-deception are truly an astounding thing to witness. Wow….no, actually, those muslims who are “practicing and devout” are exactly the ones who take their religion seriously and do exactly what the Qu’ran and Ahadith tell them to do. Kill, persecute, and rule over infidels. That is what “practicing and devout” muslims have been doing for about 1,400 years. Another thing, this teacher is totally, completely, and utterly representative of Islam. Get a clue D2003….or….just retreat back into your realm of wilful ignorance and self-deception. So much more comfortable there.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Dear lying retard, please GFY:

          “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. “O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”‘”

          In Sahih Muslim: Book 041, Number 6985:
          Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

          “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘You Muslims will fight the Jews till some of them hide behind stones. The stones will betray them saying, “O Abdullah (slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.”‘”

      • Craig Ritsema

        Because we had a muslim terrorist for the last 8 years and treasonous judge in Washington and the communist 9th district court who upheld it. We need to stop letting Presidents/Congress appointing judges, they should be voted on every 4 years by the people of this country. Judges appointed for life is not working and is detrimental to the legal system of this country.

        • Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

          VOTE on them? ANOTHER election? I agree with the appointment of judges by the President, but I also believe that we must demand more vetting of candidates! Obama, who is still not fully accepted as an American Citizen and, at the very least, holds citizenship in more than one nation … which is against Constitutional Law, was not properly vetted prior to being accepted as a candidate! If a President is properly vetted … for instance, for past legal difficulties such as in the case of Bill Clinton … and has won the Presidential Election honorably (without the shenanigans pulled against him/her by those in opposition), the people have spoken and that President has the right to appoint judges who will then be vetted by Congress. No elected government is going to be perfect, as no human being is going to be perfect! That is who I PRAY for WISDOM in choosing the one for which I will cast my vote!

          • Craig Ritsema

            Then make judges terms either 4 or 8 years and let each new President appoint judges instead of them being appointed for life.

          • Sunnydaze

            Is that really what you want? Judges that change the political landscape every time the president changes? We see what happens in the lower courts when judges are elected every 4 or 6 years. Then you have judges pandering and rendering decisions based not on law but by looking towards the next election.

          • Craig Ritsema

            Got to be a better way than what we have now, we just need to figure it out.

          • Sunnydaze

            We do have a system of vetting for the candidates. It’s called the campaign trail. People knew all of the negatives about those candidates and voted for them anyway.

        • Louella Anderson McKenzie

          The voting people of this country gave us 8 years of Obama

          • Holli Anne Smith

            Not entirely true — voting machines manufactured by George Soros, where a vote for anyone else actually spit out Obama’s name on the voting receipt. Democrats caught bussing people to other counties to vote more than once, illegal immigrants voting when not allowed to by law, dead people still on the poll rosters miraculously voting Democrat, actual Democratic volunteers working the polls throwing away Republican ballots, There was a TON of deceit and illegal tampering, but it didn’t come to light until TRUMP forced the issue during THIS election.

          • Peggas

            They tried it with Hilliary, but it didn’t work!! Thank God for that!

      • CT

        Obama’s “hope and change.”

      • Concetta

        The Last thing we need is the same deep-rooted conflicts in the Mideast… right here in the U.S.

      • keith

        Bill, the problem is the very people you are calling for to be deported are the very ones that have the power to all this stuff in the first place. They have the power. They do and get what they want. keith

  • stirstick

    One story after another…. These are the people everyone chooses to leave their children with.

    • carpe diem 36

      They must be followers of the Pope.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Highly unusual for a muslim to be given negative attention for staying that Jews should be murdered. How about every muslim that has a qur’an, Killing Jews is a favoured theme in that hallucination. Or does it have to be on the electronic media?

    • san rafael blue

      “Hallucination”? This is what she chose to type and post online.
      I doubt very much any school would make such a story up, knowing the events would become public.
      Maybe I am misunderstanding your point.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        In that comment I use “hallucination” as a reference to and description of the qur’an.

      • pipo

        Put it this way, in the end she behaved like that because she had her period and does not feel mentally very well.

  • ruthy k

    Thank you for reporting this! the “Real News” media that advocates an end to bigotry and racism has taken a stance like in days gone by. Resounding complacency and silence. It’s the loudest statement they make. And if s/o made that comment here about Muslims I’d flag them.
    There should be no question that not only should she be banned from teaching and be considered a pariah but also deported if possible.

  • yael

    What parent is going to put their child in the care of a muslim everyday?Are you parent’s insane? Do you parents not know anything about this cult? For goodness sakes, get educated. This cult is something to be shunned, not accepted.

  • farflung

    Young SHARMUTA for Islam

  • Truth Be Told

    Evil people smile too ….. Dont be fooled by Islam …… Blood Cult Of Evil !

  • Peppers

    “We strive to provide an inclusive environment”
    How about we give the inclusive environment a rest folks?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Take your “inclusive environment” and shove it up a dark mid sectional rear environment. There are some things that kids should not be exposed to, like poisoneous snakes, scorpions, rabid dogs and islam.

  • Kathryn

    Need to change “Kill some Jews” to “Kill some non-Muslims” like you did in the case of “whites”.
    Strange that you don’t do that or see the double standard. Muslim can hate Jews, but can’t hate whites. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT, GELLER?!

    • Otter

      You haven’t a clue what you are talking about.

  • Melba Sims

    did they pull her teaching license so she can never teach in USA again?

    • keith

      No of course not, they just may not want to piss off certain behind the curtain groups, think Hugo chavez, muamar kedifly whos countries were doing very well for their people until outside out of sight powers were brought to bear. Now look at both countries now. keith

    • Kittee

      No that would be racist and islamophobic of them. Probably they would however if she was a DT supporter.

  • G P

    Surprised she hasn’t had one hundred lashes for wearing lipstick, false eyelashes and being outside the home.

  • Rocketmissile

    “Texans are a bunch of racist rednecks! I can’t believe they’d persecute this poor, misunderstood Muslim woman. Remember, Muslims are peaceful” – Brainwashed Libtards

  • vercingetorix

    Oh yes, islamic jew-hatred it is in the Quran! The islamic anti-semitism is somehting i have never really understood, because old Mo copied so much from jewish scriptures. Hence these ungrateful idiots should be thankful and love jews. But no, they hate each and everything non-islamic! Old Mo hated jews because they would not recognize him (justly so) as a true prophet of God. And now all muslims must hate jews for all eternity! Can there be a better proof for the stupidity of islam?

    • pipo

      muzzrats hate the Jews because they knew how big of a fraud the old Mo was.

    • Sigelitedark

      Muhammed was a pedophilic plagiarist.

  • aebe

    Twinkly eyes and purple lips , that’ll earn her a husband or fifty in any ISIS camp .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights … Carry

    • Dravaa

      those aren’t “twinkly” eyes, they’re false eyelashes that look like caterpillars about to fall off, and TWO lights aimed at her eyes for this photograph.

  • knightsstrength

    Deportation required to Isis with Tattoo of Muhammad on her wrist, feet and forehead

    • Dravaa

      like a swastika on the Nazi’s forehead, Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds “masterpiece”

      • knightsstrength

        Muslims do not like Images of Muhammad. Her chances of hiding images of Muhammad would be negligible and certain death and would make certain that Muhammad images have him swinging from with a hangman’s noose

  • Dravaa

    We need to ‘out’ each and every one of these hate-filled bigoted scum.
    Good job, Canary Mission, and moms like Joyce and Eva!

  • bannedquran20

    Regardless if one of these muslim zombies are blowing themselves up in place or one of them is a quiet teacher behind a school desk, they obey and believe their reprobate muhammed and their quran and how to deal with non-muslims, especially Jews and Christians. muslim zombies claim to be peaceful but that does not mean that they do not believe in the precepts of their quran and haddith,,they do!! It’s there in black and white in their quran and hadith neighbor. I laugh like there’s no tomorrow neighbor when one of these muslim zombies tells me, “You are reading out of context” or “It needs to be interpreted to know the meaning of such verses.” I point thwem to their OWN quran.. 3:7, 44:58, 54:22, 54:32, 54:40, 43:3 Neighbor, then they change subjects!!! LOL!!! A much of malarkey that comes from these muslim zombies…LOL!!! and another LOL!!!

  • chad

    Moronic liberals will probably let her keep her job or do what they do around here to teachers that get in trouble, etc; give her a raise and a made up job at the school administration office!
    Makes you wonder how many more are out there teaching our children, with fake names like “Nancy” they try to blend in, but allah did say to conceive us non believers.
    A quick search on Google found no main stream mention of this! No surprise, just like all is well in Sweden, no rapes, no fires, etc there.

    • Peggas

      Chad, its deceive , not conceive!!!

      • chad

        Thanks, darn auto correct, got it fixed.

        • Dani

          Sure blame it on the auto correct 😂

        • Peggas

          I understand that. Auto correct doesn’t have a clue! Lol

  • Florian75

    After The Children’s Courtyard Preschool fires Jew hater Nazi Nancy Salem, maybe they will run a help wanted ad for a replacement teacher in the KKK Gazette.

  • Holy Bleep! “Drain The Swamp!” Can anyone think of a more brilliant and accurate phrase to describe what MUST occur in the U.S. of A.? (Washington FIRST) I’m starting to think the social media are a quite valuable source for defense.

  • gia

    I am surprised she wasn’t awarded as teacher of the year. You mean it was actually taken serious?

  • conan_drum

    Beauty is a good disguise for eveil

  • Gordon Miller

    This woman would probably pass muster and be allowed to enter this country as a migrant despite “extreme vetting.” Muslims are followers of Islam which singles out the jews as the most despised group of infidels; they deserve to be killed whenever they are identified.
    Do we really want people like Nancy Salem in this country? A foolproof way of vetting her kind is quite simple. She identifies as a Muslim. That is sufficient in itself to bar her from this country

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    She needs to be immediately deported and dropped into ISIS held territory,… she can enjoy her new ‘life’ !!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Can U imagine your 9 year-old daughter being married off to a dirty, bearded old bastage like this? I’d f’ing split his muslum skull.

  • jjeffs63

    The article was in the Algemeiner? I must have missed the story in the Washington Post or New York Times.

  • Street Detective

    Islam seems incompatable with human Life.

  • I wonder how most liberals will react to this…probably quietly ignore it, of course.

    • D2003

      Ya, we don’t love kids, we don’t fight and die in wars to protect your stupid ass. Us liberals are soooo bad right? You shouldn’t be making idiotic accusations.

      • pipo

        I guess you are a libby touchy loving everybody type, even the rat what will kill you named muzzrat.

      • Susan

        You mohammedan trolls fool no one.

  • Sickofliberallies

    But but racism…islamaphobia…bla bla bla. If you think this is the only example of these Jew hating scumbags inside the school system, you would be dead wrong!!

  • Reg Dunlop

    Deport All Liberals and Muslims and save the USA 🇺🇸

  • Reg Dunlop

    She will run for President as a Democrat

  • The picture is the proof that the devil has the power to assume a pleasing form… But a devil just the same.

  • John Magne Trane

    Remember the Moslem babysitter in Moscow, who cut off the head of the child she took care off, and went around in the streets in her burka, yelling Allah Akbar while she held the child’s head aloft.

  • jjeffs63

    Anyone else thinking that similar comments about “favored” minorites, muslims on top….of course…. would have led to immediate dismissal, children sold into slavery, house burned down, etc etc?

  • Rocinante44

    you can’t co-exist with these people. they are polite, neat, clean, and will murder you. “vetting” them is a joke. we have a christian pakistani legal immigrant in our church who has stated all pakistanis are terrorists, and we are fools to let them in. it would be interesting to know now this pretty, smiling, psychopath got into the US and when. my guess is she is one of obolas gifts to us

  • Jerry Holloway

    I bet they vetted her real good. This what President Trump has been saying all along we can’t let these people ge t a foot hold here. Yes I know that there’s a lot of them here because of obama but they haven’t completed that goal yet if so they would be trying to do what they are doing in England

  • Norm

    Satanic Islamic fruit…

  • sodacrackers2

    If she lived in an Islamic state, she’d be scrubbing off all that makeup!

  • James Stamulis

    Time to purge America of this inbred scum!

  • JustDucky

    Hell I would have the school held accountable. I’m sure this beast has said things in the past and no one said a word. I’m sure this isn’t the first time she’s stepped out of line with hateful words. No one would get away with undermine my family values and teach my children the complete opposite of what I’m doing. I’m teaching my children to be kind to people, respect others, and to never ever bully a person just to name a few. It’s so sad that people, parents will teach their children the wrong message in life. This beast deserves to be fired and to never work with or around kids ever again.

  • brian crawford


  • Steven

    She is a terrorist, plain and simple.

  • RayG1

    I’m sure that this Muslim lady believes in the “Golden Rule”: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”! So if she advocates killing off Jews, then obviously she will accept the idea that we should kill off lots of Muslims. That seems like a “fair” idea to me!

  • Those eyelashes of Salem’s are definitely not HALAL! She ought to be reprimanded by a fiery imam and given 50 lashes too! Then fed a can of pork and beans.

    • kate w.

      I thought the same thing. Totally ridiculous and overdone. The rag on the head for “modesty” is such a joke. More like “look at me, I’m special and better than you Dhimmis”. Total B.S.

  • WhiteDog

    Why is she even allowed to live in the community?

  • JasonX

    Round up and get these fucking assholes out of the country..Period. they have no fucking business being here at all. Put them all in determent camps until we can get them out one by one. Thank your liberal neighbor for this bullshit insanity!

  • Walt
  • Bill Kay

    And yes these schools allowing this should all be shut down every school in the county should be investigated and that includes these rotten lefty universities .

  • TheTruthBurns

    Well this thing is Muslim – so treat her the way All Muslim women should be treated. How about Beating Her, Torturing Her, maybe a little bit of ISIS Gang Rape Therapy then By All Means Honor Kill Her for Allowing herself to have sex with a Large number of men even if it was Gang Rape. You Live By The Pedophile Rapist Prophet – You Die By The Pedophile Rapist Prophet! Stop Talking to these InBred SubHumans & EXTERMINATE THEM – because THEY WILL EXTERMINATE YOU! When You Pray on all fours to Satan – You Burn In Hell!

  • wally63

    She’s HOT! She shoulda said Edomites as that’s whom the Jews really are and how they were termed 2K years ago in the time of Christ Yahshua. No such thing as a Jew anyway, made up word from 1611 and the KJB. They are Khazars, Sephardics, and Ashkenazis. Christ Yahshua hated them too, so go read John Chapter 8 and see how he spoke to them. “You are of your father the devil. He was a LIAR and MURDERER from the beginning.” John 8:44.

    Two more things.
    1. Christ Yahshua WAS NOT AN EDOMITE JEW.
    2. Jews ARE NOT Yahweh’s chosen people!

    Once you learn these two things, you will be on the correct path to CORRECTLY interpreting the Bible.

    • Corinne Sekinger Clark

      Oh dear – you’d better get your facts updated. Jesus addressed some of the leaders who were there to try and trap him with the law. Not the people as a group. He constantly challenged law that was given without regard to the heart of God. God LOVED the world. That’s why He sent Jesus. Even to these Muslims.

      • wally63

        Oh, so that’s why he called the Edomites, “Sons of their father the Devil?” hahaha. Believe what you will, fine with me.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Don’t you have some unlucky little boy you should be molesting back in Iran?

      • wally63

        Hahaha. Believe as you like! Fine with me.

    • Irwin Stolzenberg Dds

      You are ranting idiot.It was proven genetically Jews are not Khazars. .You are a liar.

      • wally63

        I bet it was. Sounds like I struck a MAJOR Joo nerve with ole Irwin! Do they call you “Painless?” as in MASH? Haha. Everyone here is entitled to their views and opinions, El Jefe, even from a Bolshevik Commie Joo.

        • Irwin Stolzenberg Dds

          You have to have a brain to give an opinion.

      • wally63

        Ooops! Looks like we caught Ole Irwin in a rant himself. He must be LYING too. By the way, who proved whom the Khazars are or are not?

        • Irwin Stolzenberg Dds

          If you were capable of doing research which i doubt you could with a feeble mind like yours. Last reply to you scumbag.

          • wally63

            Oh no, no more replies from Ole “Painless” Irwin, DDS! How can I sleep tonite knowing there won’t be any more words from the Great Oracle! Typical Joo, there, as they cannot stand the truth of the Joo’s true heritage to be revealed to the world, and then their old signature/trademark style of name calling in place of normal conversation. Haha. You sir are a stereotype Bolshevik Commie Joo! Back at ya, Paybacks are Hell, no?

  • David Square

    If you scraped the layers of makeup off of this woman, you would reach the raw truth: Just another Muslim hag who hates Jews for no other reason than she believes in an 8th century flat-earth religion that tells her to hate all non-Muslims. She should be fired from her job and jailed immediately.

  • Benny Hill

    Such a pretty face hiding an evil mind. Only goes to show you can not judge a book by its cover.

    • CT

      cannot tell for the heavy make-up..and that sneer..

  • Dumb Left-Wing Jerks

    Just like Hitler made no secret of his hatred for the Jews neither do Muslims.

    Time to wake up – it is not just this woman who is a monster the reality is that Islamic Jew hatred has been going on for a long long time.

    Yet you will see left-wing jerks in Toronto who embrace Muslims at their mosques.

    When Jews are murdered in Israel and everywhere else by Muslim extremists do you ever see Muslims coming to synagogues to express sympathy? Never.

    Dumb left-wing morons.

  • Karen McKim-Altman

    Let’s face it, folks. This country can bring in all the Muslims it wants, but they will never ASSIMILATE. The Muslims do not like western values and they do not want to ‘get along’. The Muslims do not like Jews; they don’t like Christians. We need to stop importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims; it ain’t ever gonna work!

  • Joe Schmoe

    maybe some reform synagogue run by a leftist lesbian rabbi can hire her to run the pre school to increase their diversity score

  • How come people aren’t getting arrested for these types of threats on social media???

    • pipo

      You will in case it is anti islam.

  • D.Moore

    We should take this opportunity to revoke any citizenship she may have regardless if she was born here or not. She should never be allowed to teach anyone much less children. Her piss poor attitude needs adjusted as well as her scarf may need to be adjusted

  • byebyehotep

    FIRE HER AND BAN HER FROM EVER TEACHING ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • IF this story is true and accurate, and I am not saying it’s not, but why isn’t it all over the Dallas area news?? None of the Dallas stations are carrying anything I can find… And agreed, IF it’s true she needs to be taken out, beat bloody, tarred and feathered and shipped to Syria or someplace…

    • wally63

      I’d rather take her out to dinner than a Joo-devil-woman. Joos worship from the Talmud which CLEARLY demonstrates HATE toward Christ Yahshua. That the Joos are “God’s chosen people” is just a cover story to keep you from their ugly truth of whom they serve and worship – Satan.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Do you like sucking the tongues and penises of little boys? Because muhamMUD did.

        • wally63

          Wait a minute, that’s what the Joo Rabbi’s do for a circumcision! hahaha. They bite that meat off the little pickle. Sounds like the Joos are as guilty as the Pals! Huh? HAHAHAHA

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Um that’s only done during circumcisions, it’s not a recreational activity Ahmed.

  • Glenn M Mayer

    She needs to be deported immediately ! To whatever sand country she came from ! Better yet just kill the bitch !

  • Glen Wilkerson

    This is down the street from where I live. Pray I never recognize you out in public.

    • chuckabunch

      I pray you do…………

  • Zombee

    How many of these Jihadists are in the public education system and have access to our children?? Wake up parents!! Demand the right to surprise visit your child’s class room at anytime and debrief them every day about what the teacher said in class.

  • A. Yoo

    This is an example of why Mohammedanism is “in the barn butt-fu–ing the pigs dangerous!” It eventually ruins the quality of the bacon.

  • Charlie Stevens

    Feel sorry for any Jewish children in her class? How would she treat them if she knew?

  • theAcefromSpace

    “…This in no way reflects the views of The Children’s Courtyard…”
    Please note this statement. It might not reflect their views as stated in some BS “mission statement” of theirs, but it accurately reflects the views of the institutions that grant monsters like her credentials to teach American children. This is how the Left wins.

  • Platopus

    Looking at her make up and dress it is clear that she must exaggerate her features to compensate for her woman hood oppression from living under Mohamad commanded body sack. Thus also her mental attributes are also exaggerated to match that outer condition. Liberate yourself lady from the oppressive confines of that faith!

  • chuckabunch

    Stop Anti-semitism…………………deport a Muslim.

  • Mike Pope

    This Hog needs to be prosecuted for inciting violence & Hate Crimes

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    “Kill the Jews”. There are three authentic ahadith of islum that same the exact same thing (which is probably part of the reason they are considered “authentic”). Maybe Salem needs a Gharqad tree suppository.

  • pt020

    Don’t she need to walk with a burka and less makeup?
    I wonder what sharia law thinks about it.

  • amas

    she look like a whore… too much makeup for an ordinary woman and especially a teacher

  • KittyKat27

    “We strive to provide an inclusive environment for all children, families and staff members.” Political Correctness is DEAD – didn’t you get the word? Muslims do not deserve inclusiveness in a country of peace. They have no desire to be included by America; they only want to take it over and turn everyone Muslim or behead those who won’t comply. Those who let these people into our country are supporting their plan to create a worldwide Islamic caliphate. There is no other reason to let them in.

  • Robbin Trotter McClendon

    What, did she think she was in California? Texas ain’t gonna put up with that.

  • thomas jefferson

    ABSOLUTE PROOF,Texas has become so politicaly correct they no longer care about their children,THE schools should have discovered these witches long before they got E-mails demanding they be fired,BUT THEY DIDN’T,and they won’t, you put whores in charge of your schools,and you get braindead children out the doors,PROOF,texans could care less about their children…just simple minded hicks..soon to be all dead……

  • bhrush

    is there not a law in US – if one advocates killing or threatens life – they are charged with a criminal offence.

  • CT

    We do not need this Sharia sycophant spreading her poisonous point of view. She needs to be deported..and take her scarf of suppression with her.

  • Dale Coder

    Deport that bitch

  • amas

    where is donald trump?

    • Pantalones

      He’s at the school right now

  • Pantalones

    My theory is that Muslims don’t like Jews very much

  • Sasak

    What if she had Jewish children in her class? Disgusting.

  • Steve

    This smiling “teacher” is just more proof – supplied daily with muslims – that their cult beliefs dissociate them from a reality of understanding shared by most western people. Her idiotic smile is completely at odds with her anti semitic remarks that if carried out would be anything but smiles for those killed. Her arrogance betrays any pretense of tolerance and assimilation with a culture that has opened its doors to her people. The leftist socialists would further open doors for islam as they are gathering steam as we speak supporting psychotics who believe as this woman like their dnc hopeful keith ellison. Here is a link of him back in 2007 giving us insight into the current progressive left.

  • Mickey S.

    This is exactly the beginning of their jihad in America These people are evil and need to be removed from any political, school setting or anywhere near children to teach them their barbaric culture. I would pull my child out of that school immediately. You can’t tell me this school didn’t know who they were hiring. If that is the case then why would you put your children in danger with a school that doesn’t vet their employees?

  • Talon

    The ONLy people who seemed surprised are the idiots allowing this scum into America.

  • BillinDetroit

    The face is beautiful. The rest is ugly … all the way to the core.

    • Talon

      Ugly to the bone!

  • Concetta

    Why can’t most Americans see, that we’re bringing the horrific conflicts in the Mideast….. to the U.S. ?
    Its complete madness. We don’t need this.

    • Semur Jengkol

      conflict/wars is very importan for our weapon industry market …..

      but we should maintain this madness away from US soil …

      • keith

        We simply do not have the power to maintain this madness outside the usa.keith

    • keith

      People need to understand this is all caused by those that have the real power. Its not just the average folks of europe, canada, or the usa. There are those amonst us that have all the money and with that have all the power to do all theses very evil things. keith

  • Sunshine Kid

    Is it possible that she had female genital mutilation, and this affected her mind? Is that one reason for the procedure, in that it turns girls into vassals of hatred?

    • Semur Jengkol

      female genital “mutilation” has positive side …

      maybe that’s why the word “slut” is exist in western vocabulary …..

      • Sunshine Kid

        The word “slut” has nothing to do with that, whatsoever. Moreover, the procedures does result in infections, removal of all pleasure, and is a cruel thing to do to a person. Are you deranged, a muslim, a fool, or what?

        • keith

          It is a very cruel thing to do to anyone at all. She has to be seen as someone who should not be allowed to teach any age students. The word slut has absoulutely nothing to do with this conversation. keith

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        What do you care about women? I thought bacha bazi boys were your thang? And stop drooling!

        • Semur Jengkol

          bacha bazi boys ??? ….

          This disgusting perversion sprung back like mushroom in Afghanistan after Taliban ousted by Nato western alliance ….

          Now you can connect the dots ……. hehehehehehehe …

          Replace the “boys” with “men” …..and then migrated to your countries …..
          …. Are they still considered as perverts in your society ???

          hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe …..

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Hehehehehehehehehe, except it ALSO goes on in Pakistain and Iranistain muslum pig! And it all goes on LEGALLY!

          • Semur Jengkol

            bacha bazi boys is legal in pakistan & iran ?? …. So what ??

            well….that’s their own problem ….if it’s true … What’s your point ???

            But here I repeat again :

            1. western moral relativism …

            2. Nato western alliance invasion to oust Taliban from power …

            3. Bacha bazi boys perversion sprung back like mushroom among afghans after Taliban ousted by Nato & criminal gang of northern Afghan alliance …….

            Now even person with IQ of -100 can connect the dots …..


          • IzlamIsTyranny

            hehehehehehehehehe, except there are Afghani poems that are older than NATO or the USA that talk about the mujadeen’s lust for little boy butt.
            If it’s wrong why aren’t you strong enough in your deen to put a stop to it Semen? Surely allah has your back right?

          • Semur Jengkol

            mujahideen lust for little boy butt is their own problem with their perversion …….what’s your point ??…..

            now replace the word ‘boy’ with ‘men’ …. and then they migrate to your country ….

            ….. once they arrive there …all of sudden the word ‘perversion’ becoming redundant …..


  • USAPatriotSC

    “This in no way reflects the views of The Children’s Courtyard” Oh yes it does! You are responsible for who you hire.

  • Scott Adams

    Before Obama who brought in Muslims for his own agenda the media would report stories about the middle East and how they held hate and called out death to America, Christians and Jews.

    Nothing has changed except how the previous administration supported terriorsit which they called rebels to attack and remove the Syrian President who allowed people of all religious beliefs to live peacefully.

    I am unsure what makes people feel like these refugees has all a sudden got a change of heart .

    There beliefs are from a book called the Koran which is a book like the previous administration that braces hate and tells them to spread out into the world and force Sharia law upon everyone.

    Those who won’t except Islam are to be enslaved and or killed. What attracts many of our socialist government elected officials is that it helps them to use there beliefs to gain control of its citizens.

    To remove the people’s voice and power we have and enslave us . This is why our beliefs were being eradicated so that Islam can replace Christian beliefs.

    There are people in place from the government, law enforcement to our school’s who all have the same idealism and to endoctrinate as many as they can while dividing the people so attacks can continue on what is Western beliefs and practices.

  • Darrin Bailey

    I am surprised Obama hasn’t invited her to golf with him and say how Muslims are being “persecuted” and we need more in America to make America more “diverse” (i.e. destroy all Christians and Jews).
    expect more and more of this as the only people going to be running in fear in America are the Christians, Jews, and anyone who works…you cant even call someone fat anymore without major craziness saying you “body shammed” them.
    America, what have you become?

  • DancerTiffy

    I’m going to create a google alert on her name. I suspect that after the noise dies down, she will be brought back in through the back door.
    I’m sure she has the backing of the muslim brotherhood. The MB is tightening its hold on our school system on a daily basis.
    But let’s face it: the islamists are the world’s biggest hate group.
    They hate the jews.
    They hate the gays.
    They hate all the non-believers. ( They hate all non-muslim people)
    Hate Hate Hate.

    But yet, in this country we treat them like gods instead of the hate-filled people that they are.

    Personally, I completely avoid them.

  • Holli Anne Smith

    If This Woman Is An American Citizen, It Shows Us That “Moderate” Muslim Americans WILL Follow Their Religious Teachings In Their Islamic Bible — Which Teaches Them To Deceive (Lie) To Americans To Infiltrate Our Country In Order To Take It Over And Force Islam Onto Us, Or We Face Execution. We Are Considered Non-Believers, As Are Jews, Buddhists, Hindu And In Fact, ANY Other Religion Than Muslim. Their Mission Is To Make The Entire World Muslim, By Any Means. It Says So In Their Bible, And It Is NOT A Radical ISIS Bible,…. It is Their Qur’an, The Only Bible ALL Muslims Are Required To Follow.

    • wally63

      My Dearest Hooli, sorry, but the Joos have BEATEN the Pals to infiltrating our nation. Joos have been here for the last 100 years worming their way into positions of power and authority. Just look at the Federal Reserve System and how it has virtually bankrupted the average citizen when we should be quite well off – all run by the Bolshevik Commie Joo international bankers. The FRS bill was passed by Congress quietly on Christmas Eve over 100 years ago in 1913. Look at all the presidential cabinets and aides for all presidents over the last 100 years, – mostly Joos who have seen that we have been in a state of ENDLESS WAR for years. Most likely you known someone who has died for the Edomite Commie Joo state of Itsahell in WW1 thru the War on Terror. Now, still want to believe the Pals are “infiltrating” us? haha. I can give you a hint as to their identity in John Chapter 8. Christ Yahshua speaks.

      From John Chapter 8

      44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

      • iprazhm

        Hey jihadi! Are you sunni or shia? Jesus was a Jew you anti-Christ. God said they are the ‘apple of His eye’. God said He will curse those who curse Israel and bless those who bless Israel. Jews are called Jews because they are from Judea;
        “Judea” was the name used by English-speakers until the Jordanian occupation of the area in 1948. Jordan called the area ad-difa’a al-gharbiya (translated into English as the “West Bank”). “Yehuda” is the Hebrew term used for the area in modern Israel since the region was captured and occupied by Israel in 1967.” Wikipedia

  • wally63

    Why is it the Joos get a “Free Pass” for everything yet the Pals get stomped on for every little thing? Joos commit more atrocities than Pals thanks to the USA giving them WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION by the boat load. F-15’s – FREE. F-16’s – FREE. MK-82 500 pound bombs – FREE. MK-84 2K pound bombs – FREE. MK-20 Mod 2 Anti-personell cluster bombs – FREE. White phosphorus bombs – FREE. And all other sorts of killing machines – FREE. Wake up Amerika, you are being LIED TO on a DAILY basis about the Joos and whom they are and what they do.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Who cares Ahmed? It’s not Jews who are slaughtering/enslaving/raping the unbeliever in pi$$lum allah over the world.

    • Joe

      When was the last time you heard of a Jew going into a Palestinian market place and blowing him, or herself up, or stabbing innocent people on a bus. Doesnt happen. And yet, you defend those that commit those terroristic acts . YOU need to wake up. F**k the Palestinians. They are bottom feeding dogs.

      • wally63

        Wow, Joe, when you learn to read, go over my post, above. The Joos don’t need to put on bomb vests, they have MK-84 TWO THOUSAND POUND BOMBS to DROP FROM F-16s on ENTIRE CiTY BLOCKS of PALS in Gaza! Hahahahaha. And for grins, they drop a few Willie Pete’s in there as well. WP hits the skin and BURNS its way ALL THE WAY THRU the body as nothing can put it out. Sounds like GREAT FUN, huh Joo boy or just Joo LOVER? Hard to think folks are as dumb as this. When you awaken Jose, pull your Bolshevik Commie Joo head out of your Bolshevik Commie Joo anal orifice.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL, I wish they would turn Gaza into an live fire artillery range Mehmet! FU for allah!

        • Joe

          Your just a Palestinian dog lover. Go live with them, if you think they are so great.

          • wally63

            I didn’t read any denials of my posts from Ole Jose here. Can’t deal with the truth of the world, huh poopie? That’s the way folks react when faced with the ugly truth – DENIAL. Bolshevik Commie Joos in Itsahell are the source of world terror. And to boot, we SUPPLY them the weapons of mass destruction and terror! Like Christ Yahshua told us about the Joos 2K years ago, “You are of your father the Devil. He was a LIAR and MURDERER from the beginning.” John 8:44. The Joo Mossad pulled off 9-11 with the help of the CIA as NORAD, USAF, and the FAA stood down on their duties to protect the twin towers. A Joo sub launched a cruise missile that took out the Pentagon. And you actually think that OBL had anything to do with it? Hahaha. Wow, that makes you really insanely naive and ignorant. I’d rather love dogs than Joos. I’ll side with Christ Yahshua any day of the week, El Jefe.

  • iprazhm


  • Justice Delivered

    Someone should look into rather she can be deported.

  • Fred

    Deport the C U Next Tuesday to a third world cesspool of her choice. Iran, Syria or Saudi Arabia come to mind. Set up her FGM appointment and set her stoning date.

  • Cathy Wright

    and the schools response was “Our senior management team is working to address this matter.” !!! are you kidding me! that muslim bitch needs to be fired immediately and deported….even if she is a citizen, which i guess she is since she is a supposed teacher….she is obviously a subversive and an anti american danger to our country and especially children. send her back to the muslims she so loves and get her the hell outta here!!!!!

  • JC Bond

    This is terrible: did you here about this? They arrested a hero man in Kansas for protecking himself against Moslims taking over Amerika, and yelling the man to “get out of my country” like it was there’s. We must fight this travisty of justise. Now goverment wants to call him a terrorist after hunting HIM like animal! People keep your guns ready!
    “A Kansas man is charged with murder in a shooting that left one man dead and two others wounded. Two of the victims are originally from India; their assailant was reportedly heard yelling “get out of my country” just before opening fire. The man fled on foot. A manhunt ensued. Five hours later, Purinton reportedly told a bartender at a bar in an Applebee’s in Clinton, Mo., that he needed a place to hide out because he had just killed two Middle Eastern men”.

  • Joe

    Yeah, yeah. The school is “horrified” about her behavior. Right. They knew who she was when they hired her. The only thing appropriate for this scum, is to escort her to the cargo hold, next to the pigs, of a courier plane and have her dropped off in Pakistan, or Afghanistan, or a similar 7th century country . She could be left there in a bikini, which would immediately enrage the enforcers in dirty night shirts.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I believe a f’ing muslum doctor tried to kill my Jewish friend. My Jewish friend suffered a stroke and had to be put on coumadin to thin his blood. His muslum doctor prescribed he take something like 8 mg. a day — which would’ve put him in hospital within a week or killed him. Fortunately for him an INDEPENDENT lab was monitoring his INR blood levels and discovered the “error” within 4 days of the muslum doctor’s “prescription”. Coumadin was originally invented and used as rat poison — a fact my friend’s muslum doctor told my friend BEFORE prescribing a potentially lethal dose.

  • Chardonna

    Get her out of the US. She is instigating hatred & murder. I for one have had enough of these Muslims that want to destroy our morals & our way of life.

  • NymRod

    50+ generations of inbreeding and they think they are superior to others.
    It’s quite the opposite. They are the scum of the earth.

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